Chapter 115 – Blood Magic Awakening

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“I won’t care even if you get injured, okay?”

I summon the Cursed Sword Beat into my left hand while pressuring her with my glare.
Its naked, dark red blade shines.
I press the cursed sword’s point against the skin of my left forearm and gently cut the skin until close to the wrist.
Blood trickled down from the slit in the shape of a red line.
The top of the bed is dyed with bloodstains as the blood drips down.

“Nyao, nya~o.”

Seeing blood stream down from my arm, Rollo purred worriedly.
I make the cursed sword vanish and put up a smile.

“— Haha, Rollo. I’m fine, so go sleep over there.” (Shuuya)

I stroke the head of the adorable Rollo, who stares at me with an anxious expression, with the palm of my left hand.

“Putting that aside, Veronica— look, here’s your blood. You should suck it after touching it with a finger first for caution’s sake.” (Shuuya)

While making a strict expression that completely changed from a smiling one, I held out my forearm with the dripping blood to Veronica.

“Fufu, geez, pulling such a grim face, the bed will end up dirty, won’t it? — Well then, let me dig in at once~.” (Veronica)


Veronica has a calm expression.
Stretching out a white, slender arm, she touches my blood with her fingertip.
At that instant, there’s a sizzling sound of evaporation.

“Hyaaaa— ooouch.” (Veronica)

Throwing her arm in the air, Veronica raises a voice filled with pain.
Her fingertip was burned and is now inflamed.
Whoaaa, as I thought…
My blood contains the light attribute as well.
Does it have the same effect as holy water? Although I’m not sure, it seems to be a powerful poison for vampires.
Veronica panics.
She waves her hand with a flapping sound and retreats.
In a hurry I release water from life magic at the part that was scalded with pinpoint precision.
I rinse off Veronica’s finger and include her arm as well.

“You understand with this, right? I’m a type of vampire, but I’m an existence that can also be said to be your guys’ natural enemy. By the way, there’s no one who knows about this matter. Originally it’s information I’d like to keep hidden. I’d like you to consider this as me returning the favour by showing my will to form a bond of deep affection and friendship with a beautiful child like you, Veronica.” (Shuuya)

After hearing my words, Veronica furrows her eyebrows and glares at me with her vampire-like, bloodshot, red eyes.

“Ouch! Such a terrible way to return a favor…” (Veronica)

You know, even if you say something like that, it’s the result of you wanting to drink my blood, isn’t it…?
However, I will apologize.

“Sorry. Does it still hurt?” (Shuuya)

“Of course it does! It hurts, but honestly… I’m surprised…” (Veronica)

Veronica’s fingertip swells up with a red color similar to the aftermath of a burn.

“Look, I believe I did warn you more or less.” (Shuuya)

“— Yeah. I never imagined that it would really be blood that exceeds holy water, alright~? However, thank you for properly advising me to only touch the blood first. I was almost about to drink it…” (Veronica)

While blowing on her painful fingertip, Veronica looked at me and thanked me.
Certainly, if she had drunk it, it would have likely ended in her death or a serious injury.

“It’s okay. If you had brought your mouth close to my blood, I would have kept you away with my hands.” (Shuuya)

“Really? But, for my <Blood Solution> skill to make a mistake, that’s really surprising! Since your blood’s scent is completely like the that of Slot-otou-san’s blood, I might have mixed them up unconsciously.” (Veronica)

Getting mixed up with Veronica’s father, huh?
She’s a vampire. For her to go as far as making a mistake, my blood probably resembles her vampire father, Slot, quite a bit.
I’m a new race, but also belong to the vampire species.
I can understand her guessing wrongly.

“… Oh! But with that, will you still teach me blood magic despite this situation?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, I will. I definitely don’t want you to become my enemy.” (Veronica)

Both her eyes are still dyed with blood, but the creases on her forehead have vanished and she has a somewhat frightened expression.

