Chapter 2 – Resurrection of Demon Queen (2nd)




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【Sophia-chan’s Point of View】


After resolving herself, this maid confessed everything. At this point, I gave them the whole truth without holding back anything. Naturally, while I was prostrating myself on the floor in the office with my forehead rubbing the ground. I told them everything about how I obtained the powder in the Great Holy Land, how I brought it back to Dragon City, and how I lost it in the end.

At the same time, I resolved myself for the worst and provided an explanation of the situation to Dragon-san, who would soon become a mother, right in front of Elf-san and Gonzales-san. She was yet another victim of this maid’s clumsiness. So much so that my feelings of guilt had won over my fear.

However there was one piece of good news. A single, small piece of goodness. When I asked Dragon-san about the father of the child in her belly, she readily brought up Tanaka-san’s name. That’s great news as it means that I still have a small, tiny hope. If it had been the child of some unknown guy, this maid would have doubtlessly received capital punishment.

However, that in itself was still a problem for the current Dragon City.

“Is it really the child of that man!?” Elf-san howled.

Her face was ghastly pale. On the other hand, Dragon-san looked awfully happy.

With her cheeks looking soft and round, she answered, 『Hehe, hehehe, that’s right! This is his child, yeeep!』




She said yeeep! Dragon-san really said yeeep. The powder is truly dangerous. It caused even Dragon-san to act like this.

That very powder was now, after having been taken from Dragon-san, lying on the table. The remaining quantity was nothing worthy of mention anymore, but it was more than enough to make sure of its authenticity. After we relied on Elf-san’s extensive knowledge to confirm it, she gave us her official approval that it was definitely the drug in question. Moreover, it seemed to be fairly high-quality.

Very likely Dragon-san has been enjoying the powder, which she had picked up, all by herself atop the tower until today after doing it with Tanaka-san before his departure. After all, this maid lost the powder after Tanaka-san had left Dragon City. I informed everyone of this fact as well.

Thanks to that, this maid still had a tiny shred of hope to keep her life.

“Umm, t-this sort of drug causing such an effect even for a person like Dragon-san means…”

“It’s the same as alcohol. If you drink it yourself, you can enjoy it quite a bit. It’s p-propagation is also a fact. And it might have been something c-convenient for this dragon. Otherwise, s-she wouldn’t have become silly from it to such an extent. W-Well, I also tried it i-in my early days, so I c-can understand.”

“I-Is that so…?”

Elf-san sounded awfully well-informed. I learned something new once again. In the end, everyone gets interested at least once in their life. In the powder.

All is fine. This maid still counts as being normal.

“Ain’t nothing you need to fret over so much, Missy. Some members of our clan are also hiding these sorts of drugs. Besides, you lost the drug after Boss left, didn’t you? In that case, the current state of the mayor’s belly must be based on the mutual agreement of both parties involved in it.”

“…Umm, i-is that how it works?”

“But well, I think you should learn your lesson from this, you know? While you’re still young.”


I got consoled and chided by Gonzales-san. Thank you kindly. Nothing is as joyful as having someone care about you so deeply.

“Still, she’s looking quite happy, isn’t she? My first time seeing her like that.”

“Whether she might be happy or whatever, w-we will be in a bind if she stays like this!”

“Won’t the drug’s effect run if we let her to her own devices for some time? I mean she got down from her tower on her own two feet. If we let her rest for a night, she’ll likely get back in tune soon enough. The drug itself was quite superior in quality with little impurities added to it. It won’t have much, if any, lingering aftereffects.”

“T-T-The problem lies with the child!” Elf-san’s expression was extremely severe.

For a change, she managed to even overpower Gonzales-san.

“No good! I-I cannot wait! I’ll g-go and check it with him in person!”

“Whoa, wait a minute, that’s a bit…”


“With e-everyone! We’ll a-all go together!”

『Baby…I’m going to have a baby, so…moving around too much…auooaah!?』

Elf-san made Dragon-san float with her magic. Just when I thought so, the scenery around us completely changed. It’s probably the magic called space magic. The hunk serving Drill-sama has been using it almost daily, so even I have learned to recognize it.

Looking around, I realized that I was floating in the sky. A cityscape sprawled into the distance below me. Without a doubt I remember having seen this layout of houses before. It is the capital Charis.

Okay, what should I do? Somehow the whole issue is continuing to escalate further and further.



Getting on the carriage prepared by the princess, we headed straight for the docking place of the airship. In addition to her, Mercedes-chan and Neumann were accompanying us on this unauthorized endeavor. If possible I wanted to also call out to Princess Bitch. However, as I didn’t know her whereabouts these days, I refrained as my only option would have been to get in contact with her through Princess-sama. Let’s deal with that issue separately on another day.

With this and that happening, we were currently being jolted around inside the carriage as we passed through the noble district. By the way, our current seating arrangement saw this ordinary Japanese flat-face sitting next to Neumann while the imperial lesbo sat next to the princess, both pairs facing each other.

As the carriage for royalty was luxury incarnated, a table had been installed between our seats. Pretty flowers adorned the table as decoration.

“T-Tanaka, there’s something I’d like to confirm with you…” Neumann addressed this ordinary Japanese flat-face.

While repeatedly casting fleeting glances at the princess.

“What might it be?”

“Hadn’t you been executed? I was also present on that square a few days ago. A-And I certainly witnessed with my own eyes how your head got chopped off by the hands of the Imperial Knight Lady sitting over there.”

“I understand.”

“And yet, w-why are you alive? And above all, why are you together with the very knight who killed you and moreover the princess….?”

“To explain it shortly while omitting the details: I partnered up with Her Highness. The same also applies to the imperial knight. It is a temporary measure, but for the time being, we will be acting together. As for the execution, I would be more than delighted if you could regard it as acting of sorts.”

“…W-Was that so?”

Maybe Neumann worried about me? If that’s the case, I’m super happy.

“I am terribly sorry for advancing things in various ways without informing you.”

“N-No, that’s f-fine. As long as it’s like that.”

“We will hurry back to Dragon City and take a look at the situation over there. I plan to defend that place until the attacks by the demon queen stop. Since I had intended to call out to you as well, Neumann-san, it was a big help for me that Her Highness brought you along.”

“Oh my, is that so? Then I did something tactful, I suppose.”

“Thank you kindly.”

Neumann still looked like he couldn’t quite come to terms with this. But, with the princess being right in front of his nose as well, he didn’t pursue the matter any further. I will have him wait for the detailed explanation until we get back to Dragon City, so I can tell it to him while also informing Gon-chan, Sophia-chan, and the Loligon at the same time.

Even so, it sure is striking…,” muttered Mercedes-chan while gazing out of the window.


“Usually, the streets around here would be a bit livelier around this time of the day.”

“The information about the incident at the Pussy Republic has already spread among the nobles.”

“Rumors will likely start to spread to the city through servants working at the palace and merchants, who have good connections to quickly get a read on the inner workings, in a few days. Once that happens, I can’t even begin to imagine what will happen to a city with a big population like Charis. Some people will probably act in order to flee while others might see this as a chance to take other measures.”

“Did something like this never happen in the past?”

“At least I haven’t heard of anything like this. Even if it did happen, it’s only part of fairy-tales nowadays.”

I see. Then it’s obviously unclear how things are going to pan out. It’s a sort of unprecedented event.

“…Oh my, I wonder what that might be?”

As this ordinary Japanese flat-face and Mercedes-chan had a noncommittal chat, the princess suddenly raised her voice. It was something related to what was going on outside the window.

Now then, what could it be?

Naturally lured by her pointing at it, we followed her finger’s direction with our eyes. Thereupon…

Ough, this is bad news…


A huge magic circle was floating in the sky above the castle in the center of Charis.



【Sophia-chan’s Point of View】


Immediately after we switched our location to the skies above Charis, we noticed the abnormal situation over here.

“H-Hey, Missies, what the hell’s that!?”

Gonzales-san was the first one to address the elephant in the room. His finger was pointing at a part of the sky above the castle located in Charis’s center, where a huge magic circle was currently visible. The magic circle, which shone in an ominously crimson light, was big enough to swallow the whole castle.


In no time, a groan escaped Elf-san’s lips.

“Eh? Umm, w-what is…”

This maid ended up being totally confused. That magic circle must be something amazing to stun Elf-san who knows so much about magic. No, if anyone told me that it is obvious from just looking at it, I would find no words to refute their rebuke. After all, it is a gigantic magic circle that is so crimson that it ‘s sinister.

“Wait a sec, just what’s with all the shit going on around here?”

Gonzales-san’s expression looked awfully cramped. Him still being able to use a casual, calm way of speaking was proof of him being the leader of large clan. No matter the situation, he always acts composedly while keeping in mind how others see him. That’s very cool.

“The castle is going to fall!? If that gets invoked, even we won’t come out unscathed!”

“For real, Elf missy!?”

“It’s Extreme Magic! Just w-who’s planning to blow away t-the center of this country!?”

“D-Don’t tell me, Boss Tanaka!?”

“No, that’s impossible! That magic circle is very likely a creation by demons!”

