Chapter 223 – 224


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Chapter 223 – Side Story: Daily Life of the Leaders


~ Rina’s PoV ~

Shion told me that it’d be fine for me to decide on how to equip my corps, but…it’s quite difficult. I’ve been assigned 700 goblin species and 300 pixie species, but even if I summarize the goblins under goblin species, they’re a wild mix including B-Rank goblin generals, C-Rank goblin striders and bravers, and D-Rank goblin archers and fighters. The pixies species also combine B-Rank high pixies and D-Rank pixies.

Going by the rank allocation, we’ve got 5% B-Ranks, 35% C-Ranks, and 60% D-Ranks. Since Yataro greatly lamented, telling me, 『Do you know just how difficult it was to squeeze out those 5% B-Ranks…』, I think they’ll be plenty as combat assets.

In addition, I’ve assigned the goblin strider Blue and the high pixie Suiren as my adjutants. That’s the gist of the corps alloted to me.

The LP required for fairies is low, and according to Shion, just my LP is enough to take close to 300 fairies under my wing. Besides me, Blue, Suiren, and five goblin generals are the only bloodkin in our corps. Mithril-based equipment has been provided to the bloodkin, and the remaining subordinates have been given a minimum of equipment, too. But, putting it another way, their equipment is limited to the least necessary.

I had hoped to provide at least Mithril equipment to all my subordinates, but that won’t come true.

In that case, should I assign the good armor to the goblins who will likely fight at the front line…or should I give better equipment to the precious B-Rank subordinates…?

What awaits us down the line is a war. Coming back without a single death is probably unrealistic. I don’t want my corps to suffer a heavy death toll… But, that’s too much wishful thinking ― a pipe dream.

“Blue, Suiren, what do you guys think?” As I worry, I ask for the opinion of my adjutants.

“9000 CP, was it ~ssu?” Blue ponders about it with a serious expression.


“How about asking for the highest quality meat you can get for starters ~ssu?”

I was a fool to expect anything reasonable to come out of Blue’s mouth.

“You idiot! Even Rina-ane-sama is shocked by your stupidity!”

“Ugh! Calling me an idiot is rude ~ssu!”

Blue and Suiren begin to quarrel.

“Suiren, what’s your thoughts on this?”

“Fufu, something like meat is just too boorish. If you’re going to request something, it has to be high-grade honey which works wonders for a beautiful figure!”

Suiren is completely off-mark as well.

I recall how Shion had complained in the past about not having had anyone to talk to before Kanon came around. Now I can understand…consulting with subordinates like this is hopeless.

“Blue’s demand is meat, and Suiren’s is honey, huh?”



“Assuming I were to really request this…do you think Shion would grant it?”

“T-That’s…it’s important to challenge everything in life ~ssu!”

“Shion-sama…is a strict gentleman.”

Blue is drenched in cold sweat whereas Suiren derives with a somewhat misaligned reply.

“I’ll step outside for a bit.” Desiring an adviser whom I can rely on, I head back to my own home.



“Do you have a moment?”

Getting back home, I call out to Kanon, my friend, housemate, and an adviser I can depend on.

“Yeees! Are you okaaay?”

I frankly confess my worries to Kanon who flies up to me with a smile.

“Hmm, I see…I see. How to use your CP, huh?”

“Uh-huh, I’d like to hear your opinion.”

“Let’s see. First about the Orichalcum Series you were granted…how about giving that to a goblin general?”

“A goblin general instead of Suiren?”

“Yes! Since Blue-san is a leader himself, he has a full set of armor. And given that Suiren-san is a high pixie, she’ll mainly support from the rear.”

“I see.”

I carefully listen to Kanon’s words.

“I think it’s a valid approach to daringly pass the Orichalcum Series to a general goblin who will be a cornerstone of the vanguard.”

“Okay, that makes sense.”

“The major point will be your command, Rina-san. It’ll be necessary for you to move the corps around in a way that doesn’t expose the high pixies and goblin archers in the rear to danger.”

“My command, huh…?”

“If you follow the same ideology, you’d improve the armor of the goblins ― your vanguard subordinates. And I think it’d be a good idea to upgrade the weapons of your rear guards ― the pixies.”

“I see… You’re really amazing, Kanon.”

“Ehehe…unlike you, I haven’t participated much in combat. But I’ve been closer to Shion-san than anyone else, allowing me to keep a good look at him.” Kanon smiles while puffing out her chest.


“Fufu, it’s a rare opportunity, so let’s think about how to use the 9000 CP together, okay?”

“That’ll be a big help.”

“Rina-san, you’re an irreplaceable friend for me, that’s why…ehehe.”

This is how Kanon and I considered together how to use the 9000 CP available to me.



~ Hibiki’s PoV ~

The best way to use the 9000 CP, eh…?

There’s the option to heighten the morale of all my subordinates by providing them with crimson T-backs, but I doubt that Master will allow me to do that.

“Pig, do you understand our duty?” I call out to my adjutant, an orc called Pig.

Pig…that’s the best name possible since it allows me to get entranced by the sweet ring of it by simply calling his name.

“Us Sklavenschweine are tasked to offer our utmost service to Master!”

As an effect of my training, Pig gives the perfect answer here.

“It’s just as you say. However, the path of servitude is a harsh and steep one. You must block all attacks! You want to get intoxicated by damage! I fully understand that sentiment. But! You won’t be able to truly serve unless you’re able to consider death a luscious pleasure!”


“Pig…? Do you still not understand the principle of this corps, Sklavenschweine?”

Did Pig maybe not have enough rewards (pain) yet?

“N-No! I fully understand it!”

