Chapter 217 – 218


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Chapter 217 – Invasion of Kanezawa ⑨


――Rina, watch the humans in that place together with 100 dhampirs, 100 dark elves, and 50 living mails!

The number of subordinates I’m reserving to monitor the submissive humans is low, but we’ve confiscated their weapons, and they’ve lost their fighting spirit. In the worst case, if something unforeseen should happen, this many troops should be enough to at least protect Rina.

――All of the remaining subordinates are to follow the instructions of the leaders!

After ordering my subordinates, I send an Email to the smartphones of my leaders, instructing them where they should position themselves. I’ve also passed smartphone to Chloe and the other created bloodkin leaders, but they’re beginners when it comes to operating a smartphone. They only get flustered whenever it rings, unable to even open the mail screen.

――Follow the lead of Takaharu, Sarah, Hibiki, and Kotetsu, and start moving!

It looks like it’s necessary for me to soon have a meeting with my created subordinates to teach them how to handle a smartphone…


Hmm? The sound of an Email having arrived on my smartphone?

『I’ve understood the orders as well ~ssu (^_^)v』

The sender is Blue. That guy got used to it to the extent of being able to send Emails…and there’s even a smiley…!?


『Marked as read but no reply ~ssu? (>_<)』

Dude, don’t give me that half-assed SNS knowledge…

――Blue, you lead the way as well!

『Aye, aye ~ssu (^_^)v』

“This way ~ssu.” Blue happily begins to direct the subordinates.

If they’re quick, the humans will come back from Hakusan in around 30 minutes. If I consider it realistically, it should be something around 45, though.

We’ll form a defense line so that the returning humans can’t enter the area of 《Reign》.



Forty minutes left until the completion of 《Reign》.

Reflected in Takaharu’s eyes, who stands at the forefront of the defense line, are multiple cars. It’s impossible to damage man-made buildings with the power granted by the 【World Salvation Project】, but…it’s possible to destroy artificial objects like cars.

Cars are valuable in this broken world. They can be produced assuming that a factory exists, but it’s a lot of work to gather all the parts and materials from all over the country. The severance of the distribution lines through the appearance of the Domains had a drastic effect on human society.

A Sedan running at the front of the convoy notices our defense line, and stops. There’s around 300 meters left between the Sedan and the defense line. Unfortunately it stopped outside the reach of ranged attacks. Droves of humans get out of the cars arriving behind the Sedan in succession.

The number of subordinates forming the defense line amounts to 10,000. Scared by the difference in number, the humans who had driven ahead in a hurry now remain idle on the spot.

It’d be wonderful if they could remain like that until 《Reign》 finishes, but…there’s still thirty minutes left.

Around the time when more than 30,000 humans had assembled, they began their attack, accompanied by rousing roars.

“Haah~, finally, eh…? I was already gettin’ worried that this whole show might end with some retarded starin’ contest!”

“For Shion-sama to order us to not move…what a teasing order!”

The battle maniacs Takaharu and Setanta reveal bright smiles on their faces.

――Kotetsu, you take command! Highest priority is to fervently defend the defense line!

Kotetsu silently nods his approval, and then says, “Takaharu, Seta-boy, don’t rush in too far. The enemy is going to come to you anyway.”

“Sure thing.”


He restrains the two who looked like they’d charge in at any moment, and then glances in the direction of Chloe and Layla.

Hmm? Oh, come to think of it, Kotetsu hasn’t met with Chloe and the other created subordinates much, has he…?

――Chloe, take command of the archers!

“Yes, Master!”

――Layla, command the caster unit together with Flora!

“As you wish, Master.”


Kotetsu looks relieved after hearing my orders.

“Sarah, back up Takaharu and Seta-boy.”


“Hah? Ain’t no need for somethin’ like back up!”

“Eh? Me too?”

Takaharu clicks his tongue, baring his displeasure, whereas Setanta seems to be surprised.

――Takaharu, Setanta, obey Kotetsu’s instructions.



Whas it a mistake to have left Rina behind? Having said that, Rina is the only person I can entrust with the humans over there. No helping it, I’m just going to support Kotetsu from here.

――Takaharu, Setanta, do you want to lead the troops instead of Kotetsu? However, you’ll need to watch the entire army when you take command, okay? You won’t be allowed to fight at the front line, just so that you know.

I only contact Takaharu and Setanta telepathically.

“Ugh…!? Dat a threat, or what!? I got it, I got it!”

“I’ll proooperly listen to what Gramps Kotetsu tells me!”

Aside from those two who have become obedient albeit looking dismayed…

“Slaaaauuughter them! We’re aiming for the universityyyy!”


…the group of humans has almost completely closed the distance.


Following Chloe’s dignified call, the dark elves around her pull the strings of their bows back.

“Fire! ――《Eagle Arrow》!”

