Chapter 257 – Amelie’s Feelings

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“You’re called Amelie-san, right? I’m Rubia, an adventurer of the clan 【Blue Wind】.”

“Oh, hello, Rubia-san. Nice to meet you.”

Rubia chatted up Amelie.

“…It’s a bit sudden, but I wanted to see whether I can heal those eyes of yours. Is it okay for me to cast my healing on you?”

Oh, I see. Rubia can use chantless healing magic. Is her power, which seems to have the blessing of the spirit world goddess Meliady, going to work against a divine sin? If it’s the power of a divine child…

“Eh? My eyes?”

“I can use healing magic.”

“Healing…so you’re someone related to the Holy Church? But, it probably won’t work.”

Amelie timidly tried to turn down Rubia’s offer.

“I have been approved by the Holy Church worshiping Light God Lulodis-sama, but I’m not related to them. And, it might be that it won’t work as you’ve been saying. But, hearing your story…I’ve been deeply moved. There’s not many women who I respect like you! I also want to do whatever I can!”

Rubia said frankly, holding back nothing.

“Respect me…?”

“This is also a guidance by Light God Lulodis-sama. I feel sympathy with you as person who has also been saved by Shuuya-sama.” Rubia declared while looking at me with her blond hair swaying.

She looked embarrassed.

“Saved by Shuuya-sama…I can relate. He’s a gentleman similar to the goddess of love.” Amelie muttered.

Naomi-san and Tomas-san, who had been listening next to them, looked at me with eyes full of respect due Amelie’s and Rubia’s words. Oh damn, I give up…
My eyes wandered around restlessly.

At that point, “However! To be honest, this impairment is okay with me.”

The powerful words of Amelie dominated the place.

“…You see, whether I’m worthy of respect…it might sound weird to you, but I have my own sense of values. Delighting Dad by getting my eyes healed would make me truly happy. It might also be a kind of salvation. But, I won’t be happy. I consider this impairment as freedom and a blessing given to me by the gods. It’s thanks to this divine sin that I can share the pain and bitterness of others. It’s the reason why I can give my life a worthwhile reason. And, precisely because of this divine sin I was able to meet with Shuuya-sama――”

Amelie let her eyes wander across the courtyard where the party was held, and then stopped right in the direction where I was.
Amazing, she turned her face towards me. I wonder whether she’s seeing me by some kind of sixth sense.
Still, Amelie is noble. No, I just consider her noble. For her it’s very natural…or instead, I guess it’s a phenomenon she has accepted.
Generosity and love. Those are the guiding principles of her life. Just as she mentioned her values, the blindness is a natural part of her. Humans naturally grow senile. That doesn’t change whether they’re able to see or not. It doesn’t change whether they’re rich or poor. That’s why she keeps living while accepting as if it’s very normal. She might have that kind of attitude.
Though that’s just the feeling I one-sidedly get from her.

“…I see…but…”

Rubia is gentle. The feeling of wanting to heal Amelie is only natural for her. However, that’s not what Amelie wishes for. I think Amelie spoke the truth.
After some time in silence passed, Amelie smiled, seemingly having changed her thinking after receiving Rubia’s kindness.

“…Rubia-san, I was even able to meet a gentle person like you. And, you seem to be a woman similar to the goddess of love. May I ask you to cast healing magic on me after all?”

“Ah, yes! Of course! Then, here I go. Are you ready?”

Amelie looked back at Rubia, who shyly asked for her permission, with her blind eyes, and threw out her chest.

“Yes, please!”, she answered powerfully.

Rubia smiled softly after seeing Amelie’s way of answering. While giving off the aura of a veteran healer albeit being a small girl, she drew close to Amelie, and held her hand up over Amelie’s head.

“…Greater Heal.”

At the same time as Rubia’s bell-like voice reverberated, her eyes went from a blue to a crimson color. And just as I had seen before, a goddess, holding a bloodstained, shining wand of red and black colors with both hands, manifested above Rubia’s head.
The sublime goddess possessed three eyes, and revealed an affectionate expression. And, among those three eyes, the one in the middle moved, staring at me.
Eh? Why me?
The goddess put on a meaningful smile, and spoke. …ing? I won’t understand from just lip movements.
Then the goddess vanished, and at the same time, Rubia’s slender hand shone crimson. The red light released from Rubia’s hand wrapped up the whole body of Amelie. Immediately following, the light disappeared into her skin as if being soaked into it.
I think the Greater Heal had been cast on Amelie, but…her two pure white eyes remained unchanged.

