Chapter 224 – To the Surface after Rulizeze’s Past

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My <Head Servant Leaders>, who had naturally gathered around me, strained their ears to listen to Rulizeze’s story as well. Given that they couldn’t understand Rulizeze’s language, they might be planning to judge the story by her expressions.

“…In the first place, why here…?”

Rulizeze started to speak slowly, “…It happened in the midst of battle in the spirit world. I don’t know why, but suddenly a dimensional rift appeared. In an instant, a very great number of demons, including myself, were transferred to this evil god domain…”

So that’s why there’s fighting going on in this world, huh?
I sent a blood message to everyone, stating 『No need to answer. I will send you a simple translation through blood messages』.

『A very big number of demons was apparently transported to this domain through some kind of a dimensional rift that suddenly opened up during a major battle in the spirit world』, I added as explanation.


“Thank you, Master.”

“Nn, so a dimensional rift came into existence.”

“I wonder whether it’s something similar to a scar…”

As my chosen bloodkin muttered those comments, I addressed Rulizeze, “…In the past, huh? Was something like a large-scaled scar created as well?”

“I think it was different since you can enter and leave scars in the dimensions. Dark God Rivograph, Tyrannical King Boshiado-sama, Vampire God Luganad-sama, Enraged Zea-sama, Terrifying King Nocturne-sama, King of Desire Zansuyn-sama, Evil Ogre Princess of Dark Play Melphala-sama, and Goddess of Magic Poison Misea-sama clashed against each other through their respective armed forces. Multiple layers of King of the Ten-Layered Hell Totogudius-sama’s barriers got cracked, and then this unusual phenomenon. Ah right, Totogudius-sama’s younger brother might have managed to revive.”

A mysterious mass-transfer in the middle of a huge, major battle between the gods in the spirit world, eh? That means fellow gods fight against each other in the spirit world just like in the evil god domain. However, it doesn’t sound as though Rulizeze knows the exact reason for them having been transferred.
But, King of the Ten-Layered Hell Totogudius-sama had a brother?

While briefly explaining what she said to the others through blood messaging, I asked Rulizeze, “…The story about the great war is very interesting, but you said Totogudius-sama has a brother?”

“What are those blood letters?”

It was only reasonable, but Rulizeze was apparently mystified by the written blood messages floating in midair.

“Oh, that’s my skill. I’m roughly translating your words.”

“Hoh, something so convenient…”

“Let’s get on with the story.”

“Sure. Don’t the people living on the surface know about it?” Rulizeze stared at me while looking somewhat astonished.

I had studied a bit of it under Master, but I’m a training freak… Maybe I should go to the library or something like that? Since I like history, learning boobology together with schoolgirls while giggling and squealing in a library-like place could be called romantic as well.
But, on the other hand, I’m in a different world I have always dreamed of. Possessing a body that allows me to experience actual bodily sensations and unknown feelings of thrill, I feel like I can enjoy the unknown, too.

“…I’m sorry. My knowledge of the surface is shallow. In the first place, is it related to the surface in any way? Is the god’s brother living on the surface?”

“It looks like you really don’t know. The loss of divinity by Demonic King of Depravity Totogu Gog-sama, whom the goblins worship in the spirit world, is a famous story, you know.”

Demonic King of Depravity Totogu Gog, huh?
Come to think of it, there was a goblin during my reincarnation. If I had chosen to become a goblin at that time…I wonder, just what would have become of me? I suppose I would have done my best to live as a goblin.
I don’t know anything about that prince of depravity, but I think I would have spun a story of an upstart aiming to become a Goblin Emperor. It’s fun to imagine “what-if” stories, but there would be no end to it. Such a story might exist in some parallel world, though.

“…I don’t get the details, but it means the god was defeated, right?”

I posed a safe question.

“Correct. It is a fact that Demonic King of Depravity Totogu Gog-sama lost his divinity after a part of him was defeated by the hands of a human, albeit they had the help of the gods and divine domain warriors of Seuros.”

Albeit it being a part, he was brought down. That means an amazing guy had been around back then.

“What’s the name of the strong human who defeated a part of that god?”

“Hero Mutou. It seems that’s what he was called by the humans. At least that’s what the spirit world knights, who had slaughtered that hero on the surface, proudly said.”

