Chapter 233 – 234


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Chapter 233 – Strife over Ishikawa University ⑩


One hour left until the end of 《Reign》.

Although I’ve sent reinforcements from my Domain many times over, the defense line has managed to hold up so far. As long as the humans don’t have some unforeseeable trump card stashed away somewhere, the 《Reign》 should succeed.

I continue giving instructions to all of the units, which are displayed on my smartphone, as if playing a strategy game.

My current problem is the invasion of my own Domain, I’d say. Kaoru’s forces are having a hard time with the invasion in my labyrinth sectors with their bountiful transfer traps, but―― the 127th sector under attack by the humans of Toyama is an issue. All of the 12 invaders are high-leveled. Looking at their equipment, I could confirm several unique items, and even their worst equipment pieces are not below Mithril in quality.

The ghouls, which have been deployed as standard measure, were slaughtered one-sidedly without even having been given the chance to resist. They’re in top ranks as invaders when it comes to individual strength and teamwork.

I doubt that Izayoi would fall behind in a duel. My subordinates with outstanding abilities such as Kotetsu, Rina, Takaharu, and Saburou would also win duels, I think. I’ve sent Izayoi over to help with the defense, but the other defenders are nameless subordinates and residents whose abilities are unknown. I wonder whether they’ll be able to win, even considering their advantage in equipment because of Alchemy.

As I’m watching the smartphone’s screen while worrying, Izayoi takes some humans and subordinates along after returning to the Domain, and squares off against the humans from Toyama.

“Oh? Looks like finally some guys with a bit of a backbone have shown up, eh?” A human happily narrows his eyes as he spots Izayoi’s group.

“So, ya asshole…ya ain’t gonna tell me that ya a dhampir, right?” A human, who’s shouldering a great sword, calls out to Izayoi, obviously trying to provoke him.

“Hmm? Are the guys in the back humans?”

“Hooh…I’ve heard that the Evil Star of Kanezawa doesn’t use any inhuman tactics, but is he now so desperate to fall back on such lousy tricks?”

“What are we going to do?”

“Humans, who surrendered to a Demon King, are…puppets as long as you don’t kill the Demon King. It sure leaves a bitter aftertaste, but we’ve got no choice but to cut our way through, do we? Don’t think badly of us, okay?”

“We’ll be the ones getting killed if we show pity here…so, no need for mercy.”

“Wait…I’ve never seen the spear that guys holdin’… Don’t tell me…a higher rank than my Gáelbolg? …No way that’s true, right?”

“Taking a closer look, the humans in the back are also wearin’ items I’ve never seen before…”

The Toyama humans start to talk amongst each other while staring at Izayoi and his teammates.

“Are you people finished with the last conversation of your life?” Izayoi asks with a freezing voice, not allowing any doubt that he’s certain of his victory.

“Hah? Last of our life――”

“The crime of having rudely trespassed the domain of my lord…make up for it with your lives―― 《Dark Night Tempest》!”

Izayoi releases a storm of darkness at the same time as he casts a deadly stare at the group of humans.

“Tsk! Guys, let’s show ’em the power of Black Rail!”

“””――《Light Shield》!”””

As the man with the great sword readies his weapon, the humans behind him deploy shields of light, blocking the raging storm.


In response to Izayoi’s yell, the group of elves behind him unleashes fire, wind, ice, and earth lances at the enemy in front.

“Tsk! Annoyin’ lil’…――《Eagle Arrow》!”

“――《Power Throw》!”

A human archer and a human holding a round throwing weapon ― a chakram, start attacking the elves, but as soon as Izayoi lifts his hand…a group of living mails steps in front of the elves, holding up their shield and thus blocking the incoming attacks.

“Kayo! Ryuuta! Get rid of the elves in the back!”


“Sure thing.”

Kayo ― a woman holding daggers in her hand ― and Ryuuta ― a guy with a one-handed axe ― quickly approach the elves, going around from the left and right.

“Youta! You’re up”

“Sure! ――《Taunt》!”

Youta ― a heavily equipped man with a big shield ― pulls the aggro to himself by clanking his weapon against his shield.

“Raizou! We’re heading out as well!”

The man shouldering the great sword, and Raizou ― a guy holding a spear ― charge with their weapons raised overhead.

