Chapter 389 – Ancient White Star Stone


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“In the head of a puppet soldier…”

Adombraly’s new eye produces a mana crest that’s tinged in a light, reminiscent of a white night, around its eyeball.

“Nn, senpai introduced them as new Red Moon Super Soldiers, but is this yet another new version after the eyeball entered it?”

“At a glance, only the number of eyes has increased, but…that’s not all. I feel some kind of martial art from its footwork.”

The puppet possessed by Ado has been continuing its street-performer-like demonstration. It’s a unique way of movement including weapon swings and kicks…

I can only agree with Eva and Rebecca’s praising comments. But, Rebecca represents the view of a professional here. It allows me to clearly perceive that her discernment of martial arts has improved quite a bit.

The Kulbul Style seems to consist of only thrusting techniques, but…its mana work that keeps a good balance with the Magic Combat Style and its muscle work for the abdomen and spine, which focuses on a strong trunk, are extremely deep.

“Guildmaster, you’ve always been pullin’ off some crazy stunts, but this is yet another new height,” said Bennett while taking a few steps backwards as she tightly grasps a dagger.

Nearby, Bia seems to also feel shaken by Adombraly who performs all those weird moves. With her thick trunk trembling…she holds up her magic shield in front of her chest.

“This magic shield will be able to block it.”

“Should I cut it?”

Watching from the side, Souther touches Bia’s waist while smiling.

“The Adombraly eyeball with its wings is an item close to a devil tool, right? The moment this Red Moon Puppet Soldier enters mass production, we’ll go far beyond a dark guild and we’ll become able to crush any empire or kingdom in our way.”

Mel…you start to sound just like Helme…

However, there exists only one eyeball which is currently inhabiting the puppet. I think it’d be impossible to mass produce this version of the puppet soldier.

“It’s a huge shock that the puppet soldiers, who gained a new eye thanks to that Demonic Marquis Ado-something, has been easily ripped out of my <Tablet of the First King>’s domination, but since its movements have drastically improved in return, I can accept it…”

“You look happy.”

“Yep. That Ado originally originates from the ring-shaped magic tool on your finger, right guildmaster? Then it means that my puppet soldier has fused with your item. That’s why I’m happy…,” Veronica explains with a smile.

I tell Ado, who’s in the middle of his demonstration, “Adombraly, you can move it freely, can’t you?”

“Of course. This Red Moon Puppet Soldier or whatever that uses ancient bones is made fairly well, considering it’s something created on the surface. I’m positive that it’s superior to any first-class warrior of the Spirit World.”

“Hee. You mean those Spirit World skeletal warriors, right?”


“It’s moving awfully well, but is that a demonoid martial art?”

“Correct…I can recreate around a tenth of the movements I was capable of in the past. Since I can also handle weapons other than whip swords, I’m able to adjust as long as you provide me with a weapon of your choice, milord.”

The whip in Adombraly’s hand returns to being a staff again.

“His quick way of talking hasn’t changed, but now we’ve got two demonoids?”

“…” Demonoid Zarlp just nods at Rebecca’s comment without being overly perturbed.

“Well, I guess it’s something along those lines.”

Hmm? Wait. Does that mean he can also hijack the new sorcery doll Mysty is creating? In such a case, the new doll would definitely become quite formidable.

“…Milord, that eyeball sure is special,” comments Ajul while spreading his four arms.

At his waist hangs the Mad Sword of Lanwen, one of the Spirit World 68 swords, which I gave to him.

“Looks like it. Anyway, Adombraly, can you return to normal?”

“If you tell me to, I’ll return at once.”

“Then do so.”

“Got it.”

The puppet soldier’s third eye vanishes in an instant, and Ado’s eyeball pops out atop the helmet. After slowly floating through the air while transforming into a ring shape, Adombraly settles down into being my ring again.


“Hee, he became a ring again. Guildmaster, I’m going to give you that puppet soldier Adombraly had entered.”

“Roger. I might have an opportunity to use it as a combat option for Ado.”