Mmh, Mutou, she says?
Mutou, is that possibly a Japanese name? Mutou-san?1 Or the foreigner Muto-san? A movie from India? I recall that there had been a soccer player called Mutou overseas.
Yet, the hero Mutou-san died? Oh, I remember… That name appeared in the title of a book in Mia’s room. Subjugation Chronicle of the Evil King of Depravity Totogu Gog by Hero Mutou, and The Death of Hero Mutou who experienced the Wrath of Totogudius. In addition, she also had The Love between Ayla and the Evil Knight Velzey who was caught in the Interstice, and Morning Star Saideyl’s Immortal Love. Are all of them really just stories?

“I have heard about this story.”

“It’s famous.”

“Shuuya, you didn’t know?”

Even though I told them that they shouldn’t reply, my bloodkin commented on the talk about Hero Mutou-san, but without paying any attention to them, I asked Rulizeze, “…I think, Mutou-san had been defeated by Totogudius in the end?”

“That’s right. Or to be precise, by Totogudius-sama’s subordinates.”

“A scar is necessary to go directly from the spirit world to the surface, right? Moreover, as those scars are what they are, I have heard that the lords of the spirit world start wars to further their own interest in regards to those scars. Totogudius, who can easily carry out such things, is occupying a great number of those scars, isn’t he?” I asked while recalling what I heard from the Burning Knights before.

“If I remember correctly, he is occupying countless of them.”

“I guess that’s only natural if you’re a powerful spirit world god. …Are there possibly places with different degrees of difficulty to cross through dimensions, or where the variation of the threshold fluctuates due to the scars?”

Rulizeze nodded at my words, “…It’s just as you say. There are various scars. In the first place, a scar has an unstable foundation as a threshold. And, if a god ends up falling into a threshold’s hole, it’s possible that they’ll be trapped in the interstice. That also includes me.”

I guess the spirit world knight appearing in the title of one of Mia’s books was caught in one of those.

“So such holes exist as well…?”

“They do. Although there are gods trying to cross the interstice by using large-scaled ceremonies on the surface, it’s said that it’ll be difficult for them to return to the exact place and time if they are trapped in the interstice once. …I heard that even Seuros’ Space-Time God Crosseyvis and Space-Time Spirit Rasuhn can’t exert their authority there. However, I’m told that only King of the Ten-Layered Hell Totogudius-sama is different in that regard.”

Totogudius. His drawing in the Gods Picture Scroll had an impact. I’m sure he’s an amazing god.

“Can he cross the interstice?”

“Yeah, it looks like it’s only places that are restricted to him personally after expanding the scar, but…it’s to the extent that there are rumors about him being able to go to the surface. In the end it’s limited to rumors, but as expected of the demon king-sama, who’s the evil god ruling over the ten layers at the bottom of the spirit world.”

“…I hear about this for the first time.”

The Burning Knights didn’t tell me anything about it. Though it was just them explaining it to me on their own device.

“It might also be related to the Magic Resonance of Emptiness, no?”

“There are countless places with a thin threshold.”

“Even Pelneet has such places, right? The Benrack village is especially well-known.”

The girls whispered after having read my blood messages.

“I have said it several times, but those are rumors. On top of the counterattack having been abnormally quick after his brother Totogu Gog-sama was defeated, Spirit World Knight Ashtaroth and Spirit World Knight Baram arrogantly shouted out that they had been on the surface while we were in the middle of the great war we were fighting while leading our troops.”

I see…time to get back to the original topic.

“…Rulizeze, you and the others were mass-teleported during such a battle, right?”

“Yeah… At first I thought I had come to the surface, but learning that this isn’t the surface after getting attacked by subordinates of the evil gods, I understood that this was an area under the strong influence of Evil God Shadow.”

It’s a surface-like world, but it’s Shadow’s domain? Rather, I guess it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a part of the evil domain Hellrhone which is ruled by ten evil gods, including Evil God Steertop.

“…And then those from the spirit world formed a military force centered around Roaring Poison Knight King Razen. I also joined the battle against those of the evil god domain under Razen together with the spirit world knights’ Mad Eyes Togma, who was a rival, at first. It was odd. In the spirit world I fought against that man, but…here we got along.”

I suppose she’s talking about one of the armies which we fought when we arrived at this floor in the beginning.

“We fought those guys once before coming here.”

Rulizeze’s temples twitched in response to those words.

“…You routed an army of such a size? Well, if it’s a strong warrior like you who has defeated me, it might be a matter of course…”

“I fought against people that seemed to belong to the armies of the evil domain and the spirit world. After all they attacked me without any questions asked.”