“You over there, shall we make sure which is more superior, your spear or Amenonuhoko ― the spear bestowed upon me by Shion-sama? ――《Flash Thrust》!”

Izayoi jumps in Raizou’s way, and swiftly stabs out Amenonuhoko.

“Hah! Don’t look dow―― Ugh!?”

Raizou tries to repel Amenonuhoko with Gáelbolg, but losing the contest, his left shoulder is penetrated by Izayoi’s spear.

“People of Toyama Prefecture… Allow me to correct one thing: Our emperor ― Shion-sama, doesn’t like inhuman tactics. We are here out of our own free will! ――《Kogetsu》!”

A resident, who has stepped out in front together with Izayoi, brandishes Bizen Osafune Kanemitsu ― the best general-purpose katana I can create ― at the great sword wielder. 1

“Fuck! These guys…are bein’ dominated down to their heart!? ――《Power Slash》!”

The man parries the katana slash with his blade, and swings his sword down with all his might.


Even though the resident avoids a direct hit as he blocks the great sword with his katana, he can’t fully kill the power behind the slash, resulting in him being blown backwards.

“Tanaka-dono! You’re forbidden to try the impossible! Shion-sama has not permitted for you and your men to die.” Izayoi shouts towards Tanaka while fighting Raizou.

“I-I’m fine… Thanks to the armor granted to me by Shion-sama…the damage is insignificant.”

Tanaka stands up, using the katana to prop himself up, and releases his fighting spirit at full throttle again.

“Tanaka! Don’t take him on by yourself! Let’s do this together!”

“Not a single one of us is to die…this is the order by master and Shion-sama!”

Afterwards, two more residents join the front line, taking on the great sword wielder together with Tanaka. Are all three of them possibly Kotetsu’s pupils? They’re confronting the enemy with decent teamwork.

In addition, Kayo and Ryuuta, who had gone around, are dragged into combat by residents who are defending the elves. On the other hand, a part of the residents raises their katana, and charges at the humans firing magic from the rear. As soon as a resident falls into a predicament, the living mails step in to protect them with their lives. On top of that, the elves cover them with magic attacks and heal their wounds, all in all leading to high-leveled group combat by my subordinates and residents which exceeds my expectations by far.

Hooh…they’re holding out quite well, aren’t they?

As far as I can tell from the battle situation, only Izayoi exceeds the Toyama humans in individual strength, but the residents are resisting their enemies with the power of numbers while coordinating with my subordinates.

The biggest advantage in defense is the lack of a numerical restriction. I’m pretty sure Yataro is giving the subordinates detailed instructions.

With my worries proving to be needless, the defense of the 127th sector proceeded favorably.


Chapter 234 – Strife over Ishikawa University ⑪


It looks like the defense of the 127th sector, which gave me a headache, is going to succeed. And the 《Reign》 for obtaining a front line base for the invasion of Nonoichi’s City Hall ― the strife over Ishikawa University, has 30 minutes left on the clock.

“One person! Just one person will do! Break through the defense line at all costs!”

The humans push against our defense line with a do-or-die resolve. My subordinates frantically protect the defense line even while many of Iron’s living mails sacrifice themselves for Kotetsu’s corps and many of Hibiki’s orcs for Rina’s corps.

A fierce battle has unfolded where a great number of humans and monsters cross their weapons while stepping over the corpses of their fallen allies.

“I kill n’ kill n’ there’s still no end in sight!” Takaharu happily swings his fist, knocking down a human.

“I’m gonna be the MVP of this battle, like totally!”

Even though a thin sheen of sweat has formed on her forehead, Sarah lets a rain of spells pour down on the humans while smiling.

“Seta! We are going to take down that guy over there!”

“Aye aye!”

Hearing Kotetsu’s order, Setanta holds up his spear and quickly charges like a dog who’s been ordered by its owner, pulling a Setanta against a human giving instructions to the people around him.

“Ha ha ha! Who’s a pervert!? Who’s a pig!? I won’t let you take a single step beyond this point! ――《Perfect Body》!”

Hibiki draws the aggro of the charging humans while posing.

“Blue! Cover Red! I’ll back up Hibiki!”

“Roger ~ssu!”

