Chapter 363 – Building Houses and Setting Up a Mirror


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After a few days of staying in Cydale.

Since I’ve been told by Quiche that it’d be fine for me to choose a plot of land to my liking, I’ve told the people I rescued that I’d build them houses in order while using <Tree of the Evil King> after talking it over with them where they want to live.

Kisara and Rotalz have been keeping watch in the sky. Every once in a while, Kisara hunts monsters by <Throwing> her witch spear from a distance. Currently they’re circling above our heads as well.

Once I mentioned that I’d build houses, Rollo meowed in a way that didn’t make it clear whether she agreed or disagreed with it, and took Alray and Hueremy with her as she left towards the dense grove of mixed trees spreading out to the left of Cydale.

On the other hand, Catiza and the Burning Knights are doing combat drills with the children after dragging Arry and Taack into it. Moreover, Catiza is singing, “Emissary-sama, it’s a marching song♪”…

“Fufu~n, fufu♪ Emissary-sama’s merry spearmanship is powerful~♪ He defeated the orc with his peerless spearmanship~♪”

“Fufu~n, fun♪ Emissary-sama’s spearmanship is is the best on the world~♪ He defeated the orc~♪”

“The orcs left the village~♪ Thanks to Emissary-sama’s spearmanship~♪ A young witch came as well~♪ Instead, we found an apple plantation in the valley~♪”

“The orcs left the village~♪ Left the village~♪ Emissary-sama and a young witch came~♪ Instead, we found an apple plantation in the valley~♪ We found~ apples~♪ Bright red apples~♪”

“Fufu~n, fun♪ Delicious, bright red apples~♪ Delicious apples~ apples~♪”

At that moment, Higlia joins in, “It’s combat training with mysterious singing and dancing in the mix! I don’t know any of it! It’s funny! Apples are delicious♪! Is this a Moon Dance Ritual handed down by the elves!?”, while laughing.

But wait, she’s a princess isn’t she? Is it okay for her to not go back to the home of the ancient wolfmen? Has she forgotten about the duel?

I’m about to ask her, but Higlia is happily talking with the Burning Knights right now.

“Burning Knights, you guys are Shuuya’s guardian knights, no, the warriors called samurai, aren’t you? Are you going to accompany Catiza and the others today as well?”

Currently Higlia and the Burning Knights are on friendly terms, but…as might be expected, at first…




“Weird skeletal knights!? Familiars of an ancient god have sneaked into everyone’s village!?”

“You’re wrong. Besides, you’re the suspicious one here! Your Excellency, please give us your permission to fight her!”

“Sure, but stop before it goes too far.”

“Why would they need to stop!?” Higlia yells, apparently questioning me why I’m trying to stop her from fighting the Burning Knights.

Are the ancient gods who possess intelligent subordinates who would infiltrate a place like this? I’ve heard about it, but it looks like the ancient wolfmen have various, intense disputes going.

However, although I’ve told her beforehand that my subordinates are here…I guess it must be the Burning Knights’ appearance. Maybe it’s inevitable for her to react like this.

“…Well, I suppose you’ll understand once you fight them.”

“Oh, we got His Excellency’s permission! ――Eat this, beastwoman!”

“As if I’d get hit by such a slow sword thrust――” Higlia shouts as she starts to battle the Burning Knights.

After blocking the thrust, she advances with nimble movements. She thrusts out her arm with a compact motion while extending her silver claws. The claws are heading for Adomos’ chest.

But, Adomos easily parries them with his shield. Zemetas counterattacks, screaming, “You damn, shady beastwoman!”

He stabs out the point of his bone sword while keeping the upper arm close to his body. The point of the sword uses an angle that’s hard to see for Higlia.

She avoids the stab by shifting her body sideways, and delivers a frontal kick.

But, Adomos blocks that kick by slouching and holding out his sword so as to cover for Zemetas. In the meantime, Zemetas pulls back his sword while rotating sideways. His motions are anything but smooth, however it’s a fast rotation as he roughly boosts it with his shield and heels as befitting of a heavy knight.