“Very well! I shall request armor with the CP given to us. Master’s items will probably protect you from swords and arrows… But, precisely because we will be protected by such mighty armor, we will be capable of blocking even stronger attacks…! Accept it with that mindset, and strive in your servitude!”


What Master desires of me, his submissive manservant are ―― meat shields. This unworthy Hibiki Shion shall show you how he creates the best corps capable of meeting your expectations, Master!


Chapter 224 – Strife over the Ishikawa University ①


The day of the planned 《Reign》.

According to the investigation by Kaede, around 100 humans live in the area where I plan to carry out the next 《Reign》. The Kanezawa Liberation army has relocated its base to Nonoichi ― a small town surrounded by Kanezawa and Hakusan.

The humans left in our current target area are predicted to be people who didn’t want to abandon their homes. 《Reign》 ― The battle over land against humans splits into two major types.

One is the invasion type. The 《Reigns》 at Suzu’s City Hall and Ishikawa University the other day are classified as invasion types. The key points for succeeding with invasion types is to lower the number of enemies in advance, and breaking the enemy’s morale. You’ll only launch the 《Reign》 once you’re convinced that you can overthrow all humans within the range of 《Reign》.

The other one is the defensive type. When you start 《Reign》 at first, only few humans will be in its range, but you’ll need to eliminate the enemy swarming into the range from outside the instant you’ve launched the 《Reign》. The key point for success with a defensive type are the prior preparations. You deploy subordinates to the defense line without getting noticed by the humans, in something similar to a surprise attack, where they’ll defend the area for the three hours of 《Reign》.

It’s the defensive type that has a high probability of failing with a《Reign》. The defensive type has its success rate heavily influenced by the actions of the enemy. Our side has to remove all hostile elements within a radius of 3 km within three hours after starting the 《Reign》, but it’s unknown whether the enemy will show up in the first place, and even if they do, we won’t know how many people they’re going to field. On top of all that, the enemy can invade the 3 km range from any possible side, be it east, west, north, or south.

Well, although I’m saying any possible side, it’s actually impossible for the enemy to go around and fall into our back since my Domain lies north. If the enemy chooses cars as means of transportation, it’s possible that their numbers will be narrowed down to a certain extent, but…

I sigh while looking at the map. It’s impossible to block all intrusion paths, isn’t it…? I guess we’ve got no choice but to focus on some roads where they can enter from the prefectural roads and national highways.

The time required to travel by car from Nonoichi to the target area of the 《Reign》 amounts to 30 minutes. In case they mobilize 10,000 people, it might take them a bit longer if you account for them getting ready, and if they field 100,000 people, that preparation time will increase in proportion.

If the enemy goes with a plan of focusing on invading the range of 《Reign》 in numbers, it’ll be impossible to defend, but unless they’ve prepared in advance for such a move, they might not be in time to mobilize such a big amount of people instead.

Did the Mastermind, who came up with this specification, accounted for all of this when thinking up the rules of 《Reign》? At the very least, 《Reign》uses a set of rules that causes Demon Kings and the humans to rack their brains alike.

Having subordinates standby at strategic locations and launching the 《Reign》 without the humans noticing will be the key to success this time around.

I suppose it’s necessary to split the corps into three units.

First, the defense unit which I’ll station at National Route 157, the most likely invasion route.
Second, a unit to remove the humans living within the range of 《Reign》.
Third, a commando unit capable of flexibly deploying depending on the humans’ movements.

Currently, the Aster Empire has eleven corps. The ten corps of Rina, Kotetsu, Takaharu, Sarah, Hibiki, Chloe, Layla, Red, Flora, and Iron – each leading a thousand subordinates, and a commando unit led by Saburou which consists of 100 subordinates centered around former Demon Kings.

However, I’ve ordered Saburou’s unit on standby since they’ll serve as a trump card.

In that case, the number of units I ought to deploy will be ten.

The one with a stress on numbers will be the defense unit, I’m sure. I’ll assign seven corps, in total 7,000 troops, to the defense unit. I think it’ll be more than enough to leave the removal of the humans to one corps. Hence, two corps will inevitably become commando units. Support the translation by reading it on the TL’s blog. 🙂

I believe Chloe’s corps qualifies as a unit to remove the humans as they can attack from close and ranged distance. Because they don’t hang fire or listen to pleas, they specialize in breaking the spirits of their enemies.

Combat maniacs like Takaharu and muscle heads like Red are suited for the front line. Sarah and Flora’s corps don’t fit as commando units because they’re rear support. Hibiki and Iron are perfect for defense because of their dispositions. Whether Kotetsu wants to protect the Aster Empire or Rina is actually unclear, but he has a strong inclination towards preferring the front line.

Thus, Rina and Layla’s corps are the only ones left to serve as commando units.

I simulate the strategy I had drafted many times in my head.

…It’s okay. It’s the best I can do right now.

Having decided on my strategy, I head outside my Domain where my subordinates are waiting.



“We’re going to start the invasion!” I inform the 10,000 subordinates lining up in front of my domain and my leaders who have lined up in front of them.

“Kotetsu, Takaharu, Sarah, Hibiki, Red, Flora, and Iron, head for this location!” I point at a certain point of National Route 157 on the map of Kanezawa spread out in front of me.

“Chloe, Rina, and Layla, you’ll act together with me. Chloe, you’ll neutralize the humans within range on my instructions. Rina, Layla, you’re on standby until further orders.”

I order, and survey the faces of my subordinates.

“All hands, begin the advance!”


Be it by car, motorbike, truck, or foot – everyone starts to head towards the location assigned to them.




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