Chapter 8 – The useless child working hard at magic training

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I get up as the sun rises in the morning and swing my wooden sword right after breakfast to the limits of a 5 year old child’s body. Later, I train on my marksmanship with the bow and read alone silently in the study room.

After lunch is magic training and after dinner is continual magic practice until it gets too dark to read.
Fortunately, the time I have to train has extended much later into the night since I learnt to cast the magic ‘light’.
My body is still that of a child’s though so the main drawback is that I become sleepy relatively fast.

By the way, father hardly ever enters the study room.
He can’t read kanji at all. He throws almost all his duty as a lord to the village chief and village headmen. He also signs the finished documents in the dining room.

I mean, what would he do if the tax money was being embezzled?

However, it honestly doesn’t matter since it is unrelated to me.

Now for intermediate magic.” (Wendelin)

I started my training in magic a week after being transferred to this world. I want to begin my training in intermediate magic next. The forest would be a good place since no one enters it.
I can’t cast the magic spell fire arrow indoors after all.

And I can say that I went out to play though it seems that my family does not really care about what I do.
They are busy and they didn’t really care as I am just a 5 years old brat.

That is why I am standing at the entrance of the fairly vast forest located behind our house.

This forest is a so-called ordinary forest.
Monsters don’t live in here at all but instead ordinary wildlife like rabbits and wild boars do. It is my family’s regular source of protein and the people within the lord’s territory use it to hunt wild animals, collect firewood and edible plants or nuts.

It is our important life asset that we manage.

The entrance is not that dangerous and no one would be angry if I practise magic here unless I burned the trees with fire magic.

And if something does happen to me, it won’t affect my home which leaves me alone completely.

I am lucky that I can use magic freely.

I should aim for advanced level magic.” (Wendelin)

The book wrote that I need to patiently train in intermediate magic for a month.
The manual is detailed and it is easy to follow as the measurements signifying progress are actually written down.

I try the intermediate magic written in the book one by one.
After that came the application of that basic magic, i.e. casting an original magic spell that you thought up by yourself.
After that is the so-called combat system, separate from basic magic training.

As I thought, it is impossible to use advanced magic here.” (Wendelin)

I don’t mean my own inability to do so but there is no way I can fire a huge tornado and fire a fireball in rapid successions right here, in the important forest behind our house.

And, this body is still that of a 6 year old’s. Instead, I decide to patiently improve my magic techniques in intermediate magic to ensure a rise in my magic’s accuracy and increase in my magic capacity.

I may choose to train in advanced magic if it would not be noticeable.
However for now, there are not many opportunities for that.

Maybe a range of about 1 kilometre?” (Wendelin)

For that reason, I am practising magic detection by making full use of advanced wind magic which I can use without attracting attention.
This magic allows me to sense the presence of anyone besides myself within a specified range. It was written in the book that the users of this magic were very few.

Though my accuracy was far from being the best.

Famous detection magic users could perceive movements of life within a range of ten kilometres around them.
There were also people who could sense living beings but were not able determine exactly what living being it was and those who can sense how many humans, animals or monsters and even the size of them were in their vicinity.

What’s even more amazing is that they can remember the humans or monsters individually so long as that they have detected them at least once in the past. Just like a human radar which can identify anything that enters that individual’s range.

There also seems to be a person that has such dreadful precision at detection.

I can only train myself to detect up to a kilometre radius from where I stand.
Though it is possible for me to grasp the size and number of detected lifeforms.

A radar scope is the image that comes to my mind.
Via the range of the encirclement and the position of the light spot, I can grasp the object’s size.

You could say that I am now able to detect humans and wild animals such as rabbits, wild boards and bears.
I have just come into this world for about a month so I never seen the figure of a monster before but even my new family with their non-interference policy would not want their 6 year’s old child to face a dangerous existence.

I should work hard at training my magic.” (Wendelin)

This detection magic really is convenient.
Wild boars and bears should be a difficult opponents for a 6 years old child regardless of how well I can use magic. However, with detection magic, I can explore the forest while avoiding danger.

Since I started exploring the forest; I mean, actually yesterday evening, father, who had not spoken to me until yesterday, issued an order to me.

