Chapter 10 – Encounter with my magic master

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“Finally, a human on the same wavelength. What is your name?” (Alfred)

The day after I heard the stories about the talking corpse from my father, I entered the forest as usual and a person around the age of 30 with pale skin started talking to me.




“My name is Alfred Reinford. A magician retainer of Margrave Breithilde when I was alive.” (Alfred)

The person who suddenly started talking to me was apparently the talking corpse from the discussion last night. I did not sense him with my detection magic and since he suddenly started talking to me while I was looking down in my gathering spot, I got a shock.

“I seem to have surprised you. I’ve finally found a human with the same wavelength as me so I got impatient. Sorry.” (Alfred)

He has a good figure, speaks well and behaves gentlemanly. This handsome nii-san apologetically bowed to the surprised me.

Considering his good personality and handsomeness, if I was a woman, I would have likely fallen in love with him.

He’d be perfect if not for the pale skin but that was after all one of the main characteristics of a talking corpse.

“You are quite skilled in detection magic considering your age, or you could say that a magician that can use detection magic like you is valuable. Ah, about me not being caught by your detection magic, that doesn’t mean that all ghost type monsters are undetectable. I just happen to be an expert in deceiving detection magic.” (Alfred)

“That’s a frightful magic.” (Wendelin)

“You’re right. It is a magic that maybe only 10 people on this continent can use. Of course I am going to have you learn it too.” (Alfred)

“Huh?” (Wendelin)

In response to what the talking corpse suddenly proposed, I unconsciously let out a strange voice.

“Did you hear about the possible method to make talking corpses pass peacefully?” (Alfred)

“Yes, fulfill their wish according to the story I heard.” (Wendelin)

“My wish is to meet a disciple and pass on the magic that I obtained in my 30 years of life. You excel in magic and have been successful in obtaining near first class abilities through self-teaching. Your comprehension of magic is almost completely self-taught but you can learn the secrets of magic from me. Even if it is only for one week, your proficiency would increase.” (Alfred)

After the exchange, I became the disciple of Alfred Reinford the magician retainer of the former Margrave Breithilde.

In the mornings, after finishing some simple martial arts training, I go towards the depths of the forest where my master waits for me with a smile. This is of course done after hunting animals and gathering materials needed for me to carry in order to deceive my family.

The time that was once used for hunting and gathering was now being used for magic training as much as possible.

“But still, that was amazing.” (Wendelin)

“You won’t need to worry about provisions when you can use magic.” (Alfred)

As expected, Master also skilfully took down guinea fowl’s quickly by using magic. He also learnt my crossbow magic very quickly by imitating it.

“Well then, let’s begin.” (Alfred)

“What should we do first?” (Wendelin)

“All right, I’ll teach you the training method for capacity adjustment.” (Alfred)

I don’t know much about this at all since I am a self-taught magician, but there is this training method that increases the magic capacity of one in a short period of time.

This is done by creating a circle while grasping both of the other person’s hands and gradually circulating a lot of magic through both peoples’ bodies.

Eventually, the magic capacity of the magician with a lesser magic capacity will rise and match the magician with a greater magic capacity.

“But there is one issue. Since the maximum magic capacity of a person is determined at birth, if the magic capacity increase exceeds the maximum magic capacity of a person, their capacity will only increase until it reaches their maximum value.” (Alfred)

Put simply, when two people are matched, one with 10 and the other with 100 as their magic capacity, the magic capacity of the person with 10 should theoretically become 100.

But if the limit is 10 then it won’t increase, and if it is 30, it will only increase till 30.

Even if it doesn’t increase by more than 100 or 200, I can’t really skip out on training if it’s like that.

“I have ten times more magic capacity than you, it should help you since you still have room to grow in terms of magic capacity.” (Alfred)

“Is it safe for magic capacity to suddenly grow so quickly?” (Wendelin)

“Hahaha, you won’t explode. When someone with a low maximum capacity receives a large amount of magic all at once, the person will become ill for two to three days because of magic sickness but there won’t be any danger to the person’s life.” (Alfred)

While listening to the potential side effects of the magic, master and I connect both our hands.

Master’s hand is a little cold, well he is dead after all.

After I close my eyes, we both channel our magic power through our hands. I visualize the imagician of magic flowing to my magic bag from my partner’s magic path. Then, I visualize the imagician of vast magic power flowing gradually from master’s hands.

“Oh, this is more than I expected.” (Alfred)

After about ten minutes of maintaining this state, the flow of magic power suddenly stopped all at once.

“Good, with this the capacity adjustment is done.” (Alfred)

When master said the adjustment ritual was done, his eyes were shining.

“It’s just as I suspected, your current magic capacity has become the same as mine, but you haven’t reached your limit yet either. You will become a great magician whose name will be recorded in history.” (Alfred)

“Really?” (Wendelin)

“I guarantee it. You have the potential to become a magician that exceeds me. If you continue training diligently without becoming conceited you will certainly surpass me.” (Alfred)

After one week of training attentively under master’s instruction, as expected, I can’t practice a wide range of high rank combat magic but that’s not really a problem since I can go to un-inhabited places and continue training in other difficult special magic.

“What is that rod master?” (Wendelin)

“Something I made, it’s a Magic sword hilt.” (Alfred)

“So master can also create magic tools.” (Wendelin)

“Just simple ones though.” (Alfred)

It was written in a book that only those with special talent among magicians can produce magic tools.

However, master said that the description of this book seems to be inaccurate.

“There are two types of magic tools.” (Alfred)

Master showed me one of his books while saying so.

The book was titled “How to make magic tools and their blueprints”.

