Chapter 255 – Party and Maids

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We slowly proceeded through the city, finally arriving at my mansion. I led Amelie and her father to the courtyard, and had servants take care of them by making them stay at their side.

With the spirit of providing an allround hospitality, I said, “Well then, please relax in the living room until the party gets started. There’s toilets down the hall, and at the courtyard. I will go help out with the preparations.”



After bowing to the two, I headed to the kitchen table set up on the courtyard to assist. I took out a bag with Guniguni meat from my item box, and emptied it on the table. Then I sprinkled the meat with Seryu powder and salt.
Seryu powder…consists of ground, very spicy, small grains slightly resembling pepper. It’s a spice Master and Raglen liked very much.
While joining the servants with a smile, I carefully rubbed this powder on the entire surface of the Guniguni meat.

When it became evening, Rebecca, who had Betty-san with her, and Eva, who had Lily and Dee-san with her, arrived at the mansion. They went across the courtyard, leading their guests inside the mansion. Although we were in the middle of cooking, we still bowed at the newly-arrived guests.

A little later, Kaldo came back as well. Mel, Benett, Paulsen, and Angie were with him. I could also see Robalt Andou, Lulu, and Lala. In other words, the leaders of 【Remains of the Moon】. Following them, Shana, and Veronica with Magit at her feet also entered the courtyard.
For an instant I wondered whether it’d be alright for the guild’s turfs when everyone gathered here. But, although I’m worrying about it, I think around one hour should be no problem.

Shana in her elf form waved her hand at me, seemingly having spotted me cooking over here. She ran over with a smile all over her face. Since she was wearing silken clothes that were sticking to her skin, her melon-class boobs shook dynamically. She’s not using any bra? No-bra?
All hail the laws of physics and the gravity of the planet. No, it might be the magic source, err, power of the boob god. Amen.

“――Shuuya-san! I’ve been told by the man called Kaldo-san that you’re holding a party here today. I have received money from him so I will do my best.” Shana rattled on cheerfully.

It looks like Kaldo paid her properly.

“Okay, I’m looking forward to your performance today. Your voice is soothing after all, Shana.”

“Fufu, thanks. I will give you plenty of soothing.”

I had seen it before as well, but she adopted a pose of putting up her index finger in front of her chest. 1

“…Sorry to interrupt the nice mood going on between you two, but guildmaster, you’re cooking personally?” Mel asked by wedging herself in-between my conversation with Shana.

“Yep. Unexpected?” I brought my face close to Mel’s face with a movement as if going to kiss her.

“――Ah, no, that’s why. It’s just, because you also look so good when cooking…”

Mel apparently feels my breathing tickling her face…she revealed a feminine smile like a small flower swaying in the wind. Her cheeks took on a tinge of a cherry blossom color.

“…D-Dreamy, n-no, I mean, if Kazun hears of it, he’ll likely feel vexed.” Mel suddenly allowed her womanly feelings to pass her lips. In the middle of it, she spoke while separating from me with a behavior reminding me of an adult woman.

“…Kazun, huh? The other day he seemed busy with cooking in the inn’s kitchen as well, so I suppose coming here today was impossible.”

“His subordinates are in the kitchen, so a little bit should have actually worked out, no?” Veronica joined the conversation after having glared at the exchange between Mel and me.

“I see, but we’re going to start anytime soon now. I’m sorry for Kazun, but…”

He might have been happy about being able to help out with the cooking here. I’m sorry, Kazun-san.

“Yep, I will give him later a full report while bragging about it♪”

“…No, I will explain it to him in a way that doesn’t hurt his feelings. Veronica, you won’t do anything uncalled-for, okay? Else I won’t care even if you’re pummeled by a mutant’s fist, understood?”

“Roger〜” Veronica answered Mel while laughing, and stuck out her tongue.

I wanted to talk with her about the ring I had appraised, but…right now I’m busy with the preparations for the party. I guess the matter with the ring that reverts someone from being a vampire has to wait until later.

“Getting to eat Guildmaster’s cooking…”

“It’s meeeat. Guildmaster, you’re like Kazun?”

Lulu and Lala said. Since they were as tall as the kitchen table, they placed their hands on the table’s edge and took a peek at the work surface.

“I’m going to grill plenty of meat and vegetables, you’ve got to wait until later.”

“Got it~”

“We’re really looking forward to it, right Lala?”


Lulu and Lala nodded at each other.

“Hey, hey, over there looks fun.”

“Wow! There’s a magic beast, kitties, and a small dragon!”

“Robalt, let’s go there!”

“Ah, I’ve still got to greet guildmaster…”

“What a funny face~. Guildmaster is over there, you know?”

I looked at Robalt’s face, drawn by Lala’s comment. He seemed to be slightly nervous. I don’t think that I’m acting in any way justifying him to be so tense, though.
…I guess I’ll be the one to chat him up.

“…Yo, Robalt. Have you been doing fine? You kinda seem like Lala’s and Lulu’s big brother.”

