Chapter 1 – Resurrection of Demon Queen (1st)




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T/N: The raw uses the title “Devil King,” but I changed it to Demon Queen for consistency.



Several days had passed since our return to Dragon City. While we were in the middle of swinging back and forth between joy and sorrow due to Ester-chan’s maidenhood, the world seemed to go through big changes thanks to the demon queen.

Or to be more precise, the Great Holy Land had started to globally dis the Penny Empire because Baron Tanaka had picked a fight with their Saint-sama. According to them, the Penny Empire was a den of evil that had shattered the system of international cooperation and order.

The Hero of the West also had his name changed into Traitor Hero and the Hero Alliance of West and East was dissolved. Just as it had been with the heroes of old, they had gone back to a system of one hero, currently being the Hero of the East. It was said that the Hero of the West was even put up on the wanted list in the Great Holy Land after being treated like a rebel.

While it was an incident that took place over a short period of time, the slander of individuals spread across countries. That’s no news propagation speed you’d expect from a fantasy world, is it? All of it must have been made possible by that magic communication or whatever it is called. Because of that, we had the march stolen on us.

That cursed Saint-sama sure works fast. Thanks to her, this ordinary Japanese flat-face received a summon from His Majesty.

“Forgive me, but I will leave the city for a while,” I informed Sophia-chan, Gon-chan, Neumann, moreover Drill-chan and Deviant-Longhair, and everyone else who had been involved with the administration of Dragon City.

The location of our meeting was, as usual, my office. And this kind of speech was based on my reflection that I should properly inform the others of my plans in advance.

I was bothered about the Loligon not being present, but well, that girl’s a free spirit.

“I will depart in a few days since I have some business to take care of in the capital.”

This time the circumstances were what they were. If things went south, it was quite possible that my territory would get attacked by domestic and foreign forces during my absence. Of course, if they have the group of non-humans make a move, I doubt they won’t be able to handle it one way or another unless it’s a fairly crazy situation. But, remembering the Ester-chan assault incident that occurred at the academy’s dormitory a while ago, it was better to prepare for all possibilities.

“It seems this city will go through hard times from now on. Since we were able to secure an escape route to the Pussy Republic after asking Doris-san for help, those unsure and anxious about their future destination should consult her or me.”

I cast a fleeting glance at Drill-chan who was sitting on the sofa. In response, an “Ohohohoho” filled the room.

“Oooooooooohohohohohohoho! The silly morons, who are thinking about running away from now on, should hurry up and raise their hands right now and here! I won’t say that it’s impossible to guarantee your present livelihood in the Ahan Dukedom of the Pussy Republic!”

“Please do not raise the stakes so much. Aren’t you just making it more difficult for people to raise their hands?”

As always, she was one girl with no tension whatsoever.

“I mean, am I not right anyway? Do you know of any place that’s safer than this place? I for one won’t leave, you know? Even if you chase me out, you’ll have to drag me by force, okay? I’d like you to properly see the care-taking of your prisoner through!”

“…Please do as you see fit.”

I guess that’s fine in itself, though. Being able to count on Deviant-Longhair as a combat force is welcome.

“It’s just as the Miss says. No need to worry ’bout us. Of course, you can also leave the city to us. Boss, you just gotta hurry to the capital ‘n straighten up all the troublesome stuff for us. Before you start missin’ the baths over ‘ere, that is.”

“Thank you kindly.”

You’re as reliable as ever, Gon-chan. Each and every of your lines is damn cool.

“Tanaka, I’ll come with you.”

“Are you okay with that, Neumann-san?”

“You going alone will make it hard for you to make any moves if some sort of problem crops up at the royal court.”

“…That makes sense.”

His point is very valid. Because I had been fully devoted to building the city ever since I gained my peerage, my knowledge about nobility, such as the official formalities at court, is completely lacking. If an outstanding official like Neumann comes with me, that side of things will be perfectly covered.

“I know it is extra work for you, but would it be alright for me to rely on your kindness in this matter?”

“Of course, you can count on me.”

“Thank you.”

Thus Neumann became my party member. I guess this time it’s going to be two dudes. But, this kind of setup might be nice every once in a while.

Most recently I’ve been troubling him quite a bit. Maybe it’s necessary to let him vent some steam over a few cups of booze, just like that one time at the bar in Trichuris during the dispute.

Alright, let’s fly with that.

He’s mentioned that he’s left his wife and child behind in the capital, so I think he’s got to have various things on his mind, too.

“You c-can leave the city to me. W-W-Whatever you say, I-I-I’m the strongest after all!”

“Thank you, Edita-san.”

These days my blond, thicc-legged loli sensei has been fervently appealing the case of her being the strongest. It kinda makes me want to see how she breaks down in tears after getting completely and utterly defeated once. I think the best part about sensei is that raping her or getting reverse-raped by her seems like a wonderful experience either way.



I decided to enter the bath one more time before departing. My destination was the married wife bath that enjoyed a reputation for being remarkably relaxing even among the many different types of baths in Dragon City. The fact of my hair roots being restored after soaking in that bath just before setting out on our vacation was still firmly occupying the mind of this baldy.

I wondered whether my hair would properly bud this time around, if I took at least one more dip in there.

As such I visited the place while being accompanied by such earnest sentiments.

“…As I thought, they do grow, don’t they?”

After a short while of soaking in the bath, I could feel beneath my finger pups how the state of my hair had considerably improved. They were still short, but there was no doubt about new hair sprouting on my scalp.


This is one of those situations, isn’t it? The one where you might need several visits to get the desired result. Most hair growth products have been frequently advertised to actually work if you use them continuously. And even though anyone would logically understood those catchphrases to be nothing more than sales promotions, the sad habit of those, who lost their hair, was to repeatedly fall for those kinds of sales pitches.

