Chapter 15 – Separation with Erich nii-san

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Since this forest is dedicated to our family, feel free to catch the prey in here by magic. I only need to gather the resources from hunting by accompanying you.” (Erich)

Ah. So that’s why no other hunter has entered until now.” (Wendelin)

There would be no complaint from the territory people if we use it exclusively since there’s so much wasted land in our territory. There’s also several other forests available that can be used for hunting and gathering. We can just focus on developing the common, uninhabited ground even if emigrants from other lands rise exponentially rather than doing something like reclaiming the land the Demon Forest is situated on.” (Erich)

You are right.” (Wendelin)

For the story that my magic was consented tacitly by my family, they must not have even wanted me to participate in a succession fight based on the story just told to me.

I have thought to leave the house earlier but there is no way I can be independent as I am not even 15 years of ages.

It’s said that I have hunted guinea fowl every day so the side dish for dinner would decrease later if I am gone.

Was that a joke?

Are they serious?

Even if I am not really sure about the reason, I was tacitly given consent to go to the forest everyday.

From dinner being only brown bread and vegetable soup, we can now have meat, yam, mushroom and fruit thanks to Wend. I’ve never felt this happy.” (Erich)

What about father and the other brothers doing the hunting?”(Wendelin)

Since many adult males were killed in battle five years ago, even our father is forced to plow the field by himself to fill their vacancies. Of course, it goes without saying that his sons do the very same thing.” (Erich)

Is that so…” (Wendelin)

That’s said, we can’t have only brown bread and vegetable soup in Kurt nii-san’s upcoming wedding reception. We’ll be expecting Wend here to come through.” (Erich)

He’s right. It would be the end for that noble if such a menu was put at the wedding party.

If Erich nii-san holds a bow then…” (Wendelin)

It would be easier if I don’t need to look for it by myself.” (Erich)

After about half a day, I searched and approached the big animals that I have always avoided using detection magic and reinforced the arrows that Erich-nii-san shot with magic. It’s worthwhile noting that Erich-nii-san has the best archery skills in Baumeister family.

It apparently true that Erich-nii-san archery skill is excellent.

There is no need to correct the arrow’s direction at all. The arrows which are powered by magic mercilessly hits the vitals of a wild boar, deer, badger and guinea fowl.

Erich-nii-san and me hastily removed the blood from our spoils that died in one hit from taking the arrow to the heart or head. The skin would be smeared with salt afterwards.

Honestly, it was a lot of hard work for a 7 years old child but I can strengthen my body with magic.

We finished dealing with the spoils without any problems.

So you have been holding back after all.” (Erich)

Would be strange for a 7 years old child to hunt wild boar alone right?” (Wendelin)

Frankly, it would not be strange if you are an excellent mage.” (Erich)

According to Erich-nii-san’s story, there are some mages born with a large amount of magic power. These mages could hunt monsters even if they were younger than me. There apparently many such warriors as well.

They can shoot fire-balls at least as big as softballs. Large animals and the likes of goblins and slow-moving zombies can be killed easily with these fire-balls.

And there also those that fight with bow and spear just like my strengthen physical strength.
The children here are really active unlike Earth.

Magic looks really amazing. To be able to strengthen my arrow’s power that I can shot this far.” (Erich)

For Erich-nii-san, it was easy as I just need to adjust the power since your aim is perfect.” (Wendelin)

I’ll take that praise as honour.” (Erich)

I first made arrows specially from earth magic by myself. I then hunt the prey with magic that flew to them. (e/d. I’m assuming here that it was the arrow he shot and not himself dashing into enemies)

But Erich-nii-san asked me why I bothered to do something troublesome like that.

Indeed, I had my own bow and arrow even as a kid.

After shooting the arrow normally, it was better to modify the trajectory and power without using magic uselessly.

Maybe I was using magic deliberately to waste it to increases my magic capacity. It was a habit to analyse it myself before I met master.

Alright, I guess this amount is enough for today.” (Erich)

Okay.” (Wendelin)

In front of us was all the animals we caught in large quantities that have already been bled dry.

Only I usually have access to the forest anyway.

If I think that way then this forest which isn’t damaged no matter what is still giving spoils.

Moreover, there still a lot of plains and forests that exists in the territory.

No monsters live here but since there are ferocious wild animals such as bears and wolves, woman and children and even a men with fighting power can’t go hunting and gathering alone.

But it should be not so difficult to develop farmland and settlements if father gathers people and lead it.

He has in fact already done it.

The troops that he sent five years ago. He was apparently not tempted by Margrave Breithilde but he taking part in it would be a more correct way of looking at it.” (Erich)

Land development was secondary. The primary purpose was to gather monster materials and meat to get rich quickly. the purpose must be to obtain materials for things such as magic medicine and elixir only obtained in area inhabited by monsters.

Erich-nii-san explains that the demand is high for the raw materials of magic potions that can cure injuries and illness and there is also material such as medical herbs, plants and animals.