Rina slays the pitiful humans who are drawn towards Hibiki.

“Over here! The enemy line is short of hands over here!”

The humans advance on the defense line that has thinned out at the places where Rina and Blue had been, but…

“Pfft, short of hands? You people were lured in, you know? Into the abyss of the Aster Empire ― Team J!”

Saburou’s Team J forces back the pushing humans with overwhelming individual strength.

15 minutes left until 《Reign》 succeeds.

――Kotetsu, Iron, Sarah, Flora, and Chloe! Abandon your positions and start moving behind Rina and the others at the front through the back gate!

I have Kotetsu and the others abandon the university, which has become the center of the defense line in this battle, by falling back.

――Rina, Takaharu, Hibiki, Red, Layla, Saburou! Slowly pull back the defense line!

I have Rina and the other vanguards, who had taken up position on the road connecting to the effective range of 《Reign》, gradually retreat.

――Kanon! You’re up!

『Everyone from Aster Empire, there’s only 10 more minutes left until the completion of 《Reign》! It’s virtually impossible for the humans to enter the range of 《Reign》, but please do your best until the end, okaaay?』

I deliberately rely on Kanon, who holds a 【Megaphone】, instead of a telepathic message to inform my subordinates…and the humans of the current state of affairs.

“Shit! What happened to Sage-sama’s so great strategy!?”

“Were we betrayed by the folks from Toyama!?”

“Demon King Kaoru…! Just what are those guys doing!?”

“No use…it’s over…”

“Breaking through these guys in 10 minutes is impossible…”

“Don’t give up! Fight to the bitter end!”

A feeling of despair begins to circulate among the humans after hearing Kanon’s speech.

――Takaharu! Red! You don’t need to go on the offensive anymore! Fall back and save your energy!

――All leaders and bloodkin, use your recovery items! Recover your stamina while keeping up the defense line!

I reign in Takaharu and the other hotheads who are about to attack the humans who’re getting increasingly depressed, ordering them to preserve their energy. The force behind the human attacks has started to visibly wane.

Pheew…I suppose we’ve safely got through this 《Reign》.

I check the time left until the 《Reign》 finishes. 5 minutes…3…1…10 seconds…5…1――

The black vortex in front of me brightens up, and then vanishes alongside a convergence of its light. A silver-shining orb ― a 【True Core】 has appeared in place of the black vortex.

『Reign finished』

This simple notification appears on the screen of my smartphone. With 《Reign》 having succeeded, I quickly tap around on my phone, select 【Domain Creation】, and create the biggest structure I can ― a mountain.

――*rumble rumble*

As the ground of the new sector trembles violently, a mountain, which can be seen from afar ― despite its height remaining below 1000 m ― rises into the air. Seeing such a monstrosity suddenly appear in front of them, the humans clearly fall into despair and gloom, immediately comprehending that the 《Reign》 has succeeded without having it spelled to them.

Afterwards I create a 【Transfer Array】, connecting the new sector with the first sector.

――Yataro! Follow the plan!

――A message to all subordinates who participated in the 《Reign》! Withdraw into the new sector at once!

My subordinates, who have been gradually pulling back the defense line, start to withdraw into the new sector that’s less than 100 m away.

Some among the humans left behind break out in tears, others crouch down on the spot…but all seem to fully realize the severity of their current situation.

――All bloodkin who have no injuries are to use their recovery items!

I order my bloodkin after they return into my Domain. Subordinates who are drenched in blood, subordinates who are missing body parts, subordinates who flop down on the spot out of exhaustion…many of my subordinates have suffered injuries throughout the battle.

――An order to all bloodkin, including the leaders: Travel along the werewolves waiting for you over there, and get rid of the humans still remaining outside!

I set the werewolves, who Yataro had moved over from the first sector, as the subordinates of my bloodkin.

“Eh? For real ~ssu…?”

“Oohh, how nice!”

“I’ve still got plenty of power left to go on!”

“Shion-cchi, isn’t your handling of personnel, like, way too rough?”

“To exploit us even further while we are at the brink of total exhaustion…as expected of you, Master!”

“Team J…is going to head out like a gust of wind!”

Even though the leaders grumble complaints here and there, all of them get ready for the pursuit.




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