Chapter 258 – Veronica Becomes a Bloodkin

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“I mean, even I harbor the feelings of wanting to be admired as an adult…because I always look like a child, you see.”

Did Amelie’s word trigger a complex?

“For 300 years?”

“Yeah, even though I had given up…that child just now was too dazzling for me.”

“Dazzling, huh? I agree with you. However, everyone has different values. Though, I believe that Amelie is noble just as she is.”

“…I’ve got no clue about such values. I want to become your, suzerain-sama’s, new bloodkin…this dense blood, the pure smell of blood…that girl doesn’t understand! But it’s inevitable since she’s from a different race.” Veronica said with a depressed look.

She’s a vampire who has lived for 300 years while looking like a child. I guess it’s only natural since she belongs to a race desiring blood.

Seeing her emotional suffering, “…Veronica, there’s something important I have to tell you about that.”

“What is it?”

“That is, I had a certain item appraised…”

I explained to her how she could become a Lucival bloodkin if she returned to being a human with the ring Suloza’s shopkeeper had appraised.

“…Ring of Twilight, wow…”

Veronica showed her excitement as she covered her small mouth with both hands.

“It’s of Mythological class. I can understand your surprise…”

“…It’s truly amazing. An item that dispels the vampirification. I had heard rumors about it, but for you to actually possess such an item, a Mythological item…guildmaster, are you an adventurer surpassing the six top clans, and Hero Mubalan’s 【Azure Dragon Party】, no, even the old, legendary 【Club Ice】?”

I guess it’s the name of a past, famous adventurer clan. But, what’s with Club Ice? Kazane should have belonged to the Azure Dragon Party.

“I don’t know whether I’ve surpassed them. Anyway, this Ring of Twilight had been inside the item box owned by a demon. That’s why the demon might have obtained it by independently interacting with the spirit world…Or maybe this ring had been in the item box to begin with.”

“…Hmm, I can agree with either if it was a demon. After all it’s an item with a direct relation to spirit world gods. And, it only works three times. You’re saying it’s okay to use such a precious item…for me? However, if you use this ring, it’ll be the same as losing Dad’s blood…what should I do?”

It’s a valuable item, but I don’t mind using it for her. She’s cute, and my vampire-senpai. You could even say that she’s my teacher in regards to blood.
A shadow fell on the face of Veronica. I think she’s agonizing over it. Various emotions…the memories of 300 years might be racing through her mind like a revolving lantern. She harbors the feeling of wanting to become an adult, too. In addition her memories of her father, Slot…
The emotions on her face made me feel like I’m watching fleeting sceneries surfacing and disappearing without any coherence. If I imagine her long life, I also feel how my chest tightens.
I had also lost my father as a child. I remember the face of my father before the accident, albeit vaguely.

“…Veronica, it’s fine for you to make your decision after considering it well…carefully, without rushing it.” I said while staring at her.

Veronica’s shoulders trembled, obviously crying… And then she glanced at me, with an upward look. There were traces of tears that had run down along her cheeks.

“…Gufufu, guildmaster――” Veronica’s expression suddenly changed.

She had already stopped crying, and was now smiling.

“For you to show such an expression, did you possibly fall in love with me?”

She switches gears way too fast! Still…that damn Vero-chi, she’s starting to get cocky, huh?

While deliberately putting on a stabbing look, “I suppose I should stop the matter with the ring after all, huh?”

“Eeeeeehh! That’s a lie, lie, lie! You’re not allowed!”

“It’s a joke. Veronica-senpai, I’ll reward you for having taught me about blood.”

“Jeez, you’re a meanie, Shuuya! Guildmaster, you idiot! But, since I understand…that you’ve done this deliberately, trying to console me, I’m happy.”

It’s no wonder for someone who’s lived for 300 years. I guess it’s easy for her to read my thoughts.

“It’s slightly embarrassing when you point it out.”

“…Fufu, that awkward laugh is just like Dad’s…”

“Dad, huh…?”

I can only imagine him, but was he a perverted vampire?