This maid didn’t fail to hear this. At this rate, we will apparently be in danger as well. Now that it’s clear, we should withdraw from here right away. However, while being in a state of floating in the sky thanks to Elf-san’s magic, this maid cannot free her arms and legs. I’m still stuck, unable to move out of my own power.

“Y-You can tell by just looking a-at it?”

“It’s s-something you can understand t-to a degree once you’re able to decipher a magic c-circle’s composition.”

“W-Wow, you’re incredible…” Gonzales-san adjusted his opinion of Elf-san.

Now that I think of it, she has only shown him his clumsy, foolish side so far.

“Considering the structure of the magic circle, it’s very likely that it’s being exercised from extremely far away. If that m-man’s words are t-true, it’s probably s-safe to assume that it’s a creation by the r-revived demon queen. She is quite likely plotting to weaken the humans’ fighting spirit and forces by burning their lands f-from the Dark Continent.”

“The current demon queen is quite the cautious one, isn’t she?”

“It’d be bad if the castle fell as a result of that, don’t you think?”

“Can’t you do anything about this?”

“I’d love to do something about it, but…”

A serious exchange of opinions took place between Gonzales-san and Elf-san. As for this maid, she doesn’t believe that now is the time to keep having a leisurely discussion. Ah, but if I consider my parent’s home in the capital, I start feeling somewhat conflicted. Won’t the damage possibly spread beyond the castle?

Meanwhile, the glow of the magic circle has been gaining in intensity. Each time light flashed across its surface, something similar to crackling sparks scattered. At times, those sparks fell on the ground, prying holes open on the walls and streets.

All of this already while it’s still in the middle of getting ready. I wonder what will happen to the castle and the city if this thing explodes.

『M-My baby…even though I’m with child…something like this….something like this…』

Dragon-san has been trembling in a corner of my eyes. She is holding her own belly very cherishingly. Her face looks as if she’s going to start crying at any moment.

I’m sure she’s worried about the child in her belly. And above all, it’s a sigh that stimulates my own feelings of motherhood. It’s strong enough to make the likes of a maid like me feel like wanting to somehow protect her child.

『Uuh…my babyyy…my baby…babyyy…』

Dragon-san looked very troubled. She restlessly looked left and right, being all nervous. It triggered an urge in me to immediately hug her.

However, after trembling for a while, she suddenly stopped and lowered her face.

I wonder what’s going on…?


————- End of Part 1 ————-


Elf-san and Gonzales-san also noticed her strange behavior.

After staying like that for a while, she suddenly and energetically jerked her chin upwards. And unlike earlier when she was lowering her face, I could now sense a strong will from her expression. It looked as though she made up her mind on something.

While lovingly holding her belly with both hands, she stared at a certain spot in the air with a clearly stabbing look. Her sorrowful expression from before had transformed into the face of a mother who made her resolve.

At the end of Dragon-san’s point of attention I could see a bright red magic square.

『Baby…my cute…baby…I must protect…』

“…Ah, hey…”

A change had occurred to Dragon-san. It was very conspicuous too.

『Baby…my…cherished…baby…I must save it』

Her body started to glitter brightly. The magic square in the sky also grew as it started to give off a dazzling light. It looked as though the sun was going to fall on the surface.

All of us narrowed our eyes due to the too strong light. Naturally, this maid held her head with both hands while curling up her back, as if to protect herself.

At that moment, I abruptly felt a doubt about the phenomenon in front of me. This maid remembered having seen this spectacle. And just like in the past. I had closed my eyes while Dragon-san stood in front.

Is this possibly…

Accompanied by that thought, I opened my eyes. And as the glow died down, I was faced with the same sight as I had imagined it.


It was Dragon-san. She was here after having turned into her dragon form. It felt very nostalgic to me to to see her like that. After all, she was always running around in her human form these days.

“H-Hey!! What do y-you plan to do!?” Elf-san shouted at Dragon-san.

But, it seemed as though her voice hadn’t reached Dragon-san.

Dragon-san opened her muzzle. It was such a huge muzzle that it looked like even one of the buildings below, let alone a normal human, would completely fit in there. Each of the fangs lining up in there was bigger than our bodies, giving the whole an even stronger impressiveness.

『My, baby! B-B-Baby…! My lovely, baby…!』

A golden, magic square manifested in front of Dragon-san. It was situated right in front of the muzzle she had just opened. It seemed as though its flat surface was facing the crimson magic square floating above the castle. A light as golden as the square itself congregated inside its center, turned into a sphere, and gradually continued to expand in size.

“O-Oi, Mayor!?”

“Kuuh, don’t t-tell me, she’s planning t-to offset it!? That’s i-impossible!”

Gonzales-san and Elf-san became very flustered. But, no matter how much of a racket they caused, they wouldn’t be able to stop Dragon-san with her awakened motherhood.

Before long, that moment arrived. The magic square above the castle lit up conspicuously powerfully as if throbbing with a thump. Immediately following, a torrent of red light began to pour out of its surface.

As if identifying this as the perfect moment, this maid urinated. And the instant she felt how the hot, wet sensation kept traveling down her thighs, Dragon-san reacted as well. Matching the change in the crimson magic square, she jerked her widely gaping muzzle even further open.

At the same time, a roar, which was so loud that it felt like it tore my eardrums, hit me.

『My babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!』

A mother’s love, her heart that loved her child was announced in the skies above Charis. That was released from the magic square, which had formed in front of her muzzle, transformed into a huge torrent of light, and headed for the crimson magic square.

On the other hand, the opposing magic square also released its red gleam at that very moment. All of it was swept away with a tremendous force, as if getting swallowed, by the golden gleam released by Dragon-san. The atmosphere was ripped apart.

This maid felt how the inner walls of her stomach trembled as she was all of this play out.

The crimson light had extended towards the castle and its circumference just now, but it never reached its destination as it got wholly blown away by Dragon-san’s golden light. The crimson brilliance quickly dispersed into the far distance.

Wow. Dragon-san, you are truly amazing.

“T-This is the breath of an ancient dragon…!?”

“Mayor! Y-You surely won’t destroy the castle, will you!?”

It appeared as though Elf-san and Gonzales-san were just as shocked.

The red light raged in order to accomplish its objective. It seemed as if it writhed in agony so as to let its own gleam reach the surface. But, the blow unleashed by Dragon-san swallowed it altogether.

It was an overwhelming spectacle of absolute might.



A magic square. A huge magic square was floating in the sky. I didn’t know the details, but there was no doubt that Demon Queen-sama’s menace had reached Charis. She had probably unleashed the Extreme Magic, which she had used to attack the capital of the Pussy Republic, at this very moment to attack the Penny Empire.

This also went beyond my imagination.

“Sorry, but I will head out to deal with that.”

This ordinary Japanese flat-face flew off into the sky in great haste. From the carriage’s window.

However, after I took to the sky, I started to rack my brain. I wonder what sort of hand I can play against a magic square which could spew out whatever so far as I know. Even if I were to summon a fireball, it doesn’t look like it’d be able to handle this issue here. And if things go really badly, I could magnify the damage instead.

Having said that, it doesn’t look like I can handle this with healing magic either. It’s got plenty of power when it comes to curing wounded people, but I fear that the thing floating up there won’t give me any time to simply heal those injured by its magic. I feel like not a shred of flesh is going to be left, if you’re hit by that thing’s magic. And in such a case, healing magic bears no meaning either.

In other words, the time to learn a new skill has finally come. It’s the skill window. Skill window, come on.


Magic Power Recovery: LvMax

Magic Power Efficiency: LvMax

Language Knowledge: Lv1


Haling Magic: LvMax

Flame Magic: Lv125

Purification Magic: Lv5

Flight Magic: Lv55

Civil Engineering Magic :Lv10

Remaining Skill Points: 105

Alright, there it is. I’ll──

It happened just as I focused in order to spend my skill points in some sort of defensive magic. Suddenly a dazzling brilliance was released from another part of the sky.

Wondering what was going on, I focused my attention over there, just to find a gigantic dragon floating over there.


It was a dragon I remember having seen before. Is this possibly the Loligon? Looks like it. I mean, I don’t know any other dragons who are so huge.

As I was pondering about all this, there was some change ahead of me. This ordinary Japanese flat-face put himself on guard as he didn’t know what she was planning. At the same moment, the dragon’s big muzzle opened and matching that timing, a magic square with a size close to her own body manifested in front of her. That one was also glittering in a golden color.

Don’t tell me, she’s planning to deal with Demon Queen-sama’s magic square?

No sooner than I asked this question myself, a roar reached me.

『My babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!』

It was shouted at such a loud volume that I actually feared for my eardrums. I ended up covering both my ears on reflex.

At the same time, a golden light was released from her muzzle. It plunged in a straight line through the air, heading straight for the crimson magic square in the sky. That light had such a scale that it’d have swallowed many of the noble mansions lining up in Charis if it had been fired at the surface.

I’m slightly bothered by her crying about a baby. Maybe the Noble Mage knocked her up or something? No clue. If…If that’s the case, it’d be slightly mortifying. No, it’d be terribly devastating.

However, what’s bothering me even beyond that is the mingling of crimson and gold.