Adding his rotational force to his bone sword, Zemetas slashes diagonally at Higlia’s chest.

It’s their usual teamwork power. The Burning Knights have become strong.

However, Higlia is a swift wolfwoman. She excels the Burning Knights in speed. By making her feet spin, she creates a cloud of dust below her. She easily deals with Zemetas slash by relying on her physical strength. She magnificently repels the approaching bone sword upwards with her tilted, rotating silver claw blades.

The battle is even.

Next, Higlia uses Zemetas’ square shield, which he thrust out for a shield bash, against him. Kicking off the shield’s surface, she dashes quickly. Immediately following, she unleashes a knee strike and then a three-staged kick that’s audibly cutting through the air with whooshes, aiming at Zemetas head and upper chest area, and thus blowing him away.

“――Nunu, what kicking techniques!”

A part of Zemetas’ has been scratched by Higlia’s claws. Black smoke billows up, expanding, and clads his armor and skull, making him look pretty cool.

“She’s fast. Don’t get careless, Zemetas. This wolf beastwoman is strong!”

“It’s not like I’ve been negligent. Just, it was a magnificent kicking technique.” Zemetas praises Higlia while fixing his hold on the shield.

Higlia says, “Two shield users, huh…? Even after receiving my kicks, you’re fine, and your defense feels tough. You guys are very strong,” while the angle of her claws.

She smiles as if enjoying the combat. Zemetas and Adomos close the distance to Higlia while cooperating, apparently getting a thrill out of this battle, too.

Once again, both parties clash. The showdown continues towards its next round.

Around the time when Higlia starts to get overwhelmed in this 2 vs. 1 fight, I step in to stop it.

“But, Your Excellency…”

“Shuuya, what are these strong skeletal knights!?”

“…Higlia, they’re my subordinates. Blah blah…”

As soon as I give her a concise explanation, she readily understands… I guess it’s because of their splendid combat style.

“For an ancient wolfwoman saved by His Excellency…”

“…you used some fine kicking techniques.”

“Sorry, Burning Knights. I heard about excellent subordinates from Shuuya, but for it be bony knights who emit smoke… Still, you’re truly great shield users! Your techniques were excellent!”

Higlia and the Burning Knights became good friends after approving of each other’s strength and techniques.




“…Of course, Higlia-dono.”

“Catiza-dono and us are competing over the number of decapitated orc heads.”

“It was our victory in the previous battle!”

“Indeed. Because we played the part of light cavalry by riding the tigers, we killed more orcs than Catiza-dono!”

“Ugh, I lost out in numbers, but I did my best as chief gatekeeper♪”

“Chief Gatekeeper Catiza, did you possibly get the idea of your previous dance from the ancient wolfmen’s rituals?”

“Ancient wolfmen? Don’t know them~ It’s just been my feelings towards Emissary-sama♪”

As visible, Higlia also befriended Catiza at some point without me noticing it. She had changed the shape of her claws and imitated Catiza’s mysterious dance with its irregular movements, immediately hitting it off with her.

Arry, Taack, and the other children also dance Catiza’s march song.

“Wolf-nee-chan also likes the Catiza march song~”

“Ahaha, totally understandable. It’s fun after all~”

Just like that, my subordinates and Higlia enjoyed becoming absorbed in training together with the children.

“Emissary-sama~ I’m going to the apple plantation.”

“Sure, be careful and stay safe.”


“Shuuya, I’m going out to play for a bit!”

Higlia seems happy. But, Catiza found an apple plantation in the valley, huh…?

Aren’t there quite a few monsters over there…?

Quiche also mentions, “Since the children have been training to fight orcs, it’s going to be alright to some extent.”

Well, Higlia and the Burning Knights are going with them. Also, Arry and Taack are D-Rank adventurers. So I think it’s going to be alright to let them go over there. On top of that, Kisara will have an eye on the situation from the sky, too.

