Chapter 17 – The sea is filled with dreams

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But still, I can’t just give up now.” (Wendelin)

After a few days, I started a new exploring the beach.
It does not need to be all the way into the sea, but there is no one watching me here, and I can eat seafood as I please.

Since there also is a lot of salt in here.” (Wendelin)

What I’m trying to do now is the application of original magic to earth magic.
Now, as I have a large amount of seawater as material, I can use as much as I like. I am conducting an experiment to make salt with magic.

It just that this magic technique was also written in the book that master left behind.
When adventurers run out of salt, soil, or a mass of rock; flora, fauna, and even monster corpses can be used to create salt.
They contain a small amount of salt and in many cases it can be refined by magic.

Humans are odd one’s. Even with sufficient food, there are some cases of a person losing appetite and dying just because the food was not salty enough.

Salt is really important for humans.

Back to the topic, I succeeded in obtaining salt without a problem. It was much faster and in a larger amount with the magic written in book made by master.

Even if it’s not 99.9% sodium chloride, I can make a clear distinction between white, silky salt. salt that looks a bit yellow and rock salt.

I mean, I can even make a living by selling salt.” (Wendelin)

While thinking of such a thing, I am not satisfied with just this.
I am planning in reviving several seasonings with this salt as material.

From miso first.” (Wendelin)

Let alone our territory, soybean’s also a popular crop in this world.
Feeding livestock, cooking it together in soup, and you can eat it with wheat rice porridge as cereal.
Since the price is also cheap, I managed to get one sackful worth from the people within the territory who cultivated it in the field near their residence.

The price is the rabbit`s fur and meat I captured by myself.

Now I can make miso using soybean and salt as the ingredients.
There is no miso in this world so I need to perfect it by myself. Luckily, magic exists which could be helpful.

There are also some veteran magicians that are able to brew wine instantly using grapes they prepared by themselves.
The others like using wheat for ale, sugar for rum, and also honey for mead.
This world knows the method for changing carbohydrates into alcohol. There exists a magician that brewed alcohol using various materials.

The process of brewing that normally takes long time can be preformed instantly by magic.
If you honestly think that it is quite absurd to use such brewing sources to brew alcohol, then you are not wrong.

Why, because the taste of a professional’s wine cellar is after all the best, there are some magicians who sometimes makes alcohol that can put professionals to shame, but at the same time, the alcohol produced can’t match the sheer quantity some professionals can make.
These magicians though mostly do self-made brewing as hobbies or to enjoy it with their family.

That said, it was common for drinkable brewed alcohol to be done in such a short time.
As such, it should be possible for miso to be brewed.

First is miso. Then progressing to fermenting tamari and finally brewing soy sauce with magic. My dreams will come true.” (Wendelin)

I began making miso at once.


Hahaha…I can’t believe it was this hard…” (Wendelin)

Before I finally completed miso and soy sauce, I recalled the amount of hardships I went though in this one year alone.

It should have been easy to make it with magic.
I don’t need that much, I just want enough for myself.
If I can return to the past, I would like to warn myself with such a remark.

I knew how to make miso thanks to my grandma who lived in a rural area who self-made it a long time ago.
I actually helped her several times.

In practice, it was usual entrusting boiling the soybean to magic.
Otherwise, it was easy to convert it into boiled beans with magic.

And it was okay until mixing the following materials, but I failed in the following fermentation.
Materials will rot no matter how much magic you put into it.

In the past, a biology teacher during my high school years once asked us while having a chat during class, what the difference was between fermentation and rotting.
Everyone gave various answers but the correct answer is like this.

Fermentation and rotting is the same phenomenon.
Fermentation is useful but spoilage does harm to humans.

Thus, I wasted a lot of spoiled soybeans. All the while, I kept exchanging soybeans with rabbits I hunted every day. It reached a point where I was being given strange looks.
Still, after thousands of failures, I had somehow succeeded in producing miso.
And repeated the same failure with soy sauce.

I mean, I’m a person that’s able to successfully cast a spell after several times. This occurred for me regardless of how difficult the advanced level spell from master’s book was. I was also able to successfully develop various original magic techniques myself.
I can’t believe that I kept failing to produce miso and soy sauce.

Its just that for soy sauce, it was a kind of failure that bore no progress, just like tamari.
Since I still exchange soybeans till this day, I was met with strange looks. I did finally manage to produce soy sauce though.

Because I exchanged too much soybeans, the territory`s people stopped using soybeans for meals.
Instead, they might have noticed that they can eat meat everyday by exchanging soybeans for rabbit`s and wild boar’s meat with me.

They may have questions on what I use it for, but I was still pretty much the Lord’s son.
I am not really exploiting them since this is an equal exchange so I usually exchange depending on my mood.

I was lucky that my family didn’t say anything.
The treatment I get is kind of awkward though.

But still, producing alcohol with magic is going smoothly.
And again with the territory`s people who cultivated fields near their house, I used guinea fowls that I hunted and exchanged it for wheat. I used the wheat to create wheat shochu and ale.
Besides that, I use wild fruits as materials such as mountain grapes and wild strawberrys collected in the wilderness. Since then, I have succeeded in producing alcohol like wine.

