Chapter 390 – Journey to the Apple Orchard


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When I introduced Higlia as well, everyone commented,

“So you’re the lovely wolfwoman, huh? Your stylish armor shows that you’ve got a great fashion sense!”

“Nn, you’re just as described in Shuuya’s blood messages. Equipment as characteristic for ancient wolfmen, and your silver fur is pretty, too.”

“The fangs in your mouth are also charming~ I totally get why Shuuya has taken a liking to you. But, our equipment that also includes the Muntomi attire with its dreamy red and black feathers is clearly superior, right?” Rebecca-san sought my approval.

After nodding faintly, I looked at Higlia.

She spoke up, “Shuuya’s family! Shuuya and I share a relationship where we will cross our fists while vying for honor together on the idol plaza. Therefore I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“I won’t approve of any such shady duels! If you want to have a duel, I’ll humor you!”

Her movements of readying her katars while cladding herself in blue flames have become really decent. The way her long, blond hair sways…is a sight for sore eyes, too.

“Oh, it’s the blue flames you’ve been showing off for a while now! But, saying that you won’t approve of it…”

“It’s not me you should look at, Higlia.”

“You’re the male I’ve decided to follow…even if I might become no more than a single petal of a flower…” Higlia grew somewhat timid.

Next to her, Rebecca stabbed her katar high up into the air.

“Huhuhuu―― I’ll obstruct any duels implicitly being about getting engaged or becoming Shuuya’s attendant! That’s the very reason why I’ve been learning the Kulbul Boxing Style!”

As usual she gets carried away with her rambling, but well, she’s a beauty, so I’ll ignore it.

“If it’s about becoming an attendant, I’ve already concluded that with Shuuya-sama…many times over…to the extent of physically experiencing his raging love…”

“His Excellency is intense, but he’s been kind to my butt.”

Kisara and Helme bragged proudly. But, that only ended up worsening Higlia’s mood as she had been waiting all this time. But, I guess the same applies to Rebecca, too.

“Hmm? Mmmhhmm! That’s unforgivable…but I also got him to treat me kindly on many occasions, and we’re talking about Shuuya with his inexhaustible stamina, so…I suppose it’s inevitable for that to happen.” Rebecca slumps her shoulders feebly.

I’ll give you proper service next time, okay?

“…Inexhaustible…that makes me super curious, but it’s not like we really need to do the kagura ceremony…however, I wanted to have a duel…”

“Don’t worry, Higlia. I’ll keep my promise. Besides, there’s also the important matter of the cooperation, or rather, the alliance Cydale has formed with the ancient wolfmen.”

Higlia had been in a bad mood, but hearing my words, she immediately latched on to them.

“I see! Yes, you’re totally right! Hehe, I’m happy to hear it. I’ve become friends with Quiche. She’s a great commandant. If she had been an ancient wolfwoman, I’m certain she’d have quickly risen through the ranks!”

The fur on Higlia’s back stood on end. Her tail was wagging, too.

“Nn, no choice if he promised it. Her and the vampire hunter Nora…Shuuya…you’re too popular. But, it’s also proof that you’re a good man who’s reliable in various ways. Shuuya! Do your best at the duel, and beat her black and blue!” Eva approved of it, but her last words had a slightly scary nuance.

“Even though he already has milady…”

“Lily, you mustn’t blame Shuuya. You’ve heard about the many incidents from milady, haven’t you?” Dee-san asked.


“He’s a kind man. He even built houses like this one for the people he rescued.”

Dee-san argued in my favor, but…Lily still glared my way.

Well, I get her feelings on this. In her eyes, I must be fooling around while discarding the woman she likes.



Next I introduced the orcs.

“These are unusual orcs for swearing their allegiance. And there’s also a beautiful orc among them…,” commented Rebecca while bringing her face close to Quema, ignoring Solobo altogether.

And then she looked at me once again. I felt like her eyes were accusing me, 『You perverted vampire! You saved them because she’s a beauty, didn’t you!?』.

I got an urge to smoke a magic cigarette, but endured.

“Nn, huge Solobo with a magic umbrella and a magnificent katana. And I’ve heard that Quema uses a spear and bone flute.”

“Shuuya-dono…the small woman with the long blond hair, Rebecca-sama…and the one with the violet eye, Eva-sama…and the others are your esteemed family members as bloodkin, aren’t they?”

I feel like she also threw Lily and Dee-san into the mix there as well, but whatever.

“Just as I told you before, they’re the people who’ve strongly inherited the blood of the Light Demon Lucival race.”

“…Yes, even if we can’t understand their words, we share the same feelings――”

Solobo pressed a hand against his chest as if to fire himself up. He looked like a gorilla that was appealing. His face was that of a pig, though.

“My name is Solobo and I have become Shuuya-sama’s subordinate as a lowly grunt. I am a rowdy orc who has some confidence in his sword skills. Please take care of me from now on!” Solobo introduced himself as if holding a speech.

