Chapter 9 – Every day in the forest

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I’m going to the forest.” (Wendelin)

Watch out for bears and wolves.” (Artur)

Lately, a week after my first experience hunting guinea fowl, father looks to be in a good mood. Especially because of me who was going out to the forest as per usual.

Even though I am still an useless 6 year old child and am considered to be an immature child, I was contributing to the family’s dinners by making it more lavish than usual.

Everyone else originally thought that it was still impossible for me to help on the land but now, I go out hunting every day for guinea fowl that is deemed to be difficult to hunt even for professional hunters.

I also forage for other foodstuffs like wild strawberries, wild edible plants and yam.
Ever since I started collecting all these ingredients, my reputation with my family has improved.

It seems that everyone was fed up with only eating brown bread and salted vegetable soup.
However, that doesn’t mean I will be living in this village indefinitely.

Many villagers, due to the increasing population brought about by the expansion of the farmlands, were allocated farm work. This led to less people being actually capable of hunting and gathering in the forest.

This was also due to wheat being the basic ingredient of bread, an essential food for the people.
With that fact, father had reallocated the people from foraging and hunting to farm work.

Sending a kid out might be dangerous but since I am only the eighth son, there is no real loss even if I died.

Even for the other kids, they are all busy helping out on the farm or with other businesses.
They are worried about their precious manpower dying in the forest. As such, the only kid that is allowed to enter the forest is me.

I wonder how a 6 year old kid of a noble family is expected to work. Does this world only consist of poor lower class noble families? Is that the reality of humans in this world?

I plan to go to the city after I grow up. I only hope that it will be a much better there.

Nonetheless, I will continue to hunt and gather. At the very least, to improve my own diet.
A guinea fowl as the main dish, with a side of wild edible plants. I can also use the wild strawberries to make jam for that dull and tasteless bread.

Besides all the foodstuff I can gather in the forest, I am also able to practice magic as I please.

This magic is commonly known as “Report”…” (Wendelin)

I can’t really practice flashy magic attacks so I mainly stick to support magic like strengthening my body temporarily and recovery/healing magic.

I advance into the depths of the forest while confirming that there are no large wild animals approaching through detection magic.

Today, I decided to try a spell written on a new page of the magic book.

That new magic is called “Report” which is a magic that informs the user of something within their vicinity.

A dim and thin light came into my view in several places when I tried to use it.
If I look closely, the light came from the vines of some wild yam that stretched from the tree’s base to the ground. Some aconite grew naturally around that area as well.

I see, the spell tells me the location of certain ingredients by dimly illuminating the whereabouts of that particular ingredient.
Although wild yam is a valid food source, aconites do not have much purpose in this world.

It is a poisonous plant and would often be used in assassinations.
I felt like I’ve heard in my previous world about how poisons could be used to the benefit of a person depending on how you use it but let’s leave it for now as it is still unclear as to how one could properly use it for that purpose.

First, I begin digging up the wild yam by using digging magic of the earth magic system which I have improved on.
It’s just like in the previous world, but if a 6 years old kid was digging up wild yam without any help like this, it would be the end of the day by the time they finished digging it up.

I dig it up using “Dig” that was in the intermediate magic book to avoid damaging the wild yam.

With that, a stunning wild yam with an overall length of about two meters is dug out.
As I expected,
not that many people come into the forest.
It’s a stunning wild yam but it would be inconvenient to carry it for too long.
There is no point on selling it either, so I break it into halves and put it into my backpack.

Next is to hunt for two guinea fowl birds as usual. The other task is to fill my backpack with edible wild plants and akebia (TL: a flower plant which produces something similar to tapioca and native to Japan).

But I can’t understand the ecosystem and the vegetation in this forest…” (Wendelin)

In fact, there wasn’t actually any flora or fauna that I have not seen before in the forest of Japan in my previous life. The pine, cedar and broadleaf tree, rabbit, wild boar, bears and wolfs, wild yam, edible wild plants and akebia.
The flora and fauna is all well-known but the order is all mixed up.

Its nature’s grace, many people would say that.
It just that mostly every villager has been allocated to farming so the only people that frequently go hunting and gathering are the professional hunters.

And the basics are to enter the forest with two or more adult males to avoid bears and wolfs. It can be said that it would be impossible for just one adult male to gather anything in the forest alone.

