Chapter 364 – Innocent White Crow


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The elf ghosts are still around, but…when Kisara starts to walk up to me while exuding passion from her whole body――


――Taro suddenly shows up.

“Nuohh! Taro, where have you been until now!?”


“Ah! The one from back then?” Kisara swiftly falls back while shouting in a fluster.

She presses a hand against her chest while using the other to bunch up her disheveled hair on her left shoulder. The nun garb and magic garment hiding her twin hills sink in thanks to her palm.

What a sight for sore eyes…

The shape of her boobs is clearly standing out as they’re held back by her hand. To me it looks like nothing more than a pose a pretty gravure model would take for a picture.

Taro talks with its usual puyuyu while swinging its small wand around.

“Bear cub-chan, are you targeting my chest?” Kisara asks, obviously agitated.

Well, she had taken Taro’s attack a while ago. The small dinosaur decorating the tip of Taro’s Christmas tree-like wand, had magnificently torn up Kisara’s garb, exposing one of her tits. Its wobbling left a deep impression on me.

And maybe Taro plans to recreate that wobbling battle once more…?

The small dinosaur toy is turned towards Kisara, no, the female elf ghosts. Wait, they still haven’t vanished? The twin ghosts look as if asking, 『Eh? Us?』

I wanted to give a retort to the two ghosts, but Taro’s wand bends widely and its tip stops when pointing outside the village.

“…Why are you always interfering when I’ve got some important business with Shuuya-sama, just like during our first battle!?” Kisara points the spearhead of her witch spear at Taro.

The strings of the filaments extend from the hole in the handle, twining themselves around her arm.

“Kisara~ Should I deal with it~?”

“No, you stay up there.”

Rotalz is way too big, so he might crush the house if he were to come down.

“Rotalz, follow Shuuya-sama’s order, and remain on standby in the sky.”

“Mumu, that guy’s your precious…”

A fire dwells in the center of his big forehead, and the lower part of that forehead bulges out.

“――Sheesh, you’re so short-tempered, Rotalz!” Kisara shakes her head, jumps, and flies up.

Talking to Rotalz, who angrily told her, “Things are going to become tough in the future if you do such things, you know?”, while approaching him, Kisara places a hand on his forehead, where veins have popped out, and soothes him.

Thereupon, “Puyuyu? Puyuyu~”

Taro is moving the tip of its wand, telling me to look outside?

I obediently follow its request, but can only see a part of the Sea of Trees outside the village. Oh, could it possibly…

“Do you want to say that you were hurled outside?”


Taro plants the wand’s end on the ground, nodding several times. It’s probably saying that I’ve been right.

Ah, back then, huh? The time when Divine Beast Rollodeen carefully lowered everyone to the ground with her tentacles and then released them, I suppose. Is that the reason why Rollo has meowed so many times? Did Taro have a hard time holding onto the tentacle?

In the end, Rollo must have hurled it into the distance just like that. I think that’s the likely case here. Or Taro might have simply been thrown off when Rollo shook her body…

“…So, how did you arrive here after having been hurled so far away, Taro?


Taro inclines its non-existing head. Kuu, how cute…

“How…did you…come here?” I ask once more, leaving breaks between my words and adding gestures to it.

“――Puyu, puyu, puyu…”

Did Taro understand my words and gestures? Taro patters around while mumbling something under its breath. Eventually Taro stops at the edge of the village.

I think it’s a dangerous place to be, but…Taro doesn’t mind those feelings of mine. It raises its wand above its head, and vigorously lowers it down. It continues a barrage of pokes as if to whittle down the rock protruding out of the cliff with the butt end of its wand. In the middle of it, the it friggin’ adopts a pose, seemingly imitating my spear techniques.

What a cheeky teddy bear.

“――Puyu! Puyuu~n.” After proudly squealing as if boasting of its own technique, it returns.

I feel like my eyebrows twitch lightly, but I don’t answer.

“…So you climbed the cliff, right? And, what do you want me to do? What’s your aim here?”


Taro enters my house just like Muu before it. Hey, wait a sec, you plan to live in my home!?

At that point, Kisara flies back to me.

“…The bear cub that tore apart my sorcery outfit inside Shuuya-sama’s house…” She bickers around while landing with her thick-soled boots touching down on the ground.

At the same time, a tiny Helme appears in my visual field.