“…Should I fill the water here in a bottle and take it with me?”

Yes, that’s a great idea. Let’s go with that.

That’s definitely the thinking of an old man right there, but sometimes you have to make some sacrifices to solve a big problem.

I rose from the bathtub and started to search for a suitable container. Gon-chan’s unit had prepared items such as glass bottles and soap in the bathhouse for nobles they had built in the northern district. Let’s take just one bottle of this water with me and use it as a special hair growth agent for this ordinary Japanese flat-face.

As I was in the middle of that, I suddenly felt the presence of someone near the entrance.

“Ah! Old man!”

It was Shotachinpo. I ended up having an encounter with Shotachinpo.

I’d like him to stop denouncing me as an old man. Though, I can’t deny being an old man.

“…We sure met at an unusual place.”

Contributed by the situation of this being a bathroom, both of us were naturally naked. And yet, probably being conscious of this being a public bathhouse, he had wrapped a towel around his waist.

Isn’t he observing the etiquette quite nicely there?

Thanks to that, he looked just like a woman, if seen by an outsider. You couldn’t sense any manliness from his childish body build. On the other hand, his androgynous looks and his long hair, which he had let down for bathing, emphasized his womanly side. As a result of him having hidden the dick dangling at his waist, he was now looking totally like a pretty girl.

However, please give me a break with the towel gradually bulging out while staring like this. This boy is the real deal, seriously.

“I-Is it okay for me to enter together with you?”

“Well, sure. I don’t see a particular reason to refuse that.”

I felt his stare. I could vividly feel his stare – mostly focused on my lower half. He was totally throwing glances at me.

No choice. I moved back to the bathtub and entered it to protect myself. If he’d watched me snatch a glass bottle, it’d somehow make me appear in a bad light.

I think I’ll commit my crime after enjoying a leisurely bath for a bit and waiting for Shotachinpo to leave.

“Well then…”

In the end, Shotachinpo ended up planting himself right next to me, despite the bathtub being quite spacious. He was at a distance that would allow me to touch him if only I extended a hand.



“Don’t you think it would be okay for you to keep a bit more of a distance, seeing how big this bath is?”

“If I’m too far away, i-it’ll become difficult to hear what you say, won’t it!?”

“There’s no one else in here, so I doubt that you would need to worry about that…”

“Leaving that aside, o-old man, the bath over here is incredibly relaxing, isn’t it!?”

“Yes, indeed.”

Damn it! He forced a topic change on me. But well, since I’ve been using a similar technique on Sophia-chan and Edita-sensei, I can’t really blame him for it. Rather, the damage those two girls suffer every day in regards to their conversation partner being a gross, old dude should be immeasurable.

“This bath is quite something. It even spurs your hair to grow.”


“Hair. I’m talking about the hair on your head. If things settle down, I would like to try researching the water here…” I explained while pointing at a place where my hair had visibly thinned out.

While having such an appearance, Shotachinpo had demonstrated exceptional intelligence at Academy City. If I explain the circumstances to him early on, he might naturally take action and come up with some sort of result. If I can draw his interest to the water of this bath, it’ll be a great success for me.

Losing hair or sucking.

Even if the latter would lead to a temporary disgrace, most men would very likely consider it very seriously.


“What do you think? It’s mysterious, isn’t it?”

When I talked about it to keep the topic going, Shotachinpo’s eyes shifted back and forth between the head of this ordinary Japanese flat-face and the bathtub. After his expression had been giddy until now, his seriousness increased several-fold and he started to act as if being bothered by something.

Just as I thought that, he suddenly stood up with a splash. His trumpet was just an inch away.

“…What’s wrong?”

“There’s something I’d like to confirm, so s-sorry, but could you take a look?”

No, thanks. I don’t swing that way, buddy. Why is he trumpeting here anyway?

But, since his face was serious, I should obediently agree here.

“I don’t mind, but…”

What could it be?

As this ordinary Japanese flat-face was watching, Shotachinpo left the bathtub and squatted down next to it. And, seemingly following some kind of plan, he scratched his own arm. As he had apparently used quite a bit of strength, he clearly cut through his skin. Something red oozed out of his skin, flowing down across his skin towards his fingers.

“What are you planning all of a sudden?”

“Old man, take a good look at this scratch,” he instructed me with an especially serious expression.

As I had no choice, I remained silent and, just as told, focused on Shotachinpo’s arm. Thereupon, he abruptly scooped up some bathwater with his hand, and splashed it across the laceration on his arm. The blood on his skin was washed away by the water, cleaning the affected part.

Naturally, new blood oozed out of the open scratch wound──


──or at least it was supposed to.

“As I thought.”

Even though the bathroom was dim because of the meager illumination, I could clearly tell: The wound on Shotachinpo’s arm was slowly healing up. The gradual closing of the torn skin was somewhat slow in comparison to this busamen’s healing magic. But even so, after gazing at it for a few minutes, the injury had completely disappeared, leaving behind only spotless skin.

“…Old man, this is life potion.”

“I-I see…”

What the fuck!? So it wasn’t a hair growth agent?


————— End of Part 1 —————


Immediately after having that pointed out by Shotachinpo, things progressed to us holding a meeting at the same spot. The participants other than Shotachinpo and this ordinary Japanese flat-face, the two men who discovered it first, were Edita-sensei and the Noble Mage, the two people with the broadest knowledge in Dragon City. And, seeing how I had entrusted Gon-chan with the maintenance and management of the bathhouse, and because I wanted to have the privilege of questioning him about various things, I also extended an invitation to him.

