Chapter 317 – Interlude Receptionist


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In the adventurer guild of Fortress City Hekatrail worked a receptionist with a conspicuously big chest. She was a popular receptionist who was referred to as Queen of Hidden Boobs by the male adventurers and other men, was hit on almost every day, and drew tons of attention.

That popular receptionist suddenly remembered a certain adventurer. At first he didn’t leave much of an impression on her, just like the other men.

He only stared at my chest and didn’t even ask for my name…

In the end he never asked for my name, but I still can’t forget those eyes of his. Those black eyes which seem to draw you in…

When Shuuya-san was doing the formalities after having finished his request, I noticed for the first time that he’s different from other men.

He’s strong, and the way he works as an adventurer is amazing, but feeling something like this is a first for me…

He’s got a face you don’t see overly often around here, but to be honest, he looks handsome. A man who makes my heart skip, and someone who’s kind to animals. His name is Shuuya Kagari-san. The only, great warrior who contributed to the Evil Dragon King subjugation as a solo-adventurer.

Goddess of Love Aria-sama…please let me meet Shuuya-san once more! I’ll pray that god’s love and the goddess’ blessing will be granted to Shuuya-san and me. And this time for sure I’ll make sure that he remembers my name – Fion!

But, I wonder, what is he up to nowadays? She wondered and pleaded in her mind. She’d never imagine that Shuuya was currently flying through the skies close to Hekatrail.

After shaking her head, knowing that it wouldn’t do her any good to only think about Shuuya, she put some energy into her actions, believing that she had to focus on her work. Picking up a document lying on her evergreen oak desk with one hand, she gazed at the text written on it while also having her eyes drawn to a request form situated among the many other documents on her desk.

“Legend of the Sleeping Beauty in the Underground Passage Pel-Heka-Line” was written on that request form. No one had ever succeeded in completing this request. But, it was a special request put up by an alliance of the Hekatrail Fanclub, Hyperion Enterprise, Salju Enterprise, Musaka Federation, and the Unknown Skill Search Church.

Hekatrail also had many S-Rank requests, but this request was the one leading the pack in rumors, making no actual progress at all. Most recently many adventurers were heading to the Benrack Village, resulting in a decrease of adventurer clans and parties who challenged S-Rank requests.

The main source of information were the many witness reports of adventurers who had witnessed a pale illusion of a woman suddenly appearing, or heard 『Come this way』 from walls and 『I’m here』 from pitch-dark holes, but so far no one had actually seen the “Sleeping Beauty.”

In the first place, only few people returned alive from the Pel-Heka-Line which was infested by orc variants, zeriumbons, and unknown crystal monsters. At present, even the most excellent dungeon guide would likely only know about a part of the Pel-Heka-Line, ranging from the upper to the middle strata.

This part from the upper to the middle strata also consisted of a tunnel network connecting Hekatrail with Pelneet. It was rumored that the sages of the ancient dwarves had dug through the rock to create those tunnels over many centuries.

Fion pondered while examining the request form, They’d like to secure the Sleeping Beauty, eh…? What a truly mysterious request… I’m pretty sure they need to have a reliable source of information for such big enterprises to get involved in this.

Domidon-san, an excellent dwarven adventurer and underground ruin researcher, has also announced his participation. Moreover…there’s also this request here.

It was a request to investigate the sculptures of the hedgehog god. Though no one had ever brought back one of those sculptures. It was said that many of them existed in the deep underground passages, and that they contained special mana. This request was about recovering such a sculpture, but no one had found one so far.

Well, S-Ranks won’t be all that eager to do this request. I’ve got to sort the next A-Rank requests… A-Ranks have it difficult as well because of the many requests and recruitments.

Having such a big chest is a problem as well since it gives me stiff shoulders. I wonder whether I can have anyone…massage them for me.



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