After exchanging a look with Quema, they both nodded, and then genuflected.

“Your Excellency, I don’t understand their words, but I feel like I know what they’re saying. You can put your trust into the loyalty and strength of those orcs. How about sending them over to Kaldo in the west once you have turned them into your kin?”

“You’re right…they’d become a power to help the establishment of his dark guild. But, they’d need to listen to Kaldo, right?”

“Ah, that would be impossible,” muttered Helme.

“Yeah, probably, I guess. And Kaldo doesn’t contact me, as he’s apparently entrusting all the blood messaging to Yui. Besides, he likely wants to build up things from scratch as a man. Though he might just be on a honeymoon with Crow-san, too.”

“An expansion of the territory…”

“Sorry, I know about your hopes, Helme, but I’ll trust Kaldo on that. Besides, I’m getting messages from Yui, so everything is still alright.”


In the meantime, Eva extended a hand towards the bowing orcs and touched them.

“Nn…surprising,” she said towards me after having read their minds.

“What is?”

“They truly intend to devote their life to you, Shuuya…even though they’re orcs, it’s just as Spirit-sama has said.”

“It’s not to the extent of Hankay-san, but they’re faithful orcs who don’t forget their debt of gratitude, huh? Hearing that…I can’t regard them as meat any longer…so maybe I’ll stop eating orcs,” said Rebecca, clearly agreeing with my own impression.

However, it looked like Dee-san and Lily were different in that regard.


Lily swallowed her saliva as if having a delicious feast in front of her eyes.

Her expression is scary…since she’s probably imagining pork fried with ginger. Her apron dress with the V-shaped neckline is cute, however…

On the other hand, Dee-san was wearing leather armor with a matching tunic adorned with merchant-styled embroideries.

“They’re meat, yep…,” muttered Dee-san with a cold-hearted look on his face.

He slowly extended a hand for the kitchen knife hanging at his waist.

“Dee, get your hand off the knife. Lily, you too. The orcs are no food.”

It was quite a hassle since no one was able to understand Orcish.

Let’s keep those two away from the orcs since it looks like things would escalate quickly.

“Quema, Solobo, you can lift your faces. Please go and check out how Muu is doing.”

“Please leave it to me. I’ll watch her while training with Soebally as well.”

“I’m also someone who can wield a spear, and the Totokhun Clan values children above all.”

“The orcs said something, right? I’ll go outside, too.”

Following the orcs, Higlia went out on the training ground, too.

“Okay, I’ll head outside as well to make sure that Muu-chan won’t eat the orcs.” Kisara cracked a joke.

“I’ll go and take a look at Muu-chan.” Helme also headed over to the entryway while smiling.

Muu sure is blessed.

Helme and Kisara joined up with Higlia, opened the entrance door, and went outside while talking about where Rotalz might be around now.

“I want to greet Muu-chan.”

“Nn, me too.”

“Gotcha. Let us go to the training ground as well then.”

Taking Rebecca and Eva with me, I left the living room for the entryway. Thereupon, the Wave Gourd entered my visual field.

I guess I’ll take this with me as well, is what I thought as I stopped and looked at the gourd, which was stuck to the floor next to the door. Pushing the door open with my right hand, I manipulated <Tree of the Evil King>.

The entryway’s grains showed movements as if being hit by a wave, and vanished in the next instant like ash that crumbled apart. The stuck gourd lurched over, and just as it was about to fall over, I grabbed its protrusion.

As usual, the thing is damn heavy. Is it so heavy because of its contents? Or because its surface is made out of metal?

While pondering about that, I focused my attention on the shoulder dragon. After my cloth hood was sucked in and stored away inside the dragon’s mouth, I hoisted the gourd on my back. Then I released <Chain> from both factors, creating an impromptu carrying strap.

Transporting the gourd, I left the house with Rebecca and Eva.

“Nn, the gourd looks heavy. Its design is pretty, though.”

“Carrying it with chains is a funny pun~” Rebecca commented with a laugh.

“Are blood-sucking flowers inside this thing?”

“Yep. According to the Time Pinyin, the part of the power source for 【Cloud Rust – Tenge】 that’s inside this gourd appears to be a precious item.”

“Nn, examine?”, asked Eva while extending a hand for the gourd.

“Sure, go ahead, though I don’t know whether it has consciousness.”

Eva nodded and went around behind me.

“I’ll touch it now.”

As soon as I heard her warning…

“…Nothing from the surface layer.”

“I see, thanks.”

“I wonder whether I should give touching a go as well. I also want items like this. And I’d sure love to employ a super kitty like Rollo-chan.”

Rebecca has been yearning to become a magic painter, hasn’t she? I recall her having mentioned something along those lines in the past, too.

“…It’s got a rough texture. So you slaughtered the forces of the Tree King with this, huh?”

“Rebecca’s finger, pretty.”

“Thanks. Since I’ve started to use my fist, I’ve been using Amald’s Eyes, the new product of the Alcorny Company, and Angel’s Bell.”