『The owner of the strange voice Rollo-sama heard right after arriving was that of the small life-form, wasn’t it?』

Taro, who has entered my home, holds up its wand towards Muu, and unleashes a barrage of puyuyu’s. Helme points a finger at that small bear cub.

『Looks like it. Higlia has called it a bolshid of the Sea of Trees. It only says puyuyu, and as you can see, it looks like a bear cub doll, but it seems to be a beastman. Its weird movements are fast』

『I can somehow grasp the meaning of its cryptic puyu’s…so it’s possibly of magic nature. It sure is a mysterious, tiny life-form. I’ve never seen a wand like that either, but it seemed as though things similar to wind spirits are dwelling within it』

The tiny Helme presses a finger against her chin, talking while pondering.

『…Something that would be classified as spirits, huh? It appears it can also manipulate butterflies and bugs, and the dinosaur or monster at its tip is weird, too』

『It seems to be an unknown spirit. I don’t understand the small monster magic tool at its tip』

『That, umm, puyuyu manipulates the mysterious small dinosaur, but…it ended up getting in my way with Kisara』

As I pass on my feelings on the matter…Helme shoots an illusionary water ball from a finger as if shooting a squirt gun.

『Your Excellency, Muu wants to pew pew at you as well, and you must also properly deal with that Puyuyu. There’s also the matter with Kisara, so leave this to me――』

The tiny Helme makes her butt shine. Then she smoothly slips out of my left eye, apparently intending to help me out there. It’s not Spirit Ball Conception, but her movement speed as liquid has become oddly fast.

“――Ah, Spirit-sama, you’re too fast, the water mist…” Kisara extends a finger towards the watery glittering.

Of course, she can’t catch it since it’s a fleeting trace of remains.

Helme, who’s instantly finished transforming into a humanoid shape, enters the house while generating sheets of water spray from her lower half. And then she comes back out while bringing Taro and Muu with her.

The moment I see the reason why she managed to come out with them so quickly, I fully understand.

Small flowers bloom on two of her fingers, and mysterious strings extend from those flowers. I’m also astonished by the flowers blooming there, but what’s up with those weird strings?

Skillfully using those strings, she bound and immobilized Muu and Taro’s bodies. Also, Muu was a girl? The shape of her moderately sized breasts is being revealed by Helme’s splendid turtle shell bondage technique.

I can’t distinguish Taro’s gender because of its thick fur. Well, not like it matters anyway.

And then a part, which both victims have in common, glows up a bit. It looks like both of them have received Helme’s baptism. Though I won’t point out what kind of baptism…

Let’s offer them a prayer.

Seeing this chain of events, the nearby elven ghosts become frightened. Maybe, because of my chest?

I focus on Hal’Konk and make it transform into its three-quarter-sleeved shirt version. Then I flip over the green cloth, checking my chest.

As I suspected, the cross mark carved into my chest gleams faintly. It’s an Extra Skill, so maybe the ghosts would pass on properly if I prayed for real?

Anyway, right now Helme’s string is more interesting than the ghosts. I haven’t seen those mysterious strings on her so far.

The base of her fingers has changed its hue to a color similar to the Spirit Ball Conception. Once I focus my eyes, I can see that the fingertips have changed as well. Plant bulbs are visible at the ends. Moreover, small flowers are blooming on the tips of those bulbs.

The bulbs, which exist on all her fingers, are eerily squirming like beating hearts, but…the small bulbs on her left hand’s fingers are pretty with their color reminding me of a clear, azure sky. The strings extending from the bulb’s flowers like pistils are also blue.

On the other hand, the bulbs on the right hand’s fingers have darkish bulb flowers. The strings extending from those are black.

The blue and black strings extending from both hands intertwine with each other while spiraling. And, adding to the Spirit Ball Conception-like mysteriousness within those spiraling string lines, their colors repeatedly change into special hues.

Those strangely colored strings have seductively bound the bodies of Muu and Taro.

“…Helme, these strings are…?”

Once I ask, Helme approaches me while walking like a model. Just like that, she forms the Ra Kelada sign on her chest so as to express her respect towards me, and then adds a bow while imitating Kisara’s Palm Hold Fist salute. Because of her fist salute, the pretty strings bunch up. At the same time, a nice fragrance, seemingly an effect of the new bulb flowers, wafts over.

“…Yes, it’s a new skill. This is also thanks to you, Your Excellency.”