“Guildmaster, I’m fine. Haha, big brother, eh? Does it look like that to you?”

“Fufu, Big Bro Robalt.”

“Nii-nii.” 2

Lulu and Lala nodded at each other while laughing.

“It does look that way, yep.”

“Big Bro, your greetings with guildmaster are done now, right~? Let’s go over there~”

“O-Okay, got it. Well then, please excuse us guildmaster.”

Robalt had his arms pulled by Lulu and Lala.

At that point, “Say, would it be better for me to also help with the cooking?”

Benett apparently wanted to join the servants.

“If you want to, you’re more than welcome.”

“Bene-ane, you better stop. Your lack of cooking sense might burst forth, turning all the food into unappetizing chunks of charcoal.”

“What was that, Vero-cchi!? Even I can help out, if it’s just cutting vegetables!”

Benett and Veronica started to quarrel. Using that opportunity, Magit left Veronica’s side, running over in the direction of the stables where Lulu, Lala, and Robalt had gone to. I guess she’s going to join Popobumu, Balmint, and the cats.
The cats brought their noses close, and sniffed each other. Are pheromones being emitted from the small pores at the base of their whiskers? Alray, Hueremy, and Magit put their noses together. A cat oath on the courtyard? Next, the butts…a greeting between fellow beasts.
It was in the middle of that collective smelling and greeting, but since Popobumu’s head is big, it looked weird. Despite being a small dragon, Balmint also greeted Magit with his nose like the other cats.
However, following the greetings, the cats started to play around with their tails.

“…I’m excited about tasting your cooking, Guildmaster.”

The ones who came talking to me next were Paulsen and Angie.

“If Papa eats it, I will do so as well!”

“Paulsen, look forward to it. This meat actually comes from the labyrinth. It should be a first-class meat you can’t eat anywhere else.”


Paulsen scrutinized the meat, which was in the middle of being processed, while fiddling with his mustache. His eyes had become bloodshot, and I could see his Adam’s apple moving as if he was swallowing down his spit.

“Papa, your eyes.”

“Ah, Guildmaster, excuse me…”

Paulsen’s eyes had turned very vampire-like. He seems to like meat, so I’m pretty sure that he’ll be pleased with this one. I mean, it’s the meat of the big cows on the 20th floor which my bloodkin and I got addicted to.
I’ll also prepare various kinds of sauces…egg-based would be really great as well…if I had a noodle soup base, I could add black sweet water, and salt…come to think of it, I had also planned to grow anchovy, hadn’t I?

Well, let’s focus on this for now. At least I had planned to focus on the preparation of the meat, but the conversation with Paulsen and Angie went on. They kept talking about the turf wars in the underworld, and a poker-like card game while adding jargon terms. Angies muttered that it’d be boring since her father was fully engrossed with the cards when playing or something like that,…but what should I do about that?

“…Anyway, guildmaster, I will patrol the area a bit until the party starts for real.”

“I will also make the rounds.”


Paulsen and Angie went away.
While continuing the cooking preparations, I watched the animal therapy-like events going on at the stables from a distance. Alray, Hueremy, Rollo, and Magit were fighting over their tails. Lala and Lulu had joined in as well. Balmint moved around, trying his utmost to stop them. How cute…
Robalt didn’t join the animals, as he appeared to be interested in the stables themselves.

At that point, those related to the neighborhood’s Martial Arts Benefit Society including Tomas Ivanovic and his wife, the seventh rank of the Eight Divine Spear Kings, Riko, and the third rank of the Eight Divine Sword Kings, Rave, entered my estate through the front gate.
With this, a great number of people started to gather on the courtyard, turning the whole into a lively atmosphere typical of a festival. The party was about to begin for real.

A great amount of firewood had been gathered and piled up in the center of the courtyard. Lastly, Eva placed a big piece of wood at the very top while floating, earning an applause from the spectators.
My acquaintances assembled successively as if surrounding that pile of firewood.
…Somehow, it’s a magnificent view…
The number of people I met in this city has grown so much before I even realized. In addition, there’s also Remrona and Fran, whom I haven’t invited… Well, they are in the middle of important missions for the prince. As expected, I can’t call them over for something like this.

Just as I was thinking that, “Let’s go,” said Rebecca who offered to take on the duty of lighting the fire.

Gulphon’s Wand was tightly grasped in her white hands. Sparks of flames were released from that wand alongside a loud explosion as if a large canon had been shot. I wondered whether the firewood would be blown away, but it safely caught fire, and turned into a grand bonfire.
Nothing less of Rebecca who’s loved by the fire spirits. She’s small, but her talent in magic is top-class. Small head but great wit, was it?

Several simple stoves, which looked like they were based on lumps of earth, were set up in a place a bit away from the bonfire. Huge iron plates provided by Mysty had been placed on those earth lumps.
I carried the foodstuff I had prepared to that place. The servants also followed me. Plenty of firewood had been gathered at the bottom of the earth lumps, and was burning. It looks like magic stones for cooking were in use to increase the heating power.

