Chapter 18 – Final Test

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It has been several months since my encounter with the strange spirit.

Fall is long gone and winter is meeting its end. Spring is now upon us.


Everyone is gathered around the table together, eating breakfast like usual. Noisy conversation and smiling faces highlight the meal.


I’ve adapted completely to this life.

Every day, the Goldiba family has started to feel more and more like my true family.


Seeing everyone’s smiling faces warms the stiffness in that corner of my heart. (TL: Remember, Shuya didn’t have much of a family back in Japan after his parents died in the accident.) I feel like I’ve been learning about the happiness that comes from living together with your family.


“…What’s wrong? Without even touching your food you have this confused look on your face. Today we’ll be testing how far you have come with your training.”


Shisho says to me.

I seem to have a distant look on my face.


“Yes, I’m fine.”


I refocus my gaze and answer with a smile.


“Shuya nii-chan, work hard!”


Refaa. She always cheers me up. Her smiling face is adorable.

She’s grown up a little and gotten a bit taller.

Her face is still a bit childish but she is beginning to look like her beautiful mother, Rabbi-san. Her chestnut hair is silky smooth. Her conspicuously long eyelashes stand out on her already large eyes too.


“…Ah, I’ll work hard.”


Nodding lightly, I return a smile to Refaa.


“Are you all right, Shuya? Is that old man being too rough on you? Is the plan for today’s training different?”


Raguren smiles at me.

Shisho responds to Raguren after exchanging a look with me.


“Mou, I’m not so harsh? Besides, it was Shuya who said he enjoys ‘harsh training.’” (TL: If ya know what I mean.)


Shisho looks at me as if to say “Isn’t that right?” I reply with a look of confirmation.


“Surely, I did say that…”

“Hora? It’s spring going forward from today. It has been about one year now since Shuya came to us. I want to see the results of his conventional training. Think of today as a final test. I’m excited to see how much you have grown. I might be satisfied.”

“Hou, does that mean Shuya’s graduation is close? But I want you to be careulf, you two get too heated up when you’re together.” (TL: Sorry, he graduated last chapter.)


Raguren seems unusually worried.


“Haha, it will be fine, Raguren. Shisho has beaten me in every mock battle so far, but just once I want to beat him and graduate from being his student.”

“I see, I see, that’s fine then.”


Raguren says that with a smile on his face, and bringing a wooden spoon to his mouth he drinks it with a jerk.

Shisho also responds with laughter.


“Hahaha, you don’t say? I’m looking forward to this.”

“Hora hora, you two still haven’t touched your soup. Since Raguren complains that he doesn’t like it you two need to eat up.”


Rabbi-san tells us to eat. Breakfast is a river fish that resembles a sweetfish with tobucha. (TL: Rabbi-san actually says something else about what is in the soup but I’m not good at translating about food so I simplified it.) Rabbi-san’s homemade food is always delicious.


“Hai, itadakimasu.”


Like this breakfast is finished amongst a rowdy atmosphere.


I return to the hut and lie down for a little.

Using my arm as a substitute for a pillow I stare at the dirty ceiling.


There is a special training today.

A compilation of all my training over this past year.


I have grown and in this time have had various experiences.

Once again, my eyes become unfocused-


Memories of this past year flood my mind.






At the beginning I had to fight hard against the wooden 【Training Course】 and its logs and claws.

Then I had to chase around the magic beast Lunga cow, I caught it with a lasso…I had to keep rubbing its body with ground up medical herbs.


I had a really hard time catching a wild popobumu.


The natural slide Refaa took me to was fun.


The water spirit I met at the lake that only forms during autumn.


She was a beauty, but…I would like to not remember this…it is because I focused solely on my fierce training that my worldly desires built up.


I lightly shake my head to dismiss the memory, and look over at the odd room and the chair that has fallen over.


The chair isn’t only made from wood, it is made in a way similar to shogi pieces…a bit of the degozabear I encountered while harvesting, the large perot butterfly, I’m glad I was able to fight against the monsters on my own, but it was a hard fight. (TL: I don’t know why he talked about the chair.)


My spear handling has improved considerably thanks to many hunting trips and sparring with Achilles-shisho.


Every time I am cut, pierced, stabbed, kicked-


“-When I look back I’m trembling with excitement…”


Thanks to my intense training my Spear Dancer battler occupation has class upped to “Spear Officer” (TL: 槍武奏)

This seems to be a job that isn’t earned very often, Achilles-shisho hasn’t seen it before.


It was at that time that Shisho told me his battle occupation.


