Chapter 14 – Erich-nii-san

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So the heir is finally getting married…there are many things that will happen to us too…’ (Wendelin)

The next day Father reports that Kurt-nii-san, who had turned 26 this year, is finally getting married. Erich-nii-san and I, as usual, head to the forest with the aim of hunting and gathering.

If you were to ask why, it is because the bride will arrive at the Baumeister Knight Territory within a few days. At which time, the wedding will be held.

Though a bit small, it’s still pretty much a wedding for a noble. Ceremonies in a countryside village located in a remote area with nothing in it, allows its inhabitants, whom are usually hungry for entertainment, to celebrate together.

Actually, I think our Baumeister family in the end, will bear the cost of the dishes and liquor served at the wedding.

Well, leaving aside the stories about the real intention and theory behind it, there must be hundreds of people who will come to the wedding party to eat and drink. That means a huge amount of food and liquor is needed.

On the other hand, it will become a problem if the lord that governs this land is stingy with the wedding party. For nobles that govern territory, people think poorly of the territory’s noble for being stingy. This can become the source of many problems later on.

Although we usually endure tasteless brown bread and very bland vegetable soup, we can’t eat them now. We must prepare food for the feast and provide enough liquor to the extent that the wedding guests become unable to gulp anymore down.

For the dowry that is paid by the bride’s parents’ family, even if the bride’s clothes and accessories were prepared by her parents’ family, the husband’s clothes must be newly made and then there is also the matter of the feast and liquor to be served at the party that I just explained.

We are just poor nobles. Anyway, the material and monetary loss from recklessly sending troops to the Demon Forest can’t be ignored.

Rebuilding the territory’s structure while finding a wife for Kurt nii-san who is the heir… only by saving can the family hold this ceremony.

Normally, male nobles usually get married before the age of 20. Why was Kurt nii-san single until the age of 25? That is the present harsh reality that can’t be mentioned without tears.

It’s good that Kurt nii-san is getting married.’ (Wendelin)

Honestly, a territory with only a poor village in such a rural area. I can’t inherit it from the start. as I am the eighth son though I’ve never thought that I’d want to inherit it either.

To become independent quickly and live as an adventurer, that has been my only dream.

But isn’t it too fast for the other brothers to be driven out?’ (Wendelin)

After the wedding, as it was uncommon for adults like my brothers to remain in the house together. Each of them must leave the house to become independent.

According to noble customs, the children after the second son must leave the house since they can’t take over the territory and the family name. It is common knowledge that handing over money for the outfitting cost is implied as an apology to those that cannot succeed the territory.

The sum of money is not really a big deal but since I have many brothers on top of being poor, this apparently takes time to prepare.

Except for me, who is still 7 years old and the second son, Hermann, the three people from the third son to fifth son, will leave the house to become independent. Hermann nii-san who is yet to marry, as a backup for Kurt nii-san who is unlikely to suddenly die, will also become a bridegroom; but for the vassal’s family that belongs to the relatives’ lineage several months later.

The vassal family is my Father’s uncle’s parents’ family who previously led our Baumeister Knight Territory army that was sent to the Demon forest. Of course at the time, he was killed in battle and Father’s male cousin who was the heir and son was also killed in battle. Elsewhere, the remaining male heirs also suffered from one misfortune after another.

The person who’s related to granduncle’s granddaughter is now barely maintaining the house.

Hermann nii-san is engaged to that granddaughter to succeed the house.

I mean, the story looks like the drama in NHK though the place is pitifully small.

Back to the topic. With our Baumeister family deciding many plans like that, we will be busy preparing for the wedding which is the reason why Erich-nii-san and I are in the forest.

Though the reason can be imagined easily, Father ordered me to gather ingredients for the dishes that will be served at the wedding.

And I ended up partnering with Erich-nii-san for some reason. I don’t want to show magic in the presence of others and now I have a companion for some reason. As I said earlier, that partner is Erich-nii-san.

He is the closest to me so I can’t be deceitful to him. It is impossible for a 7 year-old like me though to harvest without magic.

When I’m wondering what to do, Erich-nii-san comes to talk to me.

Do not hold back, you may use magic.” (Erich)

Erm…” (Wendelin)

Erich-nii-san sudden remark “You may use magic” makes me speechless but in fact I didn’t believe I could conceal it from the others that I can use magic.