Naturally, seeing the lineup, we held the meeting while wearing our clothes. Though it’d have been great if only Edita-sensei had been completely nude.

After confirming that everyone had gathered in the bathroom, this busamen used his own arm to reproduce the earlier incident. Even without it being Shotachinpo’s arm, the bathwater exhibited the same effect. Everyone present could watch how the skin, which I had lightly scratched open, reacted to the water and gradually healed up.

The one speaking up first after we all witnessed this was the Noble Mage.

“What a discovery! This is simply marvelous!”

His eyes were sparkling as he stared at the bathtub. Having him react just as I had imagined somehow made me slightly happy.

Thereupon, as if to follow up on the Noble Mage, Edita-sensei confronted me with a question.

“This is…w-what kind of effect leads t-to the healing?”

“We actually do not know either, so I asked all of you to come here.”

I had thought that this bath felt incredibly nice, but I didn’t expect that it’d even heal injuries. I didn’t hear any such reports about the other baths. As such I believe this to be a phenomenon only occurring at this bath.

Because it was also the location of a ghost uproar and the murder site of Nannuzzi-san, only few people came here by choice. Only after learning about its hair growth effect, it had enough merit for me to ask Gon-chan to maintain the bathhouse.

“I expected you to say another weird thing such as setting aside some of the bath’s water, but I see, it’s because of such a reason. I totally suspected that you might be up to some bizarre play here, boss. Sorry.”

“I shall refrain from commenting about the points brought up by you, but…”

As might be expected, my fetish level isn’t that high, okay? I’m the type of player who wants to gulp it down while it’s still fresh.

“But, if that’s the case, we must start an investigation!” The Noble Mage exclaimed without even trying to hide his excitement.

He looked awfully happy.

“You’re right. Just, I am busy because I have to visit Charis. Therefore, I was wondering whether it would be alright for me to ask you, Fahren-san, or you, Edita-san, or both of you to investigate things over here in my stead, and thus I had you gather here like this…”

“Of course, I’m in! I will, upon my name as Noble Mage, show you that I can accomplish this mission without fail!”

“Ah, hey, t-that’s unfair, isn’t it!? L-Let me help as w-w-well, will you!?”

“So that means I can have you two deal with this then.”

It was decided in no time. That’s very appreciated.

“Seeing the progress of the healing, its efficiency may be at the level of basic healing magic. Now, wait. Leaving aside the effect, its biggest advantage lies in not requiring a caster as an intermediary. Isn’t this a substance that’s fully qualified to be called life potion?”

“F-First we have t-to start from conserving the s-site and a-analyzing all its details, I think!”

At once, the Noble Mage and my blond, thicc-legged loli sensei started to argue. At this rate, I think I’ll be able to expect good news in the near future.

“Hey, by the way, I’d l-like to find out just one little thing…”

“What is it, Ashley-san?”

“Could I become a real woman, if I turn into a succubus while enduring my thirst?”

“…I think it would be better to hold back on that.”

I’d have very mixed feelings about this whole matter, if he really became a woman. So let’s get out of here quickly before Shotachinpo does something weird.



【Sophia-chan’s Point of View】


Tanaka-san departed Dragon City, heading for Charis. Neumann-san went with him.

This maid, who saw them off, went back to her own room without paying any attention to the things around her. She actually went back in a straight line at a quick pace, while even running for the last part of the way.

No one other than myself was present in the room.


I locked the door. Now it’s alright. With this no one will be able to enter the room.


I pulled the window’s curtains closed. This should make it impossible to peek inside.

With the sunlight blocked out, the room was illuminated by the weak room light, bringing about a fairly spooky atmosphere despite it being in the middle of the day.

Isn’t this rather lovely?

Naturally I broke out into a smile, “Hehehe.”

As I thought, fun times got to be like this.

My body started to dance all on its own. While lightly skipping, I headed over to the table which was installed at the window. Then I thrust a hand into the pocket at the chest part of my maid attire.

What I would find there was the powder of happiness which I obtained just the other day at the Great Holy Land──


How strange. The sensation, which my finger should feel around now, was missing for some reason. I had stored the paper envelope in here, but I wonder why? I always carried with utmost care so no one would ever spot it.




After becoming fretful, I checked my body all over.


Yet, I couldn’t find the paper wrapping with the powder of happiness.

This is a disaster!

“…No way.”

Even though I had come back while sheltering it so closely and preciously. Isn’t that way too evil?

I had been thrown into jail, had my foot cut off, and experienced various other terrible things in the Great Holy Land, leaving me behind with feelings of it having been an awful ordeal. For this reason, I thought that it was only proper for me to receive some sort of reward. Isn’t it only natural to borrow the power of a powder I procured on-site for that sake?

I mean, I was very curious how it would work. Of course, it was just a bit…a tiny little bit. I have been fully aware that it would be horrible if it became a habit. But, for it to have disappeared with the wrapping and all puts me in a bind. I have not had the chance to try it even once yet.

“L-Let’s search a bit more carefully.”

I had it on me until before the talk with Tanaka-san. There is no doubt about that. After all, I was totally excited while gently caressing it back then.

In other words, it is highly likely that I dropped it somewhere.

“…Probably it happened outside my room.”

In the unlikely event it was to be discovered by someone else in my territory, it would be a disaster. In most cases, the possession of such a powder was strictly forbidden. Taking the worst case into account, I must ask prudently here.

I have to hurry and quickly find it.



I arrived in Charis a few hours after leaving Dragon City. As if it was normal, I had used flight magic for the trip. And because I had used it on countless occasions so far, I was able to easily transport at least one person without any shaking. Thanks to that, I avoided the mind-blowing situation of giving Neumann a princess carry during the flight.