“Me neither. And so, please teach me at once.” (Shuuya)

“That’s fine with me, but I don’t think that you will be able to remember all of the blood magic all of a sudden? Though I believe you can learn it right away as long as it’s advice about the First Gate by an experienced person. It might be impossible to learn the Second Gate and the Third Gate for a dhampir.” (Veronica)

There’s also the possibility that a half-breed can’t learn them?

“I don’t mind.” (Shuuya)

“Understood. Well then… put this on.” (Veronica)

Veronica passed me a special-looking bracelet, which hung at her waist, with a size that seems to fit on my upper arm.
There are blades on the inner side of the bracelet.

“This has blades in the inner part?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, there’s a pull switch at the front, right? If you operate that switch, it will become a device that shoots out multiple inserted blades from the inner part of the ring.” (Veronica)

Once I pull down the switch located on the surface of a leather cloth, the blades spring back.
When I put it back into the upper position, the blades appear.
Its structure seems to be unexpectedly complicated.
The inner blades that minutely jump out are a combination of various sizes and are intermingled in a complicated manner. Each of them branches into interlaced nails.
It looks like they will considerably bite into my skin once they pierce it…
She’s telling me to get injured by wearing this on my arm?

“Apart from the bracelet making me bleed, what kind of name does this tool have?” (Shuuya)

“This tool is a training item that has the goal of making you constantly aware of blood magic. It’s a tool used by novice vampires and as such its name is Virgin Blade.” (Veronica)

It’s a plausible name.
I imagine an iron maiden.
But, it perfectly suits the name of a very masochistic training device.

“If you continue training by equipping that bracelet, you should be able to reach the point of freely handling the basic blood flow manipulation, the First Gate.” (Veronica)

Is it absolutely necessary to go through such painful experiences?
While thinking that I really don’t want that, I immediately equip the bracelet on my right arm that has become naked.

“You don’t have to make such an unwilling expression. In the past it was much crueler.” (Veronica)

“Hee, did they use a different tool in the past?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, right. It had the figure of an iron man piercing your entire body! Compared to that, this is much more comfortable, no?” (Veronica)

Wha, isn’t that truly an iron maiden?

“Ah, wait, if you do it here, you will end up dirtying the floor, right?” (Veronica)

“I guess so. I will do it above a bucket.” (Shuuya)

I headed to the veranda located on the bay window’s side while having the virgin blade equipped around my arm.
Given that a bucket for bathing has been set up on the veranda’s planked floor, I enter that bucket.

“Oh my, what splendid, first-rate member and nice butt. How cute~.” (Veronica)

“Hey! Don’t mess around. So, to use this bracelet, it’s fine to cause bleeding through it, right?” (Shuuya)

『To admire Your Excellency’s butt, this vampiric loli hag shows a lot of promise.』 (Helme)

Helme praised Veronica.

“Fufu, that’s right.” (Veronica)

This loli hag looks at my nether region and butt, and laughs…
I’m slightly bothered by her lewd gaze, but I touch the Virgin Blade bracelet and pull the switch up.
Blades extended from the bracelet, pierced the skin of my arm and sunk into it.
— Ouch! Immediately blood is overflowing from around the bracelet.
The wounds tried to heal themselves at once, but since the blades have cut very deeply into my arm, the pain continued.
Ow, ow…

“You will become aware of the blood magic, the path of blood, in this state. It might hurt, but do put up with it. You should be able to slowly grasp the sensation of blood flowing from the wounds. Steadily strengthen that sensation, alright?” (Veronica)

Veronica’s smile seems to be filled with sarcasm.