“If you can grasp the basics, you can make and use magic tools without any issues, even if they are a little sloppy.” (Alfred)

That’s true. There are a lot of ordinary daily necessity purposed magic tools written in the book.

The only difference is that a mana prism the size of a rice grain was put in there?

“A really small mana prism.” (Wendelin)

“Yeah, the mana prism acts as the trigger.” (Alfred)

So this magic tool can’t be loaded with much magic.

If anything, it looks like it’s designed to draw magic from a magician to function.

“Eh? You mean?” (Wendelin)

“This is a magic tool that can be used only by magicians. In fact, you can invoke it without using your own magic so most magicians own two or more. There are many magicians who can make this kind of magic tool.” (Alfred)

On the contrary, there are rarely any magicians who are unable to make that kind of magic tool. That kind of magic tool is made using a mana crystal so it can thereby function as a magic battery which can store a large amount of magic.

There are many people who can’t use magic that also use the versatile one.

“That doesn’t mean people can easily use mana crystals with high-capacity since the tool will explode if used poorly. So that’s why versatile magic tools are expensive.” (Alfred)

Magic in mana crystals must be replenished when the magic in it runs out.

Naturally, only magicians can replenish this magic power.

That’s why versatile magic tools can’t spread easily.

“You can also easily make a magic tool for only magician’s to use.” (Alfred)

“I see, so it’s like that. By the way, about that sword…” (Wendelin)

“I think it was called an anti-monster use magic tool? It’s a magic tool that creates a blade out of magic attribute it is infused with.” (Alfred)

After saying that, master produced a thin flame about one meter and a half from the sword hilt.

“The temperature of blue flames is high. Even a sword made out of steel would melt completely if it was used to block my attack.” (Alfred)

The blade can also be produced from ice, wind, and earth magic.

“There are many monsters out there that are weak against certain attributes. Against those types of monsters, a fire blade can be used for monsters that are weak against fire. A water one can be used against monsters that are weak against ice and as for the earth blade, the effect is enormous against monsters that are weak against it even if the blade’s appearance looks like that.” (Alfred)

After the explanation, I received a lecture about how to make mana crystals installed in magic tools that are only intended for magicians to use and how the magic works. I successfully learnt it.

The raw materials for mana crystals are the magic stones that come out from monsters’ bodies.

This forest doesn’t have any monsters so the material to create a mana crystal came from master’s bag.

“It surprisingly didn’t take that much time.” (Wendelin)

“This is just basic training. You’ll end up just like me if you’re careless.” (Alfred)

In this one week, I’ve become convinced that master is an excellent magician.

But even for master who possessed so much ability, he would easily end up dead if he was reckless in this world.

During my magic training, I got to hear various stories from master.

He was an orphan but since he had talent in magic, he earned money by becoming an adventurer.

Margrave Breithilde hired him due to his ability. His first major job was to march into the magic forest.

“That was the worst possible outcome.” (Wendelin)

“You know some difficult words even though you’re still a kid. You could say that though using extreme logic.” (Alfred)

I wonder if master is frustrated by the fact that he died soon after rising to fame.

When that thought passed through my head, master’s words continued as if he could read my heart.

“I would be lying if I said I’m not mortified but it’s not too bad I found a disciple to pass my own magic and story to before I passed on.” (Alfred)

“Do you mean me?” (Wendelin)

Excellent magicians are sensitive to the signs of other magicians and can identify other excellent magicians as well.

Although magic power in a magician’s body can’t be easily detected, when magic is used, being detected can be expected. It’s something like a sixth sense. magicians can just perceive it ‘somehow’.

“But I…” (Wendelin)

“In your case you haven’t noticed this since there are no magicians around here but you have learned of my existence. Gradually, you will also develop sensitivity to the signs of other excellent magicians.” (Alfred)

Master kept protecting Margrave Breithilde in the demon forest from the hordes of monsters. He might have even killed several thousands of monsters with magic.

But when his magic ran out, he promptly met his demise.

After his death, since master had a lot of regrets, he was reborn as a talking corpse.

He then waited until a magician he could pass his magic onto appeared within his walking range.

“I’ve never felt as happy as when I noticed your existence but this happy time is almost over.” (Alfred)

My secret training with master has already gone on for two weeks longer than the one week that it was scheduled for.

In order to stay by master’s side even for a second longer, I take my lunch with me as I head to the forest.

My family might think that I enjoy hunting and gathering.

“Finally, I’ll teach you the special magic, Holy.” (Alfred)

The “Holy” magic that as written about in the book was closer to water attribute than Holy.

It was used by clerics to eliminate the undead. Clerics who underwent rigorous training can activate this magic even without any talent in magic.

By praying to God, you can create holy water that behaves similar to sulfuric acid in regards to undead monsters. Their movements can also be stopped by praying to the cross while holding it up to ones chest.

But it didn’t have much effect if the cleric in question didn’t train seriously. The existence of clerics that underwent the harsh training seems to be very few in number.

Many among those famous in the church, such as the many Cardinals who only pre-occupy themselves with how to get ahead of the competition, are hardly even able to produce consecrated water. It has become an open secret in this world.

And there are only a small number of clerics that can use magic.

Clerics that can use magic normally use holy attributed light rays that treat people who get cursed and pure recovery magic to treat injuries. They can also temporarily attach the holy attribute to weapons that belong to the church in order to defeat undead monsters.

It’s the so-called holy magic from RPGs in my previous life.

“You can definitely acquire it. As the training graduation test I want you to make me die peacefully.” (Alfred)

Master asked that of me with an unusually serious expression.


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