As if being guided by Chloe’s arrow which she let loose first, a shower arrows greets the approaching humans.

“We’ll follow their cue! Fire! ――《Ice Bullet》!”

“Here I go! ――《Thunder Arrow》!”

Next, Layla and her group of dhampirs shoot their ice bullets, and Flora lets arrows of purple lightning pour down on the humans with her lilims.

“Don’t allow a single of them to slip past! Living mails, ring your shields!”

The living mails, who’ve formed up in lines, clank their shield in compliance with Kotetsu’s bellow.

“Hibiki, draw the humans’ hate!”

“Roger! All living beings, become spellbound by my body! ――《Perfect Body》!”

With the living mails clanking their shields as background music, a half-naked, perverted rabbit makes a pose while emitting a golden radiance.

“Takaharu! Seta-boy! Now!”



The two combat maniacs charge at the humans, who are confused by the shield clanking and the sudden appearance of a perverted rabbit, with ferocious smiles.

“Ogres! Rout the enemy!”


The group of ogres led by Red, Noire, and Rouge assaults the human who are panicking due to Takaharu and Setanta freely rampaging in their midsts.

This spelled the beginning of the real battle against the Kanezawa Liberation Army.



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Chapter 218 – Invasion of Kanezawa ⑩


Angry roars and weapon’s clinking reverberated throughout the defense line’s front.

“Fuck! This armor is so damn hard!”

“So they did have combat forces other than ghouls, eh…!?”

“This is the crucial moment! Attack! Attack! Attaaaaack!”

Having their aggro pulled, the humans swarm the living mails and the pervert rabbit.

“Hahaha! There’s so many of ‘em to clobber!”

“Want to have a contest, Taka-ani?”

“Idiot! We ain’t got no time to count!”

Takaharu and Setanta gleefully wield their powers.

“――《Fire Lance》! Nishishi…you guys are, like, totally lost without my amazing support, aren’t you?”

“Shut it! Don’t get in da way, woman!”

Sarah giggles in triumph as her fire lance hits the face of a human who had approached Takaharu from behind. In response, Takaharu delivers a roundhouse kick against a nearby human as if to vent his anger.

“Shoot! Shoot! Shooooot! Let those foolish humans feel Shion-sama’s power!” Chloe keeps shooting arrows at the group of humans pushing from behind without even aiming while making sure to not hit the subordinates fighting at the front.

“――《Ice Bullet》! Red, you’re too careless with your defense!”

Layla’s dhampirs shoot their bullets to back up the ogres around Red.

“――《Wind Shield》! It’s futile~”

Flora’s lilims put up barriers to defend their allies from the spells and arrows shot from the rear of the human army.

“This place is the best to get some killing done ~ssu!”

“Hooh… I guess you’re also a clever guy.”

Blue and Kotetsu devote their efforts to slaying the humans swarming to Hibiki from behind.

The battle is proceeding in our favor. The reason is our superiority in individual strength…is what I want to say, but fatigue plays the biggest part.

The main force of the liberation army, which has returned from their encounter in Hakusan, had fought 5,000 ghouls until three hours ago, then they had to face Kaoru’s forces, and lastly they had to return to Ishikawa University for yet another battle without any breaks in-between. They might have rested up while on the move, but it’s plain obvious that they’re completely exhausted.

If things continue at this pace, the success of our 《Reign》 is a foregone conclusion.

I operate my smartphone, rechecking the situation in a radius of 5 km around me.


――Saburou! Take your unit and move to the place I’m going to tell you next!

A part of the human army is targeting the university by circumventing our defense line. They roughly number 500. I order Saburou, whom I had wait on standby as a detached force, to intercept those humans. Because the detached force only has 100 troops, I also order 500 subordinates to withdraw from the defense line, and move to the same location as Saburou.

“Understood! Team J is sallying forth!”

Team J? Assuming Saburou’s unit had a name, it’d be Third Assault Team. J? Someone’s initials?

After observing the war situation for around five minutes, Saburou’s Third Assault Team encounters the humans who have taken a detour.

“Fu fu fu… You ran out of luck, humans! You might have intended to attack us unnoticed, but you won’t be able to escape the all-seeing eyes of the Master of the Abyss ― Darkness Dracul the Third!”

Leading the elites of the former Demon Kings and dhampirs, Saburou stands in the way of the humans. The map allowing me to know about what’s going on within the range of 《Reign》 as its side effect sure is handy enough to even call it all-seeing eyes, but…it’s definitely not Saburou’s ability.

“Shit! Enemies were lurking even in a place like this!?”

“There’s only a few of them! …We’re going to cut through them!”

“A named, huh…? Don’t be careless…”

Confronting Saburou’s team, the humans ready their weapons, getting into combat stances.

A named ― in other words, a subordinate with a name ― a bloodkin. That perception certainly isn’t wrong, but even the humans shouldn’t expect that this pervert calling himself Dark-something isn’t a monster, but a former Demon King (former human).