“Got it.” (Shuuya)

I operate the switch many and many times over.
However, the wounds regenerate right away. The blades biting into my arm are pushed back and they automatically return inside the bracelet.
Each time for several hundreds of times I keep pushing them back in through the bracelet’s switch, and I make the blades eat into my flesh continuously.
I have lost a large amount of blood.
The blood that flowed down from the wounds accumulated inside the bucket.
I really dislike the pain, but I will stick through it…

“… Yeah. That’s the way. The blades pierce deeply since they are small and sharp, but since your body will end up regenerating immediately after all, everyone hates it at the beginning…” (Veronica)

It’s very unlikely for me to be able to understand a sensation or such due to the pain, but…

“Don’t make such a face. I’m sorry to say, but until you can grasp the sensation, you will taste that pain over and over again.” (Veronica)

“Can’t be helped…” (Shuuya)

With this and that, after continuing the training with the very masochistic training device for several hours, at the moment I barely succeeded in being conscious of the sensation early in the morning,
Piiing ※<Blood Path First ・ Gate>※ Permanent skill acquired.
Piiing ※<Blood Path Second ・ Gate>※ Permanent skill acquired.
I was able to obtain permanent skills.
As I obtained the skills and became aware of the blood path, I comprehend the skill <Blood Magic>.
Moreover, I understood about myself as well.
This is amazing.
Certainly if one does not practise by continuously tasting the painful experience created by this Virgin Blade bracelet, it would be impossible to completely learn <Blood Magic> that’s related to delicate blood manipulation.
I feel the blood flow circulating through my entire body.
I am able to grasp the arteries connected to my heart in real time, the veins that are twisting and curving just like little bows, and the fine flow lines inside the veins that are promoting the blood flow.
I can naturally understand all of them.
How mysterious.
I comprehend that the blood flow that’s circulating through the entire body naturally carries nutrients and oxygen to the entire body by making those circulate throughout the body.
I can even grasp all the things contained in the blood that are abnormal through the sensation.
Blood is alive. This is immortality, huh?
Blood is rich?
This point is completely different from humans, isn’t it?
I clearly understand that my insides belong to a new race.
I guess everything’s outdone by special blood.
Blood is truly a special juice.
I think stem cells, white blood cells and red blood cells are usually different.
I feel the desire to thoroughly examine them under a microscope.
I might be able to discover something that surpasses nano machines that were made to further evolve into natural killer cells.
I’m able to manipulate that special blood.
Once I became aware of it, I was capable of absorbing and releasing blood at every place across my whole body.
This is the essential point of the First Gate.
The absorption and release of blood is under my complete control.

“It’s a success.” (Shuuya)

“Huh? You already…. succeeded at it?” (Veronica)

Veronica looks surprised.

“Seems so…” (Shuuya)

I murmur while looking at my own bright red blood that accumulated plentifully in the bath tube.
And then I directly absorb that blood through my feet and retrieve it.
The blood is directly sucked up through the skin of my feet.

“… I can’t believe it, but it seems to be the truth. I think the Second Gate is right around the corner too?” (Veronica)

Veronica says while watching the blood vanishing from the bucket.
Well, I suppose I ended up opening the second gate as well.

“Umm, I already acquired the Second Gate.” (Shuuya)

Once I casually mention that, she got surprised and made a reaction similar to folding her small body down.

“— Eeeh? Already? Even though one normally acquires it after growing and sucking blood for a long time. Ah, does that perchance mean that you already obtained some unique skill that manipulates blood with blood magic? Then you are after all an ancestral, pure, founding vampire? Oh, but, the order of things is in reverse then, no…? I don’t understand…” (Veronica)

