Chapter 221 – 222


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Chapter 221 – Corps Training ②


First, the subordinates I can create――

Rat, wolf, bat, giant bat, goblin, kobold, orc, ghoul, lycanthrope, dark elf, werewolf, living mail, lilim, and dhampir. As for combat forces…rats, wolves, bats, and lycanthropes are inferior. If you consider group actions, using ghouls is going to prove hard, too.

Next, the subordinates I’ve secured through usurpation and surrenders――

All kinds of devils, all kinds of fairies, all kinds of ogres ― and humans. The total number of dwarves, elves, and slimes is low, so it’s going to be hard to put them to use. Because the beast species have many muscle-head Demon Kings, they usually have only a few subordinates that could become combat assets. There are many Demon Kings who’ve chosen devil, fairy, and ogre as evolution paths, and since there’s a general tendency to level Creation, it might be possible to procure those types of subordinates in the future as well.

In that case… I organize my thoughts while noting the names of my leaders and the races of my subordinates down on paper.

I’ll turn a high pixie of which I’ve got several into a bloodkin, and assign it to Rina as her adjutant. Since Blue will be with her as well, Rina’s corps will be capable of employing fairy types. Considering Rina’s personality, she’ll likely cherish her subordinates. I can’t create any fairies except for normal goblins, but…I guess it’ll work out one way or the other?

Rina’s corps ―― fairies.

Since Takaharu is belligerent…it’d be best to gather subordinates with a high mobility under him, I think. It also looks like his corps is going to have many casualties. Let’s use werewolves as his subordinates.

Takaharu’s corps ―― werewolves.

Kotetsu is currently the strongest subordinate I possess. I guess I’ll team him up with dhampirs who can also attack from a distance and are capable of adapting their actions as the situation requires. Moreover, I’ll turn humans, who’re willing to fight, into bloodkin, and assign them as Kotetsu’s subordinates.

Kotetsu’s corps ―― dhampirs, humans.

Sarah’s corps will mainly focus on rear support. Since the losses in her corps will probably be lower than those of frontline corps’…I’ll assign devils whom I can’t replenish to her.

Sarah’s corps ―― devils.

Hibiki has the important role to draw the enemy’s attention at the frontline. It might be only logical to assign living mails to him, but…I’ll cover that part with Iron. It could be quite interesting to be a bit daring here, and go with orcs and giant bats for Hibiki. Orcs excel at a relatively high sturdiness, and giant bats are the perfect subordinates to disturb the enemy. Also, because I can create both types, the simple replenishment will count as another major factor.

Hibiki’s corps ―― orcs, giant bats.

The rest is Chloe’s corps consisting of dark elves, Layla’s corps consisting of dhampirs, Flora’s corps consisting of lilims, Iron’s corps consisting of living mails, and Red’s corps consisting of orc species.

I gaze at the corps chart recorded on the paper…

Not bad.

I guess this settles the composition. I call my leaders in order to tell them about their corps.



“――With this setup, I’ll have each leader present here lead 1,000 subordinates from now on.”

I explain the corps organization I came up with to my gathered leaders.

“Shion-sama…would it be fine for me to say something?” Kotetsu addresses me after I’m done with my explanation.

“What is it?”

“My subordinates include…humans, but what are you going to do about the selection?”

“It’ll basically be based on volunteering.”

“Are we really going to find any volunteers?”

“Who knows.”

It’d also be fine to go with a compulsory enlistment, but unlike created subordinates, humans possess the troublesome side effect of having a free will. Goblins would likely do a much better job on the battlefield than those forced to fight against their will.

“It’s not like I’m going to say…that it’s for the sake of the country, but it’s going to be battles for the sake of furthering the growth of the Aster Empire ― in short, for enriching their own livelihood. Do you think it’d be hard to find volunteers even after thoroughly explaining that part?”

“Hmm…the people, who have become residents of the Aster Empire, have started to get used to their current, safe lives.”

“It’s going to be battles for maintaining that safe livelihood of theirs, though?”

“…I see. Would it be okay for me to consult with Tamura-sensei?”

“I don’t mind. But, tell me if it looks like you won’t find any volunteers. I’ll reconsider the corps composition. And, I’ll also reconsider the living standards of the humans in the Aster Empire.”

Those who don’t work shall not eat. In order to gain something…you must also offer something. The latter part of my remark has become a threat, but those are my true feelings.

“As you wish.” Kotetsu bows deeply after hearing my words.

“Shion, is it OK for me to say somethin’ as well?”

Once I clear up Kotetsu’s question, Takaharu speaks up next.

“What’s up?”

“Ya call them adjutants, but are ya also goin’ to add a werewolf bloodkin as my adjutant?”

“That’s the idea.”