“When did that happen? What kind of effect does it have? And what about its name?”

“Pardon me for being late in reporting back to you. The skill is called <Lapis Lazuli Flower>. It seems like I absorbed something from the semi-transparent orc the other day. Its effect is, as you can see, the creation of strings that combine water and darkness. Also, it allows me to fill the vicinity with my favorite scent.”

Taro has its mouth clogged up by the strings. Given that Muu is silent to begin with, her mouth has been left alone. Taro’s appearance is that of a bear cub doll, but Muu looks just like a doll.

“…Hoh, so that’s why the nice fragrance…a skill effect befitting a spirit.”

“Thank you very much. It might have come to be after getting influenced by Your Excellency’s chain skills. Well then, I’m going to have a little chat with the two up there in the sky――” She announces and floats upwards.

Helme lands on top of my house’s roof while lightly carrying the two string victims. Performing a two-staged jump as if using the roof, she leaps upon Rotalz as if switching with Kisara after revolving in the air.

With her sitting on Rotalz, the two of them keep circling above the village. The twin elf ghosts have been looking up, too.

After muttering, “For her to subdue a darkness whale so easily…” while looking surprised, Kisara looks back at me again. Her blue eyes are shaking. However, her gaze is powerful…as it’s pinned on me. It seems to tell me, 『I won’t let you escape today』…

It gives me the feeling of being preyed upon by a ferocious bird of prey.

“Shuuya-sama, give my thanks to Spirit-sama. And, today is the day I shall show you my feelings that had to wait…”

Had to wait, huh? She’s right…there had been many opportunities for me to have sex with her while Quiche was asleep. But, I haven’t done so yet. Various reasons came into play here like me being busy, and me wanting to show my love to Quiche.

But, to be honest, all of these were just excuses. It’s because I’ve been highly evaluating Kisara’s strength and spiritual nature. She’s more than strong enough for me to welcome her as <Head Servant Leader>…

However, knowing her history, it won’t be too late to do so after going to the great desert.

I’ve been piling up such and other excuses, but in the end I feel slightly nervous since I’m dealing with a beauty after a long time.

When I’m thinking about all that…Kisara drops her precious witch spear with a pained expression. The spear falls on the ground and rolls away. I can see a check patterned depression that seems to signify the family crest she had shown me earlier near the grip of the spear.

At the same time, she makes the magic garment, which has been covering her shoulders and collar, disappear. Moreover, the grimoire dangling at her waist gleams after the cross-shaped design of her nun’s garb is clad in light. That grimoire contains a truly tremendous amount of mana…

In the next moment, a part of her garb changes its shape, transforming into a no-sleeve costume that exposes both her shoulders. The lower part remains unchanged. But now it’s a charming witch attire that capitalizes on the black nun’s garb.

Then she closes the distance to me with a witch-like speed, embracing me as if leaping into my chest.

“Shuuya-sama’s smell…what a dreamy smell. Mmh, more of that blood scent…”

Come to think of it, back when we fought, she licked my blood and painted her cheeks with it, didn’t she? Don’t tell me, does she possess a skill like Kaldo’s?

Oh well, finding out can wait for later.

The soft touch of her big boobs pressing against my chest feels great.

“Kisara, you smell nice too.”

“…I’m glad to hear that. After that battle, my heart and body throbbed…”

Kisara’s white eyebrows are covered by her black mask, so I can’t see them, but…I know that craving is spilling out of her moist eyes.

She’s irresistible. Seeing how I have Helme create some time for us…I’ll be disqualified as a man if I don’t do anything after being pushed this far by a beauty.


Just like that, I steal her small lips. Her lips are slightly hot as mana apparently dwells in her dark purple lipstick. Kisara’s passion is being passed on to me. Right after my initial, gentle kiss, I respond to her passionate feelings, and finish up with a powerful kiss that pulls her lips with smacking sounds.

“――Ahn, Shuuya-sama, the bringer of light and darkness…and me…”

Immediately after the kiss ends, Kisara traces her lips with a finger while releasing a seductive voice. Having become aroused, Kisara transforms the shape of the mask covering the area around her eyes. Now it looks the same as during battle. It’s a helmet with a condor-like beak hiding the tip of her nose.

It looks groovy, but it won’t be possible for me to kiss her like that.

“It’s become a helmet, but…” I separate a bit from Kisara.