Even while being surprised, Veronica stares at my genitals.
Or rather, there’s no such skill at my genitals, you know?
It’s definitely not a magical penis!
I can tell it’s not truly such an indecent topic, but a manifestation of her doubts after seeing blood being absorbed through my feet.
It’s a slightly itchy feeling.
But, <Blood Magic> that I consciously use through this first gate has also aspects that are similar to the <Magic Combat Style> which is a different skill.
I control it through the blood flow and the details of the veins.
Something like cladding my body with mana feels close to the blood vessels spreading throughout it.
Well, enough of that… there’s something more important.
It’s about me being able to use <Blood Chains Banquet>, my biggest and strongest offensive skill, at any time without going through a painful experience. This is a really big deal.
Fu, fufu, fwuhahaha~!
I loudly laugh like a vampire in my mind.
The quickness of <Demonic Brain Speed>.
The destruction of <Blood Chains Banquet>.
Those two turned into special finishing moves I can use with a body of flesh and blood.
If I combine them with the spear skill <Darkness Drill – Magic Spear Break>, it becomes three.
However, I will lay off using those until I encounter a strong enemy who can deal with my blood chains.
I will seal it, just like before. First I will develop the spearmanship techniques I learned from master.
Towards a new height of martial arts, the limit of military arts and becoming a peerless lancer…
But I will experiment with the magic I learned and also the fake chain spear. Magic Combat Style, Guidance Sorcery, Sage Art… I really want to use such things as swords, shuriken etc. too…
Well, at times I’m going to have love affairs, but I think that’s okay.
I will definitely not forget the spirit of La Keralda I learned from the Goldiba family and the heart of a martial artist I was taught by master.

『Your Excellency, congratulations.』 (Helme)

When I’m delighted, the deformed Helme appears in my line of sight.
I start a telepathic communication with the adorable Helme.

『Aye! Did you watch the whole time, Helme?』 (Shuuya)

『Yes!』 (Helme)

『I see, sorry for the trouble. The absorption of blood indeed became easy.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes. As expected of you, Your Excellency. But please absorb the blood recovered by me as well, okay?』 (Helme)

『I know that—』 (Shuuya)

Since I am in a good mood, I grab Helme and fill her with mana.

『Ahn! Y-Your Excellency?』 (Helme)

Having disappeared, Helme spoke to me in bewilderment with a pleased voice.

『Well, don’t mind it. I suppose it’s because you are skilled at flattery, Helme. It’s a reward.』 (Shuuya)

『Hauuu.』 (Helme)

I’m very happy that my finishing moves increased.
I end up unintentionally becoming overly excited.
Well then, since it’s somewhat unpleasant to be naked, I will wear some leather clothes.

“… Somehow your smirking expression is weird. Are you alright?” (Veronica)

“Yeah, I’m fine. There’s no problem.” (Shuuya)

Just as I finished putting on leather trousers, I replied while doing a thumbs up with a clearly triumphant look towards Veronica’s face.

“Good grief, don’t I look like an idiot for being surprised? But, grats on mastering the First and Second Gate.” (Veronica)

Without reacting to my triumphant look at all…
Veronica completely changes from her previous charming attitude of wanting my blood and answered coldy while looking listless.

“Thanks!” (Shuuya)

“Later the scent of your <Inhalation of Odour TechniquePheromones’ Touch> should evolve as well. I think you didn’t realize until now, but after that you will be able to grasp the turf of a vampire.” (Veronica)

I wonder whether something like conflicts of blood exist?

“Turf, huh? Veronica, have you changed the area around here into your turf?” (Shuuya)

“Of course. You have to be careful, since using it frequently is the same as declaring that you want to take the turf. Having said that, there are no house members of the twelve founding houses in this city. The Valmask main house is in the capital. In the past there were more branch house members, but now it’s just me and Paulsen. There are also times when wandering vampires arrive here, but the dropout from the churchMad Knight, our natural enemy, is in this city after all…” (Veronica)

Him, huh? Though I don’t know whether he’s alive or dead.

“I see, I will remember it.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah. You might have already experienced it, but the risk of being chased by vampire hunters has risen sharply and there are also cases where we get tracked with special magic tools.” (Veronica)

She kindly teaches me various things.
I guess Vero-chin is my senpai as vampire.
I have to put my gratitude into words.