“You bought Angel’s Bell?”

“Yep, it was recommended to me by my customer, Madam Noble.”

“Which reminds me, I’ve heard that the number of those wearing luxurious dresses has increased among the people buying tea at your shop.”

“Indeed. I think it might be somehow related to Prince Melt-sama, but…well, Betty-san has been rejoicing over it, so it’s all fine.”

“If something happens, I’ll come running.”

“Thanks, I’ll help out at your restaurant as well, Eva, so let’s do our best to not lose out to Tanaka Confectionery.”


It’s not like I wanted to interrupt their girl’s talk, but I told them, “You two, the training ground is over there.”

“Nn, Shuuya, something strange is going on your back. Just now it shone crimson.”

“Oh, I saw it as well!”

The gourd on my back appears to be usable as a tail lamp. Though I won’t voice out that joke.

“That and Saraten…Shuuya, you’re collecting too many weird items.”

“I’m blessed by chance luck, or it’s the whim of the cursed goddess,” I said and looked at the palm where Saraten was hiding…

Unlike the other day, only a small voice of 『I…』 reached me telepathically. Is she lacking nutrients after not having sucked any blood recently?


Suddenly Puyuyu climbed on top of the wave gourd. It had apparently jumped down from the roof of my house.

Its nasal breathing is oddly rough…it’s caressing my nape as cool wind.

“Ah, this is Puyuyu-chan, right? How cute~”

“Nn, this fuzzball pranked me earlier in Shuuya’s attic!”


Is it waving its weird wand left and right?

“Sheesh, it’s not letting me touch it! Is it a bashful kid, or what?”

“Nn, rascal.”

“Now, now, just ignore it.”

Just like that, we passed along the training ground’s edge. Everyone, including Muu, was currently on the training ground. Muu was single-mindedly striving to practice with her spear.

Iglued’s tree stood out as it towered in the center of the training ground. Then again, it provided shading from the sun underneath its leaf canopy. It cast a pattern of sunny spots and shadows interweaving with each other onto the ground.

It reminded me of external corridors on the outer side of traditional Japanese houses…giving the training ground a relaxed atmosphere.

Noticing that sight, Eva and Rebecca nodded at each other, entered the training ground, and ran up to everyone else. Lily and Dee-san followed them as well. Me too.

“You’re Muu-chan, correct? I’m Rebecca.”

“Nn, I’m Eva.”


Muu felt shaken by the sudden arrival of strangers. Spotting me, she tried to hide behind me just like she did when Nemus and Moga visited.

“Muu, you don’t need to hide,” I instructed her while also holding out a hand to stop her.

Thereupon, Muu looked at Helme and Kisara in an attempt to seek help.

“All is fine.”

“They are Shuuya-sama’s bloodkin-sama, and at the same time, his cherished family.”


Muu cast a sharp glare at me as if saying, 『Why did you refuse me?』, and then pointed her wooden spear at Eva and Rebecca.

“Oh my.”

“Nn, match with a wooden spear?”


After swinging the spear left and right, she shot countless of her threads towards the ground while moving her spear downwards. Once her threads embedded themselves in the soil, she jumped up high into the air, and swung her spear down after raising it overhead.

Her kachi-age movements were still too half-hearted. Well, she’s a child, so yeah…

And then, while swinging downwards, she landed with her normal leg on the ground. Just to immediately pull the spear back close to her. Once she stabbed its head into the ground while supporting her body with the threads, she placed her normal foot on the spear, doing a balancing act.

“…gh,” grunted uu with a proud face atop the spear.

“Puyuyu~,” shouted Puyuyu from atop the wave gourd.

Going by the nuances in its voice, it seems to be praising Muu.


“The magic book connected to those threads is mysterious.”

The tall Soloboa and the slim Quema hit the back of their hand with their weapons, applauding and admiring Muu’s training movements.

“For her to be a spear girl who uses threads…,” muttered Dee-san while clapping his hands.

“Shuuya-san, that kid can’t talk?” Lily asked.

“Looks like it, though it might be different, too. After all, she did utter some words in the past.”

“I see.” Lily looked at Eva with a face as if she was recalling the past.

“It’s a shame that she’s got no claws. But! She’s learning faster than an ancient wolfman child! Daon and Ryokline should praise Muu as well once they see her movements!” Higlia praised the silent girl while repeatedly extending and retracting her silver claws.

“Muu-chan, you managed to pull off the 『Floating Sand Drop』 Kisara taught you.”

“Did it look like that to you? Her spear handling still has a lot of room. But, the same does not apply to her threads. For her to have mastered them to such a degree…”

Helme and Kisara chatted amongst each other after observing Muu’s performance.

“You wanted to show us this, didn’t you Muu-chan?”

“…” Muu nodded.

However, the instant got off her wooden spear and landed off the ground, she splendidly tumbled over.

She’s still got a long way ahead of her, huh?