Catiza walks at the front, matching her arms with her strides. She doesn’t have a flute like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, but she takes the children, including Arry and Taack, with her while singing.

However, just one child doesn’t go with them. It’s the one with just one arm and leg. But that can’t be helped since it can’t fight. I’m sure the adults around will follow up on that.

I begin to move myself while continuing to create evil domain trees.

Thereupon, the one-armed, one-legged child, whose gender I can’t really tell, follows me, quietly.

Oh well, it’s free to do whatever it likes.

Without minding it overly much, I work out the plans for the houses…and then begin to build them. First I built a house for the newlyweds Mauric and Suu-san on a plot on the right side, slightly away from the entrance of Cydale. Next I construct the home of Riedel and Gramps Paru close to the monument in the center of the village. I built Dokoko-san’s, the fat elf woman’s, house right next to theirs.

The next house follows on a plot on the right side of Cydale. It’s going to be the home of the dwarf Donagan. As he’s going to cultivate farm fields together with Mauric, he’s been closely holding onto his bag of seeds.

Moreover, I built Ebe’s house on the left side of Cydale. Since there’s a forest on the left, it fits him perfectly as the lumberjack he is.

Each time I create a new house…an elf illusion appears from the ground…

Don’t mind, don’t mind, me.

Then I head over to Cydale’s rear. It’s for the sake of the house for the child that’s following me around. Since he’s been staying silent even when called out by the others, they’ve started to call this child Muu. Muu is small and slender. Then again, it’s only natural since Muu is still a child, but…although Muu’s hair is a mix of yellow and black…the colors look somewhat silver as if having been artificially bleached. Though you could also argue that it’s a streaked pattern like that of Clydossus.

The eyes of Muu are clean blue. His body is wrapped in a cloth that patches together brown, black, and gray scraps, and a small poncho is covering his shoulders.

“So, is it okay to go with Muu as your name, just like everyone calls you?”


Muu remains silent.

The only real action of Muu is him glaring at Moga. Moga has noticed that look, but he only said that he doesn’t give a flying shit.

“…Okay, I’m going to call you Muu as well then. Are you interested in house building, Muu?”


“Well, seeing how you’ve been only staring at Moga, I guess that’s not the case here.”


『Your Excellency, I shall drive some ice into Muu’s butt』

『No, don’t do that』

『Fufu, I was just joking. Maybe he will cheer up if I give him some of my pew-pew』

『Leave that for later』

While telepathically talking with Helme, I arrive at the plot, and build a house for Muu. I focus on creating a barrier-free environment easy to live in for Muu. And even right after finishing Muu’s home…I see a faint elven illusion, transparent enough for the sunlight to shine through it.

Muu doesn’t look at the elven ghost either. I feel a cold wind hitting my face at the same time, but…pretending to not care about it, I look at Muu. Muu doesn’t show any reaction whatsoever to his new home. Even though I’ve gone out of my way to build it for him, he doesn’t even try to enter the brand-new building.

“Not to your taste?”


I can’t read Muu’s expression. He’s taking putting on a poker face to the extreme. Maybe his emotions are being suppressed.

Muu only has…one arm and one leg. Did the vampires do something to him? I pity him, but I doubt that I can do anything about it right now.

“I’m heading to the next plot of land.” I tell Muu and walk away while smoking a magic cigarette.

Muu unsteadily walks next to me.

“You’re free to follow me around, but did you lose your interest in Moga’s item box?”


No response. Without telling him that I’m curious about its treasures…I crouch down, placing a knee on the ground, so as to match Muu’s height.

Smoking my cigarette while making sure to not blow the smoke into Muu’s face, I ask, “…Are you really unable to talk?”

I bring my face close to Muu, trying to take a close look at his small mouth. It’s not like it’s being tied shut with a string or anything.


Maybe because my face is so close to him, Muu’s face softens a bit, and his cheeks take on a red tinge.

…How cute.