Our destination was a very thriving and bustling city.

“I feel like it has been quite a long time since I came back here last time.”

“That’s my line, you know?”

“Sorry, it is just as you say. I totally forgot.

“Good grief, you’re really…”

Neumann and I walked side-by-side along the main street while having such light banter. In contrast to this ordinary Japanese flat-face who was here several days ago, it was his first time in several weeks. Moreover, I’m told he left home and family back here. Him having spent any decent amount of time in the capital since before the whole incident with the dispute must have been more than several months ago, seeing how there was also his demotion in Trichuris, no?

It’s only reasonable for him to complain here.

“Please spend today with your family. I will go back to the academy’s dormitory.”

“…Are you okay with that?”

“Rather, I feel very apologetic for having caused you so many hardships until now.”


Since he is a man with a serious character, I’m sure he’d work if I told him to do so. For this reason, I want to let him take a break for at least today. Nowadays I can understand that even his unreasonable style, which he forced on me back when he was my boss, stems from his diligent personality.

“Okay, then I will be off…”

“Wait a second.”

“Is something the matter?”

“…Do you want to come to my home?”


“Some time ago, you invited me for a drink because I was your boss, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did…”

“Inviting your boss to your own home and introducing him to your family might be something similar to that, don’t you think?”

“……I see.”

Maybe this ordinary Japanese flat-face might be able to deepen his friendship with him more than imagined. I’d be more than delighted if that comes to pass. Although it was unbecoming for my age, I felt how a pleasant warmth spread in my chest.

“How about it? As a matter of fact, I must say that the food made by my wife is outstanding.”

“If you say all that, would it be alright for me to take you up on your kind offer?”

“Yes, come with me. It’s this way.

“Thank you a lot.”

Somehow…this kind of stuff’s really nice. It doesn’t feel bad at all.

“But, don’t make any mistakes and fall in love with her, okay? She’s my wife after all.”

“I am fully aware of that.”

Wives are a hidden dungeon after I’ve cleared everything else. Since you can immediately tell whether a woman has a hymen with just that single word, there exists no title for a woman as wonderful as wife.


————- End of Part 2 ————-


Starting with the conclusion: Neumann’s proposal was a one-way ticket to hell.

I intruded upon Neumann’s home, a house constructed in a section of Charis’s residential quarter. Because it was his home, a place naturally quite familiar to him, he energetically passed through the entry hall and headed inside the house. The door wasn’t locked and thus he briskly walked through the place without even bothering to knock.

As a result of that, we ended up witnessing it.



The view spreading right in front of us as we entered the living room was filled with fleshy colors. A man and woman apparently were just in the act of infidelity.

“D-Dear!? W-Why are y-y-you here…?”

The woman was hiding her pussy and tits in panic while pulling the clothes, which she had previously flung off, towards her as she sat on the floor. Next to her was a man who grinned at Neumann while awfully brazenly occupying the sofa in just his underpants.

“Yo, long time no see, Neumann.”


“How’s life in Trichuris going?”

Even this inexperienced virgin chap could make a decision here. Is this the impact of adultery?

How incredible. The impact isn’t anything to scoff at, seriously.

Moreover, the male adulterer seems to be an acquaintance of Neumann. Maybe he’s a coworker? They seem to be around the same age. Yet, that guy is an impressive hunk with short-cut, light brown hair and blue eyes. His body looks tough and toned. You could even describe him as the complete opposite of the lanky Neumann. His height isn’t all that different from this ordinary Japanese flat-face, but his distinct abdominal muscles made him appear strong to anyone looking.

But well, for us who couldn’t help but stare at the muscles of Gon-chan and the members of the Twilight Company everyday, it only beamed a weak smile on our lips. The muscles of the company members were just too sick.


“What’s wrong, Neumann? Not going to greet me despite the fact that we’re meeting for the first time in a long time?”

Neumann had stalled immediately after taking a single step into the room. While scrutinizing his wife and her secret lover, his tightly clenched fists trembled faintly. Yet, his expression remained unchanged. It was calm, calm, and calm, no matter how you looked at it.

Probably because of his lack of reaction, the guy continued so as to agitate him.

“Neena’s really awesome, you know? I’ve lost count how many times I’ve cum.”

“H-Hey, wait…” The wife called out to him, apparently chiding.

Her expression that made it clear that she wasn’t all that unhappy with the man’s praise added to the reality of the adultery in front of our eyes. Her cheeks being flushed and her skin being drenched with sweat are most likely the aftereffects of her having enjoyed getting fucked silly. It’s a situation that would make any NTR-lover drool. Personally I’m on the side of wanting to NTR rather than getting NTRed, so I’d definitely prefer to be spared from this, if I were the guy on the receiving end.


On the other hand, Neumann was damn scary as he kept his silence. His eyes were directed at his feet as if he was avoiding to look at what was happening in front of him.

“Hey, hey, man, you don’t look well at all. Are you properly eating n’ stuff?”

The adulterer instigated Neumann without showing any consideration.

What should I do? What would be the best way to handle this?

Because Neumann was so extremely calm, even his wife added, “…That’s how it is, so, umm, could you leave?”


She’s probably considering herself to be at advantage thanks to her lover being next to her. Because of that, I felt like my chest was about to burst as I watched this play out. It’s just too damn saddening. I mean honestly, isn’t this just heartrending? Since I’ve been keeping him company for the last few weeks, I’ve seen it. Neumann’s love and effort towards his family. And because of that, grief swooped down on me.

“N-Neumann-san…,” I tried to call out to him in order to somehow salvage the situation.

In response, he nodded lightly and responded, “…Yeah, you’re right. It sounds like a good idea to do just that.”