“That’s only natural on the battlefield, but it must have been a terrifying spectacle…”

Rulizeze crossed her four arms in front of her chest while staring at me with her two green eyes that weren’t covered by the eyepatch.

“I’m going to continue with my story.”

“Please do.”

I urged Rulizeze to go ahead, and strained my ears to not miss a single of her words.

“…When we discovered stairs at various places, we realized that this place was a labyrinth. Each time someone from the spirit world went downstairs and came back, they had found stairs continuing even deeper down. And once those possessing wings found shafts above in the bright sky, it was set in stone.”

Which reminds me, I talked with an intellectual being from the spirit world in the sky before reaching this place here.

“…Winged ones, huh? I know a demon called Souq.”

“Hoh, you met her? She was a great spirit world knight, and separated from Razen while saying “I will take the sky” as leader of the Amshabis race, but for her to be still alive sure is unexpected. I wonder how the spirit world, which lost the Amshabis’ crimson light, is faring right now…”

I was also curious about the crimson light, but Razen, huh? He was the commander of the demons who tried to get in contact with me at the beginning.


For the time being I asked as if hearing that name for the first time.

“He’s the great, cunning Roaring Poison Knight King Razen who unified those belonging to the spirit world. I didn’t get along with the folks of the Knight King, Mad Eyes, and Blazing Eyes, leading to me leaving Razen after going on a little rampage. And then I wandered for a long time by myself from one place to another on this vast continent.”

The guys of the spirit world I fought before had said something along those lines.

“Through this part of the evil god domain Hellrhone?”

“Yeah. I wondered whether I wouldn’t be able to find some clue how to return to the spirit world, my home…I discovered ruins with evil god sculptures at various places, and at the same time something similar to a huge stairway, but at the end of the stairs was yet another huge labyrinth with an outrageous size, just no clue how I could return to the spirit world. Therefore I prioritized searching this evil god domain, but…even the people I met here were just the strange, three-eyed enemies, and it turned into a series of cruel battles. I also encountered two eyes like you, Shuuya, but they kept running away. Moreover, I encountered and fought not only the evil god domain’s monks affiliated to Evil God Shadow, but also a person who called himself Alodo Kum Buu who led a divine domain soldier unit. As expected, I fled as I was outnumbered…”

I know someone of the Buu family. I fought against him in the skies over Labyrinth City Pelneet for a bit.

『I am, one following the divine domain Seuros, one of the divine domain’s soldiers, one standing guard against the evil god domain Hellrhone, one destroying the spirit world Sebdola, Arbagudrobe Buu.』

That’s how the mysterious life-form wearing golden rings introduced itself. The arms I received from him broke already, but I can still use them as armor.

“…The divine domain, eh? I heard something about a war going on between the evil god domain and the divine domain, but I never encountered it.”

“Shuuya, you look like a human. It might not result in battle.”

“I see, but, I haven’t met them here either, you know? Anyway, please continue with your story.”

Rulizeze nodded, “Whenever I met someone from the spirit world, evil god domain, or divine domain, they became my enemies in no time…gradually I stopped getting involved with others. Given that there are gigantic monsters beyond the mountain range, I have never gone there to investigate. Thus, while dreaming of my homeland…I have been living by myself for a long time, and that’s when you guys showed up. That’s a rough run-down.”

Home, huh? I shifted my eyes to Rollo triggered by the flow of her story. I remembered the conversation back when Rollodeen was…Rozes.

“…I fully understand you. Not being able to return home is really painful.”


Four Eye Rulizeze’s skin dyed red at the area around her four eyes. That’s fresh, and cute.

“What’s wrong?”

“For you to…console me. You’re a kind man.”

“It’s just a coincidence. After all I know someone in circumstances similar to yours.”

I looked at Rollo who was coiling her tail around my feet for some reason.

“I see…” Rulizeze muttered shortly, and became silent.

“…Anyway, I’m sorry for destroying your bathing spot, but…we’re going to return to the surface soon.”

“W-What! You mean that surface?”

“Yep. I can use a special gate magic.”

Hearing those words, the pupils of her eyes not hidden beneath the eyepatch repeatedly diluted and contracted. Her big, round eyes…gave me the impression of her being quite surprised. And then she moved her four arms in front, put her fingers together, and suddenly started to fidget with her inner thighs.

“…U-Umm, c-can you take me along with you?”

