Chapter 223 – The Contents of the Silver Treasure Chest

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We had retrieved a greater magic stone from the guardian. The other magic stones were all large ones. Many of the lion beastman monsters with the coiled horns and the blue-burning hair that appeared at the scale of an army corps had large magic stones in them. I collected the magic stones we had picked up and threw them into my item box.
Some time in the future I’m going to get the rewards from the alien civilization by feeding those magic stones to the item box.
Now then, before examining the treasure chest, I will address the Burning Knights.

“Burning Knights, I appreciate your efforts as vanguards. Thanks.”

“Absolutely not! My inner smoke surges whenever I think that I can serve you, Your Excellency.”

“Our souls belong to you, and we wish to serve you, Your Excellency…”

Certainly, I feel as if the “puff-puff” smoke as Eva calls the Burning Knights is seething and swelling up.

“…So, do you want anything like the items that will appear from the treasure chest?”

“…Those are unnecessary to us.”

“Adomos, that’s a disrespectful way to phrase it. But, Your Excellency…our beloved swords are the famous swords Black Impure Bones that we continued to use for slaughtering superior spirit world soldiers, and our beloved shields are Black Skeletonized Souls. Next, our beloved armors…”

Cluster Souls? That strange theme song is…1 Since the explanation of it would become somewhat long, I will omit it.

“Hence, we don’t need other arms and such…since we have our own. In the first place, it would be impossible to take them with us to the spirit world.”

“Okay, I understand. You’re free to return to the spirit world then.”

“As you wish, see you again, Your Excellency.”

“Your Excellencyyyy, see you again!”

The Burning Knights disappeared to the spirit world as if having died. This time they didn’t kill themselves, though.


Rollo-san meowed while moving her head up and down several times as if trembling. Both her eyes are closed. Somehow she looks sad.

“Well, should we open the silver treasure chest then?”

“Nn, excited.”

“Master, leave the lock to me.”

Rebecca, Eva, and Viine had already come next to me.

“Nn, nya!”

Rollo-san was rubbing her cheek against the rim of the big silver chest. She’s in the middle of rubbing off her scent to expand her turf.

“Rollo-chan, you’re just too adorable~ The shape of your cheek is going to change when you rub it too much〜”

Rebecca grabbed Rollo’s long tail as if to pull a prank on Rollo with sparkling eyes. Rollo was startled――


It looks like she got angry. She unleashed some cat punches towards the leg of Rebecca who was holding her tail.

Yui made her short, black hair sway by happily skipping around, saying, “So this is a treasure chest of the labyrinth, huh? Since I’m seeing one for the first time, I’m very excited.”

“Yeah, I’m very thrilled…my hands won’t stop. Just what is this feeling?”

Isn’t that what you’d call an adrenaline rush? I guess Mysty was a Rebecca-type.
Many blood veins in her eyes that are looking at the treasure chest…her face has changed into that of a vampire.
She had been writing something down on her notepad, moving the hand holding the quill hectically.

“Mysty-dono, you’re terrifyingly passionate.” Kaldo said.

He was apparently interested after watching Mysty write.

“Yeah, it’s my first treasure chest, that’s why…” Mysty smiled awkwardly.

The movements of her quill didn’t stop.
Kaldo kindly looked at Mysty. Moreover, he handed the white, tile-like carapace skin of the guardian I defeated to her. It looks like they had become good friends.

Everyone gathered in front of the silver treasure chest. Even Rulizeze drew close.

『Your Excellency, that Rulizeze is a tough, strong warrior. Let’s turn her into your subordinate.』 The tiny Helme said while pressing her hands against her waist.

『She’s certainly powerful…』

Well, that can wait for later. First comes the treasure chest.

“…Viine, please remove any traps and open the lock.” I asked Viine as usual.


She crouched down in front of the chest after taking her silver mask off and placing it on her silver hair. Then she closely peeked into the keyhole without rushing. After suddenly nodding once, she inserted a wire and a thin, driver-like tool into the keyhole.
She kept moving those with clattering sounds. Seemingly having a slightly hard time, the wire snapped. She inserted another wire into the keyhole, delicately and finely moving it as she held it in her bluish-white fingers.