The attack unleashed by the Loligon had nicely hit Demon Queen-sama’s magic. The red light, which had been released just then to lay waste to Charis, was completely blown away by the Loligon’s magic. This ordinary Japanese flat-face had considered putting up a defensive spell, but the method chosen by the Loligon was far more efficient in getting the job done. It was the correct choice with no room to doubt.

Loligon, that was amazing. The virtue of her resolution has probably born fruit here.

After a while, the crimson magic square lost its radiance. Demon Queen-sama’s magic, which had been completely scattered, and even its last remnants of reddish glowing vanished altogether. In response to that, the magic unleashed by the Loligon gradually lost in force as well. Light and light, which was so strong that it made you squint your eyes, clashed, before it all converged after a few minutes had passed.

The magic square above the castle disappeared. After making sure of that with her own eyes, the Loligon’s body experienced a change. Her gigantic frame got wrapped up in a dazzling glow. And then, in the next instant it vanished with a soundless poof.

She must have reverted to her little-girl mode. And certainly, once I strained my eyes, I was able to spot a person dropping towards the surface. But, to my regret, I couldn’t see any details as it was too far away.

I have to head over to her in a hurry.



The Loligon fell towards the ground. As I quickly flew over to her location, Edita-sensei showed up at my destination. She had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was a teleportation that clearly reminded me of the transfer magic of Deviant-Longhair. And then Edita-sensei splendidly caught the Loligon, resulting in my rare chance to shine being stolen by her.

However, me not feeling bad about that stemmed from the great visual of a lolita hugging another lolita. Coupled with the state of the Loligon who seemed to have fainted, sensei’s gallantry has increased by 30%. Edita-sensei carrying the Loligon in a princess-carry was a very precious sight.

As I got involuntarily charmed by it, Gon-chan and Sophia-chan floated over for another spot in the sky. Given that neither was capable of using magic, I think it’s safe to say that sensei is moving them.

“For her to truly offset it…I guess that’s an ancient dragon for you…,” Edita-sensei muttered after having gazed at the area where the magic square had existed until moments ago.

She appeared to be quite astonished. Going by her look, this must have been an incident going beyond sensei’s imaginations. Considering it like that, the attack just now was very likely an arbitrary action by the Loligon. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but this time it startled all of us.

Thanks to that, and as I had more questions, I used my flight magic to hurry over to everyone. As I did, the people in front quickly noticed the approach of this busamen.

“Oh, Boss!”

The first to spot me was Gon-chan. After noticing me, he revealed a broad and fine smile while cheerfully calling out to me. He’s a hunk who never forgets to smile, no matter the time and occasion. Someday I want to become a man like him, is something this virgin keeps wishing for.

“Are all of you alright? I had never expected that the hostilities would reach the Penny Empire so quickly. The present demon queen might be a lot more forceful and active than I have estimated.”

“So this had been an attack by the present demon queen after all?”

“You might not be aware of it, but as a matter of fact, a similar magic attack directly hit the capital of the Pussy Republic earlier. It has become a topic at the imperial court that the royal castle over there got pulverized in one blow.”

“Hey, wait a sec, that ain’t not funny at all.”

“That is why I was also trying to head back to our city in a hurry, just to run into this situation in the middle of it.”

My attention was naturally drawn to the Loligon who was still being held in Edita-sensei’s arms. She looked completely exhausted and didn’t even twitch anymore. Even her tail, which usually wagged around so energetically, was hanging down lifelessly at the moment. Given that she was usually so lively, her being so silent all of a sudden caused me to be anxious instead.

“Is Christina-san alright?”

Maybe her earlier spell was a blow that used her whole power and thus put her life at risk, or something like that? As I thought about this, feelings of regret and affection towards the Loligon naturally started to pour out of me to no end. How to describe it…I totally feel like wanting to hug her tightly.

“N-No, I think she has taken too big a dose o-of the drug. I think she got all giddy, gave free reign to her feelings, and then r-ran out of steam. It sounds as though her b-breathing is normal. So I believe, she’ll b-be back to normal if we let her rest f-for a night…hmm?”

“Drug, you say?”

I naturally spoke up when an unexpected term was mentioned here. However, sensei roared without paying any heed to the question of this ordinary Japanese flat-face.

“Hey, h-her belly has caved in!?”

Her eyes were fixed on the Loligon’s abdomen. But, as far as I could tell, it didn’t really look like it had caved in. It was the usual, pretty Loligon tummy.Compared to sensei’s flab, it looked somewhat tighter.

“Whoa, a miscarriage!? That’s a bad joke!”

But, seeing how Gon-chan appeared to be terribly shocked as well, I wonder what’s going on here. All of them were staring at the Loligon’s belly with grave looks. It didn’t seem as if they were trying to prank me or lying around. Their atmosphere felt bloodcurdling instead.

Or rather, what’s the deal with a miscarriage here!?

“Umm, sorry, but I cannot quite follow your conversation…”

I’d like them to share some information with me. But, it seems like we’re currently in a situation where they don’t even have the spare time to do so.

Everyone’s attention shifted away from the Loligon, towards the surface.

“W-We’ll look for the baby! As long as it has the life force of a dragon…!”

“Aye! Please let me down at once, Elf missy!”

“You help as w-well! You’re the father, a-aren’t you!?” Sensei shouted at me as I continued to be confused.

Father? How? What?

Although I was full of questions, I didn’t have any chance to confirm the circumstances. Edita-sensei and Gon-chan quickly headed towards the surface. Because of that, I felt totally left out here, like a fifth wheel. I’d love to get some sort of explanation here, guys.

But well, I get that it’s a critical situation. I don’t know what’s going on, but if it’s an emergency, it can’t be helped. The guy, who doesn’t get anything, will unleash his healing magic or some such in a way that shows how he doesn’t get anything.

This busamen got carried away that he might be of use if it’s now, and unleashed one shot of a great heal that covered the entirety of Charis, before following sensei.


—————— End of Part 2 ——————


Immediately after touching down on the ground, this ordinary Japanese flat-face immediately questioned sensei. Gon-chan and Sophia-chan had already run off somewhere. Given that both wore fairly serious expressions, I have no doubt that we must currently be in a dire situation. Probably.

Thus, I feel like it’d be saddening to be left out of the loop all by myself.

“I would like you to give me a bit of an explanation. What do you mean by father?”

“W-What are you asking!? F-Father obviously means just that, right!?”

“No, I mean, calling me father means…”

My blond, thicc-legged loli sensei was staring my way with a fairly stabbing look. The expression she was showing me right now closely resembled the one from back then when we had only met. Vividly feeling an unimaginable sense of distance, I was forced to realize our relationship now after all this time. This is what they call a hedge between keeps friendship, right?

Most recently she allowed me to feel quite close to her, so this ordinary Japanese flat-face misinterpreted the distance in our relationship. As is common for virgins, I got carried away a bit too much. I became too familiar with her. And now I’ve finally done it.

“Ah, no, it’s nothing. I was just thinking…”

“A father is a father! Y-You’re the father w-who knocked up the dragon!”


What’s up with that? The Loligon was pregnant? That’s my first time hearing anything about this, though. Or more importantly, whose child is it?

“Did she get married? Or rather, who is the partner…?”

“A-As if I’d know any of that! The partner is o-obviously you bastard!!”

For real? I made a baby as a virgin? No, wait, that’s clearly impossible, right?

“But rather than t-that, the baby c-comes first for now! You help with the s-search as well! Very likely, the baby came out, unable to endure the impact when she unleashed h-her magic. But, if that dragon is truly an ancient dragon, then there’s more than enough p-potential for her baby to still b-be alright. All the more so, if we got y-you with us as someone excelling a-at healing magic!”

“Please wait a moment. What do you mean by calling me the father of that child?”

“D-Don’t tell me…you p-plan to feign innocence now that t-things have developed this far!?”

“No, as I’m telli…”

“Bah, the life of a baby is in d-danger! I have no time t-to argue with you!”

Apparently getting tired of talking with this ordinary Japanese flat-face, Edita-sensei cut the conversation short. With fretfulness dyeing her face, she hurriedly made her body float up with flight magic. No sooner than I noticed her doing that, she flew to a place several meters above the ground with a frightening speed so as to search for something.

If I believe her, Sophia-chan and Gon-chan, who I can’t see anymore, must have also headed to search for Loligon’s child. By the way, speaking of the dragon in question, she was still being carried by sensei, so she was accounted for as well. That left only me behind.


I don’t really get it, but it sounds like Loligon’s child is in a predicament. Moreover, it seems to be a miscarriage.

“…For starters, I’ll go with that, I suppose.”

Leaving aside the matter of her father, it’d be a disaster if something terrible happened to Loligon’s child. Setting my sight on parts of the neighborhood, I repeatedly showered the area with somewhat stronger healing magic.

This ordinary Japanese flat-face left the search to sensei and the other two while pooling his efforts into providing life-support for the baby he still couldn’t see. I think this qualifies as the perfect assignment of work, if I assume that this aid is definitely needed.

But, still….who is it? Who’s the guy who knocked up our mayor?