Helme tried to move in order to help Muu, but Eva was one step ahead with helping Muu up.


Muu lowered her head in gratitude, but…it looked like she was very curious about Eva’s metallic legs. She started to fixedly stare at her legs.

“Hehe, these legs are special. They’re rare gems created by Mysty, and――”

She changed them into their Segway mode, and smoothly moved around with maneuvers that capitalized on the side wheels on her feet.


Muu started a rough, nasal breathing as soon as she saw Eva moving around like that, and immediately chased after her. But, Muu’s running style was clumsy at most. The way she used her prostheses was somewhat wild.

In the end she settled for skillfully hopping around on one leg. Seeing that, Eva was kind enough to stop her wheels and whirl around.

The beautiful fluttering of her black hair――

“Nn, I can also use staff arts! Take a look.”

Eva reverted her legs back to their normal state, and extended her tonfa out of her sleeves. A sharp glint crept into her eyes as she began to unleash a series of sharp thrusts. Next, she stabbed the end of one tonfa into the ground while twisting her waist, and extended one of her metallic legs to diagonally in front, showcasing a kicking technique.

In the next moment, she rotated once by twisting her body, using the tonfa she had stabbed into the ground as a cardinal point.

Whirling around, she approached Muu and said, “My legs were disabled, just like yours, Muu.”

“…hn.” Muu nodded frantically.

It looked as if she was saying, 『Like me? Wow, incredible!』. Muu pointed the tip of her spear at Eva’s tonfa. It seemed as though she wanted to know more about the weapon Eva was using.

“Nn, these are tonfa. I was taught by a teacher, nn, master with the name Klein Phenron. This can also function as walking sticks. They’re my weapons and precious legs,” explained Eva, drew them back and stored them underneath her sleeves again.

And then she placed her hands on her knees while smiling like an angel. She did so for the sake of matching her eye line with Muu. Eva removed one of her hands from her knees and stretched it out towards Muu, gently stroking Muu’s streaked hair.

She looked just like a gentle day-care worker in a nursery.

Muu was wearing her brand new combat outfit. I think Dokoko Muse-san has made them for her.

Eva softly touched Muu’s body, also examining the threads extending out of her prostheses.

Oh, I got it…she’s reading Muu’s mind because she can’t talk…

Eva smiled while tenderly stroking the small girl. It’d make for a great picture…as a heart-soothing sight.

“Hehe, Muu-chan is smiling.”

“Yeah, it looks like she readily opened up to Eva.”

“I can fully understand. I mean Eva is also popular with the neighborhood children,” said Rebecca and added with a smile, “This looks like I won’t get a turn…”

Eva separated from Muu, reverted her wheels back into her usual magic wheelchair, and approached us.

“Nn――” She made her body float. “…Once Dee and Lily’s business is over…should I use <Purple Mind Phase> just like earlier with Iglued’s tree?”

She didn’t talk about Muu’s mind voice which she should have heard. She’s probably trying to not reveal any secrets while considering it a child’s mind. But I can fully understand because I know Eva’s childhood story.

“…I guess you’ve got a point. Please, I’m counting on you.”


After waving a hand at Eva, Muu ran over to Kisara and Helme.

Then we headed to the center of the village.

“Ah! Rollo-chan, found you!”

“Nn, nya, nyanya~n.”

“Nn, nyaa.”

“Nyao~ nyao~”

Rollo stood on top of the monument and was meowing as if howling at the moon. Alray and Hueremy were imitating her.


It had an immediate effect on Puyuyu who was riding on the wave gourd. It jumped as if shouting, 『I’m going to join in as well!』. The Sea of Tree beastman had high physical abilities on top of being small. It also possessed pads on the soles of its fuzzy, short legs.

“It seems like Puyuyu also wants to participate in the animal festival held on the monument.”

“Rollo-chan is so damn cute~”

“Nn, hasn’t Rollo-chan noticed us?”

Rebecca and Eva called for Rollo’s attention, but she didn’t move from atop the monument. It looked as though she was enjoying the wind up there.

“Probably, she appears to be in a trance. Rollo likes roaring up there. Well, I think it’s more owed to her loving to show off her gallant figure to the children below. She must be meowing about her being in high spirits. Though it’s a surprise that Catiza isn’t with her.”

We left Rollo’s squad to its own devices. On the other hand, the children were squealing around as they played together on the plaza.

They – including Arry and Taack too – screamed towards Rollo,

“Change into a black panther~”

“Transforming into a horse would be nice.”

“I’d prefer the big tiger version~”

“I wanna fly in the sky on her divine beast form!”

“Eeehh!? That’s so scary.”

“I want to fight against Alray and Hueremy.”

“Come down here since I’d love to stroke you~”

Rollo was super popular.

“Your Excellency, I want to join in as well, if you allow…”

“Your Excellencyyy, Rollo-sama is interfering with the children’s throwing training.”

“Ah, puff-puff!”