“Is it my turn?” The instant Mysty asked, a sound of the lock opening reverberated.

“Master, it’s open!”

“Well done.”

Viine showed a pretty smiling face that seemed to overflow with a sparkling joy. She hugged me happily.
A beauty’s hug is irresistible. I put my hand around her back and returned the hug, enjoying her warmth and her vanilla scent. Although I can also feel her chest strap, her boobs are soft.
I wanted to keep hugging this girl with her outstanding figure, but I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her lightly away.

Right after that, “Aaah, me too.”

Rebecca hugged me as well, causing her citrus scent to tickle my nose.
It wakes the urge in me to lick her beautiful décolleté, which makes me experience a charm as if she’s just out of the bath, but I endure.

She closed her eyes, trying to get me to kiss her, but, “Hey! This can wait until we get back home, right?” Yui retorted.

Given that a passionate light was dwelling in her eyes, she had almost hugged me herself, too
Rebecca’s nostrils expanded cutely. She seemed to be aroused.

“…Don’t get so worked up.” I placed my hands on Rebecca’s sloping shoulder, pushing her body forcibly away.

“Tsk, wouldn’t it be fine anyway?”

“Nn, Shuuya, popular――”

After smiling like an angel, Eva shifted her wheelchair with a small change into its Mk-1 mode in an instant, and came hugging me as well. The soft, marshmallow-like sensation of her hidden big boobs was transmitted to me through my leather clothes.
I naturally put my arms around her waist, embracing her tightly. She smoothly bent her body back and forth like a watershield.2 As I looked at her black hair, I felt as though its gloss had increased.

“Nn.” Eva smiled at me.

After I answered her smile with one of my own, she splendidly spun her body, making use of the wheels attached to her feet, and separated from me.
Just like before, everyone seemed to be excited, probably because of the treasure chest or as a result of having won a fierce battle.
Mysty didn’t join this series of hugs, and drew the treasure chest while repeatedly saying “Shit,” following her usual habit.
On the other hand, Kaldo stared at what Rollo was doing. Lured by his look, I looked at Rollo myself…just to see that she had stopped punching Rebecca, and was again single-mindedly rubbing her cheek against the treasure chest’s rim.
Kuuh, how cute!
Probably because everyone was present, Kaldo apparently didn’t chase after Rollo in the same way he did when he saw her for the first time. He acted calm, even though it would be fine for him to show his cat-loving old man face without holding back.
Now then, back to the all-important treasure chest.

“…That’s cute, but now it’s time for the treasure chest ― I’m going to open it.”

“Oh, yeah!”


“Got it.”


“I’m ready. However, I seem to have run out of ink for my quill.”

I opened the chest’s lid while listening to the words of the girls.
Oooooohh―― Treasure that makes me feel an amazing, dazzling beauty. It’s full of treasures!
The weapon types are…a Western longsword sheathed in a crimson, scaled scabbard; an Asian broad longsword with engraved patterns; a Japanese-style tachi sheathed in a scabbard that had white and black mana wafting around it; a Kogarasu-maru3 sheathed in a scabbard with inlays; a set of metallic green hatchets connected with each other at the handles by a thread that was clad in red mana; a double-edged steel set weapon that made me think of scissors as motif; a magic spear made out of white metal resembling the crescent-bladed spearhead of a polearm4 with a spear tassel similar to blue hair at its handle; a metallic bow wrapped up in beast leather and a bundle of arrows with white arrowheads; a mace with flames coiling around its tip and a handle that was covered by a cloth which gave me the feeling of it having been elaborately crafted by a skilled artisan, a katar with conspicuously beautiful patterns and a silver blade resembling Damascus steel.
As for the armor types…

“…Treasuuuuures! Wow! I’m totally hyped! It’s full of various treasures!”

“…Treasures! That silver ore is Demonic Silver Ore, isn’t it? Also, a rainbow-colored ingot I see for the first time!”