Her behavior might be slightly cute.

“Sure, but the humans…ah, I see, a scar, eh? So you intend to return to the spirit world through a scar?”

“That’s one point of it, but I want to freely take a look at the human world, too. The human world which has men that can defeat me!”

I’m no human though…

“Rulizeze, I’m sorry, but I’m no human. I’m of a race called Light Demon Lucival.”

“Kouma Lucival2, huh? I will keep it in mind.”

Her way of saying it seems as if such a demon species really exists.

“…By the way, I don’t think that there are any humans like me.”

“As I thought! A unique man, eh!?” Rulizeze smiled.

Her fangs, which slightly protruded out of her lips, might be the most attractive feature of her. She’s a scary monster once she shows all her teeth, though.

“Rulizeze, you can’t speak the human language, right? And yet you still want to come to the surface?”

“…I plan to learn it little-by-little.” She donned a serious expression.

It looks like she truly wants to get out of the evil god domain.

“…I won’t look after you, okay?”

“Of course. There’s no way that I can have you help me so much after having spared my life. And, although I lost to you, I’m confident in my strength.”

At that moment, the tiny Helme appeared in my visual field.

『Your Excellency, let me ask once more. You won’t make her your subordinate?』

She pointed her small finger at Rulizeze’s green eyes with a snap. In Helme’s eyes, Rulizeze’s quad-swordsmanship, and the fact that she cut off my legs was apparently a shock.
But you see, since a Lucival’s bloodkin is related to blood with the light attribute, I probably can’t turn her into my bloodkin. Or let’s say, it might be possible, but will be accompanied by risks. Besides, she puts importance on freedom, and so do I.

『…Her wish to see the human world is similar to my wish to see unknown worlds. I have no intention to restrain her. “Only freedom allows the Dasein to bring a world into existence, and allows it to emerge as a world”』 3

『…Your Excellency, I don’t understand.』

『Don’t worry, it was just a thought. Vanish from my visual field for now.』


Helme disappeared with a thinking face.

“…Very well. I will lightly introduce you to everyone.”


At that moment I shifted my face so as to see everyone’s face, “I think you have grasped the general story from the blood messages, but it looks like Rulizeze wants to check out the surface. Hence I decided to take her with us.”

“To the surface…you won’t make use of her combat abilities?” I could feel respect from Viine’s look.

“She will be free to do as she likes, but we won’t look after her.”

“Ah, okay.”

It looks like she thought that I would keep her at my side since I’m a lustful man.

“She wants to return to her hometown, right? I wish her all the best with that.” Rebecca said while carefully checking out Rulizeze’s unique womanly face with its four eyes.

“Nn, Shuuya, should I touch her later?” Eva apparently intended to read her mind.

I guess it’s unrelated to language.

“We’re only taking her along to the surface. I made sure to tell her in simple words. She’s no harm, and can even be called a friend. There’s no need.”

“Nn, okay. Thanks for the story about the spirit world, Rulizeze-san.” Eva turned her face to Rulizeze and said so after answering me.

Rulizeze tilted her face to the side, but then nodded, seemingly having somehow understood from Eva’s nuances.

“It was a very interesting story. The great spirit world war and demons that lost their way in the evil god domain. I can easily imagine why the cunning Razen, who unified the demons that fought each other before under one banner, tried to get in contact with master. I also understand the reason why Rulizeze could fight against Shuuya to such an extent. After all she fought against the spirit world knights related to the story of Hero Mutou mentioned in many books…how terrifying. Also, because it’s related to the Magic Resonance and the interstice, I’m especially curious about the holes in the interstice where even gods can get trapped in. I feel like I saw a book about it. Right after researching that mysterious, white meat, and improving the sorcery doll, I will try to investigate it once more in the books located in the academy’s library, I think…” Mysty rattled down excitedly.

After approaching Rulizeze, she drew her figure on her parchment and wrote various characters.

“I’d like to challenge…her who survived the great spirit world war and even this evil god domain.”

“Her feelings towards her hometown pierce my heart. And at the same time she has enough strength to oppose you so well, milord. The timing for her diagonal slash was great, and the peculiar four-arm swordsmanship…it’s something I’d like her to teach me.”

Yui and Kaldo focused their eyes on Rulizeze’s four magic swords. Although they are my bloodkin, it’s very likely that they will be chopped up into pieces with Rulizeze as an opponent. Well, even if that were to happen, their bodies would regenerate, I think.
Rulizeze moved her four arms. She formed a mark with three fingers with the two arms located at her chest.