The puppet autonomously sheathes its sword into the scabbard on its back, and walks up next to me.

“So, Zarlp, are you allying yourself with 【Moon of the Dignified Heaven】? Or are you going to join? You called out to me in secret, so you’ve already made up your mind, haven’t you?”

“…Please take care of me from now on.”

The instant Zarlp answers my question calmly, his daughter Mel speaks up, “――Yes, Dad has been protecting me from the shadows,” and further explains, “Knowing about that,Eva-san and Rebecca-san have also agreed. So I invited Dad over. And, Crimson Assashin, who’s been fighting Dad to the death on several occasions, belongs to 【Skull Ogre】, a guild that’s hostile with ours, you see? To go further, even the Underworld Martial Arts Association, which is infiltrated by Demonoid Cueberas’s subordinates, is at strife with us. So we have many points in common.”

“Is that so?”


Zarlp is strong, so he’ll definitely boost the combat power of our dark guild.

My daughter has already mentioned most of the reasons, but it’s also a fact that I hold interest in the spearmaster who wields arms mighty enough to damage my blood layer. Well, the real reason is that I have to look out for my hide as well. You’re the boss of a huge organization in Pelneet, and I don’t have any reason to be hostile towards you either.”

I think Zarlp is being honest here. As for the strife with Demonoid Cueberas, I honestly don’t know. But, I’ve actually seen with my own two eyes how he was being chased by the Martial Arts Association’s 【Silkworm】…that’s why he’s likely expecting that he’ll be able to concentrate on his own objectives if he enters under our umbrella.

It’s no wonder that he’s continued living while fighting to protect his daughter for many, many years.

“…Mel, you as a <Head Servant>, you’ll probably be able to tackle various matters while supporting Veronica together with your father. I don’t think it’s anything I should decide as someone who’s going to be absent very often, but…I leave 【Moon of the Dignified Heaven】 in your capable hands.”

“Please count on me. I won’t allow anything to go wrong, not only with the 【Blood Moon Star Sea Alliance】, but also our activities in this kingdom. Remrona, Fran, Kilie, the second prince…as well as Eva-san are also involved, but we’re all in close contact.”

Eva? I haven’t really heard anything about that, but…I can imagine.

“Sure. Well then, we’re off to Cydale,” I use the Trapezohedron.

“Guildmaster’s blood has to wait a bit longer, huuuh?”

“Yep. You’re someone who’s aiming to become an empress, so don’t act so dependent.”

After answering Veronika with a laugh, I surveyed everyone. The maids and <Servant Leaders> are all bowing. Nodding one last time at Ajul and Zarlp, I step through the mirror’s gate, transferring to the mirror in Cydale.

“We’re on the second floor of my home here. I think it’s a bit bigger than Ajul’s hut.”

“Nn, it doesn’t give you the feeling of an attic. Spacious.”

“It seems to be drafty, but it has an interior design I haven’t seen often.”

“Well, I created a catwalk for my cats above. There’s also windows for the cats at the sides.”

“Hee…you’re right. Now I see them as well. A small cute wooden door next to the pillar. It even comes with a knob that cat paws can open and close. How funny.”

“Nn, it has a complex structure for an attic…”

“Just like a carpenter, Shuuya has built a house that looks tough to build in a flash. You’ve told us about it in your blood messages, but it goes well beyond what I’ve expected. Moreover, you don’t even possess any expert skills for this.”

“Originally I’ve only put together some lumber for a bit.”

“That’s the amazing part about it, but do you actually understand that?”

“Well, since it feels like building blocks…,” I frankly admit my honest thoughts while recalling the time when I played with Lego.

“I’m shocked, but well, it’s typical for you, I guess.”

“Hehe, it’d be absolutely impossible for Rebecca.”

“Aahh~ Don’t be so cheeky, Eva!”

Rebecca moves while capitalizing on her Kulbul experience, extending her hand towards Eva who’s sitting in her wheelchair. However, Eva easily copes with the attack.

