Chapter 215 – 216


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Chapter 215 – Invasion of Kanezawa ⑦


Pheew, that was close. You’re no created subordinate, damn it…so don’t try to introduce yourself!

It’d be too early to introduce Rina here. Rina’s introduction, letting the humans know of her survival and current situation, has the potential to become a very heavy blow for the Kanezawa Liberation Army.

2 hours and 45 minutes left until the completion of 《Reign》. My invading subordinates have clashed with the humans of the liberation army. The number of humans within range amounts to approximately 30,000. Getting rid of 30,000 people within 2 hours and 45 minutes is impossible.

But―― what if their will breaks? ―― The condition for succeeding this 《Reign》 is not to get rid of all humans. If things pan out as I’ve planned, the 《Reign》 should succeed…!

The key for making it work is the overwhelming strength of my leaders. I stare at the battle progress on my smartphone while believing in the power of my subordinates.

“Come on! What’s wrong? Give it yer best shot!”

“Ahahaha, how fuuun!!”

The ones causing havoc at the front line while enjoying it from the bottom of their hearts are the battle maniacs Takaharu and Setanta. Preoccupied with their free rampaging, the human ranks in front of the gate fall into chaos.

“Takaharu! Seta! Don’t move too far ahead!”

“Ahaha…you’re wasting your breath on those two idiots.”

“What troublesome children.”

Rina cuts in so as to back up the two combat maniacs. Sarah skillfully unleashes magic, assisting those two. And Kotetsu slays an enemy in front of his eyes while smiling at his troubled granddaughter.

“Phooo! You think you can catch me ~pyon?”

“Fuck! Why…why can’t I avert my eyes from that pervert!?”

“Slaughter that pervert first!”

Hibiki nicely gathers the humans’ hatred while doing his posing.

“Hey…don’t ignore me, ‘kay? It makes me feel lonely!” Takaharu delivers a roundhouse kick from behind against a human who approaches Hibiki.

“Shit! The fuck’s wrong with this armor!”

“Fufuu…all hands, attack~”

“Fireeee! We shall show them our strength!”

While ridiculing the humans who’re being kept in check by the living mails, Flora and Layla simultaneously launch magic attacks with their lilim and dark elves.

“Those injured are to retreat――”

“Ahaha, running away is a no-no, oki?”

Even though the injured humans try to move back through the gate, their escape is thwarted by Setanta’s spear.

The battle situation shown on my smartphone looks like a complete victory. I guess the main force has completely moved to Hakusan, as I thought.

I’m confident in the diversionary tactic, which cost me many subordinates, finally bearing fruit.

――There’s no need to forcibly invade the university! For now, obliterate the enemies where you are!

I order and continue checking the situations of my subordinates who are furiously striving on the battlefield.



Two hours left until the end of 《Reign》. The battle situation has been advancing overwhelmingly to our advantage, but in the end it’s 500 vs. 30,000. The number of killed humans has reached 3,000, It’s 10% of the entire enemy forces, but――

I chuckle as I gaze at the four types of dots on my smartphone. The number of those whose spirit broke after facing the overwhelming strength of my subordinates, the number of yellow dots has exceeded 5,000.

“There are only a few enemies! Hold out! We’ve got to bear with it till the end!”

“Endure until the leaders get back here!”

The humans know the specifications of 《Reign》. There’s 40 minutes left until Demon King Kaoru’s 《Reign》 finishes. Whether his 《Reign》 succeeds or fails…the human main force is going to return from Hakusan. The number of defeated humans in one hour amounts to 10%. Therefore, they can endure until their main force comes back from Hakusan ― that’s the only hope left to the humans.


“E-Enemy attack…!?”

As if scoffing at that hope, the 9,000 troops led by Chloe enter the battlefield.

――Make a fuss over the main force having arrived!

I order Rina’s troops who’re fighting in front of the gate.

“It’s the main force! Our main force has arrived!”

Main force…the main force arrived.”

“Yay, the main force!”

“Reinforcements! Everybody, we’re getting reinforcements!”

“The main force has arrived to watch my gallant figure, huh…!?”

“Yahoo! The main force is here!”