“Long time no see, puff-puff~”

“Whuaaat!? His Excellency’s bloodkin-sama!”

“Zemetas, let us show our growth to His Excellency’s bloodkin!”

“Great idea!”

…I ignored them. But, Higlia got lured in and started to move her body.

“――I remember! I wanted to fight against them!”

“Higlia, feel free to have a mock battle with them, if you want.”

“No, it’s okay. However, after seeing the Burning Knights’s movements, it made me fully realize how harsh a place the Spirit World is.”

“I guess.”

Gramps Ton, who loved proverbs and philosophy, showed up at this noisy, or rather, lively place. Then the married couple Maurique and Suu. And then the lumberjack Eboué and the farmer Donagan. Nowadays, Donagan was in charge of all agriculture that was carried out in Cydale.

I exchanged ideas with Dee and Eva centered around the cultivation of yoimoi and the information about Rehme sheep I had heard from Donagan. Rebecca and Higlia listened silently, seemingly not understanding much of our conversation.

At that point, Riedel and Gramps Pal, who was living with her, approached us. Rebecca and Riedel had a lively discussion about black tea and sweets.

“Everyone seems to have fields they’re good at.”

“Isn’t it the same for you as well, Higlia?”

“Y-You really think so?” She smiled happily with her tail wagging.

“That claw armor of yours. And you do have a great fashion sense.”

“J-Just that?”

“Yeah. Daon-san is better at dismantling monsters. Even when you tilled a field, it became a silly mess. You were scolded by Donagan to not crush the seeds, weren’t you?”


“Well, everything is difficult at the start. Things can become a benefit, but they’ll never be a loss. It’s important to gain experience. There’s always a next time. The more you do, the more it’ll help you in the long run.”

“Ah, okay, thanks…,” replied Higlia with a nice smile.

With her swift movement as typical for ancient wolfmen, Higlia moved next to me, grabbed my hand, and brought her face close.

“…Aahh~! What’s with that nonchalant flirting between you two!?”

“Nn, Higlia is a smooth operator.”

“She’s a beauty and it sounds like Shuuya is going to duel her.”

“Nn, should we get in the way?”

“I guess we should, yep~”

My two <Head Servant Leaders> were talking while smiling, but they sounded serious to me.

After that exchange, I also introduced them to Granny Bang. Eva and Rebecca received mysterious, wooden tags from her. I couldn’t really feel any mana from those tags.

…However, she’s a mysterious granny who used mystic arts to cover the house I made for her with roses…though I think those tags are similar to charms.

Just as everyone was opening up to each other, “Well then, let’s go to Quiche at the village center.”

We moved into the big building and proceeded to Quiche’s official work room. It was an office with light brown furniture lining up left and right. A part of the loot we obtained from the orcs had been placed on the floor. Quiche was sitting deeper inside.

Catiza, Moga, and Nemus were standing close to a bookshelf on the left side. The members of 【Red Tiger Storm】, who had been formally hired by the village, Professor Domidon, and his assistant Mie-san also were present, standing in front of a cupboard on the right.


“Catiza, be quiet for now.”


Once I emitted a threatening aura while releasing my mana, the room became silent. Without minding that, I shifted my eyes to Dee-san, and nodded.

“Dee-san, that’s Quiche. She’s the one in charge of the village.”

“I understand.”

Dee-san went on to discuss things with Quiche. The trade negotiations for the veggies, which could only be procured here through Donagan, were wrapped up quickly. It sounded like the main method of payment would be bartering rather than money, but I didn’t listen to the details.

Suddenly, Eva and Rebecca stepped forward.

“You’re Quiche-san, right?”

“Nn, pretty elf.”

“Welcome to our village, Rebecca-san, Eva-san. I’ve heard all kinds of things about you from Shuuya.”

“I-I see. I also heard all kinds of things about you! Though it was limited to blood messages most recently.”

“Nn, Quiche, you’re free to call me Eva. If you’re a woman cherished by Shuuya, I want to get along with you.”

“The same applies to me, Eva, Rebecca. I look forward to becoming your friend.”

Rebecca vented her discontent, but beginning with the talks about what they would do from now on, the discussion proceeded peacefully…including a free usage of the apple orchard.




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“Okay, I’ve already told you through the blood message, but let me introduce them to you properly. Those are Moga and Nemus who entered Innocent Arms.”

“Aye! I’ve heard ’bout you from Shuuya, lovely beauties. We’ve met last time in the labyrinth, haven’t we? I’m Günther Moga. I’m a vanguard with a focus on swordsmanship. And the one behind me is my partner.”

“I, am, Neeemus!!”

Nemus was a lot more fired up than usual. Her thick steel legs trembled unnaturally.

Eva said, “Nn, nice to meet you. I can act as rearguard and vanguard. But I mostly work as a rearguard.”

“Nice to meetcha~ I’m Rebecca who’s a magician…or rather, recently I’ve become an allrounder.” Following Eva, Rebecca bowed politely, too.