Quickly evading Rebecca’s fingers by inclining her head, she clads her entire body in violet mana. Then she floats up, leaving the wheelchair behind. Just like an esper.

Of course, I zoom in…on Eva’s forbidden zone above her upper thighs, checking out her panties. They’re striped in black and white with a cute bear print in its center.

“Taking to the sky is unfair!”

“Nn, my special privilege.”

“Humph, I’m going to make my blue flames go puff-puff…so, sooner or later…”

“Come to think of it, what about the puff-puffs? They’re not here?”

“No. I think they’re on patrol. Since they’ve chased after Alray and Hueremy of the Rollo Squad, I believe you’ll find them in the village’s center.”

“I suppose Rollo-chan is playing around since she isn’t here either?”

“Probably? That or she’s been caught by the children.”

“Nn, I heard the puff-puffs are popular.”

“Indeed. The children over here got quite tough spirits.”

“Though I think that’s kinda bad for you to say, as their lord,” retorts Rebecca with a laugh.

“Haha, they’re quite noisy with their Your Excellency, Your Excellencyyyy, mind you.”

“The Burning Knights seem to have become quite strong compared to the time when they adventured with us in Pelneet’s labyrinth.”

“Right. They’ve joined the battle to protect this village, and they’re constantly in conflict with lords of the Spirit World as possessors of a small territory over there. As for the Spirit World, they seem to have a tough time with a Lord Hall-something, who’s a Spirit World Knight or a Demonic Marquis.”

“Hee, kinda like the evil domain’s guniguni cows?”

“Who knows…”

“Nn, I’ve become strong too! My mana has also increased thanks to my special training of <Blood Mana>! The might of my <Mind Force> has also increased. Also, I’ve improved alot with shu-shu-shu and juggling!”

While sitting down on one of the shelves which the cats can use to jump around, Eva talks while repeatedly doing spear thrust motions. But sure, she looks like she can use <Thrust>-based techniques. After all, she’s learned staff and kicking techniques from her teacher.

Suddenly, I hear a rustling sound from the roof…

“Nn, Shuuya, a weird creature is here!”

I instantly understand what she’s talking about, but remain silent.

“Puyuyu? Puyu~”

“Shuuya! Look, look! An odd fuzzball is opening and closing the cat door!” Eva excitedly points at the door.

“Huh? I can’t see anything from down here,” replies Rebecca while looking up to the ceiling.

“It’s Puyuyu aka the small bear cub Taro. It’s probably looking for Rollo’s Squad? That or it’s simply interested in the cute beauty Eva-san?”

“Ah, you mentioned it in the blood messages. It’s that Sea of Tree beastman with the whirly fur, right?”

“Yep. I think you might like it, Rebecca.”

After all, Rebecca also likes “Buu-tan.”

“Yeah, I love cute things.”

“By the way…the shelves and the other simple furniture give the whole house some kind of ambiance,” commented Dee-san while pointing at the old-fashioned sofa and low, wooden table.

“Well, I do sometimes take a liking to shelves and such.”

“I like this here. The decoration on the wall…are those coins?”

Just when I’m about to brag about the wooden boxes lined up on the shelf, Lily asks me about the wall decoration.

“You noticed? You’re right, it’s made out of copper coins.”

“Hee, Shuuya-san, you sure are wealthy!”

“Hmm, the interior design is stylish. Somehow…oh well, whatever. Evaaa, leave Puyuyu alone and come down here. We’re here for the apples, aren’t we? Though it’s the sweets in my case.”

I guess I’ll respond to Rebecca’s sweets sensor…I take out the apple pies made by Riedel and Gramps Ton, and give them to Rebecca.

“Whooaaaa! What sweet fragrance! Time to dig in!”

The pies are snatched out of my hands before I can actually pass them to her. Holding a pie in each hand, Rebecca alternately takes bites of each.

“Nn, womanly scent from the bed.”

Eva has descended on my bed, just to casually check it out.


Rebecca glares at me…with her cheeks stuffed with apple pie.

