Chapter 16 – Determine to be alone

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Hey, that kid must be…” (Villager)

Our lord’s eighth son. It must be Wendelin-sama…” (Villager )

I wonder what he’s doing?” (Villager)

Who knows. A kid is precious manpower for us though he’s not that hard working according to the rumors.” (Villager)

Since he was the lord’s kid, he can do what he wants as long he doesn’t become a nuisance.” (Villager)

The eldest son, Kurt, and the second son, Hermann have gotten married. A month has passed since my other brothers left the house. I’m running through a prairie in the territory which isn’t sited for cleaning yet.

AS I pass by, I hear farmers on the way to the farming section talking about me.

The contents of their conversation are “A selfish child who’s not even helping his family” which I know already.

Well, father and eldest brother Kurt would not dare to say that.

They might think that I’m just a 7 years old kid but the development of the irrigation canals and land reclamation for agricultural uses would be much more faster if I used magic freely.

Actually, for me who’s already almost mastered even advanced magic, the likes of farmland and digging up irrigation canal would merely be a simple task

Only few humans can do that though. Only a high-ranking mage can demonstrate impressive feats such as that.

That said, it would be hard for father or others to grasp my ability as a mage so they were currently in a state of deciding whether or not to ask for my help.

Father and the others would recognize me as a “Magic user that reinforces his body’s ability to hunt guinea fowl’s in the forest alone”.

I finally obtained the permission to freely go outside during daytime.

There would be no problem even if I were to go outside freely since this Baumeister knight territory is wide anyway.

In an area that father and the others recognise, three village’s with a total population of eight hundred people live on the foot of the mountains to the north and west. There’s farmland and forests in both areas which population uses to feed themselves.

The eastern and southern parts are currently un-developed areas. The Demon Forest stretches off to the coast and sea remains beyond that.

The territory and rights of the Baumeister knight territory has the potential to become the greatest noble in the south if developed.

There currently exists a big gap in actually being able to bring out the potential of the land though.

Father said that the sea is really valuable.

A path cannot be trailed through the Demon Forest since it is difficult to develop and maintain but since no noble would start a fight over the land, it would be a dream to monopolize the fish products. A port could also be created to facilitate trade and marine transportation.

It was also something wonderful to obtain salt with one’s own effort.

Baumeister knight’s territory actually faces the sea but we normally buy salt from the caravan that comes over the mountain.

The price also fair given that the merchant has to cross over the mountains to get to us but it’s still expensive for that very reason.

This is the reason why our soup taste slightly salty.

Oh well, that’s the Baumeister knight territory for you but for now I have moved to broaden my field of activities.

In the morning, I start with light training such as sword practice which is my daily routine. I then receive two small brown pieces of bread after breakfast that acts as my lunch before leaving the house.

By the way, currently, permission is no longer needed for people to go hunting and gathering.

The first stages of the farmland and construction of an irrigation canal to meet the needs of the population has been completed so it was possible for people to go hunting given the free time now available.

Our family, particularly father and eldest brother Kurt alternatively go to the forest to hunt and gather.

Indeed, having a guinea fowl being the main dish at dinner and it being caught by a seven year old kid has hurt the pride of the guys as the men of the house to a certain extent.

That said, guinea fowl’s are pretty difficult birds to catch even for professional hunters.

There are more days when it cannot be captured and so, I take two to three grassland rabbits as a souvenir on my return.

Anyway, Baumeister knight territory’s southern part has many savage forests and meadows.

Rather it was nothing but that.

So there were many things I could capture in my way back.

‘Well then, I will visit the Demon Forest today.’ (Wendelin)

Flight” and “Teleportation” are the two magic’s that I currently train intensively.
Flying is magic commonly found in the world of manga and games.

It also exists in some RPG’s and manga.
Then there also magic in some anime.

Either way, magic in one’s body can be used all at once.

I remembered quite well that my breath was pressed back into my mouth and as a result of that, I considered that it would not be a good idea to raise my flight speed to begin with. That was due to the fact that I didn’t generate a protective membrace of air around my body.

I have no problems with the speed either as I was moving as fast as an average car on a highway.

Besides, it was possible to instantaneously travel to a certain point once I remember its location with Teleportation magic.

Based on that chain of thought, the idea that I can reach the sea instantly comes into my head but I have not actually arrived at the Demon Forest yet.

At the moment, I have no recorded maps for other regions except for the place I live in. Moreover, in order to move at will in the Baumeister knight territory which size is comparable to Hokkaido, I have spent this week creating a map for the Savage Land’s.

As a result of this after three weeks of effort, almost the entire area of the Savage Land has been covered. Again, the Demon Forest occupies about one-quarter the size of Hokkaido so I have succeeded in placing a sort of distance point in a thousand places for the remaining three-quarters.

That does not mean that I set up a physical sign when I said point. I recorded it in my own detailed maps listing them as potential locations to land safely in case of Teleportation.

And to safely arrive at that point using Teleportation magic, I imagine in my head the number recorded and the rough location of where I want to teleport to.

There was also the matter of location shift but flying is enough so other careful movement can be done later.

But what I found in these three weeks is that the Savage Land is a goldmine.

Many possible plots of land exists for cultivation. Flood control would be essential but there many rivers on the land it should not be too much trouble to handle.