Muu shifts his eyes towards my back, apparently curious about the hood resting on my back. Does he want to get in there? Once I jokingly ask Muu with a smile, he directs a strong gaze at me, as if telling me, 『What’s wrong with you, black-hair?』.

“…It’s not like your mouth is blocked, is it?”


Muu tries to speak, making his lips tremble, but no sound leaves his mouth.

Muu-san, do you plan to stay silent for eternity?

At that moment, Kisara asks from above, “Shuuya-sama~ Shall I help you with the house building〜?”

She’s looking down at us from above while sitting on Rotalz.

“No, I’m fine here.” I replied to her.

Muu also looks at Kisara. I think it’s because pretty mana particles are being emitted from Kisara’s feet. After taking a peek at Kisara’s panties, I turn my eyes back to Muu.

“――Anyway, next is Gramps Ton’s home. It’s going to be placed above the hill. There’s a river flowing and rocks laying around, so you don’t need to force yourself to follow me.”


Muu still trails after me, slowly sliding his foot. The location is atop a rocky hill…so I’m slightly worried since Muu is dragging the scrap clothing.

That’s why I try to help him, but…Muu flicks my hand away. And then, after glaring at me as if saying, 『No need to help me!』, he skillfully jumps up the hill with his one leg, even scaling the differences in level of the rock. His movements are quite nimble.

“You sure are good at this.”


I continue climbing the rock while looking at the big river streaming down the rock wall. I wonder whether it’s possible to fish here. It looks like a river where trouts, chars, or dace could live. After climbing a small rocky ramp, I reach the plot for Gramps Ton’s house.

“Gramps Ton, sorry for making you wait. This is where you want the house to be built, right?”

“That’s right. You have my thanks, hero!”

Gramps Ton starts a long-winded speech, but I entrust Muu with listening to it, and start to build the house.

“Hero, I’ve heard that you have no woodworking skill, and yet you’re able to create even a night light’s narrow wood framework?”

“Ah, yes. I don’t have any such skills.”

“I sense an ancient spirit from this framework. A truly wonderful piece of work. Then, next is…” Gramps Ton praises me.

I haven’t acquired any woodworking skills, and I haven’t really focused on it either, but…maybe I’ve inherited a bit of Master Achilles’ woodworking techniques?

Gramps Ton floods me with one request after the other.

“I hope you can make the entrance hall to not have any steps that use soil.”

Beginning from that…

“The water place connected to the kitchen is important because there’s no water channel up here. Can I have you make the bathtub that continues to the house’s wall and the adjoining land be Tandarl-styled? I want to set up a secluded Ton hot spring.”

It looks like he’s going to prepare food with the hot spring.

Tandarl-styled is something I’ve seen at Master and Zaga’s homes, so I know more or less how to build it.

“――Place a lattice over here. The corners of the table should be round, and the chairs should be tall. It’d be a big help if you could make several low drawers matching my own height.”

“I also need a storehouse as Donagan is going to bring over ingredients from his field.”

…Rather than the mana consumption, his desires are way too big, making it quite a chore to be honest. It’s not like I’m breaking a sweat here, but right after finishing the house, I’m wiping my forehead.

At the same time, another swaying illusion of an elf appears from the ground, just like with the other plots of land. That ghost has fiercely blazing eyes, but I don’t feel any animosity or anger from it. Deciding for it to be alright, I ignore the illusion.

But, although I’m singing my own praises here, I must say it’s a nice house… It reminds me of the Goldiba house.

Thinking that, I lit another magic cigarette. The elf ghost is still around…

While looking at the brand-new house standing amidst a flower bed and the ghost, I smoke my cigarette with the gurgling sound of the nearby waterfall as background music… As I have a great outlook from here, I get my fill of enjoying the view over Cydale.

It’s a quiet, peaceful daytime… Clouds that seem to darken the ground spread out in the sky. And snow-laden peaks are towering atop the cliffs of Mother Nature…

I spot a flock of birds or pterosaurs flying at the base of the distant mountains. I can also see huge whales and jellyfish, but ‘those’ are no birds… Maybe dragon, gargoyles, or…unknown enemies?