“…I can’t understand the language. But, I swear in the name of the Cyculse race that I won’t do you, including the strong warrior Shuuya, any harm.” She powerfully declared.

It seemed to be a gesture characteristic to her race. The Cyculse, eh? It makes me want to imitate her, just like with Kelarda.
Viine looked at Rulizeze’s mysterious pose and listened to her mysterious words, and then turned her eyes towards me while appearing puzzled.

“…What are we going to do about the notification about having reached the untrodden 20th floor when we return to the surface?”

“Since we’re talking about Shuuya here, he will keep it a secret, right?” Rebecca said while smiling.

“I don’t really mind announcing it, but I have no interest in fame. Just do as you like. Suloza’s shop keeper, who’s going to appraise the heap of items we got, might realize, though.”

That shopkeeper is a mysterious man and has good eyes at the same time. No, as a matter of fact, he might not even be a human.

“…True, it’s very likely with that shopkeeper. Well, if he finds out, so be it. Probably no one besides that old granny called Kazane will know how we got to the 20th floor. It’s unknown how many people on the surface can use those strange keys like Shuuya, however…”

“I’m not sure whether they are using that key, but I do know people possessing one.”

“Eh? That key…?” Rebecca asked back in surprise.

“Master, is it the same key?” Viine tried to confirm.

“The ten heavenly evil key I possess seems to be exclusive to Steertop. There were other ten heavenly evil statues. After all there are ten evil gods in the evil domain Hellrhone which is connected with the labyrinth world of Pelneet. Ten core evil gods ruling over the heaven of the evil domain. They are evil, but still gods, so I guess I should add -sama.”

“That means the other people possessing ten heavenly evil statue keys are apostles of the evil gods?” Rebecca inquired with a serious look.

“We can’t state so definitely.”


“That’s easy. There’s me, right?”


“True…they might be powerful evil gods, but it’s possible that they have been beaten up. Master absorbed a part, though…” Viine smiled.

“Nn, who are those people possessing ten heavenly evil statues?”

“The twins Allen and Ina of the S rank clan 【Icy Mausoleum of Blue Waters】. It’s a clan I met during the Evil Dragon King subjugation in 【Fortress City Hekatrail】. They wanted the Blue Eyes of the Evil Dragon King, and thus I directly negotiated with those children. By the way, it’s information from Zaga, but…I think they were on the seventh or eighth floor of Pelneet’s labyrinth? They seem to be diving through it.”

“That means they are not using the transfer crystals within the evil statue room located on every tenth floor?” Yui asked while shouldering her katana.

Even her appearance as she was asking this gave the impression of her being a good-looking, assassin beauty.

“…I don’t know. Since we defeated the evil beast on the fifth floor…someone might be using them now.”

Additionally, there are also the people who seem to be apostles of evil gods. And also, the transferee Manabu. He had asked me about a divine will in our chat the other day. Going by his appearance, he is living a flashy harem life… He might possess a ten heavenly evil statue and act in accordance with some kind of divine will.
Besides, he used a special violet hammer and demonic eyes.
Among the evil god statues on the 5th, 10th, and 20th floor, a goddess-like statue held a big hammer. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.
In reality it’s possible that Manabu is fighting against apostles of the divine domain, disciples of the spirit world, apostles of the other evil gods, transferees like him, etc. while leading his slaves. It looks like he came from another city. Does he have a deep story to him? Though it’s also possible that he’s just enjoying his harem while being completely unrelated to all this.
I feel like I want to try listening to his story while drinking some wine together with him, but the labyrinth city is huge. Hence, we might not meet anymore.

“…S, huh? He’s no evil god disciple, but the one-armed Ryuser is famous as an S rank adventurer, and is staying permanently in the labyrinth city.”

“I happened to hear that name in the Bar of Heroes.”

“Ah, that rumor? I heard about it, too.”

“Nn, one-on-one?”

“Yeah, the bar.”

Rebecca, Eva, and Viine nodded at each other. Mysty, Kaldo, Yui, and I didn’t understand even after being told about them being one-armed. It made me recall kung fu masters, though. Rulizeze didn’t understand the conversation itself.
Rollo rested in her cat loaf position a little distance away. She had closed her eyelids, and was dozing.
Her cuteness wakes the desire in me to touch her, but I hold back.