“Focus on eating your pies, seriously. Let’s go downstairs,” I rebuke her with a laugh while guiding them to the living room on the first floor.

Down there waited the causes for the womanly scents, Helme and Kisara. And the orcs.

The one speaking up first is Helme, “Everyone, I’m happy to see all of you in good health.”

“Thank you, Spirit-sama.”

“Nn, the mansion’s servants have been very sad ever since you, Spirit-sama, Balmint, and Onion-sensei left. Also, the number of weird statues has increased.”

“Statues? Hehe, I want to meet Millennium-chan, too.”

“Shuuya’s family…”

Just as Higlia mutters so, I’m introducing the Four Heavenly Witch Kisara to everyone.

“…This is your esteemed family, correct Shuuya-sama? It is a pleasure to meet all of you. Just as you might have heard from Shuuya-sama, I am one of the Four Heavenly Witches affiliated to the Black Witch Church. My name is Kisara.”

Hearing Kisara’s august greeting, Rebecca becomes flustered with her eyebrows twitching. Or rather, after comparing her small boobs with Kisara’s big cleavage…she’s revealing a rather sad expression.

On the other hand, Eva looks very calm, not being perturbed in the least. After casting a fleeting glance at Kisara’s chest, she smiles and answers, “…Nn, I’m Eva. Nice to meet you, Kisara-san. Your eye color is as pretty as Rebecca’s. Your boobs are big, too.”

Next to her, Rebecca reacts to Eva’s confident statement with her body jerking. Once Eva shifts her eyes towards Rebecca, Rebecca’s golden eyebrows twitch once more.


Eva has apparently recalled that Rebecca is worried about her bust size.

“Nn, sorry,” she apologizes.

“N-No problem at all! Kisara-san, nice to meetcha! I’m Rebecca Ibhin, Shuuya’s <Head Servant Leader>.”

Hearing Rebecca’s name, Kisara’s expression changes so much that it’s actually visible through her mask. …She’s also checking out Rebecca’s ears.

A faint trace of hesitation reveals itself on her face. I wonder what’s going on?

After taking a short moment to confirm, Kisara speaks up, “It is nothing of urgent direness, but I will also become a family member sooner or later…”

“Nn, we’ll welcome you then. But, Shuuya is a careful man. It’s not like we became his bloodkin right after getting to know him either.”

She’s got a point there, I agree in my mind while recalling the first time I met her. Back then she was called Death Goddess Eva or Death Wheel Eva, was it? Which reminds me, Rebecca was hated as well. Veronica is a death goddess of blood, too. Yui is an apostle of Baycala, or rather possesses eyes with Baycala’s divine blessing.

“…True that. It took a bit of time…after we formed a party for the first time.”

“I am well aware of that…,” says Kisara while looking at me, “I think all of my live, including my meeting with the great <Bringer of Light and Darkness> and superb magic spearmaster Shuuya-sama, who is as magnanimous as the heavens, is divine providence.”

Divine providence, huh? I can agree to that. After all, she encountered me at the end of a long chain of coincidences.

“Nn, I understand the reason for you calling it divine providence. I’ve read in Shuuya’s blood messages about your many past battles in the great deserts and you being sealed away after losing against Hoffmann. Also that Shuuya is the messiah the Black Witch Church has been eagerly awaiting.”

“…Indeed. <Bringer of Light and Darkness> magic spearmaster, was it? It’s a bit strange, but I can agree with it. To be honest, I thought I’d be a bit more jealous, but…it was only like that at first. Also, is it just me who feels like knowing about Kisara-san for a long, long time?”

“Well, you heard a lot about her through my blood messages.”

“Nn, I don’t really feel like that. Her eyes are as beautiful as Spirit-sama’s, though.”

“Thanks, Eva. Kisara-chan’s bum is dreamy too, but I only met her just recently, too.”

Listening to our conversation, Kisara nods once more. And then she directs her blue eyes directly at Rebecca. Once I turn my face towards her, Kisara genuflects.

“――Yes. Me too…”

“Kisara, is there anything you want to tell us?”