(TL: Forgive me for this. His occupation DOES NOT translate nicely.) His title is “Wind God Spear and Sword of War.”


Having mastered both the spear and sword, and as a result of integrating his moji user and wind attribute, it naturally became such a name. He explained to me a proud air.


The job that even Achilles-shiho does not know. “Spear Officer.”


Ma, I can understand the spear mastery part.

I got the permanent skill <Spear Sparring> immediately after.


It is a spear technique that lets me fight with my body when I can’t use my spear properly. It is an original fight technique but it resembles close quarters combat. (TL: Author used CQC for “close quarters combat” but since I’m not familiar with that I decide to write it out.)

It is for when I can’t use the spear. In the beat em’ up game Metal Gear that I was addicted to, mixed martial arts, I’m stuck with this impression as someone who liked watching UFC. (TL: This line was confusing, so bu bye grammar.)

Shisho says there is also sparring in wind spear style, and that the one I learned should be slightly different.

Shisho was surprised because the possible combinations I could use with my spear and martial arts increased.


And, recently Achilles-shisho has been saying (TL: Author wrote ShishoAchilles, I think it was a typo) when it comes to the spear “It won’t be long until you are my equal or better.”


Shisho is a god class of the wind spear style.

Even if it was flattery, his comment made me happy…


“Now then!”


Let’s take my final test.


I’m all fired up with serious eyes. No longer pondering this and that, I leave the hut carrying my black spear.


I go to the usual open space where we train my spearman ship.


Recently we haven’t been going to the 【Training Course】 very much. Training has become nothing more than sparring matches.


Achilles-shisho has prepped the area and is standing there with his black spear and four short swords.


“Shuya was slow. Did you take care of it? I’ve told you before, but this time use all of your skill, challenge me with the mind to kill me. I’ll respond in kind.”


Shisho suddenly creates a dangerous atmosphere, and makes an appearance of smiling.


Yo〜sh. I’ll use what I normal don’t today. I’ll use my trump.

I won’t go with the intention to kill, but I’ll go at him as hard as possible.


I undauntedly respond with a composed expression.


“…Understood. Then, stopping short of the killing blow, let’s do it with the new kukri sword I had Shisho make.” (TL: Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page about it. It’s an interesting read and there’s a picture of it.)


I look at my black spear and activate <Magic Though Guidance Hand.>

I pull the double-edged kukri sword blade from my waist using my distorted mana hand.

I swing the kukri sword in the air, slicing down.


I maneuver the black spear with my right arm, writing an  ∞ symbol. The black spear hums as I spin it up and down.


It is one of the staff fighting skills seen in action movies.

But in this world it is unique-


The metal bar moves from my palm to my fingertips, and I let it slide over the back of my hand and bend my fingers like I’m playing with a pen. The spinning metal bar moves from the back of my hand around my knuckles and to my wrist. Then, I put power into my arm-and pull the extensor digitorum muscle. (TL: The author actually specifies the muscle.)


Reacting to the muscle the black tanza spear jumps up in the air.


I immediately catch the spear with my left hand.

And, setting my posture, I extending my left arm stabbing with the spear in a sweeping motion.


Finally, pointing my spear at Shisho I turn my eyes to him and lower my center of gravity.

The Kukri which stayed in the air during my performance rotates around me like a satellite.


Achilles-shisho smiles when he sees my performance.


“Only the spear, really now…it’s already surpassed the limits of my spear mastery…however-”


While Shisho is talking, he suddenly let’s out a battle cry.

All four of the swords floating around come at the same time. Shisho’s posture is set up for <thrusting.>


Using magic observing eye I’m able to see Shisho’s movements.


My thinking accelerates.


Guidance Moji rises from Achilles-shisho’s body, all four swords connected by shining bands of light. I take care to be aware of each of them.


Those swords are really troublesome.

The four sword float around. I grasp the position of all four swords.


Underneath Shisho is handling one black spear-

Turning back, what seems to be a surprise attack-

To the right and left of Shisho. A total of four swords.


Their silhouettes scatter.


He really looks like a sword master like this.


When I look with magic observing eye, the shining bands of Shisho’s guidance moji look like wings. I approach him so that the shining bands surround me.


A feeling of intense pressure, it is frightening.


I won’t lose to such pressure!


I enthusiastically rush in from the front. Shisho’s black spear jumps up to meet my own.

While Shisho deflects my spear I keep the kukri sword behind me to defend my back.


I succeed in dodging the swords being directed at my back with the bright bands of guidance moji. However, Achilles-shisho still has three other short swords coming at me from the left and right.