Come to think of it, a part of the Sea of Trees is adjoining an area that’s inhabited by many dragons who’re nesting in Mt. Baldok. In that case, it’s quite possible that those are dragons. Those dragons continue flying in-between the peaks as if declaring that they’re owning this place. Then they start to fight a humanoid monster.

It wakes the urge in me to check the situation with my beam rifle. But, I’ll desist from doing that. Right now I’d like to enjoy this magnificent landscape…

The colorful forest and the blood red hills are beautiful. Really beautiful.

I puff out the smoke of my cigarette. While watching the healthy smoke filling my visual field…I suddenly feel a craving for an afterwork canned coffee or beer.

At that moment, Gramps Ton addresses me with a gentle look, “――Hero, let me thank you. I’ll return the favor with plenty of eight delicacy cooking and wine later on. Also, the treasure you entrusted me with…”

I was planning to give him my usual answer, but…somehow I feel like using honorific language with Gramps Ton, although he isn’t Master. I quickly but carefully put my magic cigarette away while feeling obliged.

“…It has been a pleasure for me. And, I still have some other work left to do, so please take care of the treasure for a while longer. See you later.”

I swiftly leave Gramps Ton’s hill behind. Next up are Moga and Nemus. Their home is planned to be built beneath the hill, close to Gramps Ton’s place.

I pass a small waterfall as I descend while turning left beneath a rock. It’s beneath the slope of a moss-covered, protruding rock. I’m going to build their house in a remote location.

Moga is naggy about it, shouting that this place is great as it’s great for hiding treasures.

But, I continue my work while ignoring him. Muu sticks to remaining silent, staring at Moga’s tube-shaped item box. Is Muu interested in the vampire’s treasured tools Moga has been boasting about? Or the magic sword he picked up after the battle against Schmihazar?

Moga is still holding onto Magic Sword Shallow.

While pondering about that, I created a huge room for Nemus and added a nameplate with “Kaede” written on it. Nemus is a huge wood-metal giant, so I’ve come up with an ingenious design for the interior. I tamper around with it from shaping the wall that’s continuing from the wood windows at the room’s sides to the point of adding ornaments.

Those ornaments depict, you might have guessed it, anime masterpieces any Japanese would know about. I make them while imagining Doraemon and Chibi Maruko-chan. I form the ornaments in a way that focuses on cuteness as much as possible.

But, “I am, Nemus.”

There’s not much of a reaction to that. Maybe Kaede is the spirit body of a Japanese person from a different world than Kazane’s group, Club Ice, and the dungeon master Suzumiya Akemi-san. Or maybe she hails from the Warring States era or the Heian period?

I thought she’s Japanese, but it could also be that she’s Chinese who’s good at Japanese or some such. It takes an absurd amount of time to communicate with the super slow Nemus when using dancing or writing, so I suppose it doesn’t matter either way.

While reminiscing about Bal and Akemi-san because of Kaede, I complete the house for Moga and Nemus. Here an elf illusion appears as well.

All of the elves have a bee tattoo on their cheeks. Since they’re no monsters similar to shapsi, I feel safe, but to be honest, they’re scary. Moreover, I’m the only one who can see those elven ghosts or illusions.

Even with Helme’s Spirit Sight, they look like a cluster of mana. That’s all she could tell.

Well, now that I’ve seen them, it’s only natural for me to worry about it. Anyway, I guess I’ll head over to the last plot of land where Granny Bang is waiting.

The location she chose is at the edge of Cydale. It’s quite far away from the gate where Chief Gatekeeper Catiza has served her duty. It’s close to a cliff adjacent to the hill. You could also say she’s going to become neighbors with Gramps Ton, Moga, and Nemus.