“Would that be okay? It is a little something about Rebecca-san.”

“Eh? Me?”

“Yes. One of the masters in the Black Witch Church was called Alson Ibhin.”

The same surname means…

“My Dad was called Heat Ibhin, but don’t tell me…”

Blue flames blaze up in Rebecca’s eyes. Those flames also spring forth on both her arms.

“The color of your flames and your long ears resemble those of Alson.”

“…Then he might be a high elf like me. It’s also possible that he’s a relative if he can use the blue flame. Where is that Alson right now?”

If they share the same bloodline…

Rebecca awoke her blue flame through her <Blood Mana> which she obtained after becoming my bloodkin, but maybe Also has awoken the power of his unique bloodline during battle or training…

“He is missing.”

“I see…if he’s still alive, I’d love to meet him. Ah…” Rebecca has started to cry.

That’s right, isn’t it? She has been living together with Betty-san who’s been her family and mother for her, but…now she’s heard that a truly blood-related family member might still be around. She’s probably thinking that she’s not all alone… That’d make anyone cry.

Tears naturally well up in my eyes as well.

“…Hehe, sorry for dampening the mood with my crying.”

“Nn, no worries――” Eva hugs Rebecca.

After getting her fill of Eva’s soft chest, Rebecca separates from her, and says, “――Hehe, that was soothing. Thanks.”


“So that’s why I felt a connection with Kisara-san. That and the link of the Ancient White Star StoneNepua’Highcient; the meeting with Shuuya might have been fate after all.”

That might be true, but…as far as I’m aware through Kazane, life is an accumulation of such fates, is what I want to believe.

“…Ancient White Star Stone.”

“Come to think of it, you had it equipped when you fought against me, right?”

“Yes. Alson Ibhin has entrusted me with the Nepua’Highcient.” (First appearance in Interlude Rebecca [136])


That’s a surprise.


“Nn, surprise.”


Helme has half-liquefied while floating in the air. Everyone else is looking surprised, too.

“Why are you so surprised? Because of the Nepua’Highcient?”


However, Higlia isn’t surprised, but then again, she doesn’t understand it either. And the orcs react with nothing but silence.

Though that’s inevitable as they don’t understand our words.

“And, I was told, 『Remember, the one melting this will be your desired partner』…”

“――For real?”

I got surprised once more. So that’s the reason for Kisara adoring me to such an extent. Even as witch of Damo’Anun she’s got an unshakable reason, but it seems to not only be the effect of <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage> which contains <Demonic Eyes of Charming>.

“It looks like Kisara-san is going to become the strongest among us, exceeding even Veronika who’s been living for centuries, once she becomes a <Head Servant Leader>.”

“Yui, Kaldo, and Viine are fairly strong as well, though.”

“Yep. But, Shuuya has been speaking lovingly of her, including a respect similar to the one he shows his martial arts master… It’s easy to estimate that she’s a formidable fighter.”

“Nn, martial arts as witch of Damo’Anun and unarmed martial arts?”

“Yep, including the unique magic breathing of a Four Heavenly Witch…she also possesses the demonoid martial arts handed down by Mephalla. That Hundred Ogre Path of hers seems to include paper dolls which can heal and train, projectiles, and daggers…Also, I wanna see Muu-chan!”

“Nn, me too! I’m going to show her my juggling!”

“Don’t get in the way of her training, okay?”

I worry as the two frolic around. But, I can understand their feelings. I’ve become completely engrossed with reporting each and every thing to Eva and Rebecca through blood messages.

“Muu is on the training ground right now. Also, you can call me a witch spear, I guess…so I do have some confidence in my combat abilities.”

“Yep. While that may be true, that doesn’t mean that we’ll give in. We’re the bloodkin here. And, our <Blood Mana> has been evolving! I’ve also prepared this weapon for today!”

Is Rebecca burning with a competitive spirit in regards to Kisara? She holds up her magic wand Guphon and the katar with its blade protruding out of her fist.

At that point, I also introduce Higlia who’s been silently waiting while wagging her tail.




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