Chapter 11 – Parting with master

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“But that’s…” (Wendelin)

“I’m reaching my limit. Soon, my consciousness and reason will disappear. I don’t want to turn into a zombie that instinctively attacks people.” (Alfred)

For my graduation test, master was asking me to assist him in passing on peacefully through the use of holy magic. I hesitated a bit.

But master was begging me. He wanted to rest in peace as soon as possible.

“I thought that I was truly an excellent magician so I retained my consciousness and reasoning while maintaining in my body for a long time.” (Alfred)

Ordinary talking corpses can only retain their forms for about one year.
Beyond that, their consciousness and reasoning gradually fade, their flesh gradually rots and they become no different from zombies.

“Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, I don’t have much time left. As my disciple, won’t you assist me in passing on peacefully?” (Alfred)

“Master…I understand.” (Wendelin)

I turn to the page on Holy magic. It was the last topic in the book master gave me and read the contents.
It only covered the basic concepts.
In the end, it really just depends on my own aptitude to see if I’ll be able use this magic.

Since it was a special magic, I wasn’t even able to trigger a response as first.
Gradually, pale light peticuliar to holy magic began to pour out from both my hands as if it was overflowing.

“I’m sorry, I can’t demonstrate it for you.” (Alfred)

Although master said that apologetically, since a talking corpse was an undead monster, it’s only natural for master to be unable to use holy magic.

After about an hour of repeated practice, I finally succeeded in learning how to use the light magic that will assist master in passing on peacefully.

“The time has finally come.” (Alfred)

The time for master to pass on peacefully has finally arrived. While sniffling and shedding tears, light accumulated at my fingertips. I invoked the light magic.

Master was a high-ranking mage during his lifetime, pretty much a monster at that. As such, I had to accumulate a considerable amount of magic power in order for him to pass on peacefully.

“Master…” (Wendelin)

“I’m happy. After wandering around as a talking corpse in the depths of the monster’s domain in order to teach my skills to a disciple like this, whether it be to heaven or hell I can pass on peacefully.” (Alfred)
“Master…” (Wendelin)

My tears didn’t stop.
It’s certainly true that in order to master magic in this world, you have to rely on your own hard work to learn it.
That’s because the probability of someone else’s training method suiting someone is abysmally low.

But master’s training method suited me miraculously.
As a result of these two weeks of training, I have obtained power equivalent to many years of training by myself.

I’ve even learned how to perform capacity adjustment, and my magic capacity compared to before the training has increased by tens of times compared to what it was before.

“I want you to continue training diligently without becoming conceited. Exactly like you’ve been doing till now. You… Wend will become a mage that will leave his name in history… Ah, one last thing.” (Alfred)

Master didn’t have a family.
Although he did once possess a mansion and a small sum of money in the Margrave Breithilde territory as a retainer, it wasn’t brought up since it has probably been repossessed by the Margrave Breithilde’s house.

But there was the equipment that he had when he died.
The robe and hat for when my body grows up, the magic sword that produces attribute magic, and the accessories like rings and necklaces he had on.

As well as the most precious of all, the magic bag, which held the majority of his things. Master passed all of these things to me.

“Magic bag” was a term often heard when it came to some RPGs.

It was a magic item that could hold a large amount of goods that would normally exceed the capacity of a bag of the same size.

In this world, magic bags are classified into several types.
First it was classified the same way as other magic tools; either as a specialized item that can only be used by magicians or a general-purpose item that can be used by everyone.
Next was whether it was the type that can be registered in advance to the user(s) as an exclusive item that can only be used by the registrant(s) or the general-purpose type that can be used by anyone.

Few magicians are able to make ones that are usable by anyone and they’re expensive. They also tend to have capacity problems, although there are some that have large capacities.

“The magic bag that I’ve entrusted to you can only be used by magicians and only if they have been registered, like you. In terms of capacity, it’s proportional to the magic capacity of the user so the capacity will increase as the user’s magic capacity increases.” (Alfred)

As he said that, master handed a magic bag the size of a drawstring bag with a mana crystal that looked like a bead attached to it.

“It’s small but the mouth will grow when you put something big in it, so it’s fine. I’ll be entrusting all of its contents to you. After all, it’s better for you to have them compared to letting them decay in the Demon Forest. I’m counting on you.” (Alfred)

“Yes…” (Wendelin)

When I finally shot the holy light that had been accumulating towards master, my tears begin to speed up alongside my runny nose.

Master was wrapped in a vortex of pale light in an instant.

“This is a good magic. I don’t feel pain but instead it’s like I’ve been wrapped in a cozy warmth.” (Alfred)

Contrary to master’s words, his body was becoming transparent.
Master really is going to disappear soon.

“Master, thank you for everything till now.” (Wendelin)

“Thanks for letting me die pleasantly. let’s meet again in the other world, in about a hundred years from now.” (Alfred)

I wondered about that last part but after he said that, the only things left were his equipment and magic bag. His body had ascended to heaven along with a pale light.

This is my memory of the short exchange with Alfred Reinford, the one whom I deemed my only true master.


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