“It’s just perfect for grilling the ingredients.”

“Aye, we’re going to cut and grill them non-stop.”

Mimi had also joined cheerfully.


I continued to grill the big amount of prepared foodstuff carried over by the servants. That also included the Guniguni meat I had prepared.
Even the combat slaves participated in the cooking, and also got the booze ready.
Like that, I finished the cooking to some extent, including the making of sauces. I left the remaining preparation of the meat and vegetables to the servants…

As I was taking a rest while smoking a magic cigarette, “Don’t attack meee, Rollo-samaaa.”

It was the usual.

“Ahaha, again?”

Rollo attacked the boyish Souther, licking her dog ears. It looks like Rollo loves her fluffy, frizzy fur.

“Milord, is it fine for me to drink a great amount of wine?” Bia asked while holding a wine barrel in a hand.

“A great amount…keep it moderate, okay? To an extent that you won’t cause any troubles to your surroundings, I’d say.”


Bia pulled back her snake tongue behind her nicely-shaped lips after hissing. In a certain sense, that might have an erotic charm as well. However, I think her wine barrel is way huge… Don’t tell me, she’s got another stomach for booze!? Having said that, are there really stomachs dedicated to booze? It’s quite possible exactly because she’s a lamia.

“Master, thanks~ I’m super happy to be allowed to participate in such a fun event!” Fuu said.

She had been drinking wine, holding a goblet in her slender hand. While snuggling up to Mamani, who was next to her, they both smiled happily.

“Yep, indeed. It makes me fully recall the grand festival carried out at the Migshu River, the Bolkanu Waterfall Festival of my hometown… And, if if the Six-armed Kai only hadn’t appeared…at the Algan Hills…”

Mamani looked nostalgic, overcome with emotions.

And then I chatted with everyone while enjoying the food and wine.

“At one of the big markets located in the southeast part of the city, it seems that they’re going to hold a Plant Festival Market.”

“Oh, I heard about that. Not only flowers, but even plants of desert areas can be found there.”

Anna chatted with the servants. I unconsciously pricked up my ears and listened in on them.

“Anna, are you going to go there?”

“No, I have my cleaning and night shift to take care of. The plant festival sounds interesting, but I’m also curious about the cockfight tournament.”

“Tournament, eh…? You had such a hobby? If it’s tournaments, there are some big ones in Pelneet as well, ranking next to Benrack, no?”

“Rather than a hobby, I just want to have a look at both the plant festival and the cockfight tournament, you know?”

“Speaking of tournaments, Anna, do you also like fighting tournaments?”

“That’s not what I said.”

“Really? I like fighting tournaments. On that topic, I wonder whether Master will enter a fighting tournament some day?”

“Hmm, no idea. He never misses out on his daily training, and I have seen him doing it with a tremendous spirit, but…” Anna said with a sidelong glance in my direction.

“Yep, it’s amazing, isn’t it? I truly respect him, except for his lewd ogling. Besides spearmanship, he’s also doing intense training sessions using swords and axes, but I’m totally fascinated as it looks like a polished dance.”

“You’re right. You can sense a certain beauty from it. Him taking spear poses while basked in sunlight…it’s just like out of painting…”

“Isn’t it? It also makes me feel an air of elegance. Since there’s also times where he wears nothing atop, my heart ends up racing. Anna, you sure got it nice, seeing how you’re assigned as his close attendant.”

“Fufu. Don’t tease me, Ikol. But, I really understand how you feel. Master is usually very gentle. He seems to always pay attention to our livelihood and physical condition. Each time we meet, he looks at my face…and says things like “Are you eating and sleeping properly?”, “You smell really nice”, “It’s fine for you to take a rest”, “It’s important for you to take care of your boobs”, and “I will take care of the cleaning here”…anyway, he’s a person who always smiles. And, even the other day, he told me, “Thanks for always taking care of my laundry and cleaning my room”, although Amel-chan is primarily in charge of laundry.”

Well of course, taking care of boobs is essential. It’s boobs, okay? Let me say it one more time, it’s important to take care of boobs. There are great gymnastic drills called boob calisthenics.
The circulation of blood and lymph fluids must be improved…taking care of that is the sacred duty of the special advisor, the Boobs Research Society, and the Boobs Committee…
However, saying it like that makes it sound like a proverb with some profound meaning.

“…Hee, I’m often out shopping, so I don’t get called out often by him, you see? Sometimes I can talk with him when drying the laundry, though.”

“Oh, that’s why you switched work with Amel-chan…”


“How shrewd you are, Ikol!”

“Eeeh!? I mean, even Mimi has increased her jobs close to Master recently, albeit not being his personal attendant. So isn’t it fine for me to do the same, even if it’s just a bit?”

…That’s the kind of conversation between the servants and Anna. Without minding it overly much, I stepped up next to Helme who had been listening to their talk with keen interest.



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