After a short time, sensei came back. Her face didn’t look all that happy. From the fact that I couldn’t see anything close to a baby with her, I could deduce that her search proved to be fruitless. Her appearance of trudging this way with a dispirited look was ― how to describe it best? ― very painful to look at?

“…How did it go?”

“As you can see. I’m only carrying the mother with me.”

“I see…”

How troublesome. The term miscarriage, which I caught earlier, suggests an extremely perilous situation. I suppose today I’ll cast my healing magic all night long. Well, if it’s for the sake of the Loligon, this isn’t much of a bother anyway, though.

“Why d-did you leave her side when she was p-pregnant!? As a father, it’s your duty to stay at the side of your pregnant w-wife and take care of her and the child, right!? Besides, w-why don’t you even a-acknowledge the child’s existence!? Unbelievable!”

“Did Christina-san personally tell you that I am the father?”

“Of c-course!”

Maybe the means of conception are different for dragons?

The theory that I knocked her up without me even realizing suddenly experienced a rise in credibility. A pregnancy through holding hands, or a pregnancy by looking at each other ― this is a fantasy world of sword and magic, so it wouldn’t be weird for those sorts of conceptions or virgin births to actually exist.

Yep, it wouldn’t be weird. This virgin had a premonition of having experienced a mysterious defloration.

“There is one thing I would like to confirm: what sort of act is needed to impregnate an ancient dragon? Is it different from what humans have to do? If they use a different method, I would appreciate it if you could enlighten me.”

“Haaah!? W-What the hell are you t-talking about!?”

“Well, I was just asking about the means to impregnate an ancient dragon.”

“Idiot! W-W-Why do you ask m-me something l-like that!?”

“For the sake of confirming the situation.”

“Confirming the situation!?”

A flurry of questions and answers unfolded between this ordinary Japanese flat-face and Edita-sensei. Sensei was panicking a bit.

Maybe because she had perceived how sensei’s tone gradually gained in intensity or maybe thanks to the effect of my chain casts of healing magic, a change occurred to the dragon in sensei’s arms. After having been unconscious up until now, the Loligon began to stir, albeit weakly. Before long, her eyelids started to twitch repeatedly.

Naturally, sensei and I became silent and looked at the Loligon. At the end of our sights, Christina’s eyes slowly opened up.

“S-She woke up…?” Sensei muttered with her shoulders jumping with a start.

As for the Loligon, she became shocked as soon as she discovered sensei’s face right in front of her nose. She reflexively started to get away as if having been touched by something hot. She escaped sensei’s arms by leaping up with force, and at the same time, she distanced herself by several meters, before putting herself on guard while facing our way. It was a reaction you’d expect from a wild animal that was completely unaccustomed to humans.


She began to growl throatily as if it was only natural.

“H-Hey! A-Are you alright? What about your body’s state…?”

『W-What did you do!?』, the Loligon howled at sensei, who had asked full of concern, with her tension still at max.

Thanks to that, the receiving side revealed a face filled with bewilderment.

“Well, u-umm…the baby…your b-baby has…”

This was going to turn into a scene of carnage. My heart ached.

『B-Baby? What are you talking about? I don’t understand. I-I don’t understand anything at all!』

“Calm down and look at your own belly. It pains m-me to tell you, but your baby has been m-miscarried…”


The Loligon checked her own abdomen. Apparently sensei had previously confirmed the bulging of her belly. On the other hand, this ordinary Japanese flat-face had no memory of any swollen bellies before his departure from Dragon City. In other words, her belly must have suddenly become inflated over the course of the last few days.

Draconic ecology is truly full of surprises.

『…Nothing in particular has changed! All’s normal!』

“No, look, your belly, which had been swollen until a little while ago…”

『A-Are you still asleep!? Why would my belly swell!?』


For an instant, I believed that her mind might have broken due to the miscarriage. But, I couldn’t sense anything especially unusual from Loligon’s mannerism as she spoke with sensei. Rather, looking at their exchange, it was sensei who seemed a tad odd here.

Time for a confirmation.

“I think Edita-san has been worried about you. She said that you were pregnant, but lost the baby when you offset the attack by the demon queen. She has been frantically searching for your baby all the time since then.”

『O-Okay, but why would I have a child!? I don’t get it!』

“What was that!? Didn’t you cherishingly stroke your big belly a little while ago!?”

『As if I’d know anything about that! I haven’t been pregnant or anything like that, okay!?』


The Loligon insisted on her line of argumentation while raising her voice at the same time. Because of this, sensei didn’t know how to proceed and fell silent. Her face clearly stated that she didn’t understand what was going on.

In the meantime, Sophia-chan and Gon-chan came back. Both were empty-handed and didn’t seem to have any result worthy of mention to show for them. But, once they discovered Christina standing on her own two feet close to us, they sped up into a full sprint.

“A-Are you fine with standing up all of a sudden!? How are you feeling?” Gon-chan hurled his worry at the Loligon the second he reached our location.

Answering this, the Loligon declared as always, 『I’m alright! Totally alright! No problem whatsoever!』

She was consistently denying her pregnancy.

“Now that it’s come to this, I’ll call over the other guys from the clan, I suppose. No, wait, it’d be best to gather the guys who had been active around the capital in anticipation. If it’s the baby of an ancient dragon, the other folk won’t stay quiet ’bout it. We need to find it before them…”


The Loligon growled in front of Gon-chan who had started to consider all sorts of things. No matter how you looked at it, she was clearly in a bad mood.

Somehow it sounds like we’re talking past each other.

『…What’s going on with you people!?』

“I heard from Edita-san that you have been pregnant, but is that true? I also heard that your baby miscarried during the chain of events. If that is the case, we want to help you in any way possible.”

『As I’ve been telling you, w-why would I be with child!?』

“Wh-…!?” Sensei’s face stiffened up due to the Loligon’s obstinate denial.

She looked as if she couldn’t believe a word she was being told. But, when I looked around, I saw that the other two were reacting in a similar way. Going by the fact of the three’s argumentation being coherent, I doubt they fell for an optical illusion. But even so, the Loligon’s belly was as flat as a board right now.

“I-In that case, what a-about that inflated belly of yours!? Why was i-it so big!?”

『My belly hasn’t been big! Are you blind or something!? My abdomen is flat!』

“Certainly, right now it’s not bulging. But, it did bulge until just a little while ago!”

『It did not! That’s impossible, isn’t it!? It’s completely flat!』

“It was no one other t-than yourself who described i-it as your own baby, wasn’t it!? Didn’t you h-happily brag about it being the child y-you had with that man!? I’ve seen with m-my own eyes how you’ve been l-lovingly caressing your belly!”

That man most likely referred to this busamen. Going by the flow of the conversation, being treated as ‘that man’ is somewhat miserable.

『W-W-Why would you bring him up here!? I don’t know anything about a baby!』

It was a dialog that didn’t seem to have a foreseeable end. Personally I felt doubts about Edita-sensei’s insistence. But, based on her having acted alongside Gon-chan, I felt like there might be some room to doubt Loligon’s body in some way. I can’t believe that he’d leave Dragon City without any reason either.

“Umm…p-please forgive me for the sudden q-question, but…” Sophia-chan suddenly butted in as I was considering various things.

She was bringing up her point while timidly clasping her sweaty hands.


“H-H-Has the drug’s e-effect…abated?”


“I-I-I am terribly sorry for h-having c-caused you s-s-such big problems b-because of the drug I d-dropped. P-P-Please forgive me…,” she apologized while looking so frightened that I feared she might collapse at any moment.

The sight of her maid uniform’s color deepening around her armpits as she got drenched in sweat delighted me as if I had just spotted the first color changes when casually gazing outside a window on a clear, sunny day in autumn. Maid-san’s armpits were experiencing an autumnal equinox right now and here.

But, what does she mean with drug?

Just as this virgin deliberated that question, the Loligon’s eyes suddenly flew wide open.


Hearing Sophia-chan’s words, she had apparently realized something. Or possibly comprehended a certain fact.

『Was that possibly the cause of me having felt so floaty!? That white powder laying in my room!』

Edita-sensei landed a retort on this, “…What do you mean with floaty?”


Thereupon, the Loligon reacted in such a striking way that it was funny to watch. She trembled very exaggeratedly. With her acting like that in front of us, everyone’s attention focused on her. As if questioning just what she actually meant with floaty.

Even Edita-sensei, who probably knew about a lot of things, was confused. Because of that, this ordinary Japanese flat-face, who distinctly fell behind her when it came to information, didn’t know what was going on at all.

“What do you mean with floaty?”


This was her growl when she found it hard to say something, right? On the other hand, Edita-sensei seems to have heard quite a bit about the drug mentioned by Sophia-chan.

Apparently noticing something about the Loligon, who had strengthened her vigilance even further, she continued calmly, “There’s s-something I’d like to confirm. Even while your belly had been inflated, you were conscious, weren’t you? It’s not like we exchanged that many words, but even so, I could tell that you were probably under the drug’s influence. But, on the other hand, your awakening just now was triggered by the repeated exposure t-to that man’s healing magic. Correct?”

Keeping a somewhat calm tone, she maintained a composed attitude as she asked the Loligon. The Loligon answered by growling.