No, you’re wrong, man. That’s not it. I want to clearly appeal to him that this is a situation where he has to brace his heart and resolve himself.

Haven’t you been heatedly arguing on equal terms with the scary-faced guys from the Twilight Company at Dragon City? Didn’t you even talk straight from the front with the Loligon back when she was still violence incarnated?

“What? So you ain’t going to put up a fight? Even though you got such a great opportunity here.”


Neumann persisted in staying calm and quiet. In contrast to him, his wife’s secret lover intentionally got full of himself so as to ridicule Neumann. He’s acting as if he’s owning the place. While only wearing his underpants, he’s sitting on the sofa with his legs widely spread like some mafia dude.

“Is this how an official, who makes even the nobles at court shit their pants, acts in private?”


“Hah? What’s up? Neumann, you seem very dispirited, don’t you?”

This is that kind of situation, isn’t it? The one where the boss has to step up. To be frank, it’s as agonizing as back when Edita-sensei was kidnapped. No, it might be even more painful since I can totally sympathize with him as a man being in such a mess.

I can’t hold back any longer!

“I feel somewhat reluctant to meddle in family affairs as an outsider. But, you people are so nasty and terrible that I cannot help but to raise my voice. Do you not know just how much Neumann-san has been thinking of his family in love and affection?”

I ended up saying all that. I butted in.

“Who are you, bastard?”

“He is called Tanaka. Someone who is working together with me.”

“Tanaka?” The adulterer tilted his head after hearing my name. Before long, his smile deepened as he seemed to have realized something, “Ahh, the useless bum of a noble who’s said to have come back after picking a fight with the saint of the Great Holy Land, was it!? It’s become a hot topic at the court that Saint-sama personally talked to His Majesty, you know? You’re moments away from having your land confiscated and getting crushed. Even though it hasn’t even been a year since you got it in the first place.”


For real? So Baron Tanaka is over, huh? I’ve got a feeling like I’m no help at all for Neumann.

“You’re truly finished, Neumann. Your house, your wife, your child, and the job, which you barely kept…all of it is gone. Serves you right, doesn’t it? I guess, the most you’ll be able to do, starting with next month, will be to be a seedy beggar in the slums.”


Neither of us could press out a single sound. What should I do? I’ve started to genuinely feel apologetic.

“Please forgive me, Neumann-san. Because of my worthlessness…”

“No, it’s fine, Tanaka. I’ve decided on this path myself…”

“But, I will not allow for things to end like this.”


Now that I’ve been told all that, I definitely must handle this whole mess one way or another. At this point, I can’t simply pull back. Neumann’s life is on the line here.

“I promise you that I will let you have another chance in the near future.”


I was closely scrutinized. By Neumann. On the other hand, the adulterer burst into laughter.

“Hey, hey, how about you worry about yourself instead?”

Moving his eyes, he exchanged a look with Neumann’s wife. Thereupon, she spoke up as if having resolved herself about something.

“D-Dear, i-it’s your fault, you see? I felt lonely. Moreover, you were suddenly demoted when our child was in its growth phase. Although we still have a big loan to pay back for the house, I c-cannot stay with you under such circumstances!”

“Your heard her?”


Neumann had been precisely stabbed where it hurts. Maybe this adulterer here is the coworker from the story he told me a Trichuris’s bar during the dispute. Going by his composure which showed no hints of falling apart whatsoever, I vaguely felt that to be the case here.

“Come on, if you got it, then hurry up and get lost. This is now Neena’s and my home.”

He was terrible and oppressive. A man’s home was his heart. Being one-sidedly told to get out is way too devastating. But, right now, this ordinary Japanese flat-face has no right to talk back.

Doubtlessly I also played a part in the circumstances that led to him losing his position. It’s the result of me having prioritized Edita-sensei’s safety over my position as baron of the Penny Empire. Of course, I didn’t have any regrets about my actions back then. Also, at the same time it’s not like I’ve given up on everything either.


Just when I was about to address him, footsteps could suddenly be heard from the entry hall. Wondering what was going on, all of us focused on the hallway.

Thereupon, armored guards with spears in hand suddenly showed up for some reason.

“A flat face and yellow skin! You’re Baron Tanaka, aren’t you!?” “Throw away all your weapons and stay obedient!” “We have heard that you excel in magic, but should you use it here, we won’t hold back, got it!?” “Let us tie you up without any resistance!”

They addressed me by name while demanding my surrender. What is it now all of a sudden?

“There have been reports by residents! You’re without a doubt Baron Tanaka, right!?”

“Yes, indeed, but what about it?”

“We have an order to take you in! We will have you accompany us!” “If you resist, things won’t end nicely for you, even if you might be a noble!” “Right! Be a smart guy, give up and come with us!” “Oi! Where’s your answer!?”

Isn’t that quite the one-sided way of handling the matter, considering they’re dealing with a noble? In other words, it’s an order issued by a person with a reasonably high standing. There’s no way I’d be able to cause a scene in this place. It’d be a drama if I dragged Neumann into it as well. It might even lead to damaging his home.

As long as it’s me alone, I’ll be able to handle things, even if I’m arrested. I think I should prioritize his house, safety, and social standing here.

“…I understand,” I agreed solemnly.

In response, the eyes of the guards wandered to everyone else.

“What are we going to do about the others?” “How troublesome. Guess we should haul them all in in one swoop…” “The order should have been to only secure Baron Tanaka, though?” “No, but if they’re related to him, it might be best to take them all in here.” “Certainly, you got a point…”

The soldiers started to discuss this for some reason. Please spare me of that.

“The man standing next to me belongs to the Duke FitzClarence family. If you insist on taking him with you despite that, I will not stop you. But, I cannot promise you that you people will see tomorrow in such a case.”