Rebecca and Mysty burst with excitement.
Well, I understand them. If it’s armor types, I think it would be these. What interests me is a coat set with dark green as basic color, and black leather shoes that look like tough boots. Including those leather boots…the thick, dark green leather coat completely contains mana.
It’s a protective clothing of magnificent workmanship. It has a cape hood connected to the collar, shoulders, and back. Golden decorations with flowers blooming on branches and leaves had been applied to the area around the collar. Refined, metallic inlays were added atop the thick, dark green leather of the cape located on the shoulders. Typical for a coat5, clasps and small belts have been evenly added in rows around the waist area and the sides, from the chest to the belly area. Embroideries with the same design as used at the collar were precisely sewed in with golden threads at the joints.
It looks like a soft material has been used for the elbow area?
The gauntlets had rivet-like metal fittings like the metal fittings of the belt located at the chest. It’s a design where an artisan had apparently added each and every single metal fitting and rivet slowly and carefully. It’s extremely cool.
This coat seems to match my physique. It will block the chain part, but…I think I can use it if I add holes at the wrist area.
In addition there were various protective pieces of clothes that looked as if they would suit the female camp. There were several sets of a stylish skirt and a beautiful outer garment made out of red and black feathers; several sets of white, hooded carapace cloaks; white carapace gauntlets; leather gloves; a leather armor with a conspicuous white carapace; a white carapace brigandine; a white carapace armet that had a visor with rivet stoppers on both sides; high-class black leather panties connected to a garter belt; white carapace boots; small female boots with feathers added to them; black leather boots; and a squirming magic shield in the shape of a hoplon with living compound eyes in its center.
On top of that, there were…all kinds of potions; a bloodstained scroll; a picture frame; a huge refrigerator; a silver bracelet; a black ring; three necklaces with striking, yellow jewels; two necklaces with conspicuous yellow-green jewels; five earrings with diamond-like jewels; gold and silver jewels; silver ore; a black steel ingot; a rainbow-colored steel ingot; golden threads; light brown cloths; several types of black belts; a shady puppet, an ink bottle; a flag; a bluish-white fishing rod; a pencil; two baseball caps; a pouch that can be worn at the waist; jars filled with liquids other than potions; several types of pallets that seemed to be cosmetics with beige as basic color; a set of eye pencil-like writing brushes; a bottle of red ink; a bottle with a mysteriously colored liquid; glasses; a mysterious slate inscribed with magic runes; two magic treasure maps; a box with five pitch black, steel balls; a strange, wriggling heart stored in the center of an exclusive, round box; a square crystal looking as if something black, similar to a microcosmos, was flickering in its center; an a jet-black, ultra-thin steel plate.

『…Your Excellency, I sense mana from all items. The strongest response comes from the small, square crystal. A vast amount of mana dwells in the darkness in its center, the abyss-like part. Besides that, the puppet is eerie… it would be better to not touch this puppet.』

It’s certainly amazing. I think no one will touch the puppet. It’s very obviously a cursed item.
However, what drew my attention were the baseball caps. I wonder whether there had been any baseball-loving reincarnators who had been directly reincarnated into this labyrinth, or rather, the evil god domain. Was there actually a professional baseball player among the reincarnators? It might be that such reincarnators dropped the caps or died after wandering around, resulting in the caps being seized as unknown items by this labyrinth.

『…You’re right. Well, I guess we can look forward to the appraisal.』


“Nn, metals discovered.”

Eva reacted exactly because the chest contained metals that interested her.

“There’s also something like a magic spear suiting you, Master.” Rather than worrying about herself, Viine was delighted about the appearance of a spear I might be able to use.

“Wow! There’s a huge katana with a shape as it’s told about in the island group nations!” Yui was excited as well.

I guess that means Japanese tachi exist in the island group nations. I’m not Kazane, but rice might really exist somewhere on those islands. I have my mirrors, so sooner or later…
It might also be a great idea to depart on a journey to the island group nations with Rollodeen. Or I could buy a ship to use an ocean route…
Should I aim for Piri Reis’ Age of Exploration? Or should I sail the seas while acting like some fake pirate?

“――Ooh, that’s wonderful, very wonderful! There’s something that appears to be a rare double-edged katana!” I was pulled back from my delusional world by Kaldo’s sombre, joyful voice.

Apparently excited as well, his eyes had become bloodshot, befitting of a vampire.

“…These are the contents of a treasure chest? It’s really stuffed full with various items.” Rulizeze said as she peeked inside the chest with two eyes while inclining her head with the eye pad diagonally.