“If you’re okay w-with me, I’ll help y…”

『No clue! I-I don’t know anything! Yeah, I have absolutely no clue!』

Sensei showed her concern for the other party by mellowing down her expression. But, the Loligon shattered that kindness without any concern.

Going by the stark contrast in behavior between both, my suspicions towards the latter party somehow kept growing.

“Sophia-san, excuse me, but please allow me to confirm something with you. What do you mean with drug? Did one of our acquaintances fall ill? If that is the case, I would like to return to Dragon City at once to examine their condition.”


For the time being, I directed my attention at the drug or whatever it is and requested Maid-san, who was the origin of this topic, to provide me with further details.

Thereupon, Sophia-chan froze with a crack for some reason. At that point, she had turned into a splendid statue. She didn’t even twitch anymore.

I’ve gone through joys and sorrows together with her during the few months since our first meeting, so I could tell. It’s pretty clear to me. This maid is definitely hiding something!


————— End of Part 3 —————


When I started to thoroughly question her, Sophia-chan quickly confessed everything. Apparently the Loligon had taken the secret drug which she had brought back from the Great Holy Land, and entered a state of ecstasy. The drug’s effect lasted until just a little while ago. And, according to Edita-sensei, the Loligon’s belly became big over the several days of the Loligon taking the drug.

So basically, having sex while being on drugs. Moreover, she got knocked up from it. Ultimately, she rehabilitated herself by having a miscarriage.

Still, that’s crazy shit. The mental damage gotta be terrible. It’s a course of events a virgin like me wouldn’t be able to stomach.

I wonder who her partner was. Maybe the Noble Mage? In that case, I could still…well, barely to be precise…forgive it. However if she told me that she got fucked silly by some random stranger under the influence of the drug, I would start to cry for real. Seriously, that would be impossible to bear.

It’d mean my farewell and bye-bye to Dragon City. This ordinary Japanese flat-face would depart on a soul-searching journey together with Goggoru-chan. You see, virgins are extremely sensitive creatures when it comes to sex.

“I see. For something like that to take place during my absence…”

“It’s d-definitely not y-y-your child?”

Edita-sensei checked whether I made that baby. For the umpteenth time now. And of course, the answer hasn’t changed. It’s a clear no.

“I will reply on the premise that the act of breeding among ancient dragons is similar to that of humans. I have not done any such act with her. It might be kind of rude to say something like that in front of the party concerned, but just in case, I think I should make things clear on this occasion.”

“I-I see…”

I had her allow me to answer this question honestly and straight to the point. In response, the one immediately starting to look fidgety in some way was sensei. The one frowning on the other hand was Gon-chan.

“Hey, wait as sec, so who knocked up the mayor then?”


As might be expected, I’m the wrong person to ask. Or rather, that’s part of the Loligon’s privacy, so don’t snoop. You’re putting her on the spot, aren’t you?

“I am certain there are various parts confusing you about this, but could we stop this topic? Everyone has secrets they cannot readily tell others, right? She told us that she isn’t pregnant, so wouldn’t it be considerate and proper to take her word for it?”

But, well. How to put it? Dragons seem to be beings whose bellies expand quite easily, aren’t they? Her abdomen was as flat as a board up until the night of the day before my departure. Seeing how her belly then expanded to such an extent that it was clearly visible to others over the course of a few days, that’s quite a stunning bodily function there.

“No, look, if she herself wants to drop the matter, I don’t particularly mind, you see? But, if the life of a baby is about to be lost any moment now, I think it’d be a damn loss. In the eyes of humans, dragon larvae ain’t much more than tradable goods.”

“In regards to that point, it is just as you say, Gonzales-san, but…”


Having said that, the one showing the least interest is no one other than the supposed mother.

At any rate, Loligon’s true form is that of a dragon, so I wonder whether oviparity or viviparity applies to her. It’s said that chickens create their eggs in their bellies over several days, so if we assume dragons to be similar, it might be just as Gon-chan says.

Still, I so wanna see the Loligon pop out a huge egg from her pussy. Watching her pressing with all her might while having a bright red face would rock.


Oh, I could be onto something here. This busamen might have noticed something crucial.

“Christina-san, please forgive me for confirming something like this in public, but are ancient dragons possibly born from eggs?”


The Loligon’s shoulder jumped with a start. It was trembling quite obviously. Moreover, her tail was standing on end. This behavior…I guess I must be correct on all accounts.

“I see, so it was the e-ejection of an unfertilized e-egg, huh!?” Edita-sensei cried out in no time. “I had completely overlooked that p-possibility since she had always b-been in her h-human form recently. Now I understand. That w-would explain the s-swelling of her belly. Usually, p-pure-bred dragons lay eggs. They never give birth to live children.”

This ordinary Japanese flat-face’s doubts were resolved by sensei’s explanation. It looks like dragons lay eggs after all.

“However, larger creatures, which are actually spearheaded by dragons, shouldn’t ovulate as easily as the small birds which are kept as livestock by humans. Was there some sort of reason?”

“Is that so?”

“Indeed. Once red dragons and similar start to ovulate due sexual arousal…,” Sensei began to profoundly explain the physiology of dragons, but suddenly stopped.

She looked as though she had realized something. And even this ordinary Japanese flat-face ended up noticing a bit due to the explanation just now. Two keywords gave it away: Drugs and sexual arousal.

“Hey, y-you’re not going to t-tell us that you’ve become h-horny because of the d-drug, are you…?”

『I-I-It’s my private matter when I’m going to ovulate, isn’t it!? That’s completely unrelated to stuff like sexual arousal!』

This reaction…it looks like Edita-sensei was spot on.

I see.

That’s great to hear.

I was saved.

The sensitive heart of this virgin was saved.


Everyone looked at the Loligon while being appalled. Thanks to that, her face turned crimson and she started to growl. Repeatedly scowling one way and then the other, she threatened not only Edita-sensei, but also this ordinary Japanese flat-face, Gon-chan, and Sophia-chan. An ovulating dragon who kept growling with her face dyed in shame and anger.

“In short, you went mad because of the drug, devoting all your affections to an egg that h-hasn’t been fertilized…”

『Shut up, elf! I’ll kill you! I’ll definitely kill you, okay!? If you say any more, you’re dead!』

nh…W-W-Want to have a go!? Y-You want to fight!? The me right now is different from my past self! I’m the strongest, invincible, and a-a-almighty! Even if my opponent m-might be an ancient dragon, I w-won’t falter away b-bravely…”

Yeah, it’s wonderful. She wasn’t a dragon who got knocked up through sex on drugs, just to have lost her egg to a miscarriage.

I could feel how a huge amount of damp sweat had accumulated inside my tightly clenched fists without me noticing. I realized that I’d been more nervous than on the occasion of having the glowing magic square of the demon queen float above Charis right in front of my eyes.

Man, that’s a stone off my heart. It’s a real relief.

Also, good job, Sophia-chan, for allowing me to see the Loligon getting all bashful over her ovulation. You performed outstandingly there, Maid-san. This completely justifies a bonus payment.

A fake pregnancy; how beautiful that is!

Thanks to that, this ordinary Japanese flat-face obtained yet another, new possibility in this world. If I prescribe a lewd drug to the egg-laying Loligon, I’ll be able to enjoy her having a pot-belly, even while keeping her unsullied, virgin body. At this point, it might be like Jesus being christened.



After resolving the various issues surrounding Loligon’s pregnancy, I shifted to the next topic. As before, we were still situated in a section of Charis.

This ordinary Japanese flat-face allowed himself the liberty to talk a bit to everyone present, even if they were here by coincidence. My explanations mostly revolved around the information about the uproar related to Demon Queen-sama which I had received from Mercedes-chan and Princess-sama just a little while ago, and the critical situation of Dragon City and its surroundings which I deducted most recently.

“A d-demonic transfer gate connected t-to the Dark Continent, huh…?”


The ones already knowing about Deviant-Longhair’s warp gate in the FitzClarence Viscounty were the Noble Mage, the Loligon and Gon-chan, who were present back then, and sensei with whom I shared the information later on.

“It is just as you say, Edita-san. The gate is linked to the deepest part of the Dark Continent.”

“Okay, then w-we cannot leave it unattended.”

Edita-sensei put on a grim expression while checking the linking points of the magic square once more.

“Because it had been managed by Geros-san thus far, it did not pose a problem in particular. But, now that the demon queen has revived, we cannot disregard the possibility of her using it for her own devices.”

“…I see.”

“Fortunately, we were able to prevent the demon queen’s attack thanks to Christina-san. However, since we have not checked on the transfer facility,I think we should urgently take countermeasures from now on.”

Originally I had planned to head to the Great Holy Land, though. Bad things keep occurring without so much as a break.

“Rather, y-you’re trusting t-that demon to such an extent?”

“I trust Doris-san whom he believes in.”

A masochistic slave and his master. It’s worth putting my faith into that relationship between them.

gh…R-Really? Well, i-i-if that’s h-how it is…mmhm…”

“That is why I believe that we ought to promptly return to Dragon City.”

“Y-You’re right! Let us h-hurry back! I’ll g-go as well, okay!?”

“Thank you very much. It is very reassuring to have you with us, Edita-san.”