“…Can I really turn back into a human, and then turn into a Light Demon Lucival bloodkin as a human?”

“Yeah. But you know, since you can return to being a human at long last, how about waiting until you grow into an adult as you yearned for? I would come to pick you up in several years after you’ve grown, Veronica.”

Well, I had heard her emotions about wanting to become an adult.

“No, just now I was irritated, but the words of Amelie-chan – was that her name? – they kinda penetrated my heart as well. I could meet you because I was a vampire. These long 300 years, the long time since I accepted my childish appearance…the days of escaping the Valmask family’s assassins…all of it had a meaning. I feel that I learned this from Amelie-chan’s words. It’s weird, isn’t it? Even though I’m much older than her, for me to adopt the view of a normal, little girl, and moreover a human girl, who wants to become a grandma… Oh, so that’s why it perturbed my emotions so deeply. Fufu, what a mysterious child. As thanks, I will watch over her, Amelie-chan, from a distance for her whole life. To make sure that she can spend her time as grandma surrounded by her grandchildren.”

A line of tears streamed down like a thread from the outer corner of one of her eyes.



After revealing a gentle smile, she looked diagonally upwards…it was a gaze as if she was watching a distant scenery from close-by. I wonder if it’s a happy scenery. Tears spilled out in such a quantity from her eyes that it was obvious…her eyelashes became wet again.
Veronica tightly closed her eyes once as if to seal away those tears, and shook her small face. Her tears were scattered into the vicinity like decorative pearls cut off their string. And then, once she shaped up and put on a powerful look, she fixed her eyes on me.

“…Shuuya, please return me into a human, and turn me into your bloodkin.”

She looked like a small child, but the power I could feel from her expression…it definitely reminded me of her plentiful experience and the time she had accumulated. And I suppose she’s chosen to discard the Valmask family’s blood.

“…I won’t care even if you regret it.” I warned her just in case.

“――It’s okay! If I can become your bloodkin without losing my <Blood Mana> skills, even Dad should give me his blessing! Besides, it’ll free me from the Valmask family, no? Something like that family can be torn asunder for all I care!” Veronica raised her voice, seemingly agitated.

“And, if I become a member of your Lucival family, it’ll become possible for me alone to take care of the 【Blood Court of the Great Tomb】. I won’t lose against the templars dispatched by the Religious State either. I’ll be able to protect my beloved Mel and Bene-ane of 【Remains of the Moon】, and I’ll become the final, impregnable defense line of 【Remains of the Moons】 without releasing the powers of Magit.”

She was excited, but in the end, she’s a 300-years-old loli granny deep down. She can calmly expand on a vision of the future after obtaining power. I’m…still merely one year old as a vampire.
She’s my senpai as a vampire, and a great senpai in life. She also has my respect. There might be some more things I can learn from her in the future.
If you cherish the history of old, and discover the new, you will probably be able to become a teacher. 1 That’s what I recalled from the Analects of Confucius.
When I was thinking that I must nurture myself, I suddenly felt magic sources.

“N, nya.”


It was a black catRollo and a white catMagit. The yellow-black cat and the black-white cat weren’t with them. I guess they’re still on the courtyard.

“Oh, you come at the perfect time, Magit. It looks like I can return to being a human. And then I’ll be able to become Shuuya’s bloodkin!”

“Nya, nyaan.” Magit meowed in delight, and drew near Veronica’s feet.

“Fufuu.” Veronica picked up Magit and rubbed her cheek against her face. “Magit, I will have Shuuya do it at once, so back off and watch, okay?”


Magit, who had been lowered to the floor, immediately ran up next to Rollo. Both cats waited with the front paws put together in front of their chests.
In the meanwhile I had retrieved the Ring of Twilight from my item box.

“Rollo, Magit, you can get on the bed and watch from there.”



Rollo elegantly ran up to the bed, and Magit with small, brisk steps. Both climbed on top of the bed. After confirming it, I turned around to Veronica.

“Let’s start.”

“Oki, that’s the ring…”

After I poured mana into the ring in my right hand, I pressed it against the skin of Veronica’s extended right hand.

