Chapter 19 – Magic Spearman and Leaving Home

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Has it been around ten minutes? Achilles-shisho has his eyes closed.


I use the fighting moji skill where I store mana in my eyes.

This is one of the fight moji skills called “Magic Observing Eye” or simply “Observing Eye.”


While I look at Shisho with magic observing eye I am able to perceive the flow of mana.

Mana is being discharged out from his whole body, surrounding him in a whirlpool.


Is it like “presence detection?” No, it is different… (TL: I’m changing Grasping Police to Presence Detection.)

The mana being released is becomes thin and transparent. A thin wave is being formed to make an aura curtain.


And something strange happens.


Although I can see Shisho sitting in front of me, as the mana spreads out Shisho’s presence is becoming thinner.

It becomes like a thin fog in the end.


Is this assimilating into nature?

I memorize such an illusion.


An unnatural gust arises- the wind continues from the sky right to Achilles-shisho.

The gusting wind suddenly changes direction to blow through my body.




The gusting wind is strong.

I stoop over while crossing both arms across my face.


When the flow of mana cuts off the wind also stops.

All of a sudden Shisho’s presence is restored.


“That gust just now could have been turned into innumerable wind blades if I wanted. This is the moji called ‘fairy moji.’ It’s a moji where one aligns with a part of nature and makes ‘something’ happen. Do you understand how attributes are related? I was able to cause the wind because I have ‘wind attribute.’ So this is the moji closest to magic.”


In my head I’m going *ippaiippai* with curiosity and questions.

From a gust of wind continuous wind blades can be made? Amazing, even this is considered weak?

Is this close to guidance magic? Is it like a magic where there’s no aria included?


Isn’t fairy moji really amazing?


“By aligning with nature you’re able to cause wind. First, I was able to see Shisho releasing mana from his body, but is it because it is different from guidance moji? Why is it that I felt Shisho’s presence becoming thin?”


Shisho listens to my excitement with a gentle smile.


“The reason you felt my presence become thin is because of the mana I use aligned with nature. Using this as “presence suppression” is possible as well.”


Then I’ll be able to improve my concealment ability if I combine this with <hidden body>?


“Next, like Shuya said the mana discharge is similar to ‘guidance moji.’ Up to the middle? Before long you detect the “wave length” of nature and can integrate with it. Because it’s a sensation there are individual differences and it is normally difficult. But, if it is you you’ll get the skill on the first try. However, when you first learn the skill you won’t be able to move.”


I can align with nature’s wave length…


“I understand. I’ll try it once, first.”


I close my eyes.


First, “Presence Detection.”


From head to toe I release mana from entire body out in a circle.


This is important. Imagine it.

Feeling with the mana, stretching it out thinly…

This is really difficult. If I keep releasing mana like this, regardless of guidance moji or fairy moji, I stop releasing the mana since I’m only wasting it.


I continue concentrating and spread the mana out thinly.

Concentrate more…thinly, thinly, the wave extends.


More, more. Concentrate.

Perfection on mana manipulation.


Reaching down to the micro-abyss, manipulation on the subconscious level.

Then-the inside of the thinly spread out circular mana membrane trembles.

The image in my heart is overlapping with nature, the mana membrane splits open.


Suddenly the temperature all around e drops!? While thinking that my mana is completely taken away at the same time.


Then, in an instant, all around me, numerous drops of water appear – the drops of water fly around quickly, becoming a small fog as it keeps spreading.

Fog like a light white cloud is created wrapping the area around me in white.


But, the fog immediately disappears.


※ Pikon ※ Moji Development Successful ※ <Fairy Moji> Skill Acquired ※

※ Pikon ※ Three Moji Variations Acquired※ Moji User※ Battle Occupation Acquired※

※ Pikon ※ Magic Spearman Condition Met※

※Class up: <Spear Officer> and <Moji User> fusion: <Magic Spearman>※


I hear the skill acquisition sound effect in my head. My battle occupation did a class up.

Good, it worked. Information appears in my view one after another.


But, I’m exhausted…

Normally this is the point where I would be celebrating, but…


-I feel heavy.


I weakly fall to one knee on the ground.


I put my hand on my knee and grimace.

In addition to feeling tired, I feel a sense of fatigue rising in my stomach.

It’s like there’s a heavy iron ball in my stomach.


I feel sick to my stomach…


“…I succeeded, but immediately, I’m like this…”


The mana consumption is off…

Mana exhaustion makes the body tired like this…

I can taste bile.


