Chapter 231 – 232


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Chapter 231 – Strife over Ishikawa University ⑧


Two hours left until 《Reign》 finishes.

If we carry on like this without the defense line breaking, the 《Reign》 should succeed. However, the losses among Red’s subordinates are extreme.

――Red, fall back for the moment and receive the fresh reinforcements.

――Rina, close the hole in the defense line that will open up by Red’s corps withdrawing.

The ones second as for heavy losses…are the orcs of Hibiki’s corps, huh?

――Yataro, send out 200 orc reinforcements.

I order my subordinates while keeping the battle progress in sight. It’s going nicely, really nicely…oh?

As I gaze at the map on my smartphone, I spot a place where my subordinates ― the blue dots, are disappearing rapidly. For the sake of investigating the reason, I switch my smartphone’s display to the view of a bloodkin who’s close to the area in question.

“It’s Kazuki! Kazuki-san’s team has arrived!”

“That’s our hero for you!”

“Keep up! We’re going to follow Kazuki, and break through the enemy lineeeeeeee!”

A human party, equipped with high-ranking items and spearheaded by a man wielding Dáinsleif, is scattering the orcs blocking their path on my phone’s screen. Are they the main force of the Kanezawa Liberation Army?

The party of Hero Kazuki numbers 12 people, huh? Beings that crush numbers through individual power are truly annoying… It might be easy to destroy that party if I assemble my leaders, but it’ll likely cause the collapse of the defense line.

――Saburou! Head to the front line with the members of Team J! Kill Hero Kazuki!

――Hibiki, stall the hero party until Saburou gets there!

“As you command! Team J ― the shadow unit working on the dark side of the Aster Empire ― is heading out!”

“Telling us pigs to become sacrificial pawns…thank you very much, Master!”

The two big weirdo corps under the Aster Empire start moving in order to smash the hope of the Kanezawa Liberation Army.



~ Saburou’s PoV ~


“You’ve heard Shion-sama’s order, haven’t you?”

“The enemy is a hero, huh…? My Demon King blood is seething.”

“We are shadows…we shall swallow all light.”

My subordinates smile when I call out to them.

“Tonight’s prey is a hero…! ――Team J, sortie!”

The leaders of Team J and I mount the electric scooters bestowed upon us by Shion-sama, which excel in usability and mobility, and head for the front line. As I turn the accelerator in my right hand, I can feel how the wind pressing against my face becomes stronger.

Originally I wanted to ride a big bike like that of Takaharu-dono, but… Clutch? Gear? And an engine that suddenly stalls? To my deepest regret, the handling was too complicated.

Hah…depending on the way you take this, you could also say that our Team J has still room left to evolve!

I churn up the accelerator of my beloved scooter ― Black Heavenly Death, to its maximum, riding with the wind.

“Commander-in-chief…I have confirmed our target ~death.” 1

“I see.”

The owner of the voice clings to my back and is called Jade (real name: Taichi Shion) ― a former Slime Demon King and the First CalamityDisaster One.

“Hibiki-dono…Team J shall take over dealing with those opponents.” I quickly finish the greeting with Hibiki, who’s been taking care of the hero party thus far.

“――gh!? New forces, huh!?”

My sworn enemyhandsome guy, who’s set up Dáinsleif ― the sword Rina-dono held in the past, becomes alert after seeing our entry.

“Will their morale plummet if we kill these people?”

“Who knows?”

“For starters, I’ll check――”

The fighters of light, who seem to be sparkling as they surround our sworn enemy, direct their eyes at us.

“My name is Kazuki ― Midou Kazuki of the Kanezawa Liberation Army.”

After he names himself, my sworn enemy introduces himself even with his full name. Hah…this guy’s not half bad. He understands respectful etiquette to start a battle after introducing yourself. Moreover, the way he introduced himself earns him a fairly high score of 90 points.

In that case, I shall answer him in kind!

I exchange an eye signal with my subordinates, deciding to demonstrate the result of our training.

“We are darkness――”

“――governing over the dark side of the Aster Empire as hunters of darkness.”

The voice of Disaster One is followed by that of Disaster Two.

“We are shadows――”

“――eradicating the sworn enemies of our lord within jet-black darkness.”