Beginning with Rina’s encouraging yell, Takaharu bluntly talks in monotone, Sarah gleefully kicks up a fuss, Kotetsu understands my aim, Hibiki doesn’t understand a thing, and Setanta cheerfully makes a racket, following the others. Although there are differences in extent, the humans fall into panic after hearing the cheering of my clamoring subordinates.

“M-Main force? What does that mean…!?”

“Numbers…their numbers!”

“Many tells us nothin’! What are the numbers of the enemy’s main force?”

――Make noise with your weapons! Stomp on the ground! Raise war cries!

Next I order Chloe’s reinforcements that make their presence widely known.


10,000 subordinates make loud noises as ordered. The intensity, which is even passed on through my smartphone, accelerates the humans’ succumbing to panic. 1


“We’re finished…”

“What!? What’s going on!?”

――Now’s a good opportunity! Don’t rest your hands!

I order Rina’s troops to press the confused humans.

――All hands, advance!

I order Chloe’s army to advance.

Confirming Rina’s army ripping the enemies apart, and Chloe’s forces marching on while raising war cries, I check the situation within the range of 《Reign》 on my smartphone.

Hmm, I guess it needs one more push.

Many of the red (hostile) dots have turned into submissive (yellow) dots on the display.

――All hands, stop attacking!

According to my order, my subordinates, who’ve been demonstrating their power in front of the gate, stop moving.


『This is a final recommendation to surrender to the people of Kanezawa』

I’ve taken out my 【Megaphone】, and use it now to hurl my words at the humans.

『We will show mercy to those surrendering, and grant death to those resisting. Those intending to surrender, throw away your weapons, alongside your will to resist, and sit down on the ground. Our Aster Empire won’t harm nonresistant people. You have one minute. We will resume our attack after one minute. This will be the last warning. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you choose wisely』

I check the state of the humans in front of the gate after giving my ultimatum. One human after the other discards their weapon, sitting down on the spot.

『Abandon your will to resist! Even if you discard your weapon and sit down on the ground, only death awaits those having a will to resist!』

I warn the humans after confirming the dots’ colors, the humans’ state.

『Know that your own, pointless will to resist will drive your comrades to their death! Surrenderers are to discard their weapons and sit down ― getting rid of their will to resist! Don’t you understand even after being told what to do!?』

――Setanta, kill the human in front of you!

“Okaaay! It’s bad to not listen to what Shion-sama tells you, you know?” Setanta mercilessly stabs his spear through the head of a sitting human.

『Those harboring a will to resist will meet death! If you want to survive…abandon your will to resist!』

The red dots on my smartphone are continuing to quickly turn yellow.


Chapter 216 – Invasion of Kanezawa ⑧


One hour and thirty minutes left until 《Reign》 finishes.

After enforcing matters to some extent, the hostile forces within the range of 《Reign》 have vanished. Currently the submissive humans have been gathered in Ishikawa University’s gymnasium while being watched by my subordinates.

“Shion, can you hear me?”

――Yes, what’s the matter? I answer telepathically to Rina’s muttered question which feels like a monologue.

“Can’t you give me permission to explain the structure of 《Reign》 to them?”

Permission to explain the structure of 《Reign》, huh…? Even if it’s obvious to me when someone harbors a will to resist…it’s very likely that it must look like an irrational enforcement to the humans, if we kill red dots aka those with hostile intentions.

――You have my permission, but before that, confiscate all means of communication from the humans first.

What’s going to happen if the structure of 《Reign》 gets exposed to humans? Is the number of surrenderers going to increase? Is the number of people who’re going to try sabotaging 《Reign》 going to increase…? If it’s unclear which of the two options is going to dominate, it might be better to not pass on information thoughtlessly.

I give my permission to explain how 《Reign》 works, based on the condition to prevent an information leak. After Rina gets rid of all means of communication with my subordinates in accordance with my order, she thoroughly explains the setup of 《Reign》 to the humans.

“N-No way…for him to know our feelings through a smartphone…”

“I-Is that true…?”

“Impossible…are you telling us that the Demon Kings are being favored…?”

The humans show their surprise and begin to complain after receiving Rina’s explanation.

“All I said is the truth. That’s why…please don’t make us pointlessly shed any more blood.” Rina dispassionately entreaties the humans, stifling her grief.