The sword from the right moves earlier than I thought it would.


Turning the black spear diagonally, I dodge the sword coming from the right and repel it. I fill my legs with fighting moji and dash to the right.


In doing so I manage to dodge the other short swords.

The sword being moved by a light band cuts through the space I was just standing.


However, anticipating I would dodge to the right, Shisho brings up his black spear to meet me-the metal rod approaches to gouge my side with a hum.


In a hurry I eject <chain> from my left hand and manage to hit his black spear, knocking it away.


Thus I am somehow able to prevent Shisho’s black spear from approaching me. After I do this Shisho makes a surprised expression.


Yet that expression quickly fades. Shisho watches me calmly.

Thinking the chain couldn’t stop his attack, Shisho forcibly pulls the chain stuck to his spear “without changing his eyes.”

Jerking up with the spear, turning on his toes, he lefts the force from the chain rotate his body once.


Again I calm down as an attack approaches me, flashing at me in between seconds. Grasping the image, I instantly use it. (TL: This part says something about in between the zeros, but I think this is what the author means.)


I don’t block it and turn to attack.


I hurl the Kukri sword grasped with at Shisho’s head.

Like that I rush in, ignoring Shisho’s attack, and I am able to direct the shaft of the black spear towards Shisho’s chest.


Shisho receives my sudden attack.


Calmly stopping my attack, he kicks the ground with one foot.


Again, he avoids my blow by rotating in a half turn on his toes.

The Kukri blade thrown with <Magic Though Guidance Hand> using <Throwing> is easily repelled with a flick.


This time using the other foot he turns lightly.

Repeating the movement, he flows around to dodge. The spear approaching his chest is easily avoided.

Nimbly sticking out his leg, his foot draws a half-circle across the ground.


Are you Muhammad Ali? I thrust with such poison in my heart.


His eyes look more serious than usual.

His movements feel like dancing mechanical doll. Busy taking turns. Since a little while ago he has become too fast.


While dancing to dodge, Shisho’s guidance moji seems to have moved and picked up the swords I deflected earlier.


Chi〜, I was shortsighted.


The four swords have returned to floating in the air.

When it comes to this- I’ll need to be fast.


I’ll use my trump.

– <Cerebral Demon Speed>


With instant acceleration-I am suddenly close to Shisho.

Faster than Shisho I strike out with my black spear.


With a surprised look on his face Shisho’s eyes track the movement of my black spear. With all four short swords and his own black spear, he blocks my attack.


Five seconds pass-

Two of the four sword are repelled and the ricochet injures Shisho’s shoulder and foot.


Ten seconds pass-

Coping with my speed, of the four short swords only one blade remains, holding out.


15 seconds pass-

I manage to repel the only remaining sword. However, Shisho has moved his guidance moji in a defensive position and adopts a posture dedicated to defense.


20 second pass-

Chi- the skill runs out and my speed falls-

Shisho is reasonable. As if saying that, using the momentum that maintained the right circular orbit he begins to deliver a counter attack.


The black metal bar approaches in a horizontal slash to smash my side.


I forcibly expand my <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> to prevent it. I use the distorted mana hand to wrap around Shisho’s black spear.


It successfully prevents the attack.


Eh, ya〜ta! I sealed Shisho’s spear.

But, Achilles-shisho is getting impatient with a smirking face.


“-Eh, the speed of the attack just now really surprised me. And as of now, judging by the degree of perfection that was a new unique defensive guidance magic. It’s really wonderful…it could be called a daring move. Furthermore, it seems to have room to develop even more, however!”


As he says so Achilles-shisho let’s go of his spear.


Suddenly, his figure disappears-no, he jumped!?

Furthermore, the light bands holding Shisho’ swords flew to the left and right.


This time he’s throwing them! And again, the swords I repelled before-


Ah, while we were talking before. I immediately respond while considering that.


I let go of Shisho’s spear being held in <Magic Though Guidance Hand> and expand my mana outward to the right and left.


I somehow deflect the thrown swords with <Magic Though Guidance Hand.>


-However, as a result my reaction is delayed.


Shisho comes at me with a flying kick.

I receive two kicks to my head and torso. With broken posture I shake my head back and forth in an attempt to shrug off the shock.


Unfortunately, Shisho hasn’t finished by delivering the kicks.


Moving fluidly. In those few seconds he has picked his black spear up again using guidance moji. Pointing the black spear point at me with the feeling of conclusion- he at me in the final blow.


Shisho’s <thrust> lands a clean hit in the pit of my stomach.


