Chapter 254 – Party Preparations

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T/N: A little conventional change, this story has had two types of companies so far…major companies and companies. Since I think it’s kinda confusing that way, I will dub major companies as enterprises from now on. Enterprises can have several companies, and they sometimes belong to major dark guilds. Companies are rather on the smaller scale, and any dark guild has usually one or more companies beneath it.



It looks like the Märchen world on the courtyard came to an end. Yellow hair was clinging to the edge of Bon’s mouth that had just uttered Encha. Can Alray’s hair be pulled out as well? And, it seems it’s not going to return to being porcelain fur after being pulled out.
However, a magically created life-form, huh? The magic of the ancient civilization must have been amazing to be capable of creating such life-forms. Oh, if I look for ancient magic writings…I might reach a point where I’ll understand a fragment of the knowledge that allowed for Alray and Hueremy to be created.
As I was pondering about such things for a moment, Bon-kun briskly ran up to us with small steps, and sat down on the chair next to Zaga. Immediately following, a servant placed black tea and fruits in front of Bon-kun.
He stared at my face with perfectly round eyes.

“Encha, enchanto?”

Is he asking 『Can I eat those?』? That’s easy to understand.

“Sure, go ahead.”


I’m pretty sure that just now way a 『Yay!』.
Bon-kun showed a broad smile. He drained the black tea in one gulp, and stuffed fruits into his mouth. He continued to eat vigorously. Before I could even tell him to properly chew, he gulped it all down. He drank the ten-ten-dutea a little while ago, and yet he was now wolfing down everything in the blink of an eye.


Rollo came back as well. After climbing on top of the table, she jumped on my right shoulder, with a magnificent triangle leap.
Alright…Bon has returned as well, so I guess I’ll give them a tour, starting with the first floor.

“Okay then, let me give you a tour of the house.”

“Got it.”



“I shall accompany you.”

Rollo moved over to my left shoulder, and silently brought her face close to my cheek.
While feeling the comfortable touch of her skin as she rubbed her face against my cheek, I stood up, and led everyone through the living room. First stop was the kitchen next to the living room.
Bon started to join the servants, who were sorting eggs and green-onion-type vegetables, but got cautioned by Zaga.
Then I led them through the corridor to my bedroom.

“This is your bedroom…” Rubia muttered as if breathing a sigh.

She was looking back and forth between me and the bed? Moreover, she looked at my nether region.
I understand that you’re interested in men, but…that look is a bit shocking.

As if saying that he’d forbid her to stare like that as her father, Zaga wedged himself in-between us and said, “This is your room, huh? It’s big and the bed is large as well. The cabinet at the side is made out of high-class lumber from Fujique. Its glaze is nice. The table next to it has black wood…this is probably Triton wood lumbered in the broad expense of dense woodland east of the Benrack village. Or it’s possibly Inoman wood of the Noir forest located close to Housand.”

Zaga is a craftsman, so he naturally knows a lot about wood as well.

“…Ooh, that’s an expensive-looking cashbox.”

The cashbox discovered by Zaga was made out of silver and black metals. Plenty of gold and platinum coins filled that box. Isabell had prepared it for me. It contained the payments from the dark guild and the servants’ wages.
However, I don’t use it at all…I think it’s mostly here for Isabell’s use.

“…It has metalworking that raises the metal strength by casually mixing Silver Crystal Steel into it, and Refined Demon Steel rivets have been cautiously inserted into it too. It looks like the work of the Pizzard Enterprise. No wonder, that place is quite famous for its cashboxes.”

Pizzard Enterprise. The only impression I get from it is pizza, though.

“…A company for cashboxes, huh? Are the craftsmen belonging to that place as capable as you, Zaga?”

“…You won’t get anything out o’ praisin’ me! Anyway, if we’re talking about craftsmen belonging to the Pizzard Enterprise, One-Eyed Miryun comes to mind for being famous as a capable artisan. I hear she’s skilled enough to analyze magic cashboxes made out of Adamantine wood. She has made a name for herself as cashbox maker who analyzed a cashbox that couldn’t be analyzed by item appraisers no matter how much they tried.”

Adamantine wood? It’s a term I heard somewhere before.

“I see, I suppose the world of metals is deep in various ways. So, about this cashbox: as a matter of fact my Head Maid Isabell bought and put here, so I don’t really know all the details about it.”

“That Head Maid, huh? She’s got a discerning eye.”

“Aye, it was correct of me to hire her. Seeing how she’s a woman taking pride in her work, she’s pretty cool, and to top it off, she’s a beauty.”


I could hear Isabell’s laughter from the corridor on the other side. Seems she’s heard me.

“I’d like Isabell to teach me that connoisseur skill.” Viine said with a serious look while leaning her back against the wall.