“Leave i-it to me! After all, I’m t-the strongest! T-The s-s-strongest!!”

『Gurururu, hurry it up then』

“S-Shut up!”

Just as initially planned, we flew to Dragon City.



The journey to Dragon City was almost instantaneous thanks to Edita-sensei’s space magic. The familiar scenery sprawled in front of me after mere seconds, when it’d have taken half a day to get back here with flight magic.

Our point of arrival was several dozen meters above the ground. The Loligon Tower, which stabbed into the sky next to us, was clear proof of us being in Dragon City right now. I had also picked up Neumann and Princess-sama, who had assumed that we’d travel by airship at first, before all of us got transferred together.

By the way, it seems space magic counts as extremely advanced magic. All of those experiencing it raised their voices in astonishment and admiration. Because of that, the Loligon pulled an extremely dismayed face. It was the very first victory for Edita-sensei. She herself didn’t realize it at all, though.

“H-Hey, aren’t those l-lesser demons over there!?” Edita-sensei roared while pointing at a part of the city.

Ten-odd monsters with somewhat dangerous-looking silhouettes were rampaging over there. Going by their appearance, they were certainly monsters with a demonic design. They were around two meters tall. Large wings grew out of their backs and they looked like lizards who had awakened to walking on two legs. Their skin was mostly violet and two pairs of horns grew on their heads.

By the way, of all things, the monsters were going berserk in the slum quarters that had been built in the southern district. That means it won’t be much of an issue for that district to become devastated. Rather, the exceedingly natural damage patter of the city being overrun by monsters will add a wonderfully appropriate flair to the slums.

Still the refugees, who lost their villages as a collateral damage of the dispute between the Penny Empire and the Pussy Republic, should be staying over there. It’d be absolutely unthinkable for me to abandon them. It’s a fact that I accepted them, albeit somewhat unwillingly. And protecting his people is a lord’s duty.

“What kind of beings are they?”

“They aren’t o-overly intelligent, but in exchange for that, they’re e-equipped with physical abilities r-rivaling lower dragons. They are too tough opponents for the city’s residents to take on. Even the members of the Twilight Company w-will likely suffer a significant n-number of casualties, if they have t-to deal with several lesser demons a-at once. Having said that, they fall far behind the demon y-you’re acquainted with.”

As expected of Edita-sensei, she possesses a vast pool of knowledge, which she kindly used in this case to bring me up to date. Or rather, I should stop being a lazy bum and simply check their status.

Let’s choose random samples and take a look.

Name: Dohman
Sex: Male
Race: Lesser Demon
Level: 121
Job: Temporary Employee
HP: 9101/10001
MP: 10003/15003
STR: 9310
VIT: 5500
DEX: 3435
AGI: 8903
INT: 13001
LUC: 9555

Name: Hermann
Sex: Male
Race: Lesser Demon
Level: 109
Job: Temporary Employee
HP: 4500/9900
MP: 7999/13010
STR: 8100
VIT: 5000
DEX: 4010
AGI: 7009
INT: 11999
LUC: 10055

Those are stats that would make them strong opponents for a red dragon.

And these demons were currently fighting some sort of tiny, fluffy creatures. What were they called again? Look, I mean, those small creatures who served as harmful animals of the slums. Ohh, right! They were called nui. Those small beasts with ridiculously high stats.

“…The ones fighting the demons are the nui?”

“Yeah, it seems so.”

The small creatures were energetically bouncing around the lesser demons. Moreover, the nuis’ stats, which I already checked in the past, were basically no different from those of red dragons. And as if reflecting their respective stat values, the battle between both sides looked as if it was mostly evened out.

If I consider how they got in the way of my slums project in the past, I’d also have the option of pretending to not have seen their current struggle. It might be possible to get rid of the nui without actually dirtying my own hands. Maybe, it’s even a perfect opportunity for that.

But, they’re fighting. They fight not for someone else, but for the sake of the slums. Hence, I’m dutybound to assist them as someone loving the slums just like them.

“There’s no way we can just keep watching without doing anything under these circumstances, right?”

When it comes to this happening now and here, it’s probably safe to say that his has been triggered by Demon Queen-sama or someone corresponding. If I take my recent friendship with him into account, I cannot believe this to be Deviant-Longhair’s deed.

It’s creepy to admit, I have to reconfirm that I’m trusting that guy enough to say so with certainty. I can declare so while betting Drill-chan’s hymen on it.

“I will head over.”

“Wait! I-I will go as well!”

『It’s a mayor’s work to protect her city! Move out of the way!』

Pushing this ordinary Japanese flat-face and sensei aside, the Loligon dived down first. The rest of us hurried to the battlefield while following her back.

As for the companions, who couldn’t use magic such as Sophia-chan, they were moved through Edita-sensei’s flight magic. We flew across the city’s sky, heading straight for the district in question.


————– End of Part 4 ————–


What entered our visual field immediately after arriving at the slums were lesser demons and the nui who were resolutely fighting the lesser demons. There were around twenty or thirty nui, so they have been multiplying just as I suspected.

Why did they increase so much despite this ordinary Japanese flat-face supposedly having only picked up two or three nui? I feel like their numbers have been growing each time I’ve run into them. But well, I suppose we should be thankful for this under the current circumstances. Because of their numbers, they could put up a fight.

Moreover, the nui seemed to not only protect the slum quarters but also its residents. If you measured the power relationship between nui and the slum inhabitants, it shouldn’t be much more than nui and refugees preying on each other. And yet, both sides were interacting in these slums in a way that contradicted this normal logic.

Considering it as the lord of this place, it’s somewhat frustrating.

Still, thanks to that, the nui won out in numbers, but couldn’t land any decisive blows on their foes.


The Loligon exclaimed in admiration while looking at the spectacle taking place in front of us. She was apparently satisfied with the nui’s performance over here.

While folding her arms, she commented with an arrogant attitude, 『Aren’t they quite brave!? Even if they might be at the bottom of the hierarchy, they aren’t related to the same bloodline as me for show! Boldly challenging opponents far above you is what being a dragon is about!』


It felt out of place for Loligon to talk about challenging higher-ranking opponents when she faltered by default whenever she faced one herself. But oh well, let’s be nice this time around and allow her to show her good side. Whatever one might say, she’s still the mayor of this city.

Besides, she daringly challenged Demon Queen-sama’s attack in Charis.

『But even so, lesser demons as opponents are probably too high a hurdle, so this is my time to shine as mayor! Listen! Don’t butt in, okay? I must teach the shitty demons about the fearsomeness of dragons!』

She declared, addressing not only this ordinary Japanese flat-face, but everyone else as well. Her attitude reminded me of what a senior did after getting triggered by his junior doing his best but sucking at the job. It looks like she surprisingly got some sort of reliability when it comes to the same species. Also, if the Loligon takes over, I can feel relieved for the time being. Let’s hold back here and entrust things to her.

“Understood. We will leave everything to you.”

『You can count on me!』

The Loligon murmured curtly before flying over to the battlefield. We watched it all happen while afloat in the sky. If I trust Edita-sensei’s words, Christina should doubtlessly have an overwhelming advantage here. But, I wonder whether the nui will really realize that it’s her while she’s in her human form.

After confirming the Loligon who had stepped in between both sides, the nui stopped moving. They stared at her while looking very surprised. But, that only lasted a moment before they bared their fangs and started to growl.

It appears they’ve become wary of her. They must believe that a new enemy has shown up. The Loligon has been completely designated as hostile.

『Do not mistake your enemies! I’m the mayor of this city, okay? I’m a bigshot. Got it?』

On the other hand, the Loligon didn’t pay any heed to the nui, and faced the lesser demons while showing the nui her back.

An unexpected intruder had trespassed onto the battleground, so the lesser demons raised their voices, threatening her. Their many, overlapping roars echoed across the vicinity. Thanks to that, the nui became even more wary and put themselves on guard.

Several meters away from that whole scene, the refugees had huddled together in one place while trembling in fear.

『I shall personally teach you what happens if you look down on a dragon』

At the same time of announcing that, the Loligon swept her arm sideways. It was a very casual motion. Yet, the body of a lesser demon got bisected ahead of where she’d swung her arm. And on top of that, it was a clean, horizontal cut.

Apparently something invisible came flying and sliced through the target’s body. Like an air cutter. To be brutally honest here, that’s damn cool. I wuv stuff like that.


The lesser demons all focused their attention on the Loligon. And as soon as I noticed that, they moved as a group, as if they’d arranged it in advance. The whole unit swarmed towards the Loligon.

『Hah, what a spirited bunch you guys are!』

Smiling at their response, the Loligon swung her arm several times. Each time a demon collapsed. She was precisely aiming at their lethal spots. It was perfect targeting. Whether the demons got bisected vertically, bisected horizontally, or fileted into several pieces, neither had any time to scream.



Over the course of a few minutes, all lesser demons had bit the dust, tolling Christina’s complete victory.

“D-Dragon-san is a-amazing…”

I could Sophia-chan murmur in admiration from right next to me. Once I cast a glance at her, her knees were trembling. It looks like this whole scene was a bit too nerve-wracking for Maid-san. And once I let my look wander further, I spotted Princess-sama next to her, her eyes sparkling. I truly wonder just what she’s thinking about the Loligon’s gallant display of power.

