Chapter 13 – Heir’s marriage

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On the frontier of the Helmut Kingdom located on the southern part of the Lingaia continent, the current head of the Baumeister house is Artur von Benno Baumeister. Three months after I took over the body of the eighth son Wendelin von Benno Baumeister,…

A lot of events took place in the space of that time. It was as if I had been tossed into a flood.
Personally I’ve enjoyed this situation though.

Since I’m just the useless eighth son and plays no part in the family’s social standing nor its control over my house’s territory. As such, I could be seen as being a noble in name only. My actions aren’t restricted though. I’m allowed to go outside and practice magic. I’ve apparently been gifted with talent in magic which is something rare in this world given that only a few people in this world possess it.

Honestly, they’re probably just too busy to be bothered dealing with a 6 six year old kid.

Recently, I’ve succeeded in significantly improving my magical power by employing a special training method known as capacity adjustment taught by my master, the famous mage, Alfred Reinford.

The truth is, I wanted him to teach me a lot more things but he was already dead by the time I met him. He became a talking corpse at the risk of becoming a zombie in order to look for someone with high enough magic powers to pass on his magic.

In the end, he taught me how to use holy magic and had me use it on him. This was done in order to help him pass on peacefully. I inherited his inheritance as proof of my graduation.

The inheritance I obtained included various resources as well a sizable amount of money that was enough for you to go through life without ever having to work.

Although I am still a 6 year old kid, I’m still under the protection of my parents.

It can be said that the fact that I have to wait to become independent is unfair since I am 25 years old on the inside. I will work hard in order to become independent as soon as possible and leave this house.

In preparation for when I become independent and gain my freedom, I’m investing all my time into studying, practicing martial arts, and magic.

And what’s more…

It seems I turned 7 years old a few days ago.

Based on social status, there is a custom of celebrating the birthdays of children in the royal family and of richer nobles. Low ranking nobles like us only celebrate the birthdays of the eldest son.

Since I am already an adult on the inside, I didn’t really care about having a birthday party. The only brother from the noble side of the family that congratulated me on turning 7 years old was Erich.

It feels weird saying that he’s from the noble side of my family but I guess with this, it’s understood that the older brothers whom the mistress gave birth to was not included in my earlier statement.

The sixth and seventh son that the mistress gave birth to can’t be referred to as brothers. At least that’s what mother told me.

This is because nobles tend to be strict when it comes to differences in social status.

My brother Erich is the fifth son and he turns 17 years old this year. He has a slender body and lacks physical strength but he’s a handsome and gentle brother. He’s always the first one to talk and care for me who’s still just an immature kid.

He’s popular among the ladies in this territory. Whether it be the young Ojou-chans, the slightly older Ojou-sans, or the noble Ojou-sans.

Actually, the faces of the people from the Baumeister house aren’t all that good.
Though not ugly, most of them are average.

The Baumeister house is also rather lacking when it comes to talent.
Nobles that establish their territories through migrating, claiming new land and taking poor people, especially those from the Imperial city tend to be smart and skillful. There aren’t any inferior or foolish family heads after all.

For example, Artur personally helps clear land for cultivation day-after-day alongside his sons. He does so in order to help make up for the many adult male workers lost when our house sent troops to the Demon Forest five years ago,

As a matter of fact, the people of this territory can’t use magic. Even the swordsmanship of the knights seems doubtful.
Instead, thanks to use of joint hunting tactics to obtain meat carried out a few times a year, the bow has become the main weapon of those who live in this territory as well as one of their strong points.

All children in the Baumeister house inherited this talent for the bow.
Although our territory is right next to the Demon Forest, there’s no worry of monster attacks since monsters don’t leave their domain. That’s also why the bow has become very useful way for securing meat.

Though it does take hundreds of kilometers of marching to reach the Demon Forest.

This is the reason for Erich nii-sans and my sword practice being rather short.
There are only a few chances if any, to use a sword despite being a knight. As such, there wasn’t much of an incentive to focus on sword training.

Although I do train every day, almost always with Erich nii-san, I am no good with the sword so this saves me some trouble.

Erich nii-san is the best bow-user in this territory. He’s just like me when it comes to reading. I often read in my father’s study room since I’m not limited to reading only hiragana and katakana like the other members of families.

“In the near future I intend to take the test to become a petty officer in the imperial city.” (Erich)

I see, since he didn’t have any talent in magic like me, he decided to embark on the path of becoming a petty officer.

You could say our family’s always been the like that but in fact, a big change is about to occur.

Word of our eldest brother’s marriage has finally arrived via father.

“Kurt’s bride is going to be the second daughter of the Meibach family, Amalie. The marriage is scheduled to be held next week as soon as she arrives in our territory.” (Artur)

Dinner today has become somewhat luxurious thanks to me. It consists of brown bread as usual, soup with vegetables and meat, as well as roasted guinea fowl. Today during dinner, father announced to the whole family that our eldest brother, Kurt, is getting married.

“So, the time has finally arrived…” (Erich) (e/d i’m guessing)

After dinner, my three brothers with whom I share a room with, all went back to our room and started packing

My third and fourth oldest brothers didn’t own many things so they finished their packing in no time at all.

“Erich nii-san, why are you, Paul nii-san, and Helmut nii-san packing?” (Wendelin)

“This is because Kurt nii-san, the heir of this house is getting married. When the ceremony ends, we’ll have to leave.” (Erich)

Erich gives me a detailed explanation.
At times like this, Erich nii-san willingly explains things in details without looking down on me for being a kid.

In this world, people are considered adults once they are somewhere between the ages of 15 and 17 year old.
There is some deviation as to when people become adults within that age group but in the end it all comes down to the parent’s discretion. Still, it’s a bit overdue for the third brother Paul and the fourth brother Helmut.

The truth is, they were supposed to have left a long time ago but due to the loss of manpower five years ago, my three brothers stayed back in order to help the family. After all, even the children who aren’t heirs are supposed to at least help the family sometimes.

Thanks to the fact that the marriage of our oldest brother, Kurt, was postponed in order to keep my three older brothers at home to help, my three older brothers had time to save some money. Kurt wasn’t very happy over having his marriage postponed though.

“Honestly, due to the issue of dowry, people have no interest in marrying us.” (Erich)

True, I suppose there aren’t many noble’s daughters that are willing to get marry and live their new lives in a poor village that’s separated from the nearest territory by mountains.

With the birth of a child comes issues with the bride’s nepotism that could, in the worst case scenario, cause the Baumeister family to sink deep into debt.

“Well, I wonder if it would’ve been better to marry like Kurt nii-san.”

I feel sorry for Hermann, my second oldest brother. he’s simply being kept around in case something ever happened and Kurt, my oldest brother, ends up passing away.
It’ll be a good thing for Kurt nii-san and his bride to have a child but I can’t help but feel bitter over the fact that I’ll have to stay at home and help with the farm until I gain my freedom.

Honestly, I envy my departing brothers a little.

“I’ll be heading to the Imperial city like our other brothers after the ceremony. I know you’ll be lonely here without me Wend but live energetically.” (Erich)

“I will. thank you.” (Wendelin)

“I’ll send you letter later.” (Erich)

“I’ll be sure to reply.” (Wendelin)

“How nice. Although there are few people in this house that can write letters, Wend’s able to write properly.” (Erich)

Two weeks later, I lost the person who understood me most. That left me with the bitter taste of loneliness. I was 7 years old at the time.


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