“Sure, I don’t mind, but if it’s documents, I have quite a few of them, okay?”

“Bring it on! I will cram my head full with knowledge for Master.” Viine declared, obviously puffing up in pride, and headed to the living room while taking Isabell along.

“Hmm, the bundles of parchments have been neatly arranged as well. Including Isabell, all the servants are doing their jobs properly, aren’t they?”

“They also do the cleaning for me, so they’re a big help.”

“I see, I see. And, it’s only beauties.” At that point Zaga grinned broadly, showing his teeth.

We left my room, and looked at the corridor. Rubia and Bon followed behind Zaga, but they had fun by playing around like children, touching each other’s hands and bodies while squealing, seemingly immersed in some kind of game.

“…The width of the corridor with the wooden floor is big as well. The rooms located on this floor have guest rooms similar to your bedroom?”

“Yeah, over there is Eva’s room. Next to it is Rebecca’s. And, there’s a stairway in the middle of the corridor.”

“Ah, those girls, eh…? And stairs, huh?”

Once I showed him the fireplace after we went up to the second floor, “Oooh, you’ve got a fireplace. It’s made elaborately, too. Its back has been properly reinforced with stone as a heat countermeasure.”

“This place is pretty stylish~”


“Nn, nyano.”

Rollodeen got off my shoulder, and proudly gave directions by pointing ahead with her tentacle. Following her instructions kinda peeved me, but since she was leading the way, I walked in the direction of the tentacle. Just like that, I guided the group to my favorite spot where you could feel the wind.
Continuing from the veranda looking down on the courtyard, I showed them the tiled bathroom inside the small tower, and then we returned to the first floor. At the end, we relaxed on the chairs in the living room once again.
Just when I thought that Rollo would get up on the table, curl up there, and then sleep, she instead adopted a cat loaf posture to take a rest.
I chatted with Zaga and Rubia while gently stroking Rollo’s head. Our topics ranged from talks about monster materials obtainable in the labyrinth, to the chronology of turning those materials into goods by processing them, and selling the finished product on the market. Then I received a serious invitation to join the White Brotherhood, but turned it down.
Suddenly Zaga became silent. And when he made an expression as if having remembered something, he retrieved something out of his pocket.
What is it? A bottle?

“…I went fishing with Bon, and we found a glass bottle. You see, actually some letter, ancient document was inside the bottle.”

Zaga carefully spread out the folded, old parchment on the table. I read what was written there.


The name 「Ygir」 is rare.
Many aliases were left behind, but Ygir exists as a name among the ancient nobles of the Great Befaritz Empire. At the same time it was a name that brought about a huge calamity for many of the empire’s elves.
Since his early days, Ygir has run riot at various places within the empire’s realm, using his two swords while making his golden hair fly in the wind.
The elves of the military noble families, which opposed Ygir, started to call him Golden Calamity Ygir. However, his allies referred to him as 「Golden Twin-Sword Knight」 in elvish.
At the time when he was in Southern Mahaheim, other people attached many different nicknames to Ygir. Ygir Deathheart because he gouged out the hearts of enemies with his hand as a blade shining in golden colors. Ygir Bloody to celebrate his victories after painting his long ears with blood and drinking the blood of his enemies. Ygir Fortonal for having created the holy warriors blessed by the God of Light Lulodis, and the Light Spirit Fortona. Ygir Trygod, the incarnation of victory who offers his gratitude to the 16 gods of the Great Elemental Empire’s Golden Age. Ygir Vicenal who reprimanded his allies for not following his strategies, making War God Vice groan. Over time, he was also called Ygir Sado because it was said that he was the incarnation of a god who would be resurrected thrice on a battlefield.
Before he joined the rebellion by the dwarves and humans, it was said that a human called Saint Kisthorin saw Ygir’s figure as the third vision during his prayer for freedom, but that’s not proven.
Although this document was adopted from what was called the Kohzumarl Archive of Imperial Capital Kishiria’s Library which might have now turned into a den of evil, it’s conjectured to be a collection of documents by nameless researchers during the early days of the Second Great Empire.
Given that it’s a transcription of ancient documents’ literary fragments, there might exist other such fragments elsewhere.
Just for caution’s sake, I will record this literary fragment as 「Poem of Ygir」.

(Academic City Ernst, Classical Literature Department – Researcher Aysylum)


“Hee, a document from the era of the elves’ great empire, huh?”

“Yep. It seems to be a translated transcription, but I don’t get it. Why would anyone stuff this document into a bottle and throw it into the Heim River or the ocean?”

Zaga is a dwarf. I doubt that he has any interest in elven history.

“…Well, you’re right. But, it’s elves.”