“gh…W-We’re just going to take the baron with us!”

Once I brought up the name of Ester-chan’s family, their little argument immediately concluded. The FitzClarence family is said to be the strongest powerhouse. Thanks to that, it looks like I’ve been able to guarantee Neumann’s safety. And while at it, his wife and her lover’s, too.

“You’ll behave, right!?”

“I know.”

I was swarmed by the armed guards. In no time, I was bound by ropes. And then they poked my back, urging me to hurry along.


Fuck. How mortifying. I definitely won’t allow things to end like this.

Neumann, please wait for me.



The guards brought me to the jailhouse which had been built as an annex of the imperial castle. Oddly enough, it was the same prison from which I broke out with Great Thief Hard and the others some time ago when I had just arrived at Charis. No traces were left of the past uprising. The broken walls and everything else had been restored to their original state. Now it was a quiet dungeon building.

I could also sporadically spot people inside the cells which had once emptied out completely. After walking through the corridors, I was thrown into a cell located in the deepest place of the dungeon. Far from having any leeway to negotiate, I wasn’t even granted any postponement to voice a defense of my case.


Once I was alone inside my cell, I started to wonder what I should do next. Breaking out of the prison was as easy as pie for me. Considering my stats that allowed me to repel magic with my bare hands, I think it’d be quite possible for me to even tear apart the cell’s bars just like that. Or rather, they got slightly warped when I tried to lightly grab them earlier.

In short, I’m safe. Or in Edita-sensei’s words, I’m the strongest, invincible, and almighty. Still, all of that concerns the physical problems.

“…As I thought, the situation is quite dicey, isn’t it?”

I want to help Neumann. What I need for that sake aren’t huge fireballs that reduce everything to ash or healing magic that cures any illness injury, but standing, money, and prestige that’ll allow me to laugh off anything, no matter how high and might some big-shot might try to act. Moreover, it has to be within the framework of the Penny Empire to which the adulterer belongs.


If I limit the issue to my own welfare, it’d be an option to stay in this prison until things calmed down. But, right now I don’t feel like doing that. I want to start acting as soon as possible. I want to get to work. I desire money, fame, and status.


As I was pondering about all that, my name was suddenly called. Because I had been looking downwards while sitting cross-legged, I was late in noticing their presence. Once I lifted my face, a single person stood outside my cell, apparently having arrived there without me noticing. He wore an extravagant attire, one that was terribly mismatched with a damp, foul, and shady place like a prison.

“Oh my, Your Majesty. What kind of business might you have to come to such a place all by yourself?”

“It looks like you made a huge blunder this time.”

“Blunder, you say?”

“As might be expected, I can’t cover for you when it leads to turning the Great Holy Land into our enemy.”

It seems like His Majesty has gone out of his way to come visit this ordinary Japanese flat-face in person. Is he possibly bored or something? For him to have shown up here without a single attendant in tow is quite the big deal.

“I thought that you were a slightly smarter guy, but did I overestimate you?”

“I merely moved in accordance to what I thought would be best. I have absolutely no regrets in regard to the matter this time. Of course, I am capable of listing a few points that require reflection, but I think that very likely none of those would have changed the outcome.”

“…Is that so?”


If I killed His Majesty here and now, I might be able to pull off a coup d’etat or some such. No, I guess that’d be unreasonable.

The Penny Empire was a country where the noble factions hold as much power as the imperial family. Even if one mountain got destroyed, the free space would quickly get buried by one of the other mountains. Unless I go at it with a force that would banish all the nobles, it won’t lead anywhere. And ,even if I exile the whole lot of them, it won’t help in rising Neumann’s self-respect. It won’t restore his dignity and honor.

I need another method. A righteous method of attacking.

“What do you want to do? What will you do after defeating the saint?”

“I think you might have vaguely noticed it as well, Your Majesty. The oracles passed down by the Great Holy Land and the hero framework all exist for the sake of protecting the interests of that country. And the demon queen has been with the saint for 500 years. Just the other day, that very demon queen was released into this world.”


“The current demon queen scorns humanity. I expect her to start moving in order to eradicate the humans in the near future. Until then, we must prepare in order to resist that being. Otherwise, the age of humans will probably end in no time.”

“…You’re telling me to believe such a fairy-tale?”

“If you believe my words, it will set the Penny Empire as the next Great Holy Land.”

“Meaning? Are you saying you have plans on how to take down the demon queen?”

“It does not matter whether I have any plans or not. If we do not defeat the demon queen, not just the Penny Empire, but all of human society will end. Saint-sama of the Great Holy Land also understands that fact. But, if we aim for the same outcome, I stand in a place far closer to achieving it.”


“How about it? Will you trust my words as lord of the Penny Empire?”

“…Unfortunately I don’t have such a leeway.”

“Certainly, that is a very unfortunate reply.”

“The territory I granted you now belongs to the FitzClarence family,” he declared the confiscation and dissolution of my home as a matter of fact.

It was a notification announcing the end of Baron Tanaka. On the other hand, it sounds like Richard-san managed to move smartly. With this, everyone in Dragon City will be protected at the very least. No, if I had to say, the aspect of the Penny Empire having avoided a future of being slowly destroyed after pointlessly agitating the Loligon might be the bigger gain for the country.

At any rate, now that I was able to confirm this, I’ve been able to achieve my objective over here.

“The Great Holy Land filed extreme criticism about your deeds, but at the same time they showed a very tolerant attitude in regards to your treatment. It sounds like the saint forgave you personally without any conditions in regards to the incident in question. She even warned me to make sure that I wouldn’t hurt you, no matter what I do.”