The tip sinks into my stomach. As the black spear in the pit of my stomach makes a dull sound, it sinks to the base in my stomach.




Shisho continues and pulls the black spear out before delivering a kick to the middle of my stomach.


Receiving the kick, I am blown back while blood sprays out from place the spear pierced.

Iteeeee, it hurts! A few seconds feels excruciatingly long. Because of the blow to my head I was unable to react and defend myself.


I also lost the magic thought guidance hand and dropped my black spear on the ground.


“I talked in order to distract you, but your original guidance moji and the chain, moreover, that secret skill that increases your physical speed, I felt cold water down my spine, no? That secret skill can’t be a “bad move” either. Is consecutive use impossible?”


Haha, that-


“Itee, eh, it’s like that.”

“After all, it is like that. However, you took a blade to your stomach…are you all right?” (TL: Asks the one who did it.)


I received a deep cut to my stomach. My entrails are poking out and blood is gushing out, the wound is already start to close.


“It really fuckin’ hurts…the wound is closing though.”


However, the intense pain coming from my internal organs doesn’t change.

I crease my forehead, and try to bluff to some degree. I might die…it hurts too much. (TL: Baby.) Still though, Achilles-shisho is strong…


“Once more!”

“As expected of the vampire lineage-”


However, the result is the same no matter how many times we fight.

Because the time lag of cerebral demon speed was seen through, it was gradually coped with.


Is the cause the difference in the number of hands?

In the end it turned into displaying the remarkable difference in the quality of Shisho’s guidance moji.


Giving preference to training my spear, without becoming familiar with the kukri sword I can’t use it well. Since I saw the movement of Shisho’s four swords in the air I thought I would try to imitate it with the kukri sword, but…without much result the kukri sword was easily dodged. The Kukri sword only flew in the sky. Against Shisho’s skill with the spear and the four swords with guidance moji I was played with. Being laughed at by the four swords I whirl around in a fine dance while being cut up.


It is like being attacked by the swords of four expert soldiers.


Nevertheless, my spear handling is incomparable next to Achilles-shisho.


So strong. And fast.


Just like that my black spear is sealed by four short swords.


After that technique–


Finally, Shisho manages to land a blow on my abdomen with the butt of his spear, and I am blown off.


The difference in ability is clear.

An ant confronting colossus.


I can sense my limits like this, I can feel the difference in experience.


Of course, without minding things like being a vampire, I expect I can win if I fight using my power as a “monster.”


But, there’s no meaning if I do something like that.

There is no meaning…I really feel I could deal with someone with skill if I seriously fight.


Still, this old man is terrifying.


“Haahaa, are we done with this? Today was really tiring. I’ve also received wounds…”


Achilles-shisho says so with an expression as if he’s going to die, and lets out an exhausted ragged breath.

Leaning on his spear while looking over the wounds on his foot and shoulder, we walk over to the ladder.


“Are your wounds okay?”

“They’re fine. If I take a recovery potion it will be recovered instantly. A wound on this level can be left to fighting moji mana inside, so the wound should soon heal naturally.”

“Fighting Moji has such an effect…”


I did not know that.

Even so, I had better train using the kukri sword with guidance moji more…

No, I’d also like the use the spear with it…


I follow Achilles-shisho while thinking about such a thing.


Shisho seems to have been watching my face.


“…Shuya. Even though you’re making such a difficult face, aren’t you already strong enough? Judging by your movements today, I was satisfied and ‘convinced’.”

“‘Conviced?’ What is that?”

“As for that. I think Shuya is ready to graduate from being a student.”


Hearing his words, I answer with a faint smile.


“Eh? Wh-wh-what? I’m ready to graduate? I don’t feel like I’m good enough…However, why are you making a difficult face? The way I’ve been training is fun…”


My faint smile breaks before Shisho’s serious expression.


“Graduation is serious. And it’s good. Seeing Shuya’s difficult face I’m reminded of myself in the past…”

“In the old days?”

“Ah, while I was still training and working as an adventurer a friend told me I was making that face.”


For a moment, Shisho makes a face as he remembers the old days.


“Really? But I feel like I still haven’t had enough training…”


Shisho makes a strict face in response to my question.

Lowering his eyebrows in a frown he looks at me serious eyes.


“Shuya, don’t you underestimate yourself too much? Aren’t you making light of yourself?’”


Underestimating myself. I may have been doing that…




I nod in silence.

His words are like a proverb I heard somewhere.


Shisho’s severe expression softens and with a smile continues talking.


“Ma, it’s not that I hate it, so long as it come to humbleness? That’s why you have passed your graduation.”