“Oi! You really believe her!? Those are the words of the enemy, you know!? Can you really trust the words of such a dubious, masked woman!?”

A single man stands up, starting to instigate the other humans.

“Ugh…” Rina lays a hand on the sword at her waist with feelings full of mortification.


“I know…” Rina answers to my telepathic message, having resolved herself.

――I allow you to take off your mask and name yourself!


Rina probably thought that I’d order her to punish the agitator. After exposing her surprise over my words that went against her expectation, Rina answers with a vanishingly small voice, “…Okay.”

――I want to hide Rina’s existence from mankind. After she’s divulged her identity, none of the people in the gymnasium is allowed to leave for whatever reason.

Making Rina’s true identity public will be reserved for the time when we’re confronting 『Kanezawa’s Sage』 and 『Kanezawa’s Saintess』. Thus I want to keep her hidden for now.

“Whaddya want!? G-Going to kill me!? You’re going to kill me, right!? I-I mean I’m bright red on the Demon King’s smartphone anyway!” The man continues to act tough as he confronts Rina even while trembling.

Rina ignores that man’s yelling, turns around, and goes up to the stage in the gymnasium. Then she places a hand on the mask hiding her face.



“N-No way…”

“She’s supposed to be dead…”

As soon as Rina takes off her mask, a part of the humans becomes noisy.

“Hello, everyone. It’s been a while… I guess there are some people among you who know me. My name is Rina Shion. The way I’m called among you is 『Hero of the Black Sword』, isn’t it? …Well, that’s a name from a past I’d like to forget, though.”

At the end of her introduction, a smile filled with sorrow creeps onto her face.

“I-Is she the real Hero of the Black Sword…?”

“S-She should be dead…”

“I’ve seen her at my private school… She’s the real deal…”

“Why…the 『Hero of the Black Sword』 is…”

The people become flustered from Rina exposing her true identity. But, without minding them, Rina continues to speak, “As you might be aware of, I’ve been recognized as hero by Kanezawa in the past, and entered the Domain of Demon King Shion ― my current lord, in order to liberate the Domain together with 『Kanezawa’s Sage』 ― Andou Hideya ― and 『Kanezawa’s Saintess』 ― Kayama Saori.”

The humans silently listen to Rina’s monologue-like story.

“Starting from the conclusion: Your leaders 『Kanezawa’s Sage』 and 『Kanezawa’s Saintess』 abandoned me and ran away. Having been forsaken by those whom I called my friends and you heroes, I had my life spared by Demon King Shion whom you regard as your archenemy.”

“Eh? What do you mean by that…?”

“The sage and saintess…abandoned the 『Hero of the Black Sword』 and ran away…?”

“The sage and saintess told us that the 『Hero of the Black Sword』 sacrificed herself to allow their escape…”

The humans feel shaken by the truth they heard out of Rina’s mouth.

“Humans and Demon Kings ― 【Law】 and 【Chaos】 ― hate each other. You humans have…no, same applies for the past me…arbitrarily decided that Demon Kings = Evil. Certainly, it might be our fate to fight each other…! God…the world…the logic of this broken world calling itself 【World Salvation Project】 is driving all of us to fight each other!” Rina’s words begin to become passionate, “But! I’d like you to at least understand this much: There are good and bad people among humans! I won’t go as far as saying that there are good people among Demon Kings, but they’re individuals! Shion is tolerant towards those under his protection! The humans living in the Aster Empire under Shion are full of hopes and smiles! That’s way, please submit to Demon King Shion…! If you become hostile…I will ― cut down as many enemies it takes to protect my precious friends and comrades!”

At the end, Rina hoists Lævateinn into the air.

Let’s see…

Looking at my smartphone, I check the humans’ state of mind.

Ooohh! Nothing less of a former hero…! All the dots have turned yellow.

One hour and twenty minutes left until the completion of 《Reign》.


My smartphone plays the melody indicating an incoming call. It’s Kaede.

『Milord, 《Reign》 failed』

“What about Kaoru’s troops?”


“What’s the situation on the human side?”

『A part of them has started to move after getting on cars』

The gong for the second round is nigh. The betting chip is the 《Reign》, which would become the first one in south Kanezawa, if it succeeds.




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