“… Thank you for many things, Veronica-senpai.” (Shuuya)

“Fufu! You are welcome, kouhai-kun.” (Veronica)

Veronica begins to dance while whirling around sideways on the spot.

“And, do you have two or three more of this bracelet?” (Shuuya)

“— I do. You want them?” (Veronica)

Veronica stops dancing and looks at me with a questioning expression.

“Yeah, they got an interesting structure, you know?” (Shuuya)

“I see… did you maybe end up addicted to a weird hobby?” (Veronica)

Veronica-senpai laughs at me with a feeling of making slight fun of me.

“You know that’s not right. I’m on the aggressive side.*” (Shuuya) (T/N: She indirectly calls him masochistic and he answers indirectly that he’s on the sadistic side)

“Hmm, that splendid first rate member isn’t just for show, eh…? *Slurp*” (Veronica)

She looks at me as if she can see through my leather trousers. Her gaze is dangerous stuff.

“Yeah, yeah,  just give them to me.” (Shuuya)

“Sure. Wait a sec, okay?” (Veronica)

Veronica takes out a necklace.
She took out the items smoothly from the necklace.
Hee, such type of item box exists as well, doesn’t it?

“An item box, huh?” (Shuuya)

“Correct. It’s a cheap item that can be called one of the simpler item boxes, but if it’s a big-sized item box, it will end up costing a large platinum coin. I’m fine with an item box around this size.” (Veronica)

It seems there are various types.
Given that she threw two Virgin Blade bracelets to me, I catch them and put them into my item box.

“Shuuya, yours is a small bracelet, but is it a superior big-sized item box?” (Veronica)

“Well I wonder about that. Even though it may appear like one, its capacity is limited.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, I see. I guess in that case it’s a medium-sized item box. It’s nothing special then.” (Veronica)

After noncommittally nodding since I don’t know even if I’m told something like that,

“… So, the following Third Gate is?” (Shuuya)

“Because the Third Gate is about selecting a characteristic, personal skill, there’s nothing for me to teach you anymore now that you acquired the Second Gate— Besides, look, it’s already morning. I’m sleepy…” (Veronica)

Veronica releases a big yawn.
Being lured in, I yawn grandly as well.
Certainly, it’s already bright outside the window.
The first cock crow resounds from outside.
The sounds of a cicada can be heard as well.
Is it possibly the cicada that’s kept by Zeeta?
At that moment, the light of the morning sun shining brightly through the window illuminates the doll-like face of Veronica.
A beautiful silver powder generates from Veronica’s face that’s illuminated by the morning sun.
It gets reflected beautifully, but huh?

“Putting that aside, say, are you alright with being flooded by the light of the morning sun?” (Shuuya)

“Oh, fufu, you don’t even know that? — It’s the effect of the me and this ring possess.” (Veronica)

Veronica, who has a drowsy-looking expression, completely changes.
Flaunting the ring with its red gem she has put on her finger, she reveals a proud smile.
A skill, huh?

WeVampires grow as we pile up on years. For a vampire who has lived around 100 years, something like the light of the sun is no problem. Though it might wear them out within limitations.” (Veronica)

I see.
If they pile up growth, skills and magic tools, the effect of the sunlight will completely vanish…

“I didn’t know. That beautiful ring seems to be a high-class item.” (Shuuya)

“Uh huh. As expected of you, who possesses a scent similar to otou-san. You have a discerning eye. You know, this is a memento of Slot-otou-san who made me into a vampire.” (Veronica)

It was a memento? I ended up asking her something unpleasant.

“I see, I’m sorry.” (Shuuya)

“No, I don’t mind. Cause it’s a memento of Slot-otou-san who saved me when I was about to die. I’m happy to receive praise for this precious ring. … However, at the same time it did remind me of the detestable enemy who killed tou-san.” (Veronica)

In an instant her eyes transform into bloodshot eyes filled with hatred.
However, that he was killed is even more unpleasant, isn’t it?