The voice of Disaster Three is followed by that of Disaster Four.

“We are a trump card”

“――becoming the most wicked swords to slay our lord’s sworn enemies.”

The voice of Disaster Five is followed by that of Disaster Six.

“We are Team J ―― the Last Disaster plunging you into the underworld!”

As a finisher, I announce their death while simultaneously introducing the Last Disaster.

“――? I-In other words…you guys are the strongest unit of Demon King Shion’s army?”

“Of course――”

“Saburou! Ya lil’ piece of shit! What are ya callin’ yerself the strongest for!?”

“T-That’s…a new kind of (shame) play? …Nice one.”

Kuuh… We had such a nice flow going, and yet Takaharu-dono makes fun of the Demon King and hero’s dignity, whereas Hibiki-dono sends an envious look in our direction.

But! I shan’t give in! I shall show you how I keep this serious mood going!

“Oh hero, the abyss of darkness――”

“Rather, didn’t I tell ya it’s totally lame to rush here on scooters, dude!?”


Takaharu-dono’s jeering interrupts me. Don’t tell me, the true enemy was hidden amongst our allies…!?

I shan’t succumb…I shan’t give in… Are you watching me, Kanon-tan? My gallant figure. Take a good look at the dignity of the Last Disaster ― Darkness Dracul the Third!


――Saburou, shut up, and crush the enemy in front of you.


Shion-sama’s freezingly cold voice echoes throughout my head. The tone of his voice is…dangerous, yep.

――《Dark Night Tempest》!

Throwing my prided incantation to the winds, I release a storm of darkness at my sworn enemy.

“――!? T-This guy…has started attacking all of a sudden!”

“Fuck! Get behind me! ――《Magic Shield》!”

“Dirty…what an underhanded bastard!”

The hero party spits insults at me after being hit by my storm of darkness.

“Hah…if you meet on the battlefield, a momentary opening will become your doom. Team J, we’re going to annihilate them!”

I order the 24 leaders ― from Disaster One to Disaster Twenty-Four ― I’ve taken with me square off against the hero party.


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Chapter 232 – Strife over Ishikawa University ⑨


I’m almost at my wit’s end as I watch the spectacle shown on my smartphone’s screen.

“Just what the hell are they doing…?”

I can see my subordinatesidiots on the display as they introduce themselves with completely retarded names.

“Shion-san, did you know?”

Kanon, whom I brought along as caretaker since I can’t move around during a 《Reign》, calls out to me.

“Know what?”

“Joker also carries the meaning of clown.” Kanon explains to me boastfully.

I see… Team Clowns, eh? What a perfectly fitting name.

“Wait…the humans perceive these clowns as my subordinates, don’t they?”

“Well…it’s a fact after all. They are your subordinates.”

“They don’t believe that I taught them the farce just now, do they?”

“I wonder?” Kanon tilts her head to the side.

“Those idiotic subordinates ―― the former Demon Kings don’t harbor any murderous intent towards Saburou?”

If I were to be forced to perform such a farce, I’d want to kill my superior.

“No, as far as I’ve heard, they’re quite hyped about this… According to Yataro, Team J was apparently formed around former Demon Kings who are on the same wavelength as Saburou.”

Demon Kings…chaos…disorder… Is this why they have an aptitude for Chaos? Shit…you could also say that I allowed their hidden chaoschuunibyou syndrome to manifest by exposing them to Saburou?

While plagued by a complicated mental state, I decide to watch the battle between Team J and the hero party.

“Disaster Nine, Disaster Ten, consign the human with the shield to oblivion.”

“…Leave it to us.”

“On it!”

Following Saburou’s instruction, a former Beast Demon KingBlack Dog and a former Ogre Demon King launch an attack on a heavily armored human.

“Disaster Three, Disaster Four, you guys slay the ax-wielding human.”

“Tonight mine magic sword thirsts for blood.”

“I won’t have much of a chance to show off my power against a fragile human.”

“Disaster Seven, can you kill that person over there by yourself?”

“Of course!”

Saburou continues to hand out orders to each of his subordinates afterwards. Weighing the enemy’s ability, he assigns one or two subordinates, and strictly orders the former Demon Kings specialized in magic to provide support from the back.