“So, I’m goin’ to order my subordinates through dat adjutant, right?”


“Is it fine for me to choose dat adjutant?”

“Hmm? Do you have some werewolf acquaintances?”

“As if! But look, there’s this thing called feelin’, right? For starters, I’d be OK if I can choose from several suitable candidates.”

“Ah! Me too! Me too! Like, I’m going to decide on my adjutants!”

Sarah takes advantage of Takaharu’s proposal to jump on the bandwagon.

“Got it. I’ll choose suitable candidates later on. I’ll let the others choose in the same way as Takaharu and Sarah, so decide on your adjutants yourself. Once you’ve made up your mind, bring them to me.”

Since I don’t feel any particular demerit from this, I decide to go along with Takaharu’s request.

“Master, could you spare me a moment as well?”

Once Takaharu’s matter is over and done with, Hibiki calls out to me.

“What’s up?”

“Is it correct that my subordinates will mostly consist of orcs and giant bats?”

“Yes. Do you have any complaints about it?”

“No… Orcs…are basically pigs! Is it fine for me to perceive it as you regarding me as a “filthy, lowly, pig bastard”, master?” Hibiki starts to emphasize a weird part with his face flushing while being somewhat excited.

“Does anyone else have questions?”

I ignore Hibiki, and scan the faces of my other leaders.

“――!? The voice of the filthy, lowly, pig bastard hasn’t reached master…! Thank you very much for the abandonment play――”

――Hibiki, shut up!

I forcibly shut the pervert’s mouth.


Chapter 222 – Resumption of the Invasion


“How are things goooing?” Kanon calls out to me as I’m watching the training of my subordinates on my smartphone.

“So-so, I’d say.”

It’s now one week after the selection of the adjutants and the official launch of the corps. The leaders, who’ve been assigned subordinates, are repeatedly practicing maneuvers with their assigned troops, and it doesn’t look all that bad either.

The orders that are going to come from my side will only include seven types: 『Charge』, 『Attack』, 『Defend』, 『Standby』, 『Move』, 『Reinforce』, and 『Retreat』.

Even a muscle-head like Takaharu can understand such simple orders.

“That means…you’re going to soon start the invasion?”


We succeeded in taking one of the important, strategic locations of the Kanezawa Liberation Army ― Ishikawa University ― with a 《Reign》, but ever since then, all powers within the area have adopted a wait-and-see approach. It’d be fine to use some trick like last time, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll go as smoothly as last time.

“Oohh, what kind of scheme are you planning this time?”

“Overpowering them.”

“Wha-!? No tricks or elaborate plans?”

“Tricks, you say…? Let me ask in reverse then…do you have any plans at hand as a self-alleged strategist?”

“Uh…umm, umm…――! A plan of two tigers competing over the same food!”

“Hooh, what kind of plan is it?”

“You throw fodder between two starving tigers! That’s how the name came to be! If you do it like that, the two tigers ― in short, the Kanezawa Liberation Army and Demon King Kaoru are going to compete against each other over the food! Even if one side wins after defeating the opponent, the winner will have taken heavy damage too! Then it’ll be easy to finish them off, right!?” Kanon reveals a triumphant expression with her nose pointing up.

“Hooh… Did you read about this in some book?”

“Yes! Just a bit in a history book!”

“Wonderful! So, what’s the fodder?”


“I mean the food the two tigers ― the Kanezawa Liberation Army and Demon King Kaoru are going to fight over.”


She didn’t think it through, huh…? It’s easy to look up all kinds of strategies in history books. But, it’s not as simple to put them into practice. The reason why historical strategists went down in history is because they used the best strategy under the circumstances they were dealt back during their time. Even if you might know about a strategy, it’s meaningless if it doesn’t apply to the current situation.

“It’d be perfect if we could get the Kanezawa Liberation Army and Kaoru to wear each other out. But, it’s not easy to make that happen.”


“In that case, it’s essential to choose the best option from those available to us.”

“Best option?”

“Correct. Eventually I’ll conquer all of the Ishikawa Prefecture…and defeat the Kanezawa Liberation Army and Kaoru in the process. So, which side would be less of a problem if it grew stronger?”

“The Kanezawa Liberation Army and Kaoru?”

“Rephrasing it, it’d be a decision between the liberation of domains by humans, and 《Reigns》 by a Demon King.”

“――! It’d be 《Reign》 through a Demon King!”

If a domain has been liberated once, the domain’s size will become 28.26 km² at the time of taking it back with 《Reign》. If it’s a domain that’s been in the possession of Demon Kings all the time, it has a size of 6 km². There’s a difference of a factor 4.

Each time a Domain grows by one sector, the maximum CP increases by 100 CP. In other words, a liberation of domains by humans means a decrease in the maximum CP that can be obtained in the future. Therefore, I’ll invade human land, even if it turns into a brute force approach.

In the process, the Kanezawa Liberation Army might defend against my invasion with all its might. And Kaoru might invade Hakusan which will be short of hands on that occasion. Thus, the one gaining the most of this time’s forceful approach will be Kaoru. But, that will avoid the worst outcome ― the liberation of domains by humans.

After making up my mind like that, I decided to begin an invasion into the land of the Kanezawa Liberation Army with brute force.



“――And thus we’ll launch a 《Reign》 against the humans, the Kanezawa Liberation Army, at 6 p.m. in three days.” I inform my leaders of our future plans after calling them together.

“All of you, how are things proceeding with the troops you were given?”

“No prob!”

“All’s okidoki.”

“We shall exhibit…our pride of being insulted as pigs!”

Takaharu, Sarah, and Hibiki answer with smiles full of confidence. The other leaders also confirm in succession.

“Kotetsu, is it going to work out?”

“Please leave it to me.”

Once I check back with Kotetsu, who’s leading humans, at the end, he powerfully confirms. In the end, the number of human volunteers has reached more than 10,000. Since it’s a rule that they must become bloodkin to leave the Domain, I’ve included three humans into Kotetsu’s corps this time around. The other volunteers have been incorporated with Yataro’s subordinates to work on defense.

“Well then, I’ll give permission for each leader commanding a corps to assign items up to 9,000 CP, including the Orichalcum Series. All of you, consider how you’re going to spend that CP for the corps you were given.”

Rather than me coming up with all the items to be equipped, I think it’ll heighten their awareness that they’re now responsible for a corps. I had wondered whether someone like Takaharu might start bickering about it being troublesome and some such, but as far as I could see from the daily troop maneuvers, all my leaders obviously feel attached to the corps they were given.

“Even if ya tell us somethin’ ’bout 9,000 CP, it ain’t like I know how much CP is needed to create items.”

“Oh, you’re right… Kanon, send an email to each leader about the CP necessary to create items.”

“Okaaay! On it!” Kanon answers energetically.

“That’s all from my side. Anyone else have any questions or wishes to add something?”

“Heeere! Heeere!” Sarah raises a hand with a liveliness that’s almost annoying.

“What is it?”

“It’s about the items for my subordinates…is it okay to also ask for Akira-cchi’s smithing?”

“That’s fine.”

“Is it also okay to go hunt for the necessary materials?”

“Refrain from hunting for now. You have my permission to use the materials in stock. Akira, that’s no issue, right?”


Once Akira agrees with Sarah’s request, Takaharu raises his hand next.

“Would it be alright to go out huntin’ with my subordinates later?”

“I see no problem with that, but…that doesn’t apply in case of a Domain invasion under my orders.”


“The members for Domain invasions won’t change. It’s going to be Rina and Chloe’s teams. I won’t allow any objection to this decision.”


It’s fine for independence to sprout, but it’d be a bad idea to not regulate the parts that need to be regulated.

“Shion-sama, is it alright for me to speak up as well?” Kotetsu addresses me.

“What is it?”

“It’s about Murasame which I was granted by you… Would it be acceptable to lend it out to my adjutant?”

Murasame is a unique katana I created by spending 9,000 CP. Kotetsu obstinately favors his sacred treasure ― 『Sayama』 ― over Murasame. If I’m not mistaken, Murasame is currently in a state similar to gathering mold in a warehouse. It might follow logic to give it to his adjutant in such a case, but…having said that, Murasame is one of the strongest weapons even among the items I can create. I feel like it’s too much of a waste to give it to the likes of an adjutant.

“Do you have no intention to use Murasame, Kotetsu?”

“I have 『Sayama』 which I have been given by you, Shion-sama.”

“Between 『Sayama』 and Murasame…Murasame performs better, doesn’t it?”

“Of course. But, I have poured my soul into 『Sayama』.”

Kotetsu has been obedient ever since becoming my subordinate. Having made his terms with humanity being the enemy, he’s now a much crueler and more reliable subordinate than his granddaughter Rina. But, whenever it’s about his sacred treasure 『Sayama』, his stubborn side shines through.

“I got it. I’ll allow it. However ― the blunder of Murasame being stolen by the enemy won’t be forgiven, no matter what. If you should ever run into a situation where it looks like this could happen, I’ll order the safeguarding of Murasame over the safety of your adjutant, Kotetsu. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes, certainly.” Kotetsu bows deeply even while frowning.

“Anything else?” I look at the faces of my leaders, but no one of them speaks up. “Okay, then we’re done with this meeting. Everyone, strive to be ready for battle in three days.”

The leaders trickle out of my room.




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