“I-I see. I brought up the topic, but if you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to, okay?” (Shuuya)

“Pupu, what a ridiculous expression. It doesn’t really matter. Shuuya, you are weirdly fussing about it, aren’t you? Might as well go ahead and tell you. The enemy who killed otou-san is one of the vampire lords of the Valmask main house, Lunz Lavoire Valmask. His nickname is Lunz of the Blood Law. It’s Sir Lunz who belongs to the main house’s 【Blood Court】.” (Veronica)

Main house, eh? Though I don’t quite understand 【Blood Court】 or such.
It is a feud between fellow members of the same house?

“Something like disputes between fellow vampires exists?” (Shuuya)

“Of course they do. For a race that has many enemies and few numbers it seems to be a stupid story, but the main houses of the the twelve founding houses are relentless in upholding their noble laws as vampires. In contrast to that, the branch houses are basically free-spirited. Friction is born from that and there are ugly fights between fellow house members. In addition… I stole…” (Veronica)

That’s how it is, huh? Well, I can guess the rest.

“Ah, that’s right. If it’s your blood, Shuuya, it looks possible to eradicate the main houseValmask that  dwells in the capital Glomheim.” (Veronica)

Veronica talks while looking joyful.

“What are you saying. Destroying a species or such is too dangerous. Certainly, I won’t hesitate to become someone atrocious for the sake of my friends, but at the current point in time I don’t have any reason to do something like that. I won’t expressly do such dangerous stuff… or rather, weren’t you sleepy?” (Shuuya)

Veronica nods with her eyelids looking heavy.

“Y-Yeah. Fuuaaah. That’s true as well, isn’t it? I will go sleep in the basement… see ya.” (Veronica)

Once again she releases a big yawn while looking drowsy.
I am lured into it once again as well.
Despite being a vampire, she apparently gets sleepy.
She’s different from me in that aspect, too.
Ah, I wonder, but is she maybe sleeping in a coffin?

“… See you.” (Shuuya)

Without asking anything unnecessary, I bid farewell to Veronica.
She nods with drowsy eyes.
She turns around with shaky-looking motions, opens the door and leaves my room.
Pheew… in a certain sense I spent a fulfilling night.
Someday there will likely come a time when the Virgin Blades I stored away a while ago will come in handy.
It should become necessary at the time when I create a <Head Servant>.
Therefore I will seal them in my item box until then.
Well then, I don’t want to sleep, so let’s get up.
Today… what should I do?
First, aimlessly wander around this area.
Second, once again go around the shops located at the First Ring Road, or search for something like a market and do some window shopping to find delicious food and rare items.
Third, in accordance with my main objective, take a simple request, challenge the labyrinth and earn some money for the sake of a house and plot of land, even though I still don’t know how much they cost.
Fourth, march into the headquarters of the dark guild 【Owl’s Fangs】 and massacre Eribol and the leaders. Or crush their branch’s turf.
Fifth, search for the dwarven siblings, Zaga and Bon, and meet with Rubia. Or search for Mia, who might have changed her name?
Sixth, use the mirrors and gate magic to take a walk and have some adventures in unknown areas outside of Pelneet.
Seventh, spend my time idly by playing with a cat toy and Rollo.
I hesitate whether to do three, four, five or seven, but I will stick to the basics here.
Let’s go with three.
Apart from going to the labyrinth, a map isn’t necessary, right?
Even if I get lost in the labyrinth, I can probably return at any time as long as I leave a mirror here.
There’s the magically-built homeMagic House as well, but I guess I will use it if other adventurers do so as well.
Let’s stay safe and seal it away, in case they don’t use one.
Alright, now that I have put my plans in order to some extent, I turn my consciousness towards Helme and start a telepathic communication with her.

『Helme, we will head into the labyrinth.』 (Shuuya)

『Understood.』 (Helme)

The personified Helme appears in my field of vision while turning around and around.