“That’s right. Mana exhaustion is painful. That’s also because it’s your first time using fairy moji. Mass consumption of mana. It’s not comparable to guidance magic. The consumption of this may be close to high magic… well, even if I say that I don’t know any magic…”


I’ll have to watch out when I use it from now on.


“But, as expected of Shuya. To successfully use fairy moji without fainting on the first try…”


Shisho nods in considerable admiration.




I could have fainted?

But, I was praised. It is still hard.


“Yup. People normally faint. Even if they succeed the influence is normally small. Actually, yeah. In Shuya’s case you remained conscious and the range was really big too.”


Does that mean my affinity with “fairy moji” is good?

However, I can’t use it whenever I want because the mana consumption of fairy moji is abnormal. Moreover, it was just fog.

But I may come to be able to do something greater if I think positively.


If that is the case, the dream grows…

But speaking honestly, there I do not have many opportunities to use it.


I guess I’ll postpone fairy moji.

When we are free and have time to spare we will train you.


“…Since you’re smiling have you already recovered? Shuya doesn’t only have a lot of mana, you also have a fast recovery speed. You aren’t even using <meditation>?”


Shisho is right, I was thinking instead of meditating.

Maa, I’ve restored my mana.


But my stomach is heavy.


“Yeah. I didn’t use it…but the bottom of my stomach feels twisted and heavy. It’s still painful.”

“I see. You’ll probably become used to it. However, your mana recovery is fast. Is it because of your vampire lineage?”


Probably. So.

There is a skill that grants fast mana recovery.


“…That may be it.”

“Fumu. You certainly have talent not only in the spear, but also in magic. You demonstrated that with the fog you created earlier. Shuya’s water attribute has a dark color, it could be said that the form it took reflected that.”


Since a little while ago Achilles-shisho has been listening to me with a joyful face. I am able to clearly understand his admiration.


But, the fog disappeared immediately…


“It’s certainly the water attribute. But the fog also disappeared right away.”

“That’s normal. What did I say before? Moji takes a ‘lifetime.’ But, I’ve learned there was an exception. I said it already but it really is amazing that you affected such a large area on your fist attempt.”


Out of character, Shisho emphasizes it, but is it such a thing?


“Is that so?”


When I respond with the words that slipped out Shisho looks a little angry.


Again, this “habit” is probably your character, but have some more confidence in yourself…”



He has told me many times, but I need to pay more attention to it.


“I mean to have it, maa, it’s a habit.”

“Probably. And then, now that I have taught you fairy moji like the other moji, if you use it to its limits, the pressure of the mana consumption from using it over a long period of time will help you get ‘unknown growth,’ so do your best.”


Achilles-shisho talks about his impressions. With his eyes fixed on me in a serious expression, halfway through his face becomes more gentle.




I answer clearly because I understand.


“Yosh, yosh. Now, I was able to instill the basics of moji. Did you learn the “Moji User” battle occupation? I’m glad.”


I learned it.

I did immediately class up from moji user to magic spearman.

I don’t say I class upped.


“It’s certainly moji user. It’s thanks to Shisho.


Saying so I bow politely.


“Haha, you don’t need to humble yourself like that. The reason you accomplished so much is because of yourself. I intended to convey all the ‘combat knowledge’ I have to you.”


I definitely have learned a lot.

It is all thanks to Shisho.


“Yes, thank you.”

“Instead of Wind Spear Style I will grant you full mastery of Achilles Spear Style.”


“Buhaha, it’s a joke. There’s no such thing. It’s simply the graduation of the student.”


It’s a joke, but having graduated, it’s kind of lonely.

…But, from now on I’ll travel the world.

I’ll persevere in this world. Fufufu…

Then I must fulfill my promise to the black cat Rollodinu.

Aside from that, first I want to become an adventurer.


“…What is it? You have that faraway look in your eye, are you lonely?”


Achilles-shisho is laughing at my face…

But somehow, the color of his eyes looks lonely to me.


Is it my imagination?


“It’s a little lonely. However, when I think about it I get excited.”


Shisho makes a strange smile he normally doesn’t show and guesses something after seeing my countenance and hearing what I say.


“Ma, you’re a man too…it would be so. Until now because every day has been spent training, so when are you going to leave?”


Well, I’m sorry, but you can’t fawn over me forever.