“…That one-armed guy had a one-on-one against who?”

“Well, the S rank One-Armed Ryuser fought with the S rank Demonic Whip Katharina in the Bar of Heroes. The reason for their quarrel was apparently something insignificant, though.”

S rank Demonic Whip Katharina! Going by her name, she might be an onee-san who acts like a queen as she hits others with her whip. She might be a demon king-like woman with high heels and big boobs.

“…So, which side won?”

I can’t imagine anyone but the queen winning, though. Rebecca looked at my face, and narrowed her eyes, obviously using her womanly instincts.

“Mu, weird face…”

“Don’t mind it, so who won?”

“I heard that they didn’t decide a winner and loser.”

“…It was a brawl where they got pulled apart. If it had been as much of a fight as they are famous, the bar would have been wrecked, no?”

“Yeah. Thanks to their fight, a part of the inn got destroyed, but it looks like a part of the broken sections has been left as is since it can be used for sightseeing, or something like that.”

A sightseeing spot, eh?
Even in Japan, the ruins where the patriots fought at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, and the places where they held their secret meetings, have become tourist attractions.

“True, I have seen it.”

I remember that Viine mentioned the Bar of Heroes and how she obtained important information about the six top clans and other stuff there in the past. It seems to be a place where the strong S ranks gather.

“Nn, but I heard that they got along afterwards.”

“Yeah. Right now they are lovers? Such rumors have been going around.”

One-Armed Ryuser and Demonic Whip Katharina might suit each other as fellow S ranks. I’m definitely not going to head for a NTR route here.
But, an S rank with one arm…? He might possess special Extra skills or special weapons like the adventurers of the top clan from the other day.

“…Alright, let’s end the standing around and talking here, and go back home. The plan is to go to the appraisal shop after returning and taking a rest.”

“Okaaay. I’m looking forward to the appraisal, but I want to first take a good rest.”

“Go home, go home~”

Rebecca and Yui spoke while being all jumpy.

At that point I turn my look at Rulizeze, “You might not be able to return here any longer. Want to take anything with you?”

“Ah, please wait a moment.” Rulizeze turned on her heels.

She had a high physical ability. She energetically swung her upper two arms, and exhibited an explosive power with her two muscular legs. She ran around, obviously warping the carpet spread out on the other side of the door.

“Everyone, she seems to get her luggage ready.”

“I wonder whether she also has spare equipment.”

“Don’t tell me, those stinking panties?”

Viine apparently recalled the panties from before and revealed a disgusted expression, but I didn’t say anything.

“If she has lived here for a long time, a reasonable amount of luggage will have accumulated, don’t you think?”

“Look, she’s putting together the carpet.” Mysty pointed out.

Rulizeze winded up the mana-laden carpet with a force as if rolling up a poster. And then she held the huge carpet in her two arms at her chest, put on a big knapsack on her back, and came running back.

“Welcome back. You ready?”

“I am.”

Rulizeze nodded with a determined look. After sensing that will from her eyes, I took out the 24-faceted orb out of my pocket, and activated the gate by tracing the surface of the first facet’s character with a finger.

“Now then, come over here, Rulizeze.”

“Okay, but this is transfer magic, huh…?”

“Nyaon――” Rollo returned to her spot on my shoulder.

“We’re going back home.”

I passed through the gate reflecting the view of my bedroom with everyone.
――Pheew, we managed to get back.

“This is, the surface…”

“Rulizeze, this is the bedroom of my house.”

“It’s big…” Rulizeze looked around, making her light green hair sway.

“Somehow it feels like returning home after a short journey.”

That’s how it is. I nodded at Rebecca’s words without commenting, and removed my bandolier.
Rollo went down on the floor.


“Nn, going to change.”

“Ah, me too.”

“Sure thing.”

Rebecca and Eva happily left my bedroom together.

“Master, I’m going back to my workshop. I also have my luggage to take care of. And there are documents I have to submit to the academy, too.”


“I will go back to my room as well.”

“Then I shall also do so.”

Mysty, Yui, and Kaldo left the room, heading to their own rooms.

『Your Excellency, I’d like to come outside.』

『Sure, go for it.』

Helme was ejected from my left eye in a spiral. The fluid Helme landed on the floor, and instantly transformed into a woman’s body.

“Whoaa.” Rulizeze was surprised by Helme’s sudden transformation.