Rebecca released a gas burner-like flame from the tip of Guphon.

Later, at the point when it turned into a labyrinth discussion centered on Moga, the members of Red Tiger Storm, who had apparently finished their talks about the contract and so on with Quiche, also joined our conversation.

“Innocent Arms, huh? Now I understand why you declined entering our clan.”


“Yeah, I can relate if you consider Shuuya-san’s experience and strength. In his shoes, I’d also hate being restricted by the rules of a clan after entering one.”

Bellize, Sarah, and Luciel commented.

“But, we were employed by this village. It’s a first for leader to make such a decision,” added Butch with a grim voice while looking my way.

A sharp, powerful glint dwelt in his light brown eyes. His wild beard had been put in order as well. That and the big ax on his bag visibly boosted his warrior appearance compared to before.

“For me it’s very welcome. It’ll make things easier on Quiche,” I remarked honestly.

“I’m also staying for Quiche-san’s sake.”

“…Well, we’re talking about the man our leader has fallen for, so it can’t be helped either way.”

“I mean, we separated from Shuuya, received requests at Hekatrail…and just as we were about to fail on one…we reunited with him by coincidence, you know? Of course it only makes sense to be unwilling to part from him again after he treated us so kindly. There’s a plethora of other reasons, too,” justified Sarah while staring at me.

Once I met her eyes, she immediately averted hers, looking embarrassed, but then she looked back at me. Her cat ears were twitching at the same time, so she was quite adorable.

“Just like you mentioned a plethora of reasons, we’re still in the middle of a request.”

“Yes, the request is still going. It has no time limit, so let’s make it a success after building up our strength here. Also, even if it’s treated as a failure, we still have plenty of money to spare. I want to get a lot closer to Shuuya-san, too.”

“…I agree! Mie-san is here, too!” Butch loudly agreed with Luciel and Bellize’s opinions.

I looked in Mie-san’s direction.

“I see. So you have a reason as well, huh Butch?”

“We’re in a position of having hired Red Tiger, though?”


“――I know, I know, Mie. I won’t refuse. Even if I’m responsible as the request’s client, I agree with everyone’s opinion.”

“Great,” Mie nodded while looking at the professor’s beard.

“Mmh, it’s a big win that we could establish a base of operations over here. Investigating the Sea of Trees is a life-threatening hobby of mine, after all, you see? Village Chief Quiche is accommodating us in various ways, too. For this reason, I’ll help with the development of Cydale, even if it’s also for my own sake.”

Domidon had apparently resolved himself to spend his time here until he’d pass away, probably because it aligned with his own objectives.

“I’m with the Professor on this. It’ll make the ruin exploration easier. Besides, it looks like the ancient wolfman’s territory is also close to a ruin of Ancient God Go Rad, which will allow us to obtain various interesting information about the Sea of Trees. This place is a wonderful base of operations. No doubt about it since I can vouch for it as a researcher.”

“Mie-san…,” muttered Butch with a somewhat passionate voice.

Though I don’t want to listen to the erotic voice of a dude…

Well, Mie-san is a slender dwarf. And she’s certainly a beauty. Her small and cute appearance reminds me of Amu.

“Okay, now that we’ve wrapped up the talk with Sarah and the others, we’re going to head over to the apple plantation.”

“Sure. We’re going to stay back here. Otherwise the professor would become noisy about contracts and so on. Besides, it looks like the professor wants to examine Nemus.”

“…I’m Nemus.”

Nemus’s voice was…much weaker than ever before. She must hate the idea of becoming the professor’s guinea pig.

After Sarah looked at everyone, she said, “We’ll sort the details with Village Chief Quiche.”

“Details, huh?”

“Yep. The stairs leading to the new gate you created, Shuuya, have been repaired. We must talk in detail about Bellize’s position as archer leader and the way how the archers are going to defend the village. The enemy could attack at any moment…and even a surprise attack from the sky is a valid possibility.”

“Although leader might say so, I’m going to teach the children how to use bow and arrows, so well… Oh, and Purin-san?”

At that point, Bellize looked in Catiza’s direction. Catiza had apparently appealed to herself in various ways beforehand. Some time before she had also shown off her Trinity-something skill.

“Yeees♪ But right now I’m Catiza♪”

Staring at her cross-eyed, Catiza raised her hand while speaking up cheerfully, and then she suddenly became silent. It seemed like she had started to talk with Purin.

“Let me explain since Catiza is too slow. Purin is capable of long-ranged sniping thanks to her power as Selele. However, it’s not archery. Also, since she can transform into Catiza and Tsuan too, you can deploy her like a one-man-army with various types of utility.”

“Some of my ancient wolfman soldiers can also handle bows, but all of them are close combat types.”

Quiche nodded at Higlia’s comment, and said, “As for that matter, we’ve got differing opinions on…whether we should head out with the ancient wolfmen to scout out the suspected location of the tunnel we guessed from Quema’s information about the orc clans.”

