Chapter 12 – Master heritage

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“I’ll stop feeling sad. I am happy that in the end you got to pass on peacefully master.” (Wendelin) (e/d: just for this chapter since we’ll be jumping between Wendelin’s monologue and him reading a letter, i’ll add names behind the italics to make it easier to tell the difference between the two)

I resolved myself after master passed on.
I didn’t make a grave for master.
He already said that he didn’t need a grave. He was satisfied so long as someone remembered him so I complied with his wish.

But there was one problem.
The magic bag. Specifically the contents which were left behind by master as a memento.
Master was an orphan with no relatives.
Because of that, there’s no problem with me inheriting his possessions.
Even if there is, it would’ve just rotted away in the depths of the demon forest if I hadn’t appeared.
Thus even if master has a formal heir, I doubt they would’ve gone to get it since it would mean risking their life.

Master was an excellent magician as well as an excellent adventurer before he was hired by Margrave Breithilde.
Heading towards the demon forest in order to claim his possessions would only lead to death. As such, even if the possessions were bountiful, it wasn’t enticing enough for someone to personally risk their life for it.
Although one could hire an adventurer to retrieve it, the odds of someone accepting the request were practically nil.

Ordinary people would naturally give up.

In fact, even Margrave Breithilde who incurred major damage from sending troops didn’t bother trying to search for the memento at all.

“Let’s confirm the contents for now, I hope there’s a good magic tool inside.” (Wendelin)

I touch the little mana prism that’s attached to the magic bag and transmit my magic into it.
By doing so, a list of all the items that exist in the magic bag appears in my mind alongside a letter from master.

I take it out of the magic bag immediately and open it. In the letter contains a carefully written list of all the items in the magic bag.

“Thanks to this I won’t have to struggle with the long list of things that appeared in my mind.” (Wendelin)

The contents of the letter were as follows:

First, it states that he wanted our parting words to be simple so he prepared this letter in advance.
Next, the fact that this letter was taken from the bag was proof that the ownership of the bag had been passed on to me.

“Even after your magic capacity was increased by the capacity adjustment, your magic capacity still further increased considerably in the short period of time that you trained with me. Until you reach your maximum magic capacity, never neglect your training. These are the contents of my heritage that I’m passing on to you…” (Alfred)

First is equipment such as robes and accessories that master had kept. There was also the staff and magic sword that master used as well as a bow that shot magic arrows. Finally, several knifes made of orichalium and mithril.

Master was indeed a master adventurer.
All the accessories had magical effects and as such they were all expensive.

Next was a kind of magic tools that were only usable by magicians that were used for daily life. The general-purpose version of the item can be traded for a high-price and occupies half the market.

There was a magic tool that was meant to be used as a refrigerator as it was able to produced ice.” (Alfred)
For the most part it’s a general-purpose item but it was written in here that he had picked it up in some ruins during his time as an adventurer.

Adventuring is a job in which people invaded monster domains, obtain materials and meat from hunting said monsters and collected the plants and minerals that exists within the domains.
Aside from that, it also entails exploring ruins or dungeons from old magic civilizations which for some reason, were always infested with monsters. These explorations were in order to obtain ancient heritages.

It’s just that only a few adventurers could actually achieve this feat.

Old magic civilizations which died out about a million years ago excelled in the manufacturing of magic tools. These magic tools were by a large margin superior to what’s manufactured nowadays. It’s a fact that exploring ruins/dungeons will yield expensive magic tools but it also comes with great danger.

Due to the danger of exploring ruins/dungeons, not many people manage to survive. Master though accomplished this feat several times during his time as an adventurer.

“It’s a fact that entering monster domains with a party made up of a few elites has an overwhelmingly higher chance of success. I was going to explain this to Margrave Breithilde but…” (Alfred)
I instinctively let out a wry smile due to the fact that the tone of the letter made me feel as if master was talking to me.
“The purpose of the expedition was to claim new land. As such, a large army was necessary in order to exterminate all of the monsters in it. It’s no mystery why we weren’t able to survive. For the first few days, we were successful in some large scale monster extermination skirmishes but while we were in high spirits, we got separated and swarmed by monsters. As a result, only a few of our people survived. As for the few that survived, not even half were able to go on as soldiers.” (Alfred)

Come to think of it, from amongst those that survived from our Baumeister knight territory’s army, I remember seeing those that I had helped with farming and cultivating cowering as if they were frightened of something. These survivors had been exempted from military drafting after returning.

They must’ve been traumatized.

“Back to what I was saying, I tried to limit the amount of troops we sent as much as possible but, Margrave Breithilde wouldn’t compromise at all. So, in order to maintain the soldiers’ morale I decided to reward the soldiers based on their hunting results.” (Alfred)

Due to the amount of people that were hunting, the amount of materials and meat they obtained from the monsters was quite substantial. These materials were later sold and a reward was given proportionate to what that soldier had hunted.