Oh, I have mastery now?


“Thank you very much.”

“…you showed me proof of your growth. I’m glad. To have been able to become strong enough to wound me in such a short amount of time.”

“However, I still have a way to go.”


I have learned from Shisho in various ways… My genuine desire to become stronger has come out.


“Again. What are you saying. If it’s just your spear mastery then you have already surpassed me. What do you mean by that? You don’t seem to understand.”


Even if you say that…


“…An actual feeling.”

“Ju…just now, the only reason Shuya lost to me is because of the four swords I used with guidance moji. The guidance moji I use is the accumulative strength of more than five-hundred years. You shouldn’t mind it so much.”


Surely, I know that. The only person I have even fought with is Shisho.



“Do you really understand it? In one year you have exceeded the combination of five-hundred year of experience in guidance moji and a god level mastery of wind spear style…”


Ah, when he says that… Shisho makes a slightly bewildered face.

That is true. I was impertinent.



“Fu, maa, it’s fine. I know that you have been making an effort to climb to the height of martial arts day by day. …For this reason, I will tell you over and over you have seriously graduated from being a student.”


Yes, Shisho’s tells me seriously.


“I understand.”


Graduation…that means I’ll go on a journey soon.

On a trip to become an adventurer.

Though I have to take care of the thing with Rollo, I am going to enjoy myself in various ways too.


“Do you want to learn the final moji, fairy moji later? I’m excited to do it now. Okay, let’s go let out the cattle for now. Today we’ll ride popobumu till nightfall.

“Yes! Because riding popobumu is fun I’ll do my best.”


Achilles-shisho hearing that it is fun,


“Speaking of popobumu, Refaa also wanted to go for a ride…”


Remembering this he mutters quietly.


“Refaa? Because she’s small isn’t it still dangerous?”


Achilles-shisho falls silent as we climb down the ladder.

We continue to the foot of the cliff.


When his foot reaches the plateau Shisho continues talking.


“…She’s small but she’ll be ten years old soon. Amongst the Goldiba we begin different trainings at the 【Training Course】 soon. …The forest is dangerous, and even this plateau area isn’t completely safe. Including what you said.”


Shisho isn’t a fail-safe. Hearing his words, Unintentionally-I move my eyes across the plateau full of green and growing flowers.


“On this calm slope…the mountains can be seen in the distance…”


A beautiful plateau.


“It’s because Shuya hasn’t seen it yet. It is really rare but there are dragon type monsters and the dark beetle that occasionally shows up. They’ve attacked the domesticated animals in the past…most of them were slaughtered.”


Shisho talks about memories of the past.

His eyes look sorrowful. There are the dragons from my imagination, but darkness insects? I’ve heard a little about it before…even though it seems to be a sore topic I’ll try to learn a little about it.


“…I understand the dragon, but what kind of dark insect is the dark beetle?”


Shisho nods once and opens his mouth.


“…Although it is an omnivore it is fast and strong. It is dark pitch black from head to foot and has big pincers like a stag beetle growing from its head. Its main feature is that its back-end will give off dark fog. It’s an insect type monster, though I don’t know its official name. This way it can deliver powerful physical attacks with the pincers on its head and most magic attacks are ineffective because any attack that doesn’t use light magic won’t work.”


There is such an enemy, I answer while imagining its figure.


“It is an extremely unpleasant enemy.”

“Umu. Now it becomes a difficult fight, it will be over in an instant if there is a light attribute attack, but there isn’t a light attribute attack usable unless one is a ‘priest’ or ‘church knight’? And if they win then the contents disappear.”




“Contents? The contents of the dark beetle?”


Finally, Achilles-shisho grins.


“That’s right. It can be defeated easily if the body is struck. And then, its body fluids consist of a “precious dark oil” called guchogo, it absorbs everything other than ‘light.’ It absorbs dirt and is suitable for cleaning. Well, using it for cleaning is a bit of a luxury. Normally, it is used to temper bows and cloth and for anti-magic equipment in general.”


Achilles-shisho explains the darkness oil while waving his hands as we enter the animal stables.


“This ‘darkness oil” sounds pretty convenient. But I get the feeling it is much easier to deal with than a dragon…”


While I follow Shisho back I continue talking.


“If there’s only one? There are times when the insect appears in large numbers.”

“Saying it like that, have you fought a dragon before?”


I tense a little when I hear this.

Dragons are the representative of fantasy…


“Did it? The only one I had anything to do with was medium sized. The only ones around here are small. There are a lot of different types of dragons too…I once saw an ancient giant dragon flying in the sky.”