“That retard…has a surprisingly high aptitude as commander hasn’t he?”

“Though it’s nothing I want to admit…given that he often directs subordinates during defense, he has a lot of experience in commanding others.”

I see…I’m surprised by that unexpected trait of Saburou.

“And lastly ―― Hero Kazuki! The Last Disaster and generalissimo of Team J, Ruler of Death and Darkness, Darkness Dra――”

――Saburou! Give it a rest with the tedious yapping, and hurry up with the attacking!

“――Kuuh! ――《Fast Thrust》!”

Interrupted in his speech by me, Saburou unleashes a high-speed attack at Kazuki.

“――Wh-!? F-Fast!!”

Saburou’s trust pierces Kazuki’s right shoulder.

“Har har har! The dance of death between you and me is going to start from now on! ――《Double Thrust》!”

“As if I’d let youuuu! 《Light Shield》!”

The series of thrusts unleashed by Saburou with an eerie smile on his lips is repelled by the shield of light expanding in front of Kazuki.

“I won’t lose! We’re human’s hope! ――《Shining Rave》!”

Kazuki fires a slash of light at Saburou who has lost his balance after having his thrusts fended off. Saburou diverts the light slash with his rapier which he stabbed out in desperation, but his torso still gets lightly cleaved open.

“――ng!? Not bad. But, pain on this level…cannot even compare to the heat of my lord’s flames of love!”

Saburou lifts the corners of his mouth into a grin, and readies his weapon.

…What are those flames of love he mentioned? Don’t tell me, he’s talking about the fire lance I’m always using on him as punishment? I get shivers from Saburou’s smile.

Afterwards, the fight between Saburou and Kazuki continues as both wield their swords.

“Pheew…it looks like our sword skills are about even.”

Saburou opens some distance by back-stepping.

“If I defeat you bastard…these guys are going to retreat, right!?”

“Who knows? However, that question doesn’t matter anyway. It’s impossible that I’ll be defeated by you.”

Kazuki checks the situation of his comrades while panting heavily.

By the way, the correct answer to Kazuki’s question would be: No. It’d be a serious blow in regards to combat assets if Saburou died, but the influence it’d have on the morale of my subordinates would be close to zero.

“I guess it’s high time for my secret skill… The thrilling power circulating through my existence…the power of love I can definitely sense, albeit that love having only flown from her into me. The breath of Sarah within me has granted me power! ――《High Pressure》!”

The wind pressure released by Saburou’s rapier flattens Kazuki.

“…Guhaaa!? Being able to manipulate…magic at such a level…is foul play…b-but…I…won’t lose. I cannot afford to looooose! ――《Force Heal》!”

Even while giddy, Kazuki firmly plants his feet on the ground…and heals his wounds accompanied by a radiant light.

“Healing yourself…how impudent. Well, whatever. Over and over, again and again, until you exhaust your power――”

――Takaharu, attack Kazuki from behind!



After approaching from behind, Takaharu drives a roundhouse kick into Kazuki’s nape. Kazuki loses his consciousness while donning a shocked expression. Oddly enough, Saburou has a similar expression.

“Ah, umm…I’ll pass on Shion’s words. This ain’t a duel, but war. Hurry up, and get total control of the vicinity.”

Takaharu awkwardly informs Saburou of my intent.


――Saburou, do you think we have the leeway to go along with respectful etiquette? Even at this very moment, our Domain is being invaded. You think that Takaharu…that I made a mistake?


“Now that ya got it, is it alright for me to get this guy’s exp?”

With a ferocious smile, Takaharu is about to finish off the unconscious Kazuki in cold blood.

“――Shion-sama! If possible! Please listen to this willful wish of mine!”

――What is it?

“This man…possesses ability, character, and a promising future! Can you please entrust him to me!?”

――In short, you want me to take him in as a subordinate?

“If you allow so.”

After pondering it for a short moment, I pass on my answer.

――You have my permission. However, when he doesn’t agree to becoming my subordinate…I’ll turn him into experience points for Kanon. Got it?

“――! Thank you very much!” Saburou bows deeply without being able to see me.

Afterwards, with the loss of their leader, one member of the hero party after the other bites the dust, resulting in a heavy blow to the morale of the Kanezawa Liberation Army.




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