As long as the soldiers’ purses were full, the soldiers wouldn’t be reckless should danger present itself. They would instead be in the mood to retreat since they wouldn’t want to die after earning a significant sum of money. Margrave Breithilde was also compensating them just for being deployed through money and honor. Through the revenue from the sale of these materials, the deficit created from maintaining the army was covered. (Summary: Pretty much a “small to large” reward that depended on the amount of monsters subjugated so that they’d be motivated to work and a periodic “medium” reward just for being deployed so that they don’t try to rush it and endanger themselves.)

Master dispatched the troops believing that to be the case.

What happened though was that the soldiers became greedy because of all the money they could earn and declared that they wouldn’t withdraw until they exterminated every last the monster in the Demon Forest. Not long after that, they were annihilated.

“And since the logistical difficulties would decrease if I was present…” (Alfred)

The war potential would increase even if master wasn’t on the front lines. One such reason would be his magic bag.
The ordinarily burden of transporting supplies for 2,000 of Margrave Breithilde soldiers became easy.

Compared to the nearby territories, the Demon Forest’s high mountains were particularly tall. In order to pass these mountains that were even taller than Mt. Fuji, they’d have to travel about 300 kilometers.
Also, since the only nearby territory, Baumeister knight territory’s, had a population of around 800 people, there was no way the territory could supply enough food for 2,000 soldiers.

With the exception of the Baumeister knight territory’s military, even if they were a joint army with the purpose of to claiming new lands, using the Baumeister knight territory’s resources to help sustain the army to was out of the question.

Transporting the resources necessary for an army of 2,000 would take several months ordinarily and to transport them up mountains that are taller than Mt. Fuji…
When master wrote the letter, he lamented over the realization of how reckless the plan had been.

I wonder why father never taught me about this.
In order to make up for the losses from the expedition even if only by a small fraction, father had grand-uncle lead an army of 100 soldiers into the Demon Forest. This however only resulted in even more losses.

“I think you should understand the implications of this; all the food and resources in this magic bag were meant to be used by the joint army comprising of Margrave Breithilde’s army and Baumeister’s knight territory army.” (Alfred)

The magic bag of a powerful magician. I wonder how much it can store.

For Margrave Breithilde to be able to prepare enough resources for 2,000 soldiers was something in and of itself but for master’s magic power to be enough to store such a staggering amount resources, it seems master’s magic power was quite frightening.

“I guess you’re wondering how much my magic power is.” (Alfred)

He read my mind, the next line contained the exact tsukkomi.

“It’s enough to store food for 2,000 people over the course of 3 months, so…” (Alfred)

The majority of it consists of hard-baked bread mixed with salt that can be preserved for a long time, cookies with no sugar, salted meat, and some sort of sauerkraut in barrels. I can’t really understand how this magic bag works even after thinking about it carefully.

Inside the magic bag, the laws of physics deviate due to the influence of magic. Not only can it store much more than a bag of its size should be able to hold, it also stops time for the things stored inside of it. Thanks to that, the contents of the magic bag haven’t aged at all.

It’s thanks to magic bags like these that wealthy middle class citizens that live in the imperial city located at the heart of the continent can enjoy fresh fish from the sea for dinner.

This was something I learned from a book. Honestly, I really want to grow up quickly and leave this inconvenient rural area. (E/d: book not letter?)

Next are the backup weapons and armor.
They’re mostly created from iron and bronze.
Just like the spare tents, the equipment gives off a feeling like they belong to a medieval army. There was also a concern over the supply of drinkable water. As such, many leather bags filled with water were also transported for the sake of boosting the soldiers’ morale.
There are also a lot of alcohol products varying from those used for treating injuries to those used for recreational purposes. Examples of this alcohol would include Margrave Breithilde’s territory produced wine and a vast amount of distilled liquors such as brandy.

Adults that love wine apparently exist in every world.

In my previous life I also used to drink it every evening. I wasn’t a heavy drinker though.
Although in this world I had given up on drinking since I had no way of obtaining it now.

“Next, there’s the large amount of monster meat and materials was the loot collected in the demon forest…” (Alfred)

The bag was filled tons of loot and a lot of precious items.
But even if I have all this loot, the current me can’t make use of it.

I should just leave it alone for now. After all, so long as it stays in the magic bag it won’t deteriorate.

“Lastly, a large amount of jewels, ornaments, silver coins, and gold coins…” (Alfred)

During the expedition, Margrave Breithilde had intended to appear as a big-shot noble by offering a large reward to the soldiers involved. As such, master was carrying the reward in his magic bag…

The magic bag contains enough money to make a person feel dizzy.

“The current me can’t use it at the moment though.” (Wendelin)

There are no stores in this village where I could just casually go shopping. Even if there were, I can’t let people know about the existence of this bag.
No matter how much they care about me, being the eight son and all, what would my family do if they found out I had this much money?

In the worst case scenario it might even pose a threat to my life.

“So the contents are off limits until I’ve grown up.” (Wendelin)

I really want to wear master’s robe and accessories that have been infused with powerful magic but my body is still only 6 years old.
The problem is one of size. I have no choice but to wait for my body to grow.

“Fuh…I should head back…” (Wendelin)

I stored master’s equipment in the magic bag and headed home with it.


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