While recalling the words of the die-hard shopkeeper of Suloza, “…Lebra and Luganad.”

Immediately following those words, illusions of Lebra and Luganad manifested from the ring. They were small versions with their bodies wrapped up in a pale light, but it was the appearance of the gods.
The gods’ illusions turned into a single orb while spiraling. The orb floated in the air. Once the central part caved in, the orb split apart as if performing a cell division while forming marks of yin and yang. As it repeatedly split apart while the pieces became smaller and smaller, they turned into silver grains, a cloud of dust, wrapping up Veronica’s whole body.
The faintly shining, silver cloud of dust vanished into her as if permeating through her skin.
At that moment, Veronica revealed an expression full of pain. Next, blood vigorously gushed out from her entire body. The jet-black, sleeveless dress she was wearing looked as if it had been dyed crimson.
However, it only looked like that for an instant. The crimson blood was folded in the blink of an eye, as if assuming the shape of a cube, and was sucked into the ring. Rather than sucked, it was closer to being stored away in an instant.
It was a divine act. Well, no surprise from an item connected to two gods.
I gazed at the surface of the Ring of Twilight in admiration. Many crimson lines had appeared on its surface as if countless cracks were running across it. It was obvious that the blood color was flowing as if creeping through jet-black darkness.
What a strange ring…two more charges are left, huh? Someday I might have another opportunity to return a different vampire into a human by using this ring.
I wonder what Paulsen and Angie would think about it…
However, to use it on a guy…well, with Angie, Paulsen might be fine as well.

“…Is it over? It hurt only at the beginning. With this I’m no vampire any longer, right?” Veronica said quite indifferently.

Her appearance was still that of a little girl wearing only a sleeveless one-piece dress.

“Do you feel a decline of your mana or something?”

“Yep. My senses are oddly dull as well. Even raising my arm is troublesome…” Veronica explained while lifting her slender hand. “I can still use the blood mana skills, but――”

She released blood from her arm, forming a blood sword. However, the sword was small.

“As you can see, it’s an odd feeling. Previously the blood flow would naturally stop, but now it continues to run without end…this is a human body. For an instant I thought that it might be fine to stay human, but…it looks like it’s no good. That’s why, there’s no need for me to become an adult anymore! Shuuya, please turn me into your bloodkin!”

She entreated me with an anxious expression. Probably because her life as a vampire had been long, she’s uneasy now that she’s become a human again.

“…Roger, I’ll take you in as one of my women and <Head Servant Leader>, but before that, we should close the door――”

Making use of my physical speed as Lucival, I slammed the door shut. The door bumped against the door frame, giving off a screeching sound. I pretended to not have heard it.

“…Is the door, going to be alright?”

“Y-Yeah, I think so.”

For an instant, I reacted startled by Veronica’s voice. I’ll inform Isabell later.

“Well then, let’s get started.”


I approached Veronica, and activated <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage>. My visual field was engulfed in darkness. The dark world encroached upon the vicinity, including Veronica.
My bedroom transformed into a world of deep, unfathomable darkness. At the same time, blood and mana surged within my body as if boiling, and were immediately released outside through my skin.
The blood that gushes out, a sea of a special juice.
The world of darkness was dyed crimson. This blood was necessary to invite Veronica as a <Head Servant Leader>. I strengthened my focus on that blood, and shared my power with it.
My blood gathered at Veronica’s feet and started to encroach her from there. She was small, thus her whole body was covered by blood in no time.
Veronica, who was engulfed by a blood womb, floated up into the air. And then the womb transformed its shape into the huge trunk of a crest tree. It was the blood-dripping Crest Tree of the Lucival.
Ten big circles were carved into that trunk, and 25 small branches were connected with all big circles. There were ten big circles in total, but five of them had the names of Viine, Eva, Rebecca, Yui, and Mysty carved into them in ancient letters. One of the smaller branches had Kaldo’s name carved into it.
Once the Lucival Crest tree overlapped with Veronica’s body, rays of light particles were emitted from her chest as if a dazzling flash was burning up. The tremendous amount of Lucival blood forming the crest tree, and those light particles converged as if drawing arcs in midair. The vortex of blood and mana whirled around, forming a shape similar to a yin and yang mark. While blood and mana blended with each other, they winded around, giving the impression of a spiraling, golden maelstrom.
After rotating like a typhoon, the blood and mana rushed into Veronica’s body again with a terrifying speed, being absorbed into it. Veronica grimaced, looking pained and agonized.
I don’t really want to see her beautiful girl face twist like that. …It makes me want to avert my eyes. However, one of the conditions of <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage> is that I have to clearly ascertain the whole process with my own eyes.
We kept staring into each other’s eyes. And then, Veronica had absorbed all of my blood. Veronica’s name was carved into one of the big circles stamped into the crest tree overlapping with her. It was the birth of a new chosen bloodkin, a <Head Servant Leader>.
Just like my other <Head Servant Leaders>, Veronica collapsed within the space of darkness, and I rushed over to her right away.