I said I would depart right away…


“…In three days.”

“What? Isn’t that sudden?”


Shisho’s eyes open wide in surprise when he hears me say three days.

Like that, I look back to convey the true meaning behind my words.




I answer shortly.




Without answering Shisho falls quiet.

Looking at me with serious eyes.


Convinced by my look Shisho murmurs “I see.”


“…Your departure, even with such a thing, you’re certain…”


Achilles-shisho leaves it at that, and turns his eyes to the sky as if seeing something I’m not, he has a strange look on his face


And, opening his eyes after closing them lightly, he makes a small nod and opens his mouth.


“Good. Then I’ll tell everyone in the family later during dinner. Even though it is sudden and surprising, everyone should understand. Except for one person…”








-That night.

The whole family is told about my leaving over dinner.

At first, Refaa listened in silence, but gradually, the brightness fades away from her eyes and she looks down.


And while tears collect in Refaa’s eyes as she cries-




She cries in a high pitched voice.

Sure enough, as Shisho was concerned, Refaa’s feelings explode. (TL: It takes a long time to translate so this whole painful sequence is further drawn out.)


“The day after tomorrow…So soon, why? I don’t want you to say that…”


Large tear drops drop from Refaa’s eyes and stream down her cheeks. (TL: I’m going to cry at this rate.) Snot and water keeps running down her face.




Please don’t cry, I’m sorry…

I who only knows the cute faced Refaa am shocked.

When I see the child’s face so close to sorrow, I am at a loss for words. And then, Shisho cuts in.


“Refaa, Shuya isn’t saying that.”


At which point Refaa’s eye become sharp as she glares at Achilles-ji.


“Ojii-chan, you just said it was this! Did you know about Shuya-onii-chan?”

“…I just heard it a little while ago.”

“Dad, Mom, didn’t I work hard?”


Raguren and Rabbi nod to Refaa’s question in silence.




Refaa is a good child. With a desperate face, she is crying because of me…


These childish, painful, obedient emotions are piercing me.


-Thank you.


I approach Refaa while tears collect in my eyes.


“Sorry? It’s sudden, you probably thought I would stay for a long time.”


Hearing me Refaa again turns her face and look down.

And, looking up a little, begins to talk fast in scattered pieces.


“…Un. I’m- sorry for being so loud. Onii-chan is always training hard with ojii, to go on an adventure, listening to you… eventually, Rollo need to not be a cat, I understand…”


While Refaa talks she wipes away tears from bloodshot eyes with her little hands, but the tears don’t stop.


Is that so, I understand now.


“But, but, onii-chan is ‘family!’ So, no leaving! Ne. Leaving isn’t okay!”


Standing bravely Refaa tries to persuade me.

Tears are gather in her small eyes, they’re strong eyes.


Furthermore, I’m her family?


Refaa, that’s not fair. Shit… (TL: I’m crying now.)

When I revived, coming to wake me up in the morning, hiding and playing together in the basin of the waterfall, and coming to disturb my training…


It was a casual everyday life, but the memories are precisely carved into me.


My eyes tremble.

The scene in front of me is suddenly covered in a film of water.


Crying at this age.

But, I must convey these feelings…


“…Thank you? Over this past year I have had so much fun living with Refaa. I will never forget the memories I have from living here.” And, even though I’m embarrassed to say it. “…everyone, thank you.”


Everyone in the family is shedding tears.


That robust Raguren is crying.

Rabbi-san also cries seeing Raguren like that.


Shisho too…sniffing.


Achilles-shisho cries too, influenced by the tears or something, has mucus dripping from his nose slovenly.


Seeing that Refaa unintentionally bursts into laughter. With that trigger, everyone laughs together, and everyone talks peacefully until late in the night.


I spend time to make a last memory.






I did not think my heart would waver so much.


Refaa is such a cute child.

This past year that I have freeloaded here, I was able to become like a real member of this family.


Normally, I smile alone while leaving back to my bed and confirm my status.


I cannot bring myself to do so now.


I go back to my bed, tossing about, I stare at the ceiling, I look at the black cat, trying to think of something but crying-


But I am distracted by a sense of loss.


I feel the eyes of the black cat at the bottom of the bed, but I don’t turn around.


She stares at the face of such a me wonderingly.


The black cat gives a “Nya,” curls up on the spot, and falls fast asleep while tucking her tail away.