Thinking about it normally, a child that’s still 7 years old has entered a forest, where wolves and bears are known to appear, alone. Furthermore, he had obtained results from hunting and gathering that would put an adult to shame. Magic that is used to strengthen the muscle strength and speed of powerless people is a relatively popular magic, though this magic has a difference in grade.

One of the reasons that I was not worried about entering the forest alone was because I had imagined that my family had laid out a gag order or tacit consent of minimal use of magic.

Wend is smart enough. So much so that you wouldn’t think that you were only 7 years-old.” (Erich)

The day I incarnated into the Baumeister house as Wendelin, the eighth son, it was possible to know Wendelin’s time from before his sixth year through a dream. Before I was reincarnated as Wendelin, he didn’t show any talent as a mage, but he always read books and stayed in Father’s study room. Apparently he had shown behaviour unsuitable for his age.

He seems to have performed many things in common with the current me.

Right. Father, Mother, and our brothers; the whole family knew except Wend: About Wend’s talent in magic.” (Erich)

I had such a premonition, but one question appears. Why can’t I make the best use of my magic to develop the territory?

And as if Erich-nii-san notices my question, he immediately answered me.

If the young Wend decides to demonstrate his talent in magic to the people of the territory, it will be the start of a family feud.” (Erich)

For family succession of nobles in this world, the eldest son is basically given priority. This goes for royalty as well as nobles. Additionally, the social position of the wife who gives birth to the child is an important factor.

The village headman is not a noble. The children of Leila, who is Father’s mistress, basically have no rights for inheritance. They would only inherit the house when no male children are born to the legal wife, if that ever happens.

In a case where the legal wife’s children are only girls, the judgment depends on the noble. In some cases a bridegroom is married to the eldest daughter to make him inherit, and in other cases, the eldest son from the mistress inherits.

In short, the legal wife’s children are given priority. There is also the custom of the eldest son having priority but in the end, the Father’s decision as the family head takes precedence.

Because of these customs, family feuds often occur resulting in bloodshed on both sides. When noticed by the royal family, their territory is reduced as punishment if they can’t get the uproar under control on their own and in the end they receive punishments like a change in rank.

Wend wants to leave the house just like us right?” (Erich)

Yes, I want to make my way up as an adventurer during my youth.” (Wendelin)

Don’t bother then. Father also understands that.” (Erich)

Really?” (Wendelin)

He can’t read kanji, but he is pretty much the head of a noble family.” (Erich)

Father expected that in the event that I were to grandly demonstrate magic for the people of our territory, more than just benefiting the territory, the vassals and people of the territory will make a commotion by irresponsibly saying “Since Wendelin is able to use magic, isn’t he more suitable as the future Baumeister family head?”, and it would likely become unbearable once they create a suspicious faction.

Even if that doesn’t happen, the failure of sending troops five years ago will pull the strings.” (-)

For this, forget land clearing to expand the agricultural land, there won’t even be enough manpower to manage the normal agricultural work. Even in the name of temporarily raising the tax slightly until the damage from such an incident is recovered, that can become the reason for the territory people’s dissatisfaction.

Above all, there were no victims. not even one person from the Baumeister head family that had sent troops. Perhaps due to the family not sending any members, there is a certain portion of territory people who are dissatisfied.

In fact, there’s also the grand uncle of the vassal lineage and the three sons in the branch family who were killed in battle.” (Erich)

Due to the eldest son being killed in battle, in granduncle’s family. only the girls are left. It’s because of this that the second son Hermann will take over the house as bridegroom a few months later.

It would be a lie to say that there is no dissatisfaction from grand uncle’s family because of this.

So Wend’s magic doesn’t need to be openly advertised.” (Erich)

There are definitely people who will come out to make a fuss, stating that I am the only one suitable as Baumeister house’s next family head.

Though there might be people who have noticed it indirectly, that doesn’t mean they have any evidence unless Wend publicly display’s his magical prowess.” (Erich)

Got it, I’ll stay tacitly in the forest for that.” (Wendelin)

You can leave the house without hesitation when you turn 15.” (Erich)

Personally, I want to leave home earlier.” (Wendelin)

I know from Erich nii-san that there is a budding risk of a small-scale family feud. I am seriously thinking about growing up faster to leave this territory.


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