“――Veronica, you okay?”


“Nya, nya, nyaaa.”

Magit, who had watched from the beginning to the end, moved in front of Veronica. An illusion of a white fox possessing many heads manifested from the green magic jewel at Magit’s chest, obviously wary of me.

“Idiot! You’re so prone to worrying, Magit! The other party is my suzerain-sama!”


Magit stopped being on guard after turning her face towards Veronica, and fawned on me by bumping her small head against my knee and rubbing it against that place as if to apologize.

“Nn, nyaon.” Rollo also said something along the lines of “Be careful nya,” and delivered a cat punch against Magit’s head.

Seemingly getting pissed off by that, Magit hit Rollo’s face with a left cat hook. And that was the gong for their fight. Standing on two paws, the unleashed chains of jabs, using their front paws. It was a nifty exchange of blows in the style of kangaroo boxing.
It reflexively woke the will in me to act as a live commentator.

“…Fufufufufu, I’m a <Head Servant Leader>!” Veronica stood up and whirled around as if dancing. “I can use blood mana without any change from before. I guess it’s because I’ve already acquired <Third Gate>. It became possible for me to use a new skill that’s similar to the one of the empress, <Bloodkin Creation>! I can also feel my connection with you, Shuuya. I’m sooooo happy!!!♪”

After skipping around as if performing a tapdance, Veronica threw herself into my arms. Since I was still kneeling with one knee on the ground, it felt just right as our lines of sight matched.
However, <Bloodkin Creation>, huh?
I held her small, slender shoulders.

“…Does that mean you can create new vampires who will inherit my bloodline?” I asked after slightly separating her body from me.

“Basically, yes. However, I can create only three <Servant Leaders> by sacrificing my mana and blood. That’s why my name will be Veronica Ravahl Lucival Shuuya. Shuuya is the Lucival god♪”

I’d like her to stop calling me god or such, but I wonder whether there’s some kind of meaning to the name Ravahl.

“What’s with the Ravahl?”

“Huh? Didn’t I tell you before? Ravahl has the simple meaning that you belong to a vampire species. I recall that Dad Slot explained it to me with such a nuance.”

“Hee, I’ll keep it in mind.”

It’s kinda ambiguous, but it’s not like names hold power.

“Oki. So, it’s a bit abrupt with the <Bloodkin Creation>, but…is it okay for me to turn someone I like into a bloodkin?”

“Do as you see fit. I won’t pry into it. You can welcome any personnel you want, it’s not necessary to introduce them to me either. After all, your servants will become your new family.”

She said it with a lighthearted tone, but this is an important matter. Therefore, I made sure to tell her with a strict look.

“Jeez, if you say it with such a look, you’re going to make me wet, y’know?”

“I don’t give a damn. I just told you in a serious manner. After all, I…when I was about to welcome a bloodkin for the first time…had been worrying so thoroughly about it that I could have become completely bald…”

“Fufu, that’s typical of you. You’ve probably pondered seriously about such silly stuff like the pride of your race, and what if their character would change, right?”