I don’t train the three days before I leave. I receive a map and magic bag from Shisho, I consider how far I’ll have to travel, I ask Rabbi to make me food, as I help my time passes busily.


And, last night.


While leaning back on the bed as usual, I check my abilities.




Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 21

Title: Divine Beast Contractor

Race: Rusivault

Battle Occupation: Magic Spearman : Chain User : Apprentice Magic User

Physical Strength 12.2 → 18.2 Agility 11.3 → 19.3 Stamina 10.5 → 17.4 Mana 14.1 → 22.2 Dexterity 9.3 → 17.2 Spirit 10.5 → 23.1 Luck 6 →11.0

Condition: Resting


I was able to acquire the new “Magic Spearman” battle occupation.


Magic Spearman is a battle job I got because spear officer and moji user combined.


Still various things have changed and I have grown a lot too.


But, I want to learn more about moji, and I also want to learn the sword. I am an amateur with a sword, even if I prepare a double edges kukri sword, to the current me it is a useless treasure.


And I should still aim higher for the spear too.


I want to become stronger.

Ma, I will do what I can little by little.


I’ll check my skills for now.


“Skill Status.”


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Secret>:<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:<Blood Banquet>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:<Fairy Moji>


Permanent Skills:<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undying>:<Darkness Person Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:<Fighting Moji Knowledge>:<Guidance Moji Knowledge>:<Spear Sparring>:<Thought Guidance Chain>new


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


The <Thought Guidance Chain> I learned when I defeated the dark insect is convenient.


I’m able to completely control the chain.


Attacks in the future with the chain won’t only be offensive and defensive, it seems like it will come in handy in various ways. I can expect the tactics I can use in the future to increase.


It will be enjoyable.


Saa, I’ll be leaving tomorrow.

I’m not tired, but I force myself to sleep.






I get up earlier than usual.


Today is the final day.

I intend to clean this room.

This is the hut I have stayed in for the past year.


Let’s clean it very carefully.



-Good, it will be such a thing. The hut is certainly cleaner than when I came here a year ago.


Now then, my last breakfast here will start soon.

Leaving the hut which I cleaned, I go to the living room where the family always eats together.


During breakfast, the state of everyone…I feel selfish.


It is not high tension like three days ago, the conversation continues with smiles, yet somehow the lonely expressions have increased.


Refaa is smiling but she looks down from time to time.

Rabbi-san is worried about Refaa too, laughing awkwardly.

Raguren’s cheeks are drawn.


Haha, don’t overdo it like this everyone…


While I eat soup with such feelings in my heart, only Achilles-shisho acts normally.


“Come to the open space when you’re ready because there is something to give you.”


He said indifferently.


I finish eating and return to the hut to arrange my equipment.

I hold the black tanza spear I always use in my hand.


First of all, I’ll aim to the south of here to the 【Hektore】 area…


Considering that I stop at the cloth entrance of the hut, looking back towards the room, I am filled with deep emotions as I look back at my room for the past year.


There’s a small desk and chair I made with the carpentry Shisho taught me.

This is the last time.


This is where I made my foundation in this different world.




I lower my head to the empty clean room.

I turn on my heel into the cloth curtain. I leave the hut behind.


Let’s look for the northern star at a place with a good view.

I’ll know which direction is north. I have a simple map too.


I should also be somewhat able to distinguish the direction if I can see the sun.


Leaving the hut, I look up at the sky, I can kind of see a plain to the south between the mountains-this is also my last glimpse of this scenery…


“Let’s go, Rollo.”


Rollo was curled up sleeping on the roof but when I called she raises her small face and purrs deep in her chest.


Her tail stands up straight as she lands on the ground, and she comes over and rubs her head against my foot.

I take the cute cat and go to the open space paved with stone.


Achilles-shisho wasn’t at the open space, so I continue waiting on the left side while resting my left hand on a popobumu.


This is the only way that connects the Goldiba home to cliff.


Seeing the popobumu Rollo begins to run, and after she jumps up on the popobumu she sits down behind its head.


Just like that I can see another face that is sitting there.


“Haha, as expected of Divine Beast-sama. You’re fast.”

“Shisho, what is that for?”


I ask because I’m curious about the popobumu.


“Ah, isn’t this the popobumu you’ve been riding most of the time? You should leave on your journey with this. Once you’re finished riding you can even sell him to a stable? It’s better than leaving him unattended without riding him. You’ll be able to sell it for more since it’s more popular than a horse.”