It’s close to a cliff, but the area is surrounded by natural hedges at various heights where chrysanthemum and purple flowers are in full bloom. It’s exactly on the opposite side of the Bewitching Palace-like knoll.

It’s a nice place with such a wonderful atmosphere, but…once I finish building her home…an elven illusion, or rather, an elf ghost shows up again. Granny Bang can’t see the elf spirit either. Moreover, this time it’s not just one elf ghost, but actually twins with both of them being beauties.

“…Hmm, I sense a strange ki around here. This plot of land might be haunted.”

Can Granny Bang sense the ethereal bodies?

“…Even though I just built you a new house? I can immediately take it down if you don’t want to live here.”

“Hyahyahya, no, no, this place is fine. It’s the perfect spot for my sorcery… Shuuya-dono, you have my gratitude. I’ll definitely pay you back!” Granny Bang conspicuously winks at me with her characteristic laughter.

I don’t really need any payback, I think. But, I do have an interest in her sorcery.

In order to forget the frightening wink, I look back at the two elf beauties who are looking sad. Both of them have bee tattoos on their cheeks, just like the others. They’re illusions or ghosts, but I can clearly tell the color of their hair. A light greed, jade green, similar to Quiche. Maybe slightly paler in intensity.

Both wear thin dresses…

Hmm? Come one, you gotta be kidding!

On a closer look, I can see moderately sized boobs thinly showing through, and even two nipples! No, make that four in this case.

Oh my goodness…this is really amazing to see, considering I was just building houses.

My eyes meet with one of the female ghosts who are emanating such erotic air. She notices that I’m staring at her chest, quickly covers it with her slender arm, and disappears with wide open eyes and a startled expression, clearly shocked. Following that, a gentle breeze blows over as if being a scream, and the other female ghost vanishes while covering her chest as well.

Since they were such pretty babes, I wanted to admire them for a bit longer. I suppose they’re Quiche’s ancestors. Rather, ghosts can get startled as well?

The other day I saw a phantom of Mia and a goddess naturally interweaving with each other… I gotta say, as expected of my title: Demigod Sealer’s Staff User. Super Advancement of Strange Phenomena Progress rocks!

It might actually be the Super Advancement of Ero Phenomena Progress. Though I don’t mind at all if it’s pretty ghosts. For the fusion between Demigod Grass’ fragment and the Water Goddess’ divine protection to bring about such a byproduct…divine providence is great.

As I make the female ghosts disperse with just my lecherous stare, Granny Bang, who had pulled a mat in front of her new home, stoops down and places the bag she carried on the mat. Then she opens the bag and starts to fiddle around with its content.

I don’t think that the ghosts are nearby anymore, but…it looks like she’s perceived the mana earlier…

“For some reason the weird ki has vanished, but I’ll cast my sorcery just in case.” Granny Bang says and retrieves a lump of waste threads, charcoal, and a writing brush out of her bag.

First she puts a finger into the lump of waste threads, and begins to form something like a cat’s cradle…then writes ancient letters with the charcoal, using a fine brush on a small wooden tag, before starting to chant a spell.

“…Lugh windoh lazelis delyuh…<Pseudo-Rose Petals of Wind Trace>.”

A special incantation combining a spell and a skill, huh? This is her ability. I can tell that it’s accurate. Moga and Nemus have come over to watch, apparently curious.

I’ve built their home nearby. Or maybe it’s more correct to say that they’ve come to check out their eerie neighbor rather than being simply curious.

Granny Bang stuffs the sorcery charm she entwined around the wooden tag into a small bottle, pours a smelly liquid into it, and takes it back out again. The instant she adds the waste threads and a fine powder that seems to be crushed shells on the wooden tag, the spell charm, which has been charged with the power of <Pseudo-Rose Petals of Wind Trace> bursts apart.

In the next moment, a fine mana curtain extends, engulfing Granny Bang and us.

I also witnessed a mana wave – I think it is – I’ve never seen before. Thereupon the color of the house I built for her changes, too. Blotches looking like roses? Plant vines and lilac flowers?