『Helme, you probably want to leave my eye and fight as well? But, well, I think it will be alright with Rollo and me. The burning knights will be there in addition as well.』 (Shuuya)

『N-No waaay…』 (Helme)

Helme-chan hangs her head, looking as if the characters for “shock” have appeared over her head.

『In that case, do you want to come out in the beginning?』 (Shuuya)

『It’s fine. Recently I have developed nice poses on this side, so I will stay put.』 (Helme)

Helme moves her arms and butt comically and says something like that while showing a cute reaction.

『I see. But, since your Spirit Sight is convenient, I’d like you to lend me your strength when necessary, Helme.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay. I shall eagerly await Your Excellency’s order.』 (Helme)

『Aye.』 (Shuuya)

Once I finish the brief telepathic communication with Helme, I take out the Mirror of Paledes from my item box. I place the mirror in a space next to the bed.
Tracing the surface of a symbol of the 24-faceted orbTrapezohedron with my thumb, a gate is invoked.
I confirm that the mirror is shining.
I plan to invoke it inside the labyrinth at some point in time, but let’s test it here just in case.
Entering the invoked gate, I was able to leave through the mirror.
The orb, which was the source of the gate, is embedded in the mirror.
And, just as usual, the orb disconnected itself and the Trapezohedron started to revolve around my head.
With this I will be able to directly return here from the labyrinth.
I equip the cuirass then and there, and put on the violet armor.
I put on the grey overcloak that releases a faint violet light, and equip the chest strap.

“— Preparations, all done. Rollo, we will go to the labyrinth after I get the requests.” (Shuuya)

After grabbing the orb that was revolving around my head, I spoke to Rollo.

“N, nya.”

I store the 24-faceted orb in my chest strap.
Rollo gets on my shoulder.
She nuzzles against my cheek as if greeting me.
I leave the room after stroking the head of such a cute Rollo.
I close the lock and peek down on the dining room on the first floor through the handrail while walking through the inn’s hallway on the second floor.
There are many guests eating a breakfast in the dining room.
There are also drunkards who have fallen prostrate with their face on the table.
I wonder whether we should eat as well, but there are likely places to eat something in front of the labyrinth. While thinking that the inn’s cooking is good, I walk along the handrail, descend the stairs and leave the inn after uneventfully opening the entrance door.
I hurry through the alley that continues into the First Ring Road.
After I look around while hurrying, Rollo has already transformed into horse-size.
Running up to RollodeenHorse Lion Mode, I jump lightly and mount her by saddling on her black torso.
At the moment I got on her, a tentacle tightly stuck to my nape, two tentacles turned into reins and appeared in front of me.
I grab the reins and we swiftly run through the alley.

“Rollo, the guild’s first, okay?” (Shuuya)


The black cat proceeds while purring something similar to a lazy “Gotcha nyaa.”
Her unusual speed is amazing.
Despite quite a few people coming and going, she smoothly slips between them and moves without bumping into anyone.
In the blink of an eye we leave the alley, enter the ring road and arrive in front of the guild.
Once I dismount from her, she shrinks from her horse lion size into that of a black cat.
Just as usual, Rollo jumps on my shoulder.
She comfortably sits down while spreading her body’s weight from the right shoulder to a part of the chest belt and the hood on my back.
I step into the congested guild.
Passing by in front of the boards, I look around, wondering I hope that Rebecca’s around~
I search for the figure of a short female magician… but, she doesn’t seem to be present.
I had planned to greet her, but, if she’s not here, it can’t be helped.
Like that I advance to in front of the boards.
I look at the list of request papers that are posted on the boards.
I look for requests inside the labyrinth.
As it’s only natural to get a magic stone request, I will this time carefully search for a monster subjugation request as well. I will choose them while taking their floor into consideration.
First are the requests on the second floor.