“…It was no good. I’m sorry.”

“No. Your feelings are more than plenty. And a deep love, I sensed a deep love that also possesses an unfathomable darkness.”

A divine sin is powerful. I guess it won’t work out so conveniently. It looks like the sacred petal, which healed Melissa, in my item box won’t get it done either. I suppose it’s impossible with magic.
I haven’t spoken with her father, but if I turn her into my bloodkin… However, even if I turn her into a <Head Servant Leader> or a <Servant Leader>, should I drag her into my matters?
I feel like that would also be wrong. Above all, it’s not guaranteed that her eyes will be healed by her becoming my bloodkin. And it might twist her values, too.
Well, since I want to heal her, I will try to talk about it.

“Rubia, let me borrow Amelie for a moment.”

“Oh, sure.”


I grabbed Amelie’s hand.

“Don’t worry. Come with me for a bit. I want to talk with you in private.”

“Got it.”

I led Amelie to my room. And there I told her about the blood of a Lucival. That her eyes might heal if she becomes immortal. And whether she wants to become my bloodkin.

“…Please keep what I told you just now a secret, but what do you think? Wanna have a try?”

“That’s an important secret. I won’t talk to anyone about it. And, Shuuya-sama, you really possess a kind heart. Just as I thought, you’re a gentleman similar to the goddess of love. I’m very happy about your feelings. But, I want to live normally, become a granny, and die. An old, blind granny with a hunched back and the bones sticking out through the skin…and while being surrounded by my grandchildren as I continue working for the benefit society for as long as I can, I want to save disabled children by sharing my happiness with everyone. That’s why…I don’t need immortality.”

I was rejected. And she wants to become a granny, huh? Wow, those words pierced my heart like a needle.
To refuse immortality…how noble. She is far too pure.
With my heart trembling due to Amelie’s excessively solemnity, I unconsciously genuflected. I paid my respects to her by putting my hands together into a prayer pose.
In response, the chest part of Hal’Konk, which I was naturally wearing, opened up automatically to the left and right, exposing my left chest. And the cross mark carved into my chest there was clad in light.

“Huh? Light, cross…”

Eh? Amelie is looking in my direction.

“Just now I saw a cross of light. I knew that you’re there, Shuuya-san. Oh, but, the cross has vanished…”

Just as Amelie pointed out, the light of the cross on my left chest has already vanished.

“Your eyes haven’t been cured, huh?”

“Yes, it’s mysterious, isn’t it? I was just for an instant, but…I could truly see a cross. And I also feel like I heard the voice of Light God Lulodis-sama.”


I didn’t hear anything, though.

“He said, light, and blessing to this person, or something…”

I see…that kind of voice.
Looking closely at Amelie, light crosses were showing in her pure white eyes.

“Hey Amelie, you really can’t see?”

“No, it’s just as before.”

Once Amelie blinked, the light crosses vanished.
Was I hallucinating? Otherwise it might truly be the birth of Saint Amelie. But, I feel like she’s believing in the goddess of love rather than the god of light… I wonder whether the gods of Seuros don’t pay attention to the smaller details.
Just as Rubia mentioned before, as long as there’s a belief, a church in your mind…

“…Shuuya-san, I want to talk with Rubia-san, so I will go back.”

“Oh, sure, I will take you there.”

“No, it’s okay. I will find my way back with my own hands.”

With those words, Amelie extended her hand into empty air, and once she hit the wall with her finger, she nodded lightly. Immediately afterwards, she smoothly left my room with brisk steps.
Since I was worried, I followed her, just in case. However, it was unnecessary. She firmly walked onward along the corridor, heading to the living room.

“…Humph, I can’t believe that the girl just now turned down becoming your bloodkin…” Veronica said in the corridor.

I guess it’s because I’ve been always leaving the door of my room open. She had apparently seen our exchange just now. Her wrinkled eyebrow line twitched as she knitted them.

“It pissed me off! What’s with her!? How cheeky! What about granny!? Don’t fuck with me, I, I…”

Oh shit, having the difference in values thrust in front of her eyes put her in a bad mood. Well, it’s only natural eh? Normally they would never have anything to do with each other.
Both are my acquaintances, one on the light side, and the other on the dark side. However, this is also an expression of my chaos. I have to follow up on her…
She looks like she’s about to cry, and she’s in a bad mood, but if I talk with her about a certain matter…



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