The rose blotches erode the wall as if creeping along its surface, starting from the wooden pillars. Suddenly, true lilac flowers bloom, and the building changes into a house enclosed by rose vines.

Is Granny Bang a witch?

『What’s your take on this magic, Helme?』

『It might be related to the spirits of Wind Spirit Lord of Wind and the kin of Plant Goddess Sadeyula-sama. Greenery, wheat, and violet spirits have gathered and are dancing』


At that point, I looked up to Kisara. She’s noticed the change of the house. Realizing that I’m looking at her, she descends towards me. Rotalz keeps floating in the sky, though.


“Hey, I was just wondering whether you know about Granny Bang’s magic as a witch.”

“I don’t. However, I’ve been attacked with rose magic back in the days. It’s been quite a long time ago, but do you still want to hear?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Looking into my eyes, Kisara’s eyes twinkle, and she moves her small mouth, “I have heard that prairies and big swamps producing roses like these exist in the Highgrand Forest located far southwest of the great desert. And there were dark elves among the subordinates of the Barrier King, who attacked the vicinity of Mephalla’s shrine in the headquarters of the Black Witch Church’s headquarters. I dealt with them using the Ogre Princess Armament with my witch spear, but…”

Barrier King, eh? I’m also curious about those dark elves. Schmihazar mentioned something like that as well, didn’t he? Are they Hoffmann’s enemies? It doesn’t mean that the enemy of your enemy becomes your ally, though.

“…Hee, thanks Kisara. You can return to patrolling again.”


Kisara hurries back into the sky after giving me her usual Palm Hold Fist salute.

“…She looks like a cute girl, but the look she’s sent my way has been scary.”

“Don’t condemn her just for her look. She hasn’t done anything to you, right?”

“Fuefue, you’ve got a point. My home is finished with this. The earlier, shady ki won’t be able to enter anymore.”

“Still, that’s an unusual sorcery you’ve used there, you know?”

“I come from a spellweaver family that has been living in the Rose Forest.”

“Spellweaver family, huh? Is your family…in the Sea of Trees?”

“All of them are dead. They were eaten by the gendarl aborigines while asleep, and I was taken away by the vampires…”

While asleep…that’s a terrible past.

“…I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t look at me like that, hero. Are you trying to make me fall in love with you? The witch up there is glaring at me again. Fuefuefue, all that matters right now is me being alive.”

Since it’s become awkward, I bow at Granny Bang, and leave. Muu is still silently following me around.

At that point, I go to meet up with Quiche who’s gone out on patrol.

“Shuuya, you’ve prioritized building houses for everyone, but what about your own home?”

“I haven’t built one yet. I finished the houses for everyone first…”

“Sheesh, you’re too good a person. I told you before, but you can freely choose a plot of land. Just build your home wherever you like. I won’t even mind a big mansion on a vast plot of land. The place we talked about the other day would be good. So how about building your house over there?” Quiche tells me with a tone befitting a commander-in-chief.

“I know, I know. Okay, I’ll head over then, and build it right away――”

I whirl around, and start running towards the hill inside Cydale.

“Ah, he’s so fast…were you left behind as well, Muu? Are you going back with me?”


――The plot of land is in front of the knoll. It also has a spot with a good outlook where you can train. A path continues towards the Bewitching Palace-like caverns. The grove of mixed trees, which Rollo is currently exploring, is on the left side. And spare amounts of conifers are growing on the right. Spring water is streaming down a moss-covered rock face.

I arrive there with a speed as if creating my own wind, albeit silently. Quiche’s ancestors and family sleep in the graves atop the rock stairs on the summit of the knoll. After offering a prayer as if in front of a Buddhist altar, I concentrate on <Tree of the Evil King>.

I began to construct a wooden house similar to that of Moga and Nemus, making use of the rising rock wall. I won’t go as far as the mansion in Pelneet, but I make it two-storied. I get slightly absorbed with the exterior and interior design. The ceiling’s roof is inclined so as to take in the sunlight. It’s different from a gabled roof though.