“S-Sorry. It’s the crow shape. The Ogre Princess Armament selfishly without me even extolling it…for Damo’Anun’s mask to react on its own…”

The bringer of light and darkness, Damo’Anun.

During her supernatural, magic voice’s adulation…she mentioned spear fighter Damo’Anun. And does the frumious desert crow, which always takes the middle path, mean the middle path between light and darkness? Or maybe…between evil and holy?

The one piercing through gods, men, and evil without concern of divine blessings. This might mean that an enemy is an enemy, regardless whether they belong to the divine domain or the Spirit World.

There was also something about the holder of the Dawn’s sorcery techniques, wasn’t there…?

Making a prediction based on all this…Kisara originates from the great desert. And the ancient stone resting inside my item box has something like “Ancient Writing Stone of Dawn” carved on it.

Well, I guess I’ll ask her…later.

“…Ogre Princess Armament, huh? Does that mean you’re not allowed to act on your own by the Spirit World Goddess Mephalla-sama?”

“No, I…it’s my first kiss with a man. That’s why the mask, which sensed an unnatural surge of mana and pulsation…Mephalla-sama’s divine protection automatically…” Kisara looks shaken.

For her first kiss to be with me… I thought she might be experienced, going by the bewitching aura she’s been emanating. I hadn’t expected her to be an innocent, white crow…

I suppose I’ll treat her as gently as possible.

“…I see. Well, it’s said that love isn’t about hurrying. Should we limit it to kisses for today? I think Rotalz will be worried as well.” I tell Kisara while looking at the twin elf ghosts smiling on the side, and picking up the witch spear.

“Fufu, Rotalz is rather rooting for me.”

Even while nodding at her comment…I experience a weird sensation of being pulled into the witch spear. Is it close to Magic Halberd Baldok?

“…But, you’re very kind. It’s the reason why Spirit-sama, Quiche-dono whom you embraced over and over again, and Higlia-chan, who’s endured even while knowing about it, love you dearly, Shuuya-sama…”

It seems like Kisara has been observing all of us from the sky. However, the witch spear in my right hand…rather than my soul being drawn inside it…it’s like the holewith the fluttering filaments is appealing to me…

It also seems like it’s desiring my blood. …It might be similar to the time when I touched the Stone of Divine Evil for the first time. Though I quickly glossed over it as I was at the auction back then.

While tilting my head, I approach Kisara. I should make a rack for this witch spear later on. This is Kisara’s spear.

“…So, can you take it off?” I poke Kisara’s helmet with a finger.

“Yes, I’ll pull it down, no, it’s important to me, but I’ll take it off…”

Kisara inclines her head while shaking her hair sideways, and takes off the helmet. Even her bearing as she removes the helmet that made her look like a black queen looks graceful. On that occasion my attention is drawn to Kisara’s small horn, but…rather than that, her hair smells nice.

It seems to be a famous perfume in the Great Desert Goldix… It sure smells great. It’s waking my desires.

Just like that I place my arms around her hip, and pull her towards me.

“――Ah, S-Shuuya-sama…”

Her body trembles, as she apparently senses my warmth. At the same time, a stuffy, sweet aroma―― my beloved, womanly scent, which clearly differs from perfume, tickles my nose.

She naturally lets the helmet fall to the ground, and closes her eyes after revealing an eager expression. Her lips are quivering as if hoping for a kiss. Her thin, white eyebrows are pretty as well…

While thinking all that, I take her lips for a second time.




Kisara’s carnal voice echoes into the knoll inside Cydale for a few hours. If Rollodeen had heard it, she’d probably be astonished.

“…Aahh, Shuuya-sama. I can’t…get up anymore.”

Her voice is usually expressive, but it becomes hoarse in the middle of her words. She’s exposing her womanhood atop the bed with her slender legs trembling like those of a baby chick.

“…Really? Just earlier you said things like I’m also related to Spear Fighter Damo’Anun, so I’ll do my best!――”

I fiercely attacked the wet, hot place between her legs.


The white crow, which used to be an innocent, baby chick, was gone by now. All that was now left was the moaning of an adult female echoing at the base of the Bewitching Palace.




Several hours later, the brand-new bed has become sweat-drenched. Both of us continue having a silly conversation while smiling…

While flirting under the pretext of a break, I inform her of various, important matters.

“…is the race.”