Ugh, that shitty hag, she’s right.

“W-Who knooows.”

“Fufuu, Lucival god, how cute♪”

Veronica was still clinging to me.

“Hey! I told you to stop with the god! I’m a spearmaster.”

Once again I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her away.

“Booh. Isn’t divine spearmaster fine then? Either way, for me you’re suzerain-sama, and the person I love!” Veronica said with an expression looking as though she was angry although she wasn’t.

“…I see. Well, please take care of me from now on as well, Veronica-senpai.”

“Oki, with that said, bon appetiiite♪”

Veronica bit into my neck. That damn girl has started to suck my blood. Man…what a slick one. I guess I will suck some from her as well.

“――Don’t get carried away, <Head Servant Leader>――”

I tightly embraced her small body…and bit by tracing my lips along her slender nape, sucking her blood.


Veronica had been sucking my blood, but due to the overwhelmingly pleasant feeling, she stopped in the middle of it with her body twitching.

“…I didn’t get carried away, okay!”

She tightly hugged me with her physical abilities as a Lucival. What tremendous strength…my dark green coat got distorted. Hal’Konk might wake up.
However, Mmhwhee didn’t wake up. Unfortunately. However, because of her terrifying strength, I comprehended that the inheritance of my blood had succeeded.
At that moment, I forcibly separated from her body.

“Alright. You’ve understood that you can use blood messages, right?”

『Of course. This is quite convenient♪ Buuut, I prefer speaking to you in person.』

“Sure. Anyway, let’s go outside. The party is still going on.”

“Oki, Mel will be quite startled, I’m sure. Ah, I’ve gotta greet the other <Head Servant Leaders> as well.”

“Aye. But don’t start any flashy brawls in front of me.”


Her answer was quite casual, but I guess it’ll be okay. Well, even if they quarrel, neither will die anyway, and I think they’ll be able to keep it at moderate levels.
Thus I opened the door carefully so as to not break it.

“――Rollo, come.”


“Magit, you too~!”


We returned to the courtyard where the party was in full swing.

“Guildmasteeer, thanks for making me your bloodkin, okay?”

With those words Veronica ran over to Mel and the others while skipping. Magit followed her while peeking at Veronica’s face.
At that moment, Amelie and Rubia chatting with each other entered my sight. Rubia was apparently introducing Bon and Zaga. Bon hugged Amelie. And then, after Rubia scolded him, he escaped while rapidly talking in his Enchanto language, running up to the Massacre Sisters. Alray in her cat form was running together with Bon. Hueremy joined up with Rollo who had left my side.
What a harmonious atmosphere… Opportunities like these are rare, so I suppose I’ll test it out for a bit. As I look at everyone happily chatting while enjoying alcohol around the bonfire…I place my finger on the attachment next to my right eye, and press it.
For the first time in a while, I booted up the Kaleidoscope. The simple radar, which was linked to my item box, also booted up and was added to my frame sight.
For starters I checked everyone present here…since Shana is here, I think it’ll be alright, but just in case.
Good…no one has a bug infesting their brain. Well, it’d be really weird if people capable of becoming apostles would pop out one after the other.
I’m curious about the mysterious person who supposedly left the city while escaping the evil god with their own will intact albeit having Hyuriox’ bug in their brain…
As I pondered about that issue, my eyes met with those of a dwarven woman who seemed to be one of the guests. Oh my? I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere? Ah, I remember! She’s the dwarven woman who had a fight on the street, isn’t she?
Hmm? Wait, she’s got a scope similar to mine in her eye!? …It’s something similar to a glass device. A dwarf possessing a scope of the same technology system?
No way…the instant I thought that, the dwarven woman quickly ran away through the front gate. Huh? The toilets aren’t that way, but maybe I have mistaken her eyes or something…? She might be a female of a race possessing glass-like eyes, and not a dwarf.
As I continued to look at the other people, I also spotted someone unfamiliar to me… Short, boyish hair, slender eyebrows…deep blue eyes. Blue eyes, huh? The mouth was covered by a black mask. An armor using bones and black leather. Six daggers with bone hilts are hanging at the waist.
Some kind of assassin, but that equipment…I might have seen it before. Once my eyes met with that person, who seems to be a woman, she approached me after bowing. Going by her way of walking, she must be rather skilled. Her Magic Combat Style distribution is superb. If she were about to come attacking, I wouldn’t be able to tell whether it’d be her right hand, left hand, or the legs. I think dagger arts is her main attack method, but…
At this point, I spontaneously checked her with my scope.