“Ancient dragon…”


Ancient Dragon…they seem to be intelligent too.


“Didn’t I see it during my adventurer days? Aren’t small one are already sufficiently dangerous? They breath fire and have giant fangs, claws and tails.”

“I guess so. They must look amazing…”

“Ma, you’ll understand if you see one. Do you want to meet one? Well… we’ll let the animals out soon. Take popobumu for a ride for now.”



Achilles-shisho opens the fence to the animal barn and shouts loudly.

Multiple lungas start running outside all at once.


Well, I’ll go too.”


Achilles-shisho rides another popobumu and chases the herd of lungas. (TL: Sorry for writing those as names rather than species before. I might go back and fix it, or not.)


“You go ahead Shuya, the plateau is large but be sure to make sure they don’t approach any cliffs.”

“Okay! I’m off!”


I clap the popobumu’s body with my foot and speed up before quickly passing the herd. I go advancing ahead.


Cold wind blows over my body.

With the speed obtained by riding the popobumu it feels good.


I smile naturally and feel like a bird soaring on the wind.


I run up the slope in one go. The cool wind feels nice-

The air on this wide open plateau is the best.


But, do the dragons and dark insects they talked about early really appear here…

Suddenly, while I’m thinking about such things I see flowers growing in the distance on the plateau. Along with Shisho I continue following the cattle while guiding them around and time quickly passed. Guiding the animals until dusk we bring them back to the stable.


Safely leading them over, while thinking-


Hm? There’s a black haze on the slope…


The light of dusk disappears being absorbed.

I can hear a bubbling sound coming out. The suspicious haze is only happening in one place.


The haze is shaped like a stag beetle.


A huge insect. Its surface is pitch black.

The places where the evening light hits the ground the dark fog disappears. It seems a different light is flashing off its body.



“That is the darkness insect. I can’t get the cattle to the barn like this. Fortunately, the sun hasn’t fallen yet. Now while it is considerably weakened by the light is our chance. There will probably be two or three. Hunt them, Shuya!”



When Shisho gets down from the popobumu holding his black spear, he runs to the place the dark fog is coming from.


–Grabbing my own black spear I run after him. (TL: This development was totally unexpected. Who would have thought they would have to fight the monster they just described in intricate detail.)


The dark stag beetle has two pincers like a pair of giant scissors.

The inner edge of the horns has countless tiny fangs like a shark..


Without hesitation Shisho extends the black spear in his hand-and repels the upper part of the pincers.

Even though the dark stag beetle’s pincers are repelled, it turns its head around like a blender and counter attacks-a pincer approaches Shisho.


Achilles-shisho deals with it calmly.

Running to the side, he attacks the joints in the beetle’s armor while avoiding the large pincer blades.

Already another one appears from the fog behind Shisho.


“This guy!”


I yell in high spirits and release <chain> at the stag beetle that appeared behind Achilles-shisho.


The amazing chain penetrates through the pincers. However, the chain catches for an instant, and its body rises into the air.

Being pulled by the chain like that, I am dragged right in front of the dark stag beetle. Seeming to twist its head the stag beetle forcibly pulls on the chain.


I am right in front of the stag beetle.


Ah, this is dangerous.


Then I am right in between where the pincers intersect.

The giant spincers blades approach from the left and right.


I immediately dismiss the chain.


I’ll have to use my trump!?


No, I turn the black tanza spear horizontal and stop the scissor blades.

-With a *kiiin* a high-pitched metallic sound resounds.

I can hear the metal of the black spear I was able to insert between the dark beetle’s pincers creaking. However, the metal seems to be strong stuff, yet still it bends a little.


“You were too careless just because that black spear is made of tanza!”


Achilles-shisho has already found another one and is now facing two at the same time. However, he still seems to have enough room scold me.


Even if he says that I have no room to reply.


“It’s dangerous.”


It is good I could prevent it with my black spear. It can’t finish closing on me.

Still, there is no time to be relieved. I begin to forcibly life the dark beetle while my black spear is stuck between its pincers. Because its holding onto the black spear with my mandibles it is now dangling. To restore its posture, it twists its abdominal muscles and twists down the lower half of its raised body.


The view becomes reversed but I step on both horn blades.

Putting strength into both my feet and the hands I am holding out.


However, the dark beetle turns its horn blade and drops to the ground.


This fellow, are you just going throw me into the ground.


Impertinent insect.


I quickly store mana in my hands and feet. I use <Fighting Moji.>

I step on the pincers and kick- I successfully pull the black spear out by force.