Wend, I heard recently that you’ve been exploring the forest.” (Artur)

Yes.” (Wendelin)

There are many dangerous animals in the forest. Take care.” (Artur)

The permission was easily given but the non-interference policy still stands.
But even if by any chance I, the eighth son, died, it would not influence the survival of the Baumeister knight territory.

And try to collect anything that seems edible in the forest. Also, pick up as much firewood as you can.” (Artur)

He has never asked me to help with the farm before but even I, as a 6 year old, can still help the family financially.

So I sheath the wooden sword that I use for daily training onto my waist today.
I honestly think that carrying the sword is better than nothing.

I would have liked to have been gifted a sword made from iron or bronze but this territory’s economy is not rich enough or it is just a waste to give a child a metal sword.

Next is a backpack to put the firewood in, a small bow and ten arrows that were used for training.
The small arrows don’t have arrowheads but its tips were sharpened for my training.

Maybe I can take down a small bird if I am lucky?

It was definitely more preferable than having nothing but I should use the arrows before the animals manage to escape.

I don’t really expect anything with this weapon though.” (Wendelin)

That reminds me, I should use the magic that I had thought of by myself.
I produce a short arrow with some earth and shoot it via wind magic.
I could just produce a crossbow with magic but magic itself in this world is quite easy to manipulate and improve on, thus a physical representation isn’t necessary.
However because magic depends too much on the talent of the caster, I should entrust it to fate whether or not I can really do it.

Luckily, I succeed in developing this magic.
The power is sufficient. I could even defeat a bear if it hits its weak points.
Rapid-fire is also possible but I need to improve on its firing rate for now.

For control, it was not difficult at all due in part, my training with the bow.

Let see…Was this wild plant edible?”

Besides that, I also gather edible mushrooms and wild strawberries in reference to an illustrated book which I found at home, and next is to load the backpack with firewood.
The load gradually becomes heavier but it was easy to carry with the lightweight spell from intermediate wind magic and enchanting my own strength using water magic.

I put recovery magic from water magic onto my weary muscles.
The lactic acid in the muscles disappears and I suddenly feel my body lightened.

I can now use all the magic written in the book. I wonder if I should aim for serving the royal court in the future.” (Wendelin)

This will suffice as magic training. With plenty of firewood and wild plants, I decided to go home for the day.
I advance at a comfortable pace on the way back thanks to magic and I soon approach the exit; Suddenly, I see a bird coming into sights.

A guinea fowl

Guinea fowl is a fat bird like a duck that lives across this continent.
The meat is delicious and its feathers are also popular as material for making ornaments with.

The only problem is that this bird is hard to capture.
Unlike its appearance, it’s sensitive to people’s presence and it is also quick to flee.

Our territory’s best hunter holed up for an entire day in the forest can only capture one, if he was lucky.
Of course it’s rarely served on the table.
I also was only able to eat a small piece of it this month.

It was better than not getting anything but you can say that this is the sorrow of the sad, small eighth son.

Even with just that small piece, it was deliciousness so compact for such a small piece of meat. Wait…

What if I can hunt this guinea fowl?
Maybe I can get brown bread and salt vegetable soup followed with roasted fowl meat every day.

Our family’s policy is non-interference but it is not really that cold.
The achievement of hunting this guinea fowl would surely not be go un-noticed.

I’ve decided. Wait for me meat!

In this one month since I came to this world, it has been fun doing special training for magic but I need to be decisive about my own meals, for the sake of my nutrition.
But I, as a former Japanese, was still concerned with my own food.

I feel like my motives were somewhat less than noble but I don’t care.

I need to concentrate on hunting that guinea fowl for now.

I need to approach to get it within the range of this short, small bow before the guinea fowl runs away.

Then I’ll develop a new type magic for the crossbow!” (Wendelin)

Initially after five shots, the guinea fowl’s were on the verge of escaping since I missed the mark greatly but my aim gradually became more accurate and I finally succeeded in killing two guinea fowl birds.

I am back.” (Wendelin)

Oh, Wend. Does the firewood…did you kill a guinea fowl!?” (Artur)

Two guinea birds were queued up magnificently on the table that night and I, as the contributor, succeeded in eating a delicious roasted fowl after such a long time.
And I was praised for the first time by my entire family.


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