As soon as she said so, Quiche cleared her throat, and added, “Anyway, I’ll stop with the strategic talks for now. Also, Shuuya…could you refrain from involving Sarah in your intense night life day after day?”, while glaring at me.

“Quiche…are you unhappy?”

“No, to be honest, my feelings of wanting to monopolize you are strong enough that I’d give up on the village over them. But, you’re way too tough, Shuuya…”

At that point, Quiche looked at Sarah. Sarah nodded back at her as if they had reached a tacit understanding, and directed her eyes at me. Intense, sexual desire was swirling deep in her pink eyes.

“Did you remember, Sarah?”

“Ah, yep, Shuuya you idiot…”

Seemingly having recalled our extreme sex sessions, her white skin turned crimson not only on her cheeks and cat ears, but also both shoulders and thighs.

“Nn, Shuuya, tonight is no.”

“R-Right! As soon as you take your eyes off him, gosh…”

Eva and Rebecca stepped in front of me as if to protect me. Quiche and Sarah looked displeased, but their expressions also showed that they’d accepted the inevitable.

“Okay, Catiza, stop playing around. We’re heading to the gate.”



“N, nya.”

I instructed Catiza, who was acting silly, and Rollo’s Squad, who had entered the office at some point.

“Dee-san, Lilly, it’s this way.” I called out to Lily who had started to meddle with Rollo.

We left Higlia and Red Tiger Storm behind, exiting the village hall. The rays pouring down from the sunflower-like sun were warm and comfortable. The nice climate gave me a great feeling.

“Picnic at the apple plantation~♪”

“Hehe, I’m currently in the same mood~”

Rebecca and Eva laughed.

“Me too~ It’s so nicely warm~♪ This way~”

“While we’re walking anyway.” I showed them the houses I built.

When I got carried away while leading them along the houses, including those of Gramps Ton, Nemus, and Moga, “Nya, nya~”, Rollo came over.

She was alone without Alray and Hueremy accompanying her.


She also greeted Eva with a meow close to that of a spoiled child.

Then she raised her upper body by skillfully standing on her hind paws, moving her front paws up and down…

“Nn, coming up here?” Eva asked Rollo.

“Nnn,” growled Rollo her confirmation and jumped atop Eva’s lap.

There she licked Eva’s hand. Then she began to walk in a circle in order to curl up on Eva’s lap, turning over Eva’s skirt a bit. It exposed a part of Eva’s white thigh, but she waited until Rollo calmed down.

My partner curled up and started to nap.

“…How nice. It reminds me of the past. I also want a wheelchair.”

“Rollo-sama really likes milady’s lap.”

“Rebecca, there’s some apple pie leftovers sticking to your mouth.”

Just as pointed out by Eva, Rebecca had been chewing on the apple pie in her hands. The pie had been big enough that she had to hold it with both hands, but by now it was missing big chunks…

It looks like Rebecca’s skill as Sweets Empress has leveled up quite a bit. I feel like each time you give her some after she whines about giving her more…her sweets eating speed increases.

We arrived at the gate while wrapped up in such a peaceful atmosphere.

“Catiza, heading out.”

I won’t make any retorts against that speech of a certain pilot.

After saluting towards me, Catiza put her short legs together and immediately turned around. For some reason she passed through the gate while repeatedly doing cartwheels instead of using her nails.

“Catiza sure is lively. But, this gate…I think it’s much better than you mentioned in your messages!”

“Nn…magnificent and huge. It makes the houses you built and the hut of Ajul look cute.”

Rebecca and Eva commented as they stared at Cydale’s new gate. Their expressions were full of admiration.

“Milady! It also has drawings of children!”

“Woodworking for inscribing designs on top of being able to cook…Shuuya-san, you’re quite the versatile man.”

Lily and Dee-san also commented in a way that made their surprise and respect obvious.

I urged them along, “Thanks, thanks, but now let’s move on,” and chased after Catiza who was cartwheeling into the ravine.

“Ah, wait for me.”

“Nn, go.”


Everyone else also passed through the gate, departing towards the ravine with the natural apple tree orchard.




It was a winding path as explorers would love it. The cries of skylarks, somewhat similar to the chirping of cicadas, were audible in the distance, leaving behind peculiar reverberations. Pebbles and roots crunched under our feet, waking the desire for long boots in me…

As I trudged on, I checked the trees growing all over the place.

At the cliff’s edge, Eva commented, “Nn, magic elements are sparse.”


“…So that’s the climate outside the city.”

“Rebecca, is it your first time outside Pelneet?”

“Yep. No wonder that the apple sweets are so delicious, given all the nature here.”

After being naturally drawn towards nodding at my <Head Servant Leaders’s> words, I gazed at the Sea of Trees scenery spreading out below the cliff once more.