I don’t know either…
Did they offer it to the sea gods since they didn’t want to give up just because the research materials weren’t assembled? The activities of the elf called Ygir might be a part of the history of the Great Befaritz Empire, though.
Anyway, I’ve got to…relax.
I straightened my back and deeply breathed in through my nose. While breathing out the air through my mouth, I placed both my hands on the back of my head. Peeking through the crossed window at the end of my line of sight, I looked at the courtyard…
The courtyard is really big, isn’t it? It looks like it’d be perfect for a party. Oh, that might be a good idea.

“…It will be a celebration for Zaga, Bon, and Rubia having come to visit today. How about gathering with everyone on the courtyard and holding a party?”

“Oooohh, a party? Nice! Speaking of parties…booze, huh!? A festival of yummy food, meat and booze! Sure, I’m looking forward to it…”

Zaga immediately went along with the idea as soon as I suggested it. His name suggests that he could also beat a drum while wearing a happi coat.

“Encha! Encha! Enchanto!”

Speaking of drums, Bon-kun rejoiced even more than Zaga, obviously happy.
Rollo opened her eyes in surprise while being a cat loaf. And then she got up, stretched her back, and trotted over to Bon’s side across the table.

“Jeez, Bon-kun! Drinking too much wine is a no-no, okay?”

Rubia got off her chair, and gently caressed Bon’s back as he was dancing in delight. The maids around Isabell had apparently heard what I said just now too, and gathered around us.

At that point, “We’re back~”

“Nn, I’m home.”

“I’m back.”

Rebecca, Eva, and Mysty had returned. Perfect timing. I’m going to immediately tell the three about my suggestion.

“Yo, welcome back. We have thought about lighting a fire and holding a flashy party on the courtyard, but what do you think?”

“Why not. It might be different from the Labyrinth Memorial Service, but a big feast sure sounds great. I’ve got sweets too, so I’ll contribute them. Ah, is it okay for me to call Betty-san over?” Rebecca was stylishly wearing Muntomi’s clothes, her new gear we got appraised the other day.

The surface of her shoulders was engulfed by a veil as if thin clouds were hanging over it. Since she was also wearing silken clothes with neatly arranged buttons on her chest beneath, it suited her very nicely.

“Nn, agree. I’m going to call Lily and Dee as well.”

Eva wore a simple one-piece dress. She didn’t put on Muntomi.

“Master, a party is fine and all, but I’ve got something I have to tell you…is it alright for just the two of us to talk later?”

The glasses-wearing girl, err, bespectacled teacher Mysty spoke up to me with a serious look, putting emphasis on the just the two of us part.

“Sure, I don’t mind.”


Mysty’s face turned red as if a layer of light crimson had been printed onto it. Probably owed to her glasses, you could see her big, reddish brown eyes and beautifully-arranged, thin, black brows well. The black specks and dark brown irises in her eyes seemed to shine even stronger. And, faint mana was let loose from her small, vermilion lips.
It appears she has put the newly-acquired cosmetics to use right away.

As I stared at Mysty’s face, “Master, I’m going to prepare the firewood.” Viine interrupted the chat with Isabell.


Viine left outside with nimble movements.

“Master, we still have some leeway, but shall we go buy foodstuff and beverages, just in case?” Head Maid Isabell asked.

“Hmm, you’re right. On this occasion, buy plenty of big barrels of wine, and also, call our neighbors over to join the preparations.”

“Understood, Master.”

Having heard my instructions, Isabell went outside, just like Viine.

“We will carry the table, chairs, stoves for cooking, and the ingredients on the courtyard, and get everything ready.”

“Please do.”

Krychiwa, Anna and the other maids bowed, turned around and started their respective tasks.

“Master, I will prepare a big iron plate and a stove.”


Mysty also ran to the courtyard through the entrance hall.

“We’ll help out as well.”



“Zaga and you guys, you’re guests, so don’t mind us and relax at the living room.”

“It’s cool. The preparations for such a feast are fun as well. I’d like to participate. I’m going to head over to the courtyard――” With those words, Zaga started to run through the living room, and then went outside.


“Ah, me too!”

Bon and Rubia chased after Zaga.
Well, whatever. They feel more like friends than guests anyway. Alright, I’ll help out too.

As I headed outside through the entrance door, “Hey, hey, all of you seem kinda busy. Is something going on?” Yui and Kaldo came close to me, having finished their training.

“Absolutely. I thought we might as well have a flashy party on the courtyard.”

“So just like back then we had our camping trip, right?! I’m totally looking forward to it! I will also help out after washing off the sweat.”

Back then means the time when we reunited at the bay, I suppose.

“Milord, I shall help as well, so please tell me what to do.”

