Chapter 316 – Interlude Sherry

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“Sherry, please take care of the Re’Uvi.”


The name of the bar here was Re’Uvi. It was a small bar with a narrow counter, situated along a street in Fortress City Hekatrail. Moreover, it was fairly popular in the neighborhood for its delicious food.

And the one working in such a place was a female barmaid. She had light-brown, wavy hair reaching down to her shoulders, and charming freckles on her cheeks. Her name is Sherry, and this story takes place before she met Shuuya. You like this series? Please support the translator by reading it on his blog. Thanks!

Most of the guests frequented the bar, wanting to chat with the attractive barmaid. Even just now, a customer had ordered a small fish snack to go with the wine in his goblet. And just as ordered, Sherry hurried to serve the grilled fish on a plate.

However, ultimately this was just her public face. Her true identity was that of a low-level member of 【Commandments of Rozen】 which was connected to a Zamalian duke. Sherry also kept her real job secret from the elf Quiche who had become her friend in Hekatrail

Sherry made her move past midnight after she had finished her job at the bar. Several times a month, she would head towards the streets of the noble district to make her report. Her destination was the backside of the high-class General Store Shuhalel.

After safely arriving at the backdoor of the store, Sherry knocked against the door, using a code. In response, the door slowly opened, and she stepped inside.

Beyond the door was a dreary room which was barren besides one flag pinned to a wall. However, because the field workers of Commandments of Rozen had gathered and lined up inside, the atmosphere here felt heavy.

After each of the thief guild members had given a detailed report, it was Sherry’s turn as the last one.

“As of yet, the structural network of Ogre Listening is mighty…no information surrounding the marquess leaks to the outside. I’ve heard that the chances for her to show up at the adventurer’s guild have recently increased,” Sherry finished the report to her boss.

“…Good work. It’s a follow-up report about the kidnapping of Leften’s princess. 【Anbu’s Right Hand】, the organization under that impertinent Duke Hyatos, our political opponent, was involved in this. However, his strategy to deal with foreign policy is correct. The Heim River flows or adjoins to many of the duke’s territories. It’s a vexing situation where we have no choice but to go along with the duke’s strategy, but for now we’ll just do that. Hence, it’s your task to spread the rumor that she was abducted on purpose. We’ll extend Leften’s chaos to Hekatrail, forcing Oseberia to turn their attention towards Leften. That’s all you have to do this time around.”

All the low-level members nodded at the words of their superior, Sherry too.

“The meeting is over. As usual, get your remuneration from Renshou over there.”

The person called Renshou, someone wearing a gas mask-like magic tool, suddenly appeared from the shadows, and hid the folding fan-shaped weapon he held in his hand in his sleeve. At the same time, he made a bag filled with silver coins appear in his other hand, and distributed a small remuneration to the field workers.





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