I am almost going to cry-

As expect of Achilles-shisho. Traveling will now be considerably easier.


“Haha, it’s still too early to be impressed. There are various articles necessary for traveling. There’s a lot of things on this popobumu’s saddle, it’s designed in such a way that it can store sacks and goods. You can store and pick up your tanza spear on the saddle back, and I prepared a cloth sheath for the blade. I’ve prepared two magic bags and three water skins too, although those probably aren’t necessary, I also packed some diluted mana recovery potions in one bag.”


Did you…prepare everything…


“Thank you.”

“There’s also popobumu feed, but I think it’s understood, because it’s an omnivore this is just some of its favorites, for the time being, there’s some dried deer meet in the bundle that you can check later.”


Achilles-shisho looks at me while fiddling with the popobumu saddle.


“There’s still something to give you. Doesn’t Shuya think his leather clothes and jacket are worn out by now? I prepared a tiger leather jacket and funds for your trip. Take it.” (TL: Achilles is so cute.)


What Achilles-shisho shows me is a black tiger leather jacket like the one he wears when he goes hunting and coins that shine gold.


“Oh, but, these clothes and money?”

“The leather is the same kind I wear while hunting. It’s something that I made together with Rabbi.”


I think of Rabbi-san’s gentle expression and nod.


“I’m happy…”

“Be relieved. The underwear is new; it isn’t our used goods. Therefore, we’ve replaced your articles with something similar. Besides, they’re quite comfortable. The black Zerri tiger leather jacket has been soaked in dark oil and the threads are made from the fibers of spider type monster. I’m not just being proud; this is an article of rare quality. Because a lot of dark oil has been soaked into the lining it should block all magic aside from “light” to some extent.”


Right away, I try on the jacket and leather clothes.


The tweed style jacket has sleeves that are a little longer than short sleeves.

There’s a black hood attached to the back I can use to cover my head. A wolf is finely embroidered on the left chest.

This is probably the divine beast mark. It resembles a wolf and a leopard.


Because Shisho is a little smaller than me so the clothes are a little small, it feels comfortable.


In addition, Rollo also seems to like this hood…


“Umu umu. Doesn’t it feel good? There are a bunch of knifes in the lining of the chest, and they’re easy to take out.”


I check the lining while stretching out my arms to check out the new clothing and move lightly.

-The knifes are easy to remove.


And then the money.


“Yes. It feels good. And then, aren’t these gold coins a little heavy? This shape also seems different from the ‘Kole’ I had.”


I take out the coins from the beginning for the first time.


“Is this money?”

“It’s like that. There are several but please take them.”

“With this, the size and marking are different…is it ordinary, is it coin money from when you were an adventurer 300 years ago? I don’t know if it’s even used anymore. But there are several pieces so I’ll hold on to them for the time being.”



The coins I was given number ten pieces. A small gold coin. They’re whitish, but…

How much are they worth?

Possibly, if the content is low the value will be low but conversely if the content is high then the value will be high…


“In addition to this armor I want to give you the various equipment from back in my adventurer days.”

No, no. Even just this money and jacket is great. Since there are three water bottles my blood supply will be ensured, beside this popobumu. Isn’t this good?”


I’m listening while checking the popobumu’s baggage.


Umu, it’s fine. There are three popobumus. Besides it’s fine since you caught it. The other thing…is your destination. I’ve told you once before, but I want to check again. You had better not go north. It’ll be easier to go over if you take out the map.”


Map, map…I take the map out of the bag I got before and spread it out over the popobumu’s back.


“This is the rough information from 300 years ago. But, now also isn’t so different from the past. Raguren said so. It’s because Raguren interacts with the elves. He’s been able to hear different information about the area.”

“Really? That’s a relief.”


Shisho explains to me while placing a finger on the map.


“First, don’t go north because there’s a desert in that direction. But even if you go north, even if you go south, don’t pass through the dangerous area in the south just because you can’t go to the north. It’s impossible to cross the northern mountain ranges in the north from here. It’s different if you can fly, but the wind is strong in addition to the cliffs, and the altitude is also high. Besides, it’s also the domain of dragons. The Elf domain will appear once you pass through the mountain pass to the south. But, the territory of the elves may also be a bit troublesome.”


The Maheim mountain range is to the north on the map, the Great Gordekus Desert is drawn to the north of the map.

To the south is a steep mountainous region, the forested region is marked as the domain of the elven 【 Terramay Kingdom】.