I fall to the ground while grasping the black spear and look at the dark insect in front of me.

Something in the corner of my view…enters.

It looks soft, the eyes! I discover yellow eye under the horns.

I will aim for the eyes.

Putting all of my strength into the spear I stab up to the spot under the pincers.

A dull thwack and the dark beetle is bent back by the strong impact and its yellow eyes are exposed. Not missing this chance, I aim at the yellow eyes and fire <chain.>

-The chain goes straight and pierces the yellow eye.

The dark beetle seems to be in pain as it shakes its pincers and spreads the wings on its back with a low buzzing sound, it struggles to take my chain.

Because it was trying to wrap my chain around its scissors I dismiss it.

“You’re still lively.”

Attacking its eyes seems to have worked, but the dark beetle becomes abnormal enraged and shakes it pincers.

Furthermore, it brings its pincer blades down to crush me from above.

I quickly jump to the right in order to avoid them.

“Shuya! Once you crush both eyes the accuracy of the scissors disappears!”

Achilles-shisho toys with one of them while using guidance moji to crush its eyes with his four short swords, the black spear stabs into the first one easily killing it.


“I got it!”


I respond energetically.

The only one remaining is the left eye. Saying so, let’s do it again. -The dark beetle is unexpectedly fast.


I move before the beetle can rotate its head and attack with its pincers.

Holding my black spear at an angle I stop the beetles blow with its pincer.


-Ku, It’s unexpectedly heavy.


I try to rotate my spear to dissipate the shock from the collision, but I fail to do so and am forced back, digging up the earth.


Two furrows in the ground trace the path my feet took.


However, I fire <chain> deep into the ground opposite me and hold on, finally managing to offset the shock.


As soon as I have dealt with the dark stag beetle’s attack I turn in the opposite direction and attack without giving it room to breathe. (TL: This line had something about cog wheels and turning his head that didn’t make sense.)


This chance-


I counter the giant mandibles of the approaching dark insect with my black spear and repel it.

The dark beetle’s head is knocked up from the impact exposing its other yellow eye.


I can clearly see the dark insect’s final yellow eye.


This time I use <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>

My distorted mana hand pulls the kukri sword out and throws it spinning through the air with a battle cry.

The transparent mana hand dashes forward and the magic lines extend out.


The kukri sword being held by the mana hand is moving so fast that it leaves behind a trace of the magic lines.

The kukri sword pierces through the dark beetle’s yellow eye.


The insects lets loose a sound like a painful scream.

Having crushed both eyes, it i now easy.

The dark beetle now seems to be completely blind, swinging around its scissor like mandibles at random.


Naturally, it does not hit me.


I kick the ground using fighting moji legs and quickly close in on the dark insect, and attack piercing with my black spear.

With <Thrust> and <Chain> I continue to steadily attack its stomach.


The dark insect’s movements become dull as it gradually weakens.


Finally, from an ordinary thrust, with my feet strongly planted on the ground I twist my back while thrusting out with my right hand twisting, aiming at the dark beetle’s abdomen I deliver a decisive combo blow.


※ Extra Skill ※ Chain Factor Skill Derivative Condition Met※

※ Pikon ※ <Thought Guidance Chain> Permanent Skill Acquired ※


Ooh, I learned a new skill.

Thought guidance? I can immediately understand the skill.


-I seem to be able the move the chain at will.


And the chain mark on my left wrist has changed.


The chain is drawn in detail and its length has extended, the chain symbol is covering my wrist and spreading on the back of my hand. The chain’s design has changed to look exactly like an entwined snake.




“Even though this was your first time facing it you were able to defeat it so quickly? As expected of Shuya.”


While I am looking at the design on my wrist I get praised by Shisho.


Achilles-shisho seems to have taken care of his two dark insects a long time ago, he’s already stored the gelatinous black fluids into a bag for transportation.


“It was defeated easily…”

“Until the sun finally sets its movements are dull and they’re easier to handle.”


It was easier because of the time of day, so it must actually be stronger than this…


“I would also like to collect their mandibles… after they have died their bodies will dissipate once the sun rises. They have no magic stone. For now, let’s hurry because I want to collect the dark oil, go bring me the big magic bag in the shed.”


I easily locate a bag in a corner of the hut.


“Is it the bag in the corner of the shed?”



I bring it back quickly. With the appointed bag I join in the harvesting.

The thick black oil is loaded into the bag continuously piling up.

This bag is the same as usual, it can hold a lot.


“This bag can hold a lot.”