“It’s a level 5 map, so it’s natural for it to have plenty, I guess.” I continued speaking in order to warn Rebecca and the others, “Everyone, don’t touch that puppet. There’s its appearance, and it’s releasing a sinister mana.”

“I know that even without you telling me something like that. I won’t pick it up before the appraisal.” Rebecca said while pressing her hands against her waist in a slightly sulky manner.

“Nn, of course, I won’t touch anything that looks like a cursed item.” Eva looked as if that was the most natural thing in the world.

I might be alright, even if I touch it. A darkness attribute-like curse is something that can turn into my power. However, I will refrain from doing so.

“You’re right. Going by its mana, it’s clearly a cursed item.” Viine replied while nodding.

“An eerie puppet, eh? Shall I cut it apart?” Yui asked with a hand on the mouth of her katana’s sheath.

“Nah, I think we can sell it. It’s no problem.”

“However, I’m kind of interested in it…”

Mysty, who had been silent, was writing the fine details of the treasure chest into her sketchbook.

“Well then, all of you, grab what you like.”

“Sure! I’m also curious about the cosmetics that seem to be for nobles, but I will go with this!”

What Rebecca picked up was the katar with the silver-sparkling blade.
At last she feels like becoming a sorcerer who’s good at close combat. Her movements are completely those of an amateur, but maybe she will study martial arts. Well, she’s a girl giving one a capricious impression…so it’s unclear whether she will continue on this path.

“Nn, metal.”

“Ah, Eva, you take that? Then I will grab the rainbow-colored ingot.”

Eva chose the silver ore, and Mysty took the rainbow-colored ingot.

“I will of course take this katana――”

“In that case, I will ― take this double-edged-like katana. I shall serve milord with this.”

Yui took the Japanese tachi, and Kaldo chose the Kogarasu-maru.

“Then I will have this red scaled longsword.”

Viine wants this? As she will continue using Blacksnake, I think the silver steel sword will wander into her item box.
In that case, I will examine the items a bit as well.

“…I will take the spear resembling a polearm.” I retrieved the polearm from the treasure chest.

I started lightly swinging the new spear while retreating a bit. I let the handle slip in the hand grasping it so as to check the handle’s touch. The part equivalent to a spear head, mole cricket head, or a large knife blade has a nice weight.
I made the spear rotate by circling it around as if gently caressing the handle with the top of my wrist. Then I swapped the hold of the white, metallic staff part into my left hand, extending the tip of the polearm straight ahead while lightly loosening the fingers gripping it.
I checked the spearhead’s condition and shape. The balance wasn’t bad.
Just like that I advanced while drawing a streamline in the air with the spearhead. The mana-laden, blue spear tassel located at the lower end of the polearm’s handle swayed. A pretty blue trace remained in front of my eyes.
While moving the polearm from my left to my right hand, I made use of the crescent blades attached to both sides of the pike part, performing a horizontal sweep. At the same time, I performed a side turn with my toes as axis, causing a squeaking to resound at my feet. While rotating, I shifted my hold in the right hand, and then stopped moving.
――I focused from my torso to my back.
In an instant, I imagined a fictitious enemy in front of me.


Rebecca’s admiring voice felt good. Although I wanted to look at her face, I didn’t.
At once I repeatedly performed <Thrusts> as if stabbing the chest of the imaginary opponent. And then I stopped moving again, in a state of standing stock still with my left foot having taken one step forward, and the polearm in my right hand extended straight to the front.
As a test, I poured mana into the white, metallic staff part. At that moment, the sharp spearhead vibrated? Moreover, the blue tassel squirmed as if possessing a consciousness. The fiber-like bundle floated in the air.

“…Interesting. This spear seems to be profound. Not bad.”

“That’s cool and all, but Shuuya, don’t get absorbed in training! Let’s split the rest as well!”