After having listened to my long explanation, she nods, apparently contemplating deeply about what I’ve told her. And then she looks directly at me.

A strong fire of lust is still left in her eyes, but at the same time, I can sense that it’s being exceeded by a firm determination.

“<Head Servant Leader>, <Servant Leader>, and a race called Light Demon Lucival…as expected, you’re the Bringer of Light and Darkness. The messiah of the Black Witch Church…”

Kisara stares at her grimoire towards the end of her statement.

“Spare me with the Gramps Ton remarks. So, Kisara, you’ve called your combat occupation as Heavenly Witch Spearmaster. What’s that about?” I ask her as she lies stretched out.

“Yes, as you know, before I was defeated by Hoffmann, ahn――”

“――I won’t forgive that guy.”

My anger over him having injured Kisara…makes me unconsciously grope her big boobs.

“…Fufu, Shuuya-sama, you do love my big chest…”

“Yeah.” After replying with a grunt, “Sorry, please continue.”

At the same time as I pull back my hand with a smile, I plant my feet on the wooden floor that looked like it was covered with a reed screen, and stand up. I walk away from the bed.

On that occasion, my eyes spotted the front cover of the grimoire bordered by gold leaf which Kisara had placed on a stand after removing it from her waist. The design adorning its cover resembles the design that depicted the majestic, ancient battle which had been visible on Kisara’s mask. Or rather, it’s even more detailed over here.

A part of the picture shows thin magic streaks being radiated into the air from a horned humanoid with a spear. That part interests me, but…limiting it to just narrowing my eyes at the cover, I pick up a magic cigarette from the box I had placed on a stand next to the grimoire, and put it into my mouth. While lighting the cigarette, I look outside the window I added at the top of the roof.

The cold night wind feels pleasant as it brushes my heated body… It’s night, but the moonlight is bright enough so that I don’t need <Night Vision>. I guess this is another side effect from me being a Lucival.

I sense the winter coming from the dull yellow leaves growing on the plaza. It might be a good idea to add an embankment over there.

At present I have no plans to cultivate farm land, but when I was entrusted with various jobs by Donagan, I heard all kinds of stuff about farming from him…

『It might be possible to produce extremely profitable wood vinegar from your trees, Shuuya』

『Please bury the crates in the soil』

When I asked him why I should bury the crates there, 『Mint is the basics, you know? Its oil is going to become a precious resource』

Quiche also showed up, and learned about farming together with me. It was also the moment when I talked with her about calling Sherry by contacting Hino to request her to act as a trader for us because we were running low on wax material for sealing.

『With the equipment from the orcs we looted this time, we’ll be able to hire strong adventurers, and if we also cultivate farmland…』

Because she showed that translucent smile of hers, she must have been emotionally touched again.

Immediately following, Donagan asked, 『Shuuya, weren’t you going to help me with my work?』, with a touch of sarcasm. Because of that, I did my best with the work around Donagan’s house.

It looks like I got influenced by his story about planting redeck roots during that period of time. To be frank, I wasn’t overly interested in farming, but listening to him, it gave me the impression that it might be quite fun…

Though he didn’t tell me about his precious seeds he was always carrying with him… It seems there’s some secret to those seeds. Let’s ask him about them one day.

At the moment when I’m about to shift my eyes from the plaza towards the distance to take in even more of the scenery…

Eh? Huh? …I rub my eyes in disbelief.

The elven ghosts, which I had encountered on the plaza, which is scheduled to become a training ground, or rather, in the garden, have gathered with ghostly swaying movements in groups. An elf wearing seedy-looking rags, an elf wearing a fine dress, an elf lacking an arm, an adventurer-styled elf clad in an overcoat, and an elf that is very clearly a corpse.

All of them are staring at me. Though I can tell that they aren’t hostile, just like before.

Why have the ghosts assembled? Have we possibly fucked too much…? It shouldn’t have been such an intense waist movement that it’d shake the land.

Are they urging me to hold a speech? …Something like, “Rise, my people!”

Well, let’s leave the jokes at that. I had planned to go for another round while listening to Kisara’s past, but…those twin elves are present as well…

I don’t know whether I can communicate with the assembly of elf ghosts, but…I guess I’ll give it a try.

I just need to slowly listen to Kisara’s past, and the background of that grimoire later on.

At that point, I sense Helme’s magic source. Which reminds me…I’ve left Muu and Taro to her.




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