Carbon-type Napalm Life Form #XV0EVES##9T8
Brain Waves: stable
Body: normal
Gender: female
Overall Physical Strength: 25
Elenium Integration: 1056
Weapons: present



Her Elenium value is really high. She might have abilities close to inhuman levels. But, neither physical strength nor the Elenium value are absolute.
Techniques, including skills, experience and luck play a role in battles.
At that point I touched the side of my right eye, returning my sight to its normal state.

“…Hello, going by the attitude of the other guests, you seem to be the master of this mansion, Shuuya-san who’s called Supreme Dust of the Magic Spear?”

The hell? What’s with that nonsense nickname?
Her voice was raspy as if her throat had been crushed, but it was obvious that she was a woman.

“…That nickname is completely outside my knowledge, but you’re right, I’m the owner of this mansion, Shuuya. So, who are you?”

“Oh, excuse my rudeness. My name is Kilbisua. I’m someone belonging to 【Silkworm】 of the Martial Arts Federation.”

Silkworm, eh? I know that name. They were at the mansion of the Martial Arts Federation’s chairman.

“Silkworm. I happened to see you at the chairman’s mansion, Kilbisua-san.”

“…Did you? Chairman Nemo…but, I’ve never seen your name at the fighting competitions, Shuuya-san.”

“Of course not, I never participated. However, I’m registered.”

“You registered despite having no plans to appear in a tournament? That’s baffling…don’t tell me…” Kilbisua stopped speaking, and the black mask on her mouth shone.

Even the black underwear, which she had on beneath the bone armor reaching up to her chest and which was connected to her mouth, shone. It looks like she’s making her mana circulate.

Ignoring that, I spoke up, “…You got it right. I have a whimsical character…if it’s as a spear user, I don’t mind any challenges, though.”

“Humph, what a weird man you are. You’re interested in martial arts, but have no interest in fame. That’s what you’re saying, right? With that, I’m relieved. I can anticipate that you don’t have any contact with the Underground Martial Arts Association.”

I’ve also heard about it before, but what’s up with that Underground Martial Arts Association?

“What’s that Underground Martial Arts Association?”

“An organization standing against the Martial Arts Federation. It’s a group gathering skilled fighters that can counter us. They’re talented people who can one-sidedly massacre the lower ranks of the Divine King Rankings in battle. In addition, they work as bookmakers for bets, and bouncers. It’s an organization different from dark guilds. It looks like they have members in every city, but…you don’t know as a leader of 【Remains of the Moons】, possibly even the guildmaster?”

“No clue.”

At that point, Mel approached us with a terrifying look. It seems she has heard our conversation.

“We had disputes with the Underground Martial Arts Association, but do you have some problem with our guildmaster, Silkworm Kilbisua-san?”

“No, that’s not my intention…”

Let’s leave the woman with the Silkworm Kilbisua-something name, which sounds like a country, to Mel.

“Mel, I leave her to you.”


Mel immediately made an eye signal, passing on her will to the members of 【Remains of the Moons】 like a ripplet. Are they mentally and physically harmonized? They act like a skilled adventurer party.
Benett was closing in as if to cut off the opponents path of retreat. Well, I think it’ll be alright.
I moved…close to the bonfire, and shifted my eyes to the blazing flames, relaxing by staring at the fire.
The videos of burning bonfires or fireplaces might have a charm drawing in people.

As I was chilling, “Shuuya! Thanks for having invited me today!”