The trees were illuminated by the sunlight. It wasn’t just the group of trees that created a pea-green roof either. There also existed violet leaves which grew on the branches of trees with golden or silver trunks. Some of the trees had thick trunks with flesh-colored bark. Next to them lined up unique trees with huge, light blue leaves.

It all looked like a huge partitioning screen with each section being clearly divided. A welcome of nature’s art for us.

But, probably because of the abundance of trees which almost completely hid all ground and rocks, the humidity was quite high. It reminded me of the Whirlpool Forest and the narrow path I had traveled with Raglen in the past.

As we continued to advance through the rich nature with its tree roots and river sources, I sensed a magic source. It had six heads, resembling those of Cryolophosaurus, a small dragon with six long and slender necks. I saw such a monster clinging to a rock that protruded out of the cliff.

“Oh, a monster!”


“Even with the ancient wolfman patrols, the Sea of trees is huge…”

“Emissary-sama, I will defea――”

Catiza extended both arms, about to let out her <Demonic Bonefish>. She drew magic crests in the air with her fingers.

However, before she could even finish, Sajilon’s steel balls charged through the air at a terrifying speed while clad in violet mana. The five balls howled.


Eva was sitting on her magic wheelchair while floating in the air. She used a force as if being swallowed by her own mana which she had released radially.

The steel balls hit the monster’s long necks. The five balls penetrated the monster with zig-zag movements as if possessing their own consciousness. The monster got cruelly riddled with holes. The power of Eva’s steel balls was incredible.

The dragon fell without leaving a trace behind after having its spine crushed. Meanwhile the bloodstained steel balls returned to their owner like familiars.

I faced Eva in the air, and praised her, “Wow. Your control became much better, didn’t it?”

Eva made her wheelchair turn around and descended. Her dress’ skirt fluttered lightly.

I feel like her metallic legs have become more slim compared to before.

“Nn―― I became good at juggling,” answered Eva with an angelic smile.

…It’s a smile that makes my heart thump, no matter how often I see it.

“Aww, there was no turn for my blue flames.”

“Nn, sorry. I’ll leave the next one to you.”




Rebecca dealt with the medium-sized goblin that showed up next. Triggered by Eva’s fighting style, Rebecca fired a blue fireball at the goblin.

Even though it’d have also been fine for her to defeat it in close combat with her fists…is what I thought, but she probably wanted to show me her growth. That’s why I continued to watch silently together with Rollo.

“But Catiza, monsters are coming out fairly often, aren’t they?”

“Yes, there is a fairly big variety of them, too.”

“It looks like all kinds of types appear in addition to orcs, goblins, and deer type army corps.”

“When several one-armed bone monsters holding axes appeared while accompanied by a stench of rotten eggs, I annihilated them together with Zeme-chan and Ado-chan! Back then, I was killed a lot more as <Apostle of Light Evil> than the Burning Knights!”

She created three exclamation marks by moving her hair around with a rustling.


I guess it was during the time when Daon and Ryokline’s wolfmen teams that were led by Higlia, the Burning Knights, Catiza, Arry, and Taack went on a patrol.

We kept progressing through the narrow path. And eventually we came out at a place with rock walls that were covered by new species of ivies, which were wet with water, like a curtain.

“We’re almost there,” echoed Catiza’s words.

I could see a small waterfall of crystal clear water. Small springs had formed in the depressions between the rocks. Steam billowed up from some of the springs, too.

Possibly hot springs?

“Are those hot springs?”

“The color is eerie, so it doesn’t look like they’re hot springs.”

“Nn, Shuuya, you immediately imagined some perverted stuff, didn’t you?”

“Was it so obvious?”

When I was asked by Eva while she held my hand, I couldn’t afford to lie.

“Still, we walked for quite a bit, didn’t we…? It’s not that far away, but…”

“Nn, right now I’ve transformed into my leg mode, and since I can also float even in my wheelchair mode, it’s alright.”

“It’s another world, completely different from Pelneet…”

“Lily, it would have been okay for you to have stayed back home,” commented Dee-san.

“No, I’m a maid, but at the same time, a small adventurer. I got used to it during our hunts in the Great Prairie to gather ingredients, too.”

After proceeding for a little longer while listening to Lily’s words, we arrived. At a spring with mana gushing out.

The sounds of water droplets hitting leaves and bouncing off formed a cacophony around us. This place was filled with huge numbers of trees, but it was a proper primeval forest of apple trees.

Some of the ripe apples were bright red, others blue. Some were about to become ripe. I could even sense special apples which contained mana.

Either way, it was an amazing amount…

It’d be possible to make apple jam the special product of Cydale. If I taught Dee-san how to make apple pie and layered cakes with apples, he might be able to win against Tanaka Confectionery.

“We have arrived, Emissary-sama’s bloodkin-sama! I was the first one to find it!”

“In other words, this is the apple orchard.”

After blinking several times while smiling next to me, Eva said, “Nn, I’ll check the surroundings――”

She made her magic wheelchair unfold, then floated up with it, and explored the vicinity while sitting.




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