『So, what do you think!? This is the power of a dragon!』

Our smiling mayor’s victory proclamation resounded across the whole neighborhood. After making sure of the monsters’ demise, we headed over to her. Given that Sophia-chan and Neumann are with us, it’s safety first.

We landed right in front of the Loligon whose body was slowly bobbing up and down as she was making her own body float with flight magic.

“Good work, Christina-san.”

『This wasn’t anything worth mentioning! I haven’t even broken a sweat!』

“So it seems.”

The Loligon threw her chest out while roughly breathing through her nose. She was giving people the expression as if she had performed an outstandingly awesome job. Or in other words, she was getting carried away.

The ones reacting to this remarkably were the nui.


“Kyuun, kyuun.”


They started to squeal adorably and toppled over one after the other for some reason. Lying on the ground sprawled with their faces pointing upwards, they appeared to show off their bellies to the Loligon. And seeing many of them lined up like that, it all looked very soothing.

『Hahaan, it appears they properly know who I am even while I’m using this appearance!』

The Loligon looked awfully smug as she stared at the sprawling nui. I suspect this to be their way of expressing their absolute obedience or respect towards a higher-ranked being. The nui flashed their bellies with its fluffy white fur while squealing cutely. Their current behavior widely differed from their behavior when they encountered this ordinary Japanese flat-face in the past.

As I thought, it’s slightly frustrating.

『I’m the mayor of this city! I’m very satisfied with your brave exploits. You may cherish this city in the future as well. If you do, I shall always watch over you. You have my word!』


“Kyuun, kyuun.”


They squeaked in response after listening to the words of the mayor. At long last, the Loligon has obtained her own private army. It’s not like I don’t feel slightly worried, if I recall their stats. Even the Twilight Company would be hard pressed if they should ever stage a revolt.

But well, their relationship with the residents seems reasonably good, so it doesn’t seem like it’ll be much of a problem to leave them alone and look at them from afar. Rather, any unksilled attempts to get rid of them might be quite risky, I’d think. At the very least, it’d likely be met with lots of resistance by the Loligon.

Being dragons despite all their fluff gotta be a scam, I’m sure.

Still, did they call over their brethren from some place? The size of their colony has grown a dozen-fold compared to the beginning when I kidnapped them from that area. I feel anxious just how much their group is going to grow if we leave them to their own devices. It’s something I’d love the Loligon to take proper care of.

“Hey, T-Tanaka, is that f-fine? The nui walking around the city as they please and so on….,” Neumann asked, his voice colored with anxiety.

But, I guess it’s only natural for him to make that appeal. If the nui bared their fangs at ordinary humans, it’d become a deadly danger for the humans.

『…Don’ tell me, you’re going to k-kill them? Hey, that’d b-be a really bad j-joke, okay!?』

The Loligon croaked after turning this way with an extremely shocked expression. She was totally panicking and petitioning to me with a look as if she couldn’t believe that it’d be possible for us to cull the nui.

Her cheeks, which were usually squishy, had instantly cramped up.

That’s bad. Yep, really bad.

“Neumann-san’s concerns are justified. But, what would other people think if we got rid of them just because they are no humans? They have been co-existing with the other residents of this city. And just moments ago, they fought for the sake of protecting this district. I do not wish to return good with evil.”


“Christina-san, I shall bestow citizenship to the nui as lord of this fief.”


“Please become their mediator and intervene whenever there are any problems between them and the other inhabitants as mayor of this city.”

『Of course! A-After all, I’m the mayor!!』

“Thank you.”

The Loligon lacks preconceived notions and bias, and that’s the very reason why she’s so reliable. If I can have her get along with the nui as fellow dragons, I won’t be able to ask for anything better.

However, putting that aside, what should we do about the refugees? Just like with the nui, the number of refugees living in the slums seems to have grown once again. And on top of that, the slum treatment, which I had applied before my departure, was already showing signs of coming undone. Even the flower beds on the roadside have revived.

Damn it! Where did my ideal slum go to?



A little while after witnessing the Loligon’s efforts on the battlefront, we flew off into the sky once again, and checked out the city’s overall situation from above. It’d be terrible if monsters were to ravage the city at other places. However, even after scrutinizing every nook and corner, we couldn’t find any other threats worth mentioning.

Very likely, the earlier group had been all of them. The usage of the facility protected by Deviant-Longhair was limited to once a day. Its scale wasn’t that big either. If you consider the possibility of monsters having been transferred over a span of several days since the revival of Demon Queen-sama, I wonder whether you can really call this a proper invasion yet.

While at it, we also checked for possible damage done to the city, but luckily we couldn’t spot anything. It appears the lesser demons immediately came across the nui in the slum quarters after reaching this place.

All hail the greatness of Edita-sensei’s space magic.

With that said, I felt sorry about this happening right after she came back, but I had Edita-sensei take Deviant-Longhair with her to head over to confirm the state of the facility’s seal. At the same time, I asked the Loligon and Sophia-chan to check the vicinity of Trichuris. Maid-san going with her was for the sake of someone reining in the Loligon where necessary. Thinking back on the events in the Great Holy Land, this combination might not be all that bad.

And as for those remaining behind; this ordinary Japanese flat-face had to take care of Princess-sama.

“But I have to say, you built a fairly exaggerated city without even notifying father about it. I cannot even see the top of the tower visible over there. Just how much technological prowess is necessary to build such a construct?”

“Your Highness, allow me to tell you this much in advance: In case any trouble should befall this city, including the tower over there, it will likely lead to the destruction of the Penny Empire. I shall strongly warn you that even your status would be gone within less than a day.”

“…That sounds very intriguing in and of itself.”

Challenging her straight from the front by provoking her was my duty. As for our current location: we were in the parlor of the mayor’s mansion which also served as our home. The ones present besides me were Princess-sama and Mercedes-chan.

“If you still say that you would enjoy the despair caused by your own actions, I will not stop you in any way. But, the tower would be back to normal as soon as on the next day, I think. Yet, the same could not be said about the Penny Empire. I can promise you as much with absolute certainty.”

“You’re quite confident, aren’t you?”

“Personally I do not consider my life in the Penny Empire to be all that bad. But if you say you are going to cause harm to this city, I shall not hold back at all. Even if you might end up becoming my opponent, I shall deal with you swiftly in any way necessary. If you like, I can show you at this very moment.”

“Are you saying that something like that is truly possible?”

“Did you believe the scene, which you witnessed in the capital, to have been a fake?”


“The last place standing would not be Charis, but this city.”

This alone was something I wouldn’t entrust to anyone else. This ordinary Japanese flat-face was threatening the princess at full throttle while he still could. While she was a vehicle in order to lift us up, she was a very dangerous and treacherous friend at the same time. We shared a very complicated and odd relationship, but since it was our reality, it couldn’t be changed either way.

Maybe you could describe it as something like reluctantly catering to the wiles of a superior for the sake of borrowing their power. Yeah, okay. It might sound strange, but considering it like that makes me feel a bit better about it.

“Y-You are quite sure of it, aren’t you?”

“I believe you have seen the demon queen’s attack as it approached the castle in Charis too, Your Highness.”

“…What about that magic circle?”

“The one blocking the attack was the mayor of this city.”


When I tried to inform Princess-sama of the Loligon’s glorious deed, her expression changed completely. She looked terribly astonished. Let’s give it the finishing touch then.

“Should I see you off to Charis?”

“I understand. I value my life, so I’ll comply with your suggestion.”

“You have my gratitude.”

If I earnestly tell her this much in advance, I believe that I’ll be able to avoid any bigger issues with her for the time being. But well, so far as it goes, I think I should inform Gon-chan’s unit about her true identity. It’d be a pain in the ass if it otherwise led to some unwanted misunderstandings later on. Having the people in Dragon City pass on for generations that the present Princess-sama of the Penny Empire could be labeled as an extraordinary sadist would be good.

“Mercedes-san, please take care of Her Highness’s surveillance.”

“Leave it to me! I will definitely corrupt her!”

“You’re supposed to be my imperial guard, and yet you’ve lost all restraints in various ways, haven’t you…?”

“I’m a woman before being an imperial guard!”


I’m sure it’s going to be okay at this rate. It should be fine to leave things to Mercedes-chan for the time being. Even Princess-sama’s authority as royalty didn’t count for much inside Dragon City where the influence of His Majesty the King was negligible. I doubt it’s possible for things to develop into any bigger problems.

Rather than that, the current problem lay with Demon Queen-sama’s movements.


—————– End of Part 5 —————–



The next destination of this ordinary Japanese flat-face was the room of Ester-chan, which was located inside the mayor’s mansion. Ever since the day after the succubus uproar, I had failed to visit her for various reasons. As such I thought it was about high time to do a sick visit and check on her condition while at it. According to Sophia-chan, Ester-chan had regained consciousness just the other day.

After walking through the corridors for a while, I arrived in front of the room in question. I lightly knocked on the door, causing a hollow sound to echo into the hallway.