Even professional hunters seem to hunt in a different forest near their home.” (Wendelin)

So yeah, except for hunting groups that pass by, people rarely enter this part of the forest.
It’s quite a wasteful story but the yield from nature’s blessings without any kind of stability in yields cannot become tax revenue. Farm products where the yields can be calculated to some extent should be given priority. I guess it is a rational move as a lord.

Because this place is a remote place where trade with other territories rarely occurs, we cannot afford not to be self-sufficient as it would be directly connected to starvation.

Next is…” (Wendelin)

When I look for places that shine faintly, there are fresh fruits that look a lot like loquat in a tree over there.
It’s certainly looks like it came from the loquat family. It should also be called loquat in this world.

I peel the skin and try to bite into it after I use magic to detect if there is any poison inside the fruit.
The taste of sweet fruit juice gradually spreads throughout my mouth.

I also gathered a fruits similar to akebi and persimmons.
I had wanted to get an autumn fruit as it seems to be in season now but it does not seem to work like that.
The season now seems to be between spring and summer but when I check in the book as to why the tree bears such fruit, it was written that “The fruit seasons vary by the tree’s species.”

In other words, trees bear fruit in the spring as well as in the summer.
Moreover in here, some trees wither up in winter without snow even falling and there are also species’ of trees that bear fruit in winter.

As expected or rather it can be said for the climate in the southern part of the continent.
I feel that the diet is unusually lacking though.

But I can’t do anything about it as I am just a kid right now.
Using a lot of magic, I rushed home to ensure that my harvest is used for dinner tonight.

Good work.” (Johanna)

I hand over the harvest results to mother. As I enjoyed dinner with two additional side dishes, father suddenly begins to say something to me.

Hunter Efens seem to have witnessed a Talking Corpse.” (Artur)

Is that really true Father ?!” (Kurt)

Eldest brother Kurt raised his voice in surprise.

Yeah, it was a victim from five years ago.” (Artur)

Five years ago, father wished to open up the Demon Forest that monster resided in even if it was just a small part of it. The Breithilde commander who dispatched out an army tempted by that concession, endured heavy casualties.

You could say it was by luck that father did not go on the expedition himself as father was busy maintaining public order since approximately 2,000 soldiers from another territory were placed in his territory so he did not have to go personally into the Demon Forest.
But out of the 100 soldiers led by uncle, who was father’s vassal, only 23 returned.
Of course, uncle also did not return.

As the Baumeister knight territory’s population increases in small increments every year, it can be easily estimated how serious a matter the death of 77 adult males was to the Baumeister Knight Territory.

Allocation of personnel is being focused solely on farming right now and I who goes out hunting and gathering without a word in the dangerous forest. There were big implications following the sightings of a Talking Corpse.

Breithilde’s army commander and about 1,925 people including the Breithilde’s previous family head did not return.
By the public’s view, they were beaten to near complete annihilation.

Will that ghost type monster disturb us for a while after all that has happened…?” (Wendelin)

I can say that Talking Corpses are more preferable as zombie’s are a hassle to subjugate.” (Artur)

It was a common sense that monster didn’t leave their domain but this ghost type monster was the only expectation.
They were originally humans so there are some individuals that try to return to their home instinctively even when they had become monsters.

According to the picture book, monsters like zombies that move only by instinct seems to be a troublesome existence that harms humans.
They should be subjugated immediately.

Their movements are usually slow and they are really weak to fire so you can just light them with oil and they’ll be done for.

However for a talking corpse, they need to be dealt with on a case by case basis.
There some cases where it becomes fiercer in fear of death so you can only burn it just like the zombies or it would speak to others like a normal human being and will die peacefully if their requests are granted.

Those who can communicate to them on some basic level are priests and a number of clerics but even a common person can put them to rest if they are on the same wavelength.

Should we call priest-sama?” (Kurt)

Master-dono has bad hips from old age. It’s impossible to look for the talking corpse when we don’t even know of its whereabouts.” (Artur)

In such remote lands, the priest that was dispatched came from the church headquarters in the Imperial city.
But in fact it was just an old priest beyond 80 years of age and he came alone.
There were no sisters that followed either so a few grandmothers in the territory have been helping the church carry out its miscellaneous duties.

Moreover, there very few religious people in the Baumeister knight territory. I only participated in church assemblies unwillingly a few times.

Perhaps as long as this old priest is not called to heaven, a new priest from the Imperial city would not come.

That’s why Wend, you need to be careful when you enter the forest. In the end, there is a possibility of them trying to get out from their domain.” (Artur)

While listening to the story from my surprisingly irresponsible father, an interest in the Talking Corpse was sparked within me.


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