Medical herbs that can be gathered from monster domains.

They are basically raw materials for herbal medicine that’s no different from my previous life.

Some, only typical to fantasy, are used to blocked wounds immediately, cure illnesses and finally there’s even medicine that can revive the dead.

What would they use the medical herbs for that have been taken from the monster domain? Some mages that are talented in pharmacology are able to manufacture the raw materials with magic power, either that or it can be used for healing magic.

For something that convenient, it currently has a high price set on it on top of the wage was added for it’s manufacture costs.

Anyone hardly enters our Demon Forest. Even precious medical herbs and materials collected come from near the entrance of the Demon Forest.” (Erich)

In return, there’s no monster domain near Margrave Breithilde’s territory so those materials might not be obtained if didn’t go further inside.

Even if they are careful about indiscriminate hunting, it will take more time to gather such materials compared to letting normal medical herbs to grow and become material.

And no matter how much Margrave Breithilde prohibits indiscriminate hunting, there’s no way to actually confirm that the adventurers are completely following the rule given that they venture deep into the monster’s domain.

You don’t say! You don’t want to tell me that father did such a thing only for the sake of getting raw materials, I hope. Although they prepared a just cause for the sake of raising a large army, they ended up provoking the monsters because of that. We can’t do anything but laugh about that.” (Wendelin)

So Erich nii-san in his heart wants to complain to the previous Margrave Breithilde head.

As a result of their egoism, Erich-nii-san from the Baumeister family was also distressed because his departure time from this house was delayed.

The other brothers who are hunting elsewhere must also feel the same way.

And that’s the reason we hunt for materials like this is for the feast of the wedding party.

I guess this would be enough for today. We can still go out and hunt for another three days. No need to try and complete everything by today.” (Erich)

I also agree with Erich-nii-san opinion. We return to the mansion in a hurry while pulling a bicycle-drawn cart with our catch in it.

It should be noted that Erich nii-san with me has captured a lot of prey compared to the hunter in the village and our other brothers.

Even after three days, the outstanding hunting outcome can be anticipated in some way.

And in five days, Kurt, the eldest son’s wife, with her escort group, at last arrive after a long journey. The wedding was held with the church old priest manages by himself.

Like Christianity in my previous world, the wedding take place in a church.

Amalie the bride was 18 years old this year.

There some distant in their age but people in this world are not really worried about it. This also includes high royalty, nobility and successful, wealthy merchants.

They can be re-married to daughter’s from a lower class like this and often increases their mistresses.

And to Amalie, getting married at her age is something normal in this world.

There’s some that tend to marry late like successful woman adventurers that put man to shame but common and noble woman usually married before they’re 20 years old.

It was varies between individuals so no one would bad mouth her needlessly until about her early twenties.

But people will treat her as a middle-aged woman when she passes the age of 25.

The Meinbach family which is Amalie’s family, is in better financial condition compared to a knight peerage family like us. As such, she received an expensive dress that was ordered for the big moment which happen only once in her whole life.

Besides, even the gift quality like the pieces of furniture sent with her looks good. That just goes to show how important a noble needs to maintain their appearance at a time like this.

I will not be a noble so there is no way I will put on such display.

Another week…” (Erich)

Erich nii-san suddenly let out a sigh during the ceremonies.

In one week, the second son Helman will be officially adopted into the village headman’s family which is his wife’s family

After making sure of that, the third son Paul, fourth son Helmut and fifth son Erich will receive money from father to finally leave the house.

Everyone seems to plan to take the exam for soldiers and petty officials in the Imperial city.

They can live independently if they pass it so everyone desperately trains in swordmanship and studies in their spare time.

“…” (Wendelin)

It still impossible for Wend to become independent.” (Erich)

I can do it if I want to but there’s nothing I can do now as my appearance still that of 7 years old brat.

If I leave home in this state, father and mother at worst could blamed for “Throwing away an unnecessary child despite a noble”.

I had no choice but endure it for eight years at most.

I hardly talked with Kurt nii-san and Helman nii-san though.”

Our ages are far apart like a parent and child and I have talent in magic. There might be a problem which can become a land mine about Baumeister family succession later on.

As result, I’m not sure how to talk with them.

I am not hated but it can be understood easily that there some distance between us.

Sigh…is this the start of my lone life.’

A week later, the second son, Helman, wedding ends safely. Erich nii-san and the other brothers made sure of that take the money no matter how much the Baumeister family can give them for remuneration in abandoning the heirship and went out traveling by accompanying caravan’s who do business with our territory return to Imperial City.

Visit the Imperial city when you grow up. I’ll greet you there.” (Erich)

The gentle Erich nii-san talks with some anxiety about me but I didn’t really talk with the other brothers either.

Sigh…my lone life seriously begins now.’

I should at least continue to find a way to kill time.

While I look at Erich nii-san figure that gradually fades away, I kept thinking about my future after this.


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