“…Is that so?”

In all probability, it’s a measure because she heard about Edita-sensei’s great deeds. The Hero of the East must have told her about the awesome display of power of my blond, thicc-legged, loli sensei in her strongest mode. It seems she has adopted this approach out of fear toward eventual retaliation by sensei. If it’s like this, it’d have been fine if this ordinary Japanese flat-face had hustled in front of her as well.

“Having said that, releasing you is out of the question.”


“You’re not going to say anything?”

“No, nothing.”

“…I see. In that case you may grow old inside your cell.”

At that point, His Majesty turned around. He was completely expressionless at the end. Just like that, he left the cell with this ordinary Japanese flat-face.

Now then, I wonder why he bothered to come all the way to such a place? I can’t believe that he was looking for an apology or something like that.”

“Oh, there is one thing.”

“What is it?”

Suddenly, when I recalled the events of the last few days, my mouth naturally moved. His Majesty looked back in my direction.

It’d be my final words to him.

“I was able to enjoy my vacation very much. Thank you very much.”

The panty-less reception maids truly rocked.

However, I didn’t get any reply to that.


——————– End of Part 3 ——————–


【Sophia-chan’s Point of View】


This maid searched. At this point, very frantically. For the powder.

And yet, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Beginning with the living room assigned to me, I checked all the places I had visited ever since coming back from the Great Holy Land, be it parlor, office, or kitchen. Nevertheless, I couldn’t find it.


Just where did it go? At first, when I realized its absence, I got flustered that it would be a huge drama if someone else were to find it. But, after searching in a frenzy for around one hour, I only felt a deep sadness over the fact that I wouldn’t be able to ever enjoy the powder again.

I see, so that’s what people mean with addiction. I need my powder.

“…I-I guess I should resign myself,” I muttered in an attempt to persuade myself.

But, talk is cheap. The words sound calm and composed. Despite my brain being completely occupied by thoughts about the powder.

That powder was something I couldn’t get my hands on when I was helping out back home. But, the salary and bonuses I received from Tanaka-san most recently have accumulated into a fairly big amount of money, and I have been hoarding all that money in my own room.

If I use those savings, I will easily be able to purchase one or two bags full of powder. Maybe I will be able to enjoy around ten bags with that money.

I have heard that the powder is being illegally sold everyday, even in Charis. They say women can also buy it without much of an effort, as long as they have the necessary money. A few among our restaurant’s regulars were that sort of people, so I have experienced being invited several times in the past as well.


This won’t do. I feel like it’s very dangerous. I could take a glimpse at my own downfall if I were to continue further down this path. I’m sure feeling so close to it just once is bad news.

Oh powder, I need my powder.



A little while after the king left, this ordinary Japanese flat-face held a meeting with himself in his cell.

I racked my brain about all kinds of things surrounding the plan of rehabilitating Neumann.

I think by now several hours of brooding over this have passed. However, all that’s happening is time passing on without me stumbling upon a usable plan. I don’t intend to stay inside the cell for too long either, but because the situation is what it is, I hesitate to make a move without having a clear policy.

And as I spent my time like that, I kept questioning and answering myself while cooling my butt by pressing it against the cold stone floor. Once I came to, I noticed my stomach rumbling at me in protest as it had started to gradually feel the hunger gnawing at it.

And just around that time, I could suddenly hear noise in the dungeon.

“Y-You bastard! I’ll remember this!?” A woman screamed.

At the same time, I heard a hard bang of metal being hit. I suspect it’s the sound of a jail’s door, which was made out of metal bars, being shut.

It looks like someone was thrown into a new cell.

“Kuu…not again…”

At that point, I suddenly realized. That voice was one I remember having heard somewhere before.

Naturally having my eyes drawn in the direction of the noise, I spotted someone in the special cell, which had metal bars as walls in all directions while being located in the center of the floor. Until just a little while ago, that cell had been completely empty, and if I believe the information of some places, it’s a space set up for raping women.

Inside that space, I could see a woman.

“Is that possibly you, Mercedes-san?”


The woman inside the cell reacted when I used that name. No sooner than moving her shoulders with a start, she whirled around in my direction.


“Once again we meet in a very peculiar place, don’t you think?”

For sure I hadn’t expected to run into the hard-headed, lesbo knight in here. Is imprisonment possibly something like a daily event for her or some such? No, no, that can’t be. That’d be way too weird for an imperial guard. It would result in her being in the center of countless scandals. But, the reality is that she’s inside the cell while only wearing a single, thin piece of cloth.

“Yo…w-why are you in here!?”

That’s actually what I want to know from you. But well, I think I should answer her honestly for now. It’d be a huge bother if it otherwise led to a pointless misunderstanding.

“I drew the attention of a somewhat troublesome party on me…”

“…The Prime Minister?”

“No, Saint-sama.”

“W-What was that!”?

I was told that it’s already become a rumor at court, so even if I kept it secret at this point, it’d only upset her.

Considering it like that, I honestly told her the truth. The other party is Mercedes-chan, so it’s not as if it’ll cause any issues even if she knows about it.

Thereupon, her expression got completely dyed by shock.

“Don’t tell me…you met her!? The saint extolled to possess a beauty as you’d find only once in history!!”

“Yes, I did have the pleasure to talk with her for a bit.”

“Ugh, why didn’t you invite me!? That’s outrageous!”


As I thought…her head was filled with that kind of stuff. The serious lesbo knight pulled a face as if mortified from the bottom of her heart. But, that behavior of hers allowed me to feel a considerable amount of relief.

Even though we’re meeting for the first time in a long time, ever since we got separated during the strife’s turmoil, it seems to me as though we’ve seen each other just yesterday.