“…Ah, yes!”

Thereupon, I heard Allen’s voice responding from inside the room instead of Ester-chan. Were they possibly in the midst of having some fun? Couples all over the world seem to fuck to celebrate times of joyous events, don’t they?

While imagining the steamy action inside the room, I waited for a few seconds before speaking up, “It is Tanaka. I came to visit Ester-san, but…”

“O-Okay! I’ll open the door right away!”

Noisy footsteps could be heard as they approached the door. A little moment later, the handsome guy made an appearance in the door frame. Behind him I could see the princess bitch sitting on a sofa. Naturally that sight triggered a trauma in this virgin. About the past events in the inn. I started to feel like rushing over to the Goggoru House in the suburbs.

But, the silver lining here was the fact of everyone wearing their clothes normally. I couldn’t spot any of the clothes to be particularly disheveled or messy, and no sickly-sweet scent was filling the room either. It looks like they haven’t been going at it.

“With this, all of us are together again.”

At some point, Sophie-chan had apparently arrived here as well. She was sitting on a sofa opposite of Ester-chan. The existence of tea cups with steam rising from them being placed on the table between the two was like a wind of relief to the frail heart of this virgin while also making him feel uncertain.


The face of the half-succubus in question cramped up as soon as she spotted me. Her expression became so strained that you’d think she was tormented by her bladder. On the other hand, the other two people present in the room behaved ordinarily.

“It looks like you woke up. That is wonderful to see.”

“Y-Yes…it appears I caused various troubles to everyone.”

For some reason Ester-chan’s voice sounded awfully nostalgic to me. Even though less than a month has actually passed since we bid farewell from each other.

“How do you feel?”

“Thanks to you, I recovered. Y-Y-You have my g-gratitude for taking c-c-care of me.”

“It is normal to help each other out in times of need, right?”

Her complexion didn’t look bad either, so it seems like she truly recovered. I guess I can feel relieved. Because of that, I calmed down, allowing me to talk with Sophie-chan.

“But, I did not expect for you to be present as well, Sophie-san. The capital Charis is currently in a terrible uproar, and I came back here in a hurry as well. I believe it would be smart for you to stay over here for the present.”

“…A terrible uproar, you say?”

“Have you heard about the happenings in the Pussy Republic?”

“What do you mean?”

“Then, how about the demon queen?”

“Oh, I have heard about her. That story is all over the city here.”

“That makes things quick then.”

I informed them about the Pussy Republic’s castle having been downed with ranged magic by Demon Queen-sama. I also told them that the same magic had been unleashed on the Penny Empire too, but was luckily repelled in a hurried joint-effort by the mayor of Dragon City.

“…S-Something like that has been going on?”

Sophie-chan is a cool girl with her scornful gaze being her charm point. Hence, her eyes flying wide open out of surprise was a true rarity. But, I guess it’s only expectable for her to be startled.

Not only her, but Ester-chan and Allen were also very shocked when they learned about their homeland being exposed to lethal danger. Over the course of several days, this sort of surprise would probably infect many people and spread to many areas through the flow of people and wares traversing the lands.

“I had planned to visit the Bitch family later on as well, but as you are already here, it will save me some time. At the very least, I believe this place will be able to withstand much longer than Charis.”

“……I see.”

The princess bitch’s expression regained its usual composure alongside that quiet murmur. On the other hand, the other two showed no signs of being able to calm their raging feelings.

“In that case, I-I must return to Charis at once!”

“I also have my duty as a member of the knight order!”

As always, they were a fairly hot-blooded couple. Though I didn’t dislike that part about them.

However, nothing much would change, even if a womanizer and one of his bimbos headed over to the capital. Rather, I would prefer them to settle down since they made it hard for us to keep calm.

“I am sure you have all sorts of thoughts on the matter, but please bear with it patiently for the time being.”


It’d be a problem if they acted recklessly. Thus, I allowed myself to use a slightly stricter tone.

“The royals have begun to evacuate. If we are talking about your acquaintances, I think they have already started to move out as well. The capital is currently in the midst of chaos. Even if you two were to head over right now, you wouldn’t be able to gain much while at the same time being able to lose much.”


“…The situation is this bad?”

Ester-chan and Allen looked very mortified. I experienced a pang of guiltiness. I felt like phrasing things tragically because I know the characters of these two all too well.

In exchange for those two, Sophie-chan spoke up, “By the way, there is something I’d like to confirm with you.”

“What is it?”

I’m sure she’s going to tactfully support my efforts.

“What happened to our marriage?”

Which reminds me, I feel like something like that was up for discussion as well. It was part of the hustle and bustle before departing to the resort. But it completely slipped my mind due to all the troublesome incidents at the Great Holy Land. And before I realized, things had been neatly settled in a way as desired by both parties.


A weird grunt escaped Ester-chan’s lips.


“No, ah, eh? Ah, no? It’s nothing! Nothing at all!” She responded while flapping both hands in an exaggerated manner.

Did a bug enter her pussy or something? Oh well, whatever.

This ordinary Japanese flat-face turned to Sophie-chan and honestly informed her.

“If it is about that, I dare say that it has most likely been called off by now.”

“So far as it goes, I’d like to know the reason.”

“That is because I have already lost my peerage. This territory, including the city, was placed under Richard-san’s control a few days ago. From now on it is likely going to continue as part of the FitzClarence Dukedom.”

“You are serious about that?”


“T-Tanaka-san, that’s…”

For the first time since I visited the room, it was a group sex of them all being utterly surprised. Given that there was no particular need to hide it, I decided to explain the events surrounding that matter together with the things about Demon Queen-sama. It also included the news of me being hated by the present Saint-sama because of the affairs at the Great Holy Land, her complaint about this ordinary Japanese flat-face through the king of the Penny Empire, my being imprisoned, and the disappearance of my status in the Penny Empire underneath a naked guillotine blade.

“A-All of this took place while we were living here in peace…”

“For this reason, I would like to ask you to think of me as a dead person.”

“Was it for the sake of protecting this city?”

“It wasn’t anything so noble.”

When it came to this busamen’s social standing, Ester-chan had been putting much effort into it, without even paying attention to her own standing. If I consider all the things she did back then, I feel terribly sorry. But, I guess you could call it a blessing in disguise that she didn’t possess any memory of that time.

“Umm, I want to c-confirm o-one thing, if that’s o-okay!”

“Go ahead, Ester-san.”

“The one making you fall was doubtlessly the saint of the Great Holy Land, right?”

“’Making me fall’ is a somewhat misleading way to express it, but I think it is true that she filed a protest with the Penny Empire. If you wish to know further details, you might learn more if you ask Her Highness the Princess, seeing how she is currently staying with us.”

“E-Even Her Highness has come here!?”

The hunk raised his voice into something close to a scream upon the casual murmur of this ordinary Japanese flat-face. Once I cast a fleeting glance at her, Sophie-chan was yet again quite surprised, too. But, I could understand why they were so shocked. It’d probably lead to a major issue if His Majesty found out.

Still, now that I had the goal of reviving Neumann, being somewhat unreasonable was permissible. Even a middle-aged guy must take a risk or two every once in a while, correct?

“Various things happened, but no place is as safe as this city.”

“That’s…umm, is that something following His Majesty’s wishes?”

“I’m sorry, but I cannot tell you that. If I did, you would end up getting dragged into this. But, I can assure you that I didn’t bring her here by force or anything like that. I merely went along with what she herself desired.”

“I-I see…”

The hunk’s face had turned pale. Sophie-chan’s complexion didn’t look good either. Just as it existed between commoners and nobility, a huge gap was also present between nobility and royalty. Even a ducal daughter like Ester-chan had been obediently kowtowing as playmate of Princess-sama.

“…Where are you trying to go?”

“Who knows.”

I insisted on playing the fool here. After all, I couldn’t afford them getting in my way. And just as I was answering all kinds of questions by Allen and Sophie-chan, Ester-chan suddenly made a move. Seemingly having reached some sort of conclusion, she stood up with a very serious expression. That behavior of hers drew the attention of everyone else.


“Is something the matter?”

Ester-chan answered with a mumbled whisper to the questions of the other two.

“…I’m going to talk to Her Highness for a bit.”

She quickly headed towards the door leading to the corridor. Her profile…for some reason it looked awfully imposing, making me worried. Her gaze, which had clearly gained in sharpness, seemed to be fixated on the far distance as she approached in front of me and then passed through the door. That loli bitch occasionally has times when she pulls such a cool expression. And each time she does, it brings great strife.

“Ester-san, I would ask you to not be too unreasonable. The situation inside and outside the country is extremely unstable after the aggression by the demon queen. Even if you might be the daughter of the FitzClarence family, you should be taking the worst case into account.”

“…So you worry about me even during times like these, huh?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Are you saying that this is also based on a promise with a certain person?”

“Yes, it is as you say.”


I tried to show off to the utmost, but after she left her seat, loli bitch left the room without looking back at us. The bang of the door being slammed shut reverberated through the room. On the other side of the wall, I could hear how her presence gradually grew distant.


Allen’s casual murmur remained as something oddly impressive in the ears of this busamen.


—————– End of Part 6 —————–






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