The scattered woods and forests are a treasure trove of various products including iron, copper, gold, silver, various types of gems, mithril and there more than one mine that produces orichalcum ore.

If it could be developed, the Baumeister knight territory being promoted to marquis status would be least that would happen. It’s even possible to establish an independent small kingdom from the wealth of the Savage Land.

But it was a pipe dream for now.

The kingdom itself has yet to finish developing half of its central region. Noble’s were arranged accordingly in the southern frontier but these noble’s also have many portions of savage land’s to develop in their own territory.

To sum it up, the people and funds needed develop the Savage Land’s in the Baumeister knight territory was insufficient.

Development on this land perhaps would begin hundreds of years later.

Therefore, I can hunt two rabbits freely the second I arrive. I can also grill and eat the caught fish, and utilise the field to practice new magic.

More specifically, to practice the high-ranking attack magic with high power. This un-inhabited land is a suitable location to practice such magic.

I might even practice special earth magic later.

In a gold mine I found, I could extract only the pure gold ingredients from the collected ores and gold dust to make gold ingots.

Master called this “Extraction” and “Recombination”. It is the basic magic taught to a person wanting to be an alchemist.

As for advanced magic, magic can be added into silver to form mithril.
You would need a lot of magic just to create a small amount of mithril though. As such, it would serve as good practice for raising a person’s mana capacity.

Furthermore, I am the second one to arrive here. The first ones here, for the time being, the army led by Margrave Breithilde, with half of the Baumeister territorial troops.

It would be nice if at least one mine could have been found but it would be difficult to send people to such a remote place in the Savage Land’s upon careful consideration. So the Margrave’s greed was put to one side in favour of material of the closer Demon Forest.

‘A dark forest…What would be inside…’ (Wend)

I have finally succeeded in obtaining a view of the Demon Forest today.
The forest’s eeriness and gloominess can be seen from the outside despite it being daytime. Ominous bird cries in the air or monster cries and screams also can’t be heard.

I doubt it was a good place for a 7 year old child to enter alone.

‘Well, I won’t go inside till I have grown up though.’ (Wend)

No matter how good I can use magic and enhance my physical strength, there’s a chance that I would die after carelessly entering this forest.

It might be okay but I have no plan of risking my own life. This world is not a game.
There is no continue button once I die.

Once I get a little bit older, I will start training my swordmanship and other martial arts earnestly. I will shape those up to a certain extent once I grow up.

To that end, I’ll surely come here with Teleportation.

Even master couldn’t win and lost his life from the swarming of monsters in the Demon Forest.

I am not sure I can pass it through no matter how careful I am.

‘But that does not mean I am giving up going to the sea.’ (Wend)

For one week after that, I explored the Demon Forest from the sky making full use of flying and detection magic.

Firstly, the Demon Forest is the closest point to search for the sea. I am exploring it as there are no tough monsters that can fly on that route.

I am out of there if there’s a dragon but if there is none then it might be possible to reach the sea with flying magic in full force.

As a result of one week of searching, I somehow succeeded in finding a small spot that allows me to fly over to the Demon forest and reach the sea.

It was a fortune that monsters don’t take even a step from the Demon Forest. I can fly a little faster than a dragon if I got at full speed with my flight magic.

‘There’s delicious fish in the sea! And I can create my own my own salt!’ (Wend)

I’ve gotten tired with my thin salty meals.

Even if I can’t get my hands on soy sauce and miso, I want to at least have a meal that taste’s a little more strongly.

If jump over this Demon Forest, there’s a lot of unexploited salt here.

Rather, I want to say this;

Flying! At max speed! Now to the sea!” (Wendelin)

I got fired up after a long time. Burning a lot of magic power by jumping over the Demon Forest at high altitudes and high-speed with flight magic. After a few minutes, I arrived at the sea.

I did it—!It’s the sea-!” (Wendelin)

There’s a sea that’s composed of only a beautiful sandy beach without human presence and highly transparent sea water.

Moreover, this coast and sea are seperate from the monster’s domain so I could not perceive any dangerous existence’s even using detection.

There’s a response that appears to be large fish in the sea. Maybe this is something like a shark.

But as long I am enjoying myself in the shallows, it was not a presence that will do any harm to me.

‘First is the meal.’ (Wendelin)

I create my own fishing equipment in a hurry. I start fishing on the rock near the sandy beach with bread as my bait.

The fish in this place are not easy to tempt. I caught it easily though even with my comparatively low amount of fishing experience.

I was a self-cooking person in my previous life so I can pretty much cook the fish. I also use “Judge” magic to make sure that I can eat the fish I caught that looks like mackerel. I use “Antidote” just in case and decide to cook it with fire before eating it.

The seasoning is only seawater but I enjoyed the grilled fish from the sea after a long time.

When I was in the Baumeister family, pseudo crucian carp and koi carp sometimes get caught in the irrigation canal but it smells of mud and is unappetising.
After eating one more, it feels like I won’t stop eating it.

‘Next is shellfish or crab and lobster.’ (Wendelin)

On another other rock, shellfish that looks like oyster, turban shell and abalone and eating large lobster’s and crab’s that have been caught easily.

After skewering them and cooking them with fire, a waft of nostalgic and delicious smell surrounds me.


While filling my mouth, I sincerely enjoy the happiness from the sea after a long time.

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