“Either way, why are you in this place then?”

“…T-That’s, you see…I mean, well…”

“You’re not going to tell me that you groundlessly treated someone with utter contempt again…”

This imperial knight is truly a lost case. It makes me super envious, though.

“No, you’re wrong! It’s just, H-Her Highness the Princess, umm, how to put it…”

“What is the matter with Her Highness?”


Immediately after I asked her, Mercedes-chan stopped speaking.

Speaking of the princess, it’s that beautiful girl who invited me to have sex during the meeting for learning skills some time ago. It’d be no exaggeration to even call that kind lady a goddess, seeing how she awarded this busamen the chance to fuck. She possesses a tolerant heart, making it impossible to believe that she’s related to that petty king.

“Her Highness is a wonderful person, I think.”

“Are you daydreaming!?”

“…Why would you say something like that?”

“Her Highness…Her Highness is, you see…,” the imperial lesbo put on a wistful expression.

However, her response stopped at that point.

Did Her Highness take hold of her weakness? It’s rare for Mercedes-chan to be nervous when dealing with another woman. Currently she’s acting totally opposite to the lesbo knight who had boldly sexually-harassed Ester-chan, the daughter of a great duke.

“If you find it hard to speak about it, you do not need to force yourself…”

“…Her Highness’s taste in sadism is just too much.”

“Taste in sadism, you say?”

“She pampers one with an innocent face, grants them all happiness they could ask for, and when they reach the height of bliss, she drops them like a deadweight.”


Oof, that’s my first time hearing about this. Or rather, isn’t that a far more stimulating story than I expected?

“Above all else, she loves the desperation painted on the faces of those she abandoned. She doesn’t shy away from making any sacrifices in order to gaze at it. She even readily offers her own body just so she can enjoy the despair of the one she dropped at the very end, hidden behind a gentle smile.

“…I-I see.”

“Within a few years, from the time when Her Highness could stand on her own two feet until today, half of the imperial guards have been replaced. All of them were exposed to Her Highness’s fetish. Most of the male soldiers suffer capital punishment immediately after getting devoured by her wiles. She has the disposition of a lecherous demon.”

For real!? She’s meaning that seriously!? But, there are too many parts about her words that strike home.

“Her previous illness must have been the revenge of someone who resented that girl.”

“So that kind of backstory existed, huh…?”

In that case, it only means that Her Highness reaped what she had sown, right? Still, those are relatively shocking news.

“But, I won’t lose! Someday…someday I’ll definitely break that girl!”


And well, the vitality over here is nothing to scoff at in its own way, I suppose. I certainly didn’t expect that she’s in the middle of her resistance. If it reaches such an extent, you could call Mercedes-chan’s sexual disposition a weapon of sorts, too. It looks like our chat got her all excited as her eyes have become bloodshot while she’s started to address her Highness as a girl.

“So you have been fighting a solitary battle as well, Mercedes-san.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ll definitely get her to serve me atop this belly here!”

Thanks to this, I now knew the reason why Mercedes-chan had been thrown into this dungeon.

Her assertive way of talking made this ordinary Japanese flat-face feel a groundless trustworthiness. No matter how silly the cause might be, people, who try their utmost at achieving something, often look to me like shining stars. But well, it’s not that I don’t feel like she’s going somewhat too far with it, seeing how she’s been thrown into jail for a second time on top of not getting discouraged by it. Even now, as we’re standing here, she looks like she’s going to finish her words with a triumphant pose.

“But, why have you allowed yourself to be caught obediently? It is no challenge for you to escape a prison of this level, is it? These cells have been built by Fahren-sama. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to break them.”

“You might have a point there. But, victory does not wait at the end of that road.”

“…What do you mean?”

“As a matter of fact, a close acquaintance of mine has been socially destroyed because of me. His name was thrown into the dirt, and even his self-respect has become all mud-caked. I want to somehow restore these things for him in a way that will be approved by anyone.”

“And what do you mean by social destruction?”

“To explain it plainly, his wife got cuckolded by his rival because he had been absent from home for a long time. Moreover, on top of being chased out of his home that he had built in Charis after taking a loan, he even lost his job. I suspect that it will be very tough for him to find a job in the Penny Empire.”

“Y-You idiot, just what kind of terrible thing did you do? That’s going way too far, don’t you think…?”

“Yes, indeed. That is why I want to somehow help him out.”

Having it pointed out by Mercedes-chan, it sounds like I was deliberately awful. No, in reality, being any more terrible isn’t even possible, but it has the persuasiveness of making others believe that someone who is 30% worse, or rather, worse at all, couldn’t even exist.

“In other words, you want to succeed in this country for the sake of saving that person.”

“Yes, that is the idea.”

“You’re really a guy who worries about each and every little detail.”

“That’s extremely important for a man.”

“When it comes to you, destroying everything wouldn’t be impossible, would it?”

“That would bear no meaning. His honor would be lost for eternity.”

“…And yet you didn’t say that you can’t do it, eh?”

“Assuming your life would be exposed to danger right now and here in front of my eyes, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so either. But, I still have several attachments to this country. I don’t want to erase everything while even denying these.”

“What a terrifying man you are. Why haven’t you been born as a woman? It’s such a waste.”

As if I’d know! Somehow this conversation, which smells like students in their puberty running their mouth, is quite awesome. Even if I were to change my sex, being trained by this serious lesbo is something I definitely don’t──


──that in itself might actually be quite acceptable, but this is nothing I should think about right now. But, if I could make a single wish here, I wanted her to offer to train me in my current appearance. If we did it like that, this virgin could change jobs to a submissive maso-slave who offers body and mind to his mistress.


————— End of Part 4 —————


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