Then I create a place for me to lie down, and a wooden window to illuminate that place. Well, I guess it kinda feels like an attic. It’s going to be fine when basking in the sun, but it’s going to be cold during winter. Or rather, we’re in winter right now.

It might be a good idea to isolate it better by adding some trees later. I’ll also create a proper cat way. I prepare a small pedestal by having a small wooden brick protrude out of the wall. Then I add a path which would invite Rollo, Alray, and Hueremy to climb it, and I also make sure to not forget a scratching post along the way.

The roof is slightly tilted, so I set up a rain gutter at its bottom. I also make a water wheel that will use the rainwater in combination with the spring water. It’s a simple water wheel based on rotary movement with level wings, also using gears. The power that moves the wheel looks like it can be also harvested for other applications.

If I create water wheels at various places in the village, they might be able to create new fabric or wheat grinding possibilities. As far as I’ve seen, they only have hand-turned mortars around here.

It’s still early, but I thank the water goddess.

I also create a stand near the water wheel with my trees, concentrating on shaping it like an alcove. I add some flair to the wall by <Throwing> copper coins here and there. As I’ve thrown them several times too hard, they break through, but each time I manipulate the trees to create modern art by embedding the coins.

Maybe I’ve gotten influenced by Gramps Ton.

And then I use the lumber I bought at Hekatrail for making chopsticks, and create two concentric stands that are connected with the second floor’s floor as if laying out decks on a ship. These stands allow for drinks and lanterns to be placed on.

Following that, I take out the 16th Paredes mirror out of my item box, and place it in a corner of the second floor like the stands. This is the one I retrieved from the labyrinth’s fifth floor.

『Your Excellency, are you going to explore the other mirrors at some point?』

『That’s the plan』

『I understand. So you’re going to pick up a mirror that’s very likely located deep underground again』

『I plan to plunge in with my blood chain armor. I think I’d also be alright with Hal’Konk, but…it’s worked once like that, so never change a running system』

『Yes, I think that’d be wise. I shall also accompany you as your eyes』


The mirror exploration has to wait for now as I’m still in the middle of building houses.

Alright―― I’ve finished a small bed, table, and drawer…time to move to the first floor.

I set up a big bed on the first floor. Moreover, I add several ventilation holes besides the small waterfall as a countermeasure against the moisture. Placing a round table and chairs in the center close to the entrance hall, I create a toilet and kitchen in the right corner.

Next time I’m going to buy a refrigerator magic tool in Pelneet and set it up in the kitchen, I reckon. Ah, no, there’s a river nearby, so it’s not really necessary.

Just like that I manage to quickly finish my own home. The experience of having built everyone’s houses and me having built the hut for Ajul in Pelneet previously has helped me here. I believe this place will be vacated soon as well, but…Quiche is currently doing her best, so I want to answer her efforts by creating a temporary base here.

Once I step outside, I see another elf illusion. At least that’s what I thought, but aren’t those the twins from before!? They’re innocently covering their chests…

As I’m roughly breathing through my nose as I’m ogling the two ghosts, Muu shows up next to me.

“What’s up, Muu? You want to live here?”


Remaining silent, Muu enters my house. It looks like Muu wants to live together with me. While looking at the string that’s hanging down from his back as it’s being dragged along, I decide to enter my temporary home, but at that moment――

“――Shuuya-sama, good work.”

Kisara alights from the sky with the witch spear between her thighs.

“Oh, I still need to build your home, don’t I?”

The Burning Knights and Catiza don’t need one, but I must also build a house for Kisara and Higlia.

Just when I think so, “…Fufu, Shuuya-sama, I have a place to stay right here, though.”

While seductively moving the witch spear upwards, Kisara lands on the ground. Her blue eyes are full of indecency. And I sickly sweet, womanly scent wafts over from her.

Kisara draws close to me while smiling bewitchingly.




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