“Okay, Kaldo, after helping the maids, go and inform the contact person of 【Remains of the Moon】. Have him call Mel, Veronica, Benett and the others. She might be at work, but the songstress Shana, too. Yui, you assist Isabell and Viine, please.”

“Leave it to me.”


Yui returned to her room in a hurry, and Kaldo joined up with Isabell and the other maids. The maids kicked up a fuss over the appearance of Kaldo. All of them had slightly red faces…well, no wonder, Kaldo got a handsome face after all.
Oh, right. If I call together all my acquaintances…I should also call Amelie over.

“Rollo, we’re going straight to Amelie.” I addressed Rollo on my shoulder.


Rollo kicked off my shoulder as if using it as scaffolding, energetically jumping forward. It felt slightly painful on my shoulder, but I didn’t pay any attention since it was cute.
Still, Hal’Konk didn’t get damaged. Nothing less of a Mythological item. Rollo’s claws can’t penetrate it, even when digging deep into it.
While landing, she grew her body as if making it inflate. Rollodeen extended countless tentacles growing out from her nape towards my torso, coiled them around my body, and carried me on her back with its bushy, soft black fur.

“Thank you, Rollo.”

“N, nyaon.”

RollodeenHorse Lion vigorously moved her limbs, started to run, and jumped towards the roof of the front gate. After making two steps atop the roof, she lightly leaped over the gate as if performing a vaulting box jump. The imposing divine beast Rollodeen landed right in the middle of the street.
Running through alleys, namely from street to alley, we continued to explosively speed towards Amelie’s home. The wind kept tearing at my body just like when you ride a motorbike. It grazed past my ears with a loud howling. It was a nice run with that wind as BGM. I completely felt like Roadracer who rode his legendary bike. It woke the urge in me to cast a fishing rod to someplace.1 While thinking such weird stuff like “a critical turn at the corner here!?”, we turned at the corner with a terrifying speed.
And just like that, we arrived at Amelie’s home, located in a section of the southeastern slums, in like no time.

“――You fully memorized the way, huh?”

“Nn, nya.”

Rollodeen didn’t extend a tentacle, but she might have said 『That’s only natural nya』. After gently rubbing her back, I got off Rollodeen.

“Rollo, wait here for me.”


I went over to visit Amalie at home.

“Oh, Shuuya-sama!”

It was Amelie’s father. Amazing, he’s already become completely healthy.

“Hello. It looks like you have recovered.”

“Yes! Thanks to spirit-sama’s water. I’m truly deeply thankful. As you can see, I’m right now at the part of producing an undiluted solution of good quality from medicinal plants to fill them into bottles.”

Just as Amelie’s father said, a viscous liquid, which seemed to be made out of ground violet-blue leaves, was finished in an ocher mortar on top of the table in front of him. I could also see a scroll with a small magic crest drawn on it. There was also a stick, and refined gold goods.
Amelie’s father might possess alchemy skills.

“…Is that so? I’m happy to hear it. By the way, where’s Amalie-san?”

“My daughter has gone out to help the neighborhood’s benefit society. She should come back soon.”

And then her father got all excited talking about alchemy. He said he wants to study a popular, special alchemy at Lalarbuin, that he wants to go out gathering plants with his own hands without relying on adventurers since he’s become healthy after a long time, despite the base of Lalarbuin being a dangerous place, that he rather wants to research the medicinal plants of Benrack than those of Lalarbuin since there might be some plants around Benrack that could allow him to cure his daughter’s eyes…and all kinds of other things.

At some point, “I’m home~”

“Oh, she came back.”

“Yo, Amelie.”

Amelie turned her pure white eyes in the direction of my voice.

“Aaaahh, Shuuya-sama’s voice! I wanted to meet you! I’m so happy that you took the effort to come all the way here!”

“I wanted to see you again as well. Also, it’s a bit sudden, but…today various people are going to gather at my place, and we will hold a big feast. Amelie, how about attending together with your dad as well, if you like?”

“Not only Amelie, but it’s also fine for me to join?” Amelie’s father asked timidly.

“By all means, I would be happy to see you there. Amelie, it’s okay with you?”

“Yes! I want to go together with Dad!”

“Well then, we’ve got nothing else to wear, but please take care of us.” Amalie’s father bowed his head.

“That’s plenty. It’s nothing formal anyway. I have Rollodeen wait outside, so let’s go then.”

“Okay. Amelie.”


We went outside and I led them to Rollodeen.

“Rollo, put them gently on your back.”


“Kya!” Amalie screamed lightly, but she immediately began to rejoice after enjoying the soft touch of Rollodeen’s fur. I’m omitting her father’s screaming reaction.
I got on Rollodeen as well, and we departed.



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  1. Kinda sounds like a Hunter x Hunter reference to me, but I can’t pinpoint it. But it’d fit with the next line

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