After making the polearm rotate while apologizing to Rebecca, I went back to the silver treasure chest.
The remaining items are…Viine, Rebecca, Eva, Yui, and Mysty will each get a set of the stylish skirt and feathered outer garment.
Next, the silver bracelets, the three necklaces with the yellow jewel, the two necklaces with the yellow-green jewel, the five diamond earrings, the black steel ingot, the cosmetic-like pallets and the set of writing brushes that seem to be eye liner, the red ink bottle, the bottle with the mysteriously colored liquid, the gold threads, the light brown cloth, the black rings, and the various types of black belts will have their fate decided on whether they will be used by everyone or split after the appraisal.
I wonder what kind of effect the cosmetics are going to have.
Since the pouch was an item box, I gave it to Mysty.

“Master, thanks.”

“Sure. Now all <Head Servant Leaders> have an item box.”

I was bothered by Kaldo’s gaze, but…I didn’t point it out.

“I will put my research equipment into this.”

“Nn, Mysty’s room is going to become clean?”

“Seeing as there are various items in that workshop, I’m not confident that I can clean it up even when having an item box…”

“Is it so messy?”

“Nn, Yui, you never entered her workshop?”

“No, I know that it’s in the direction of the corner where Balmint pees occasionally, but I have been going out on patrol for the dark guild.”

“Eh? So that’s why the workshop’s pillar was stinking so much…” Mysty responded while blinking in surprise.

It looks like she suffered an unexpected shock.
Don’t follow Rollo in everything…
It might be about time to consult the witch in the Saldia Wasteland or ask her to train him as a high ancient dragon.
I kept splitting the items while holding such a conversation.

“Well then, following the spear, I think this would suit me.”

I had an eye on it at first some time ago. I took a set of black leather boots, and the dark green coat. This dark green protective clothing looks way too handsome. I like it.
Afterwards, the glasses.

“Mysty, I’m going to give you these glasses.”

“Is it fine for me to take them?”

“Yeah, no problem. I think they will fit you.”

“T-Thanks, master…” Mysty mumbled bashfully with her cheeks dyed red.

After a little moment, she immediately took the glasses out of the treasure chest and put them on.
I know about the mana circulating through them, but I wonder…

“How do I look?”

“It suits you perfectly.” Rebecca frankly praised Mysty while smiling brightly.

“Really? Thanks. But, I don’t feel like anything has changed. At most, a slightly better eyesight?”

I couldn’t expect much of an effect, but the glasses do suit her. A professor-like, talented woman. Once she decides on a pose, it’ll be a straight beeline towards becoming a mad scientist.

“…I see. I suppose the details have to wait until we get it appraised at Suloza’s store.”


“Nn, if it’s that mysterious shop owner, he will even buy them.”

“Mysterious shop owner?”

Mysty had apparently never met that bald shop owner.

“Correct. Albeit small, he’s running Suloza’s Old Sorcery Shop in a prime location of the First Ring Road. He’s a quite famous item appraiser.”

“I see.”

“He’s a person who can assign an appraisal certificate to magic items. He’s a shop owner with many rumors going around about him, such as him possessing several connections to major companies behind the scenes, or being a shadow ruler.” Rebecca added.

I took charge of all the remaining loot. I also returned the white spear into the silver treasure chest.
It depends on the appraisal, but I suppose the remaining items will go to the high-class combat slaves as new equipment, serve as souvenirs for the dwarf brothers & Rubia, or be sold to the prince.
I lifted up the heavy silver box with one hand, and stored it in my item box.


Rollo thought that her rubbing toy had been confiscated. She unleashed cat punches against my leg in dissatisfaction. However, I didn’t cross counter the cute cat punches, I ignored them.

“Ooh, what magnificent muscle strength. It’s no wonder that you made me, a Cycluse, yield.” Rulizeze said while gathering mana in her eyes.

“Cycluse race, eh? Are there any others like you, Rulizeze?”

“Let’s see. In my hometown, sure…in this evil god domain, it’s only me.” Rulizeze looked sad.

I guess I will try asking her about her story, before returning to the surface.



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Translation Notes:

  1. The shield itself is called 黒骨塊魂 (Black Bone Cluster/Personification Souls). I combined Bone + Personification/Embodiment into Skeletonized. However, this line here is about 塊魂 (Cluster Souls). That refers to an old video game called Katamari Damacy for PS2, you should check it out. Totally ridiculous
  2. watershield is a plant
  3. Look here:
  4. Image here:

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