Second floor:

“Bat Ant” – All raw materials of bat ant types.
“Tree Demon” Treant – All raw materials.
“Shelled Worm” Roll Killgin – All raw materials.
“Fire Wolf” Galsol – All raw materials.
“Blaze Wolf” Big Galsol – All raw materials.
“Quick Demon” Hobgoblin – All raw materials of hobgoblin types.
“Headless Warrior” Deadman Soldier – All raw materials.
“Silver-Fanged Ogre” Volck, popular nickname: Silver Volck – All raw materials.

Next, the requests for the third floor.

“Large Phantasmal Mushroom” – All raw materials.
“Giant Toad” – All raw materials.
“Tree Demon” Treant – All raw materials.
“Shelled Worm” Roll Killgin – All raw materials.
“Headless Warrior” Deadman Soldier – All raw materials.
“Decaying Knight” Zombie Knight – All raw materials.
“Silver-Fanged Ogre” Volck, popular nickname: Silver Volck – All raw materials.
“Black Centipede” – All raw materials.
“Golden Steel Dinosaur” Golden Tyrant – All raw materials. (T/N: Appeared as Gold-threaded Dinosaur in chapter 105, probably the same. Author changed the name though)
“Pumpkin Head” – All raw materials.
“Black Sugarwater Snake” Sugar Snake – All raw materials.
“Blue Nectar Stomachless” Slime – All raw materials.
“Black Moss Tiger” Ralbapuck Tiger – All raw materials.
“Greenish Black Steel Tiger” Gelad Tiger – All raw materials.

There seem to be many monsters who appear across several floors.

Requests for the fourth floor

“Giant Toad” – All raw materials.
“Steel Praying Mantis” Mantis Golgan – All raw materials.
“Gigantic Snake” – All raw materials.
“Poisoned Arrow Hood” Vizorm – All raw materials.
“Black Blade Alligator” Black Sword Crocodile – All raw materials.
“Sour Bone Swordsman” Crash Swordsman – All raw materials.
“Black Moss Tiger” Ralbapuck Tiger – All raw materials.
“Ferocious Bull Spider” Titan Spider – All raw materials.
“Sky-shadowing Swamp Hand” Shadow Hand – All raw materials.
“Swamp Lizard” Gulzong – All raw materials.

As stated, those are the various requests for the different floors. There are still many more requests of monster types I haven’t chosen.
There are those of the fifth floor as well, but since I believe that I won’t dive that far this time, I excluded those.
Moreover, I discover the name of the boss class in the notes.
It’s the guy who Rebecca mentioned occasionally.
The name is Barbaroy’s Envoy.


It randomly appears on the second floor and below.
A special guardian class – unique monster.
It’s a lich type monster with an appearance close to a decaying knight.
And, at the time of its appearance, an eerie low bell sound will resound without fail. It’s famous for creating a stream of freezing water on the ground.
If you confirm these phenomenons, we recommend running away.
Without a specific area of appearance, it wanders inside the labyrinth like a ghost.
There’s no report of its subjugation in the last one hundred years. It was subjugated once one hundred years ago. A high-ranking, big, statue-shaped magic stone was confirmed, but its revival was verified several days later.


That’s what’s written there.
I guess even I would run away if I encountered it with a BGM playing in the background.
But, I feel like I want to try fighting it.
There appears to be no reward even if you defeat it, but there’s at least the magic stone, right?
I will remember this Barbaroy.
Thinking that I will choose from among the request I found just a while ago, the exact point of appearance isn’t written on any request as they only list the floor.
Should I suitably pick from among the monsters appearing on the second floor and accept those requests?

Client: Sabient Company
Request Content: All raw materials of the C Rank Bat Ant
Subjugation Target: “Bat Ant”
Application Period: Indefinite
Search Area: The labyrinth’s second floor
Reward: 1 Gold Coin per whole body
Subjugation Proof: Whole body, magic stone excluded. Negative assessment for many wounds
Hints: There are