“The Elven territory is troublesome?”


I ask while looking at the map.


“The forested region is an elven country, 300 years ago 【 Terramay Country 】prohibited the presence of humans. Probably even now humans don’t come to our plateau area thanks to that.”


Huh, but there seem to be feelings of adventurer explorations flowing…


“Passage is prohibited, but aren’t there any humans that slip through?”

“As far as I know there never have been. The Elves are survivors of an old empire. Because they live for so long they’re experienced, so the matter about their border should be strict.”




“If there is a guide like Raguren going back and forth in this area then the story is different. At any rate, around here there are a lot of irregular cliffs amongst the mountains, besides, it’s the habitat of brutal monsters. But, maa, we just don’t know, if it’s a talented adventurer there may be a human that can explore the area and return with their life.”


Amongst adventurers it might be possible that there are such capable individuals.


“Certainly, it might be possible.”


Achilles-shisho just nods and keeps explaining.


“The conversation got a little off track. The Haym river is to the south. The Haym River is a big river. Following that river to the west is the 【 Labyrinth City Pernette】, and following the river south from there leads to 【Osberia Kingdom 】and the 【 Imperial Capitol Gurmuheim】. Beyond the capitol is the sea. To the east is 【 Fortress City Hector 】beyond is 【Imperial Capital Fadyke】 of 【 Terramay Kingdom 】, but then going east of the capitol to the north east is 【Lerwick】.”


The Haym River certainly is big.

Even just the area on the map that the river covers might be about the distance from Hiroshima to Tokyo. And since I don’t understand what scale the map is reduced to it could be bigger.


I suppose I could exit through 【Terramay Country】 to the south…the closest city to there is the 【Fort City Hector 】in human country.


“To the south of the Haym River if the weather is clear you should be able to see 【Mt. Burdock】 where a huge dragon is said to live. It will probably be a good land mark. Anyhow, the mountain is really high.”


Ho, there a dragon living in such a mountain, and it’s big.

I really want to see it, alas, regrettably I’ll probably chatter.

Shisho points a finger at the elf forest and talks.


Assuming for now that you’re able to pass through the forest to the south into 【 Terramay Kingdom 】, there’s the 【 Magic Fog Forest】 filled with a lot of monsters. If this is crossed, then the closest city is 【 Fort City Hektore 】 in the human country. At first you should aim for here.”


“Since all cities are connected at the branch of Haym River in this area trade is prosperous. Branching to the west there’s a boggy area that comes to 【 Magic Steel City Holkerbam】. If you follow the Haym River south from there you’ll arrive at 【 Labyrinth City Pernette 】.”


Shisho moves his finger and points.

【 Labyrinth City Pernette 】 and 【 Magic Steel City Holkerbam 】…


“I understand, but will I be able to pass through the Elven domain…”

“Probably. It will be all right. You can entrust negotiations to Raguren. I’ve had acquaintances with elves in the old days, but Raguren will still be fine for this exchange. I’ll let Raguren lead you into the area.”


And, from behind-


“Shuya, you seem to be ready?”


Because I heard Raguren’s voice I turn around.

Raguren is riding a popobumu.


Rabbi-san is accompanying Refaa to the side.


“Shuya onii-chan…”


Refaa is hiding at Rabbi-san’s feet and mutters without spirit.


“Shuya-san, I loaded the new leather clothes and preserved foods together and put them away, ne. Later, the hard bread and the sack with the salt is different than the portable food, so eat it before too much time passes.”


I’m grateful. To give me precious salt.

Rabbi-san talks to me with a worried expression. Then the one hiding behind Refaa is patted kindly on the back.


“Yes. Thank you for the preserved food and clothes, Rabbi-san. Being lively, isn’t Refaa lively too? I’m looking forward to the day when we can meet again. I’ve been under Shisho’s care until now.”


Achilles-shisho continues looking serious.

He begins talking after fixing him eyes on me to answer.


“…Umu. I have one final piece of advice for you. Just because you have mastered moji does not mean you are an ‘absolute warrior.’ There are always inexplicable things in this world so you need to be careful. And, I pray for the safe travel of Rollo-sama and Shuya, La Kerlada!”


Shisho poses, making a mark over his hand like a salute.


“Hai, Shisho, la kerlada!”


I make the hand gesture salute as well, I bow politely before returning the map to the bag and climbing onto popobumu.




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