“Four Eye Rulizeze, I have watched your battle. I have recommended you to His Excellency, but he said that your freedom is important.”

“…I can’t understand her, but I feel that she’s friendly.”

Helme, who looked at Rulizeze’s questioning face, averted her eyes in disappointment.

“…Your Excellency, I shall water the plants outside.” Helme turned around and walked towards the hallway.

“Got it.”

Only Rulizeze and Viine were left now.

“I’m going to change as well.”

I swiftly took off the torn leather clothes, and then did a muscle pose when I became naked.

“…How…magnificent.” Rulizeze commented when she saw my dick.

“…” Viine roughly breathed out through her nose, but didn’t say anything.

And there’s a cute magic source response from below!

“Nyan, nya――”

It was Rollo who had descended on the wooden floor. She unleashed air punches as if to show off her pads located at the soles of her paws.
You intend to have a boxing match with my elephant!? But, you’re naive――
I dodged splendidly.
Good grief, my elephant is no damn toy, okay?
Although she might have actually targeted my balls or my butt.

After I put on a leather clothed jouge, “Rulizeze, I will accompany you to the entrance.”


“Master, I will come with you.”

I walked through the hallway with Rulizeze and Viine, coming out at the living room. The Head Maid and the Vice-Head Maid weren’t there. I felt like the servants cleaning there were somehow depressed.
It bothered me, but I went down the terrace’s slope from the main building’s entrance, and walked through the courtyard.

“Gaoooo.” It was the voice of Balmint who was in a corner of the courtyard.

The four wings on his back were slightly big. I had the impression that he grew even further.

My partner, who saw Balmint while being at my feet, greeted him with “Nyaon,” and started running towards Balmint.

After answering with a “Garuu,” Balmint released a delighted sound that made his throat tremble. Moreover, he breathed out wildly together with the flapping of his wings as if he was trying to fly.
Is he considering Rollo to be his mother?
Balmint brought his head close to Rollo’s body, and then fawned on her by licking her up and down for dear life with his tongue.


Because of the excessively intense fawning attack, Rollo became unable to endure it. Just like the other day, she separated from Balmint, running away.

“…That’s by chance a dragon?” Rulizeze asked while trembling.


“Keeping a dragon, even in the spirit world that’s rare…”

So there are fellows who raise dragons in the spirit world, too?
I wonder whether the demon king, devils, and the Destruction King specialized at the BigTrip live there as well.4

“Nyaooon, nya.”


Balmint came running up to me, apparently having been instructed by Rollo, 『Go to him nya』.

“Yo, Balmint. Think you’ll be able to fly in the sky soon?” I crouched down and brought my face close to him, matching our eye line.


This time he started a licking attack with his scarlet tongue against me.
It’s cute, but the saliva…

“I got it, I got it. I fully understand your feelings, okay?”

“Gao!” Balmint became docile as my will had apparently been passed on to him.

It was no coincidence since the draconic mark on my thumb shone.
He’s a good boy, that Balmint.

“Nya?” Rollo, who was close to Balmint, meowed.

She turned her face towards the front gate, with her ears twitching.

“Nya! ――Nyao, nyaoon.”

Suddenly Rollo reacted quite drastically. She left our side and quickly started sprinting towards the front gate.

“…What a mysterious black cat.” Rulizeze muttered.

But, what’s going on all of a sudden?

“You’re right…Balmint, you wait at your own house.”


Balmint reasonably obeyed my instruction, and trotted over to his own house.

“Rulizeze, the destination of Rollo is the entrance.”


While watching the back of the running Rollo…I headed to the gate, walking across the courtyard with Rulizeze and Viine.
My partner was scratching the gate as if saying “Open, open.” Rollo was frantically moving her two front paws up and down.

“Is there something on the other side?”

“Rollo-sama? How unusual. The door will end up getting shaved down…” Viine said while worriedly looking at Rollo.

It looks like she will really scratch a hole into the gate at this rate.
I pulled open the entrance gate before that could happen. Once I did,

“Pubo, pubopubo.”



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Translation Notes:

  1. The first Mutou in this sentence is in katakana, the second in kanji (武藤)
  2. Kouma is the katakana version of 光魔 (Light Demon)
  3. It sounds like a phrase from Heidegger, a German philosopher. Don’t ask me about the philosophical meaning behind it, but the gist should be clear here
  4. The last one refers to Hashimoto Shinya, a Japanese pro wrestler. BigTrip is a wrestling technique

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