I can only sample it as I am still in a child`s body but it was quite tasty so I created sturdy jars from earth magic for this. I sealed the alcohol tightly in there and kept it in my magic bag.

Soil is the best raw material for earthen-ware by magic. Soil rich in compounds like silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide was the best for creating clay. I then removed the water in the clay and shaped the jar form. After that, I baked the jar with a boiler at high temperatures. the material can be changed for a later state. (e/d I’m not sure what this last line means. I guess he’s trying to say that you can use other materials to create the jar.)

The idea of baking the jars with fire magic appeared in my mind for an instant, but after imagining that it would be impossible to put out the fire magic with high temperature for about one week, I dismissed it immediately.

At first, the jars I created were fragile and crumbled at once. There were severe water leaks from jars that were just baked. I ended up wasting a lot of clay because of this. After a lot of trial and error, a suitable jar for the preservation of alcohol, miso and soy sauce was created.

With regards to the beauty of my molded jars, it will not be sold since my artistic sense is lacking.
In short, I just use it to preserve the fermented foods that I made.
If it’s not leaking out and the quality does not deteriorate, I can put it in the magic bag.

For those reasons, it feels like in this one year I put all my mind into manufacturing pots, miso and soy sauce.
In addition, I can purify salt with magic. I also suddenly discovered sugar cane on an island in the southern part. I tried to refine sugar from sugar canes that grows in nature with magic.

Sugar seems to be grown on islands found on the southern end of the region and the southern sea of Lingaia continent.
Of course, the royal  capital and northerns areas exported it to the Urquhart Holy Empire as exports but I have never seen it even once in the Baumeister knight territory.

By all means, since there is less production compared to the demand, its price is overwhelmingly higher than salt.
For our Baumeister family who is financially lacking, sugar is a luxury good where compared to salt, is dozens of times more valuable.

The rest is honey and fruit that can be harvested in the forest. Such products are usually used as a supplement for the sweet taste. For example, vines when boiled in soup it can be slightly sweet like honey .

This talk could continue but with this, I am able to make boiled mackerel’s miso, spilling soy sauce on the top of fried turban shells.
In the river connected to the sea, despite the Baumeister knight territory being in the southern region, fishes that look like salmon are going upstream for some reason. I should be able to make soy sauce pickles with fried salmon with this too.

But that was needed all the more if it was like this.” (Wendelin)

Indispensable staple food for the Japanese, the existence of rice.
I had thought that it would be cultivated since this is the southern region but I have not seen any signs of it being cultivated. At least not in our territory.
However, it must exists somewhere as checking it in a book, I found a plant with a similar description. The book stated that it has been produced in other southern regions.

When I learnt of this fact, I had the thought that maybe my father was an idiot.
It’s not like water was inadequate for rice fields. Rice could be cultivated on this land which can be harvested more efficiently than wheat.

I’m sure I’ll have a hard time making my first rice field but trouble should not arise from repeated cultivation in case of a rice field.
In any case, because of trouble in reclamation, I thought that I should make a rice field.

Actually, the statements of being prodigal’s son are just empty words as I also hardly helped my family.
I had expected that they would not listen to me even if I made such a proposal. If I cultivate it in the south, I’d get to keep it all for myself.
I could buy it normally in the market but I need to create a teleport point outside the territory first for that to be possible.
That means, I should be able to move to a point which I made once.

My first target is Margrave Bretihilde’s mansion located in the southern’s largest merchant city, Breitburg.” (Wendelin)

Breitburg is the largest merchant city in the southern border region. Despite struggling to recover from the damage left behind by the predecessor`s big failure, the high ranker in the Margrave Breithilde’s headquarters won’t be shaken with just that.

Nobles who have territory`s in the south are definitely allowed to reside and establish their branch offices as merchants in the city. A lot of people also visit the city to go sightseeing and shopping.

Above all, not only the adventurers who control the southern part frontier region reside in the city, the southern headquarters of various guilds have been established in that city as well.

The next target would be to move with teleport to Breitburg.” (Wendelin)

For buying rice, there are plenty goods that are sellable in the magic bag.
This includes anything from master`s property to Margrave Breithilde’s army munition resources. There are also many materials that have been obtained from wiping out a lot of monsters.

Besides, I also produced a large amount of fermented food, salt and sugar in this past one year.

Together with the preserved jar, which is the result of my desperate efforts after several days, the jars that number tens of thousands of pieces have been already stored in the magic bag.

The numbers feel like abnormally large but the creation of these jars also served as a way to increase my magic capacity.
Getting used to reducing the amount of magic consumed after all is more efficient when one uses one’s magic to the limit for the sake of increasing a person’s magic capacity. In exchange, the amount of work that can be completed gradually increases as well.

I would be able to achieve the same result using attack magic but to fire off a fire spell or use tornado magic in consecutive sequences is bad for the environment even if my practice field is an uninhabited plain. So I often use earth support magic when training to increase my magic capacity.

I need to travel through the mountain path tomorrow. Gotta go early home and sleep.” (Wendelin)

I cast teleport magic to return home quickly.


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