The spear beauty with pink hair, Riko. She had been loitering around for a while now. It seems like she was looking for a good opportunity to chat me up.

“…How’s your spearmanship coming along?”

“It’s going well. I’ve once again thought back on the great saying, it begins with a <Thrust> and ends with a <Thrust>. I’ve been striving in my training every day. Since I’ve lost against you, Shuuya. Next time I will win with proper techniques!”

Riko made a splendid pose after whirling her short spear with the bluish-white spearhead around. Her having gathered her pink hair into bangs had its charm. I might want to see her agonizing face as well.
And, just like last time, she’s wearing sleeveless clothes. They’re emphasizing her breasts a bit.

“…Sure, if it’s a beauty like you, I’ll fight against you anytime. Next time I’ll appeal through close combat…”

And then I’m going to hug her.

“…Say, just now I felt a shiver travel down my spine. You’ve thought about something weird, right!?”

How perceptive. She has blue sky-like eyes, and reactions like Rebecca. Oh, that very Rebecca separated from Betty-san, and came over here.

“Shuuya, what are you extending your upper lip for? Oh, Riko-san, good evening.”

“Good evening.”

“A beauty with a beauty’s attitude――”

Rebecca wedged herself in front of me so as to not allow me to talk any further.

“Okaaay, that’s enough. Riko-san, please be careful. Shuuya is fond of beautiful women.”

“Fufu, I’ll keep it in mind. Therefore, Shuuya, before you get scolded by Rebecca-san, let me introduce you to the king ranker I mentioned the other day. Fizz~ Over here.”

The man called Fizz was apparently in the middle of eating meat… He walked to us while holding a plate in one hand.
He had black hair, a large build, and was muscular. He was carrying a falchion on his back. It was a naginata like the one owned by Guan Yu. The color of the blade was different, but its form slightly resembled that of Magic Spear Gudorl.

“…Riko, I’m in the middle of eating an unknown meat that is a lot better than Runga meat, you know?”

“Shut it, I’ve promised you to make the contact, right? So come over here. This man is Shuuya. He’s an amazing magic spear user who was completely beyond my abilities.”

“W-What, is that so!?”

The big warrior called Fizz energetically looked over his shoulder as if capitalizing on his broad shoulders.

“Shuuya-dono, I’m the fourth rank of the Eight Divine Spear Kings, Fizz Gerard. Can I request a match in the near future?”

He’s got around as many muscles as the Great Knight Galkiv? If it’s spearmanship abilities, I can sense that he’s definitely top tier as divine king ranker, but let’s see…although he’s beefy, I kinda want to see the skills of the fourth rank with my own eyes from nearby.
The shape of his spear’s head was also something special with loops overlapping. I wonder what kind of function it hides.

“…I might get back to you in due time.”

I’m curious, but I chose a safe approach.

“Yes. I don’t mind you choosing a time convenient for you. Even without being able to fight, it’s great that I could get to know you.” Fizz-san bowed his head.

“Fizz, you made your contact. I kept my promise, right?”

“I got it. We’re even.”

“Ok, then, there’s some children who interest me a bit, so I’ll go greet them. Also, that meat looks tasty. I’m going to get some as well!”

Lulu and Lala chatting with Bon was reflected in Riko’s blue-sky-eyes. Without paying any attention to them, Bon examined Robalt’s two-handed sword by tapping on it. Once Lulu and Lala pulled on Bon’s hair as a prank, Bon chased after them for payback…I’m curious what Riko is going to talk about with those three, but…after tampering a bit with her favorite short spear, she went away.

“Well then, Fizz-san, there’s plenty of meat and vegetables, so please enjoy yourself.”

“Thanks, I’m off then――”

Fizz-san bowed, and moved to the place where the evil domain steaks were grilled.
Now then, I will…since I’ve spotted Eva’s group, I think I’ll chat a bit about cooking with Dee-san. Since I’ve got an urge for natto recently…I’ll try asking him whether there’s a dish resembling it.
Just as I was about to move to Eva, my friend of the Eight Divine Sword Kings, Rave, approached me.



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