“I guess? When Shuya and Rollodinu leave on their journey you should take it with you.”


He is giving it to me. I’m grateful.


“Thank you.”

“Umu. this should be as much as we can carry… lets carry everything back up now.”



Raguren seems to have just returned from hunting when we bring back the dark oil with us, and he is carrying various game with him.

When Raguren sees Achilles-shisho and me with our arms full he smiles at the two of us.


“A dark insect, the dark beetle, showed up.”

“Umu. At dusk? It was only three of them. I just finished hunting.”

“Did Shuya help with the hunting too?”

“Yup. “Its pincers were scary.


Hearing my timid words Achilles-shisho responds with a doubtful expression.


“What did you say? While I fought two of them didn’t you seriously kill one?”


Hearing that Raguren gives me a praising look.


“Oh, Shuya is already considerably strong if he killed a dark insect.”


Achilles-shisho nods in agreement to Raguren’s words and stares at me proudly.


“Umu. The attack he used to kill the dark insect was quite good. He’s also reached the level of guidance magic, and he acquired a unique chain skill. His strength has already become unshakable.’”


I am embarrassed by what Shisho says.


“Hee, is that so?”


Since I am embarrassed and responded with a question Shisho who was talking proudly gives me a serious look.


“That is right. Have more confidence. Already, the only thing I have left to teach you is fairy moji.”

“That’s right. The old an here is the strongest of the Goldiba.  Shuya is definitely worthy of praise.”


Achilles-shisho and Raguren both happily nod their heads in admiration.


Contemplating what they tell me I nod. They are right. I need to be confident.


“…The last is fairy moji.”


I wonder what kind of moji it will be.

I remember being told it was uniting with nature.


“Fairy Moji. If it’s Shuya it will be learned immediately. However, has the student really graduated? Although this short period felt long… you were able to defeat the dark insect. Isn’t it fine to have confidence? Whether or not you can defeat me in the end. Also, the darkness oil is a great thing. It’s enough to last us a year. Since it will be helpful for cleaning Rabbi will be happy.”


After seeing the dark oil Raguren has a happy smile.

Achilles-shisho also answers while laughing,


“That’s right. I am grateful for the dark oil.”


After Shisho sees Raguren’s expression he makes an expression of contemplation for a moment before continuing.


“…Nevertheless, Raguren seems to be in a good mood? What did you hunt?”

“This Renbu deer. This is the one I was looking for.”


Raguren says so proudly and takes a big horn out.


“Oh, is that so. You finally managed to kill one. The deer you were aiming for… Yosh, we’ve been talking for a long time, I’ll make something special with the large horn.”


Shisho picks up the large horn and looks at it from various angles in the light from the setting sun.


The horn is huge.

It’s like moose antlers, furthermore, the huge horn has a wild feeling.


“That’s because the things this old man makes are special gems.”


While looking at the horn Raguren responds with a smile.


“A special gem?”

“Yeah. Should it be a compound bow for Refaa?”


Ah, it is something like that.

He’s going to create a handmade bow.


Refaa will be happy. (TL: I’ve never know a 10 year girl who was excited to get a weapon for their birthday, but it seems children in this world are blood thirsty.)


“It’s something like that, I see〜”

“The tendons of this monsters can be used to make the bow string, making a device out of it, horn, bone to make glue, it will take some time to make, but this child should be happy.”


I see, I don’t seem to be able to see their expression.

It depends on fairy moji, but if I immediately learn the skill, I intend to leave here.


“…I wanted to see it finished to.”

“Can’t you? Does Shuya intend to leave immediately after learning fairy moji?”

“Yeah. Shisho told me I’ve graduated now. I’ve learned a lot in this past year. I’m really grateful.”

“…Refaa will probably be upset.”


Raguren looks down with a disappointed face.

Shisho’s eyes become clouded for an instant…but suddenly his eyes turn sharp.


“…It’s like that, but that’s life. Then, as the final lesson as my student, I will teach you fairy moji. As proof of your graduation you should learn the combat job ‘Moji User.’”


I make an earnest face.


“Yes. I’ll do my best.”

“Umu. Well…I’ve mentioned it before, but I can do almost no <Fairy Moji>. For now, I’ll actually show it to you.”


Finally, it has come.



“Raguren, store this underground for now.”


Shisho hands the large Rebu antler to Raguren.




Holding the antler Raguren goes inside.


“Shuya, let’s go to the open area. Because it will take five to ten minutes, watch me for now.”


While saying so, Achilles-shisho and I walk to the open plaza. Arriving at the open space he closes his eyes, meditation? It has begun.




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