“A few? Ha ha ha! You’re underestimating us! We’re Demon King Shion-sama’s confidants ―― Team Joker! Curse your own misfortune for having run into us, and resolve yourself for death!”

Team Joker…? J stands for Joker? Well, it clears up that mystery at least, but if people start believing that I named them like that, it’d absolutely suck…

――Saburou, don’t allow a single human over there to return alive! Also, don’t add weird names to the units I assign you to!

It’s a common knowledge among humans that the Demon Kings hold the authority to name their bloodkin. If humans survive this, there’s the actual danger of them spreading the word that I have named one of my bloodkin with something as embarrassing as Dark-something, and on top of that, attached the term ‘joker’ to one of my teams like some teenager.

“Please do not worry…my deeply honored lord ― Shion-sama. We shall offer their lifeblood to you!”

Saburou responds with a theatrical gesture. I suppose it’s necessary to teach Saburou that he’s not offering me lifeblood, but a life in disgrace…

As I’m at my wits’ end, the battle between Saburou’s team and the humans begins.

“Stay in tune with me, okay?”

Saburou sends an eye signal to two former Vampire Demon Kings, which the two confirm with a silent nod.

“Let eternal slumber befall thou as thine body is wrapped up in a wind of deep darkness, “”――《Dark Night Tempest》!”””

The storm of darkness unleashed by Saburou and his two underlings engulfs the humans.

“Everyone! It’s time to beat the reason why we’ve been named Team Joker into these guys!”

Obeying Saburou’s order, former Demon Kings of the ogre, beast, devil, and slime species charge the humans.

“Hah! …Sarah-tan’s breath is throbbing within me. Ladies? Are you ready? Let’s go!”


Saburou releases a storm clad in purple lightning alongside a female Elf and Fairy Demon King.

A former Devil Demon King doesn’t join the charge, but instead joins Saburou’s magic attacks, too…

Although there’s more places to retort at than I can count, the former Demon Kings completely negate the difference in numbers with terrifying individual strength.

“Aster Empire’s Leader ― Darkness Dracul the Third shall become like the wind! ――《Fast Thrust》!”

At the end, Saburou himself readies his rapier, and plunges into the human group.



Twenty minutes left until 《Reign》 completes.

The defense line holds its position while staying superior in force, and Saburou’s Third Assault Team splendidly suppresses the humans’ detached force. The team of former Demon Kings is truly powerful. They don’t really have anything you’d call teamwork, but the Third Assault Team overwhelms its enemies with individual prowess.

Unlike Takaharu, Sarah, and so on, the former Demon Kings assigned to that team assault team aren’t specialized types. They feel weak when compared to the former Demon Kings among my leaders, but…I wonder, who’d be stronger between Red and a former Ogre Demon King, or between Layla and a former Vampire Demon King?

Feeling like the 《Reign》 is going to succeed even without me ordering each and every single move, I use the time to compare their strengths while switching back and forth between Saburou and Kotetsu’s point of view.

The former Demon Kings have certain quirks in the way they fight. On the other hand, the combat style of the created subordinates is simple and monotone, they fight their enemies without feeling any fear towards pain or death. Either combat style, be it former Demon Kings or created subordinates, does have advantages and disadvantages.

It’s different when it comes to outstanding strength like that of Takaharu or Sarah, but…if that’s not the case, I think the obedient created subordinates are easier to use?

Still, the former Demon Kings…really do have no will to cooperate with each other…

I sigh as I watch the Third Assault Team fight as they please. Anyway, I’m going to leave the analysis of my forces at that…I think I should focus on analyzing the troops of the Kanezawa Liberation Army.

The liberation army’s biggest trait is their teamplay. Platoons? Squads? Parties? I’m kinda unsure how I should describe them, but they’re thoroughly working together in teams of 12. They cover for each other’s weaknesses, and fall back if they suffer injuries. The tasks are also split like in a game: attackers, tanks, and healers.

Our side dominates when it comes to individual strength. If the average value of individual strength on our side were to be set as 10, the average individual strength of the humans in the liberation army would be 5. However, if you look at a battle of 120 vs. 120…our overall strength would be 120 x 10, whereas the Kanezawa Liberation army would split up the 120 into 12 x 10 teams, and each of those 12 teams wouldn’t have 12 x 5 strength, but instead more like 12 x 5 x 1.5 = 90, resulting in the liberation army’s overall strength becoming 90 x 10 teams = 900.

A component largely influencing the difference in individual strength are the equipped items. If the equipment was equal, it’d be possible for them to break through our line, if things go badly, and it might have actually turned into a tough struggle, if the humans were in top shape. But, currently they’re worn-out.

I think we’ll need to work on the corps compositions and the teamwork soon.

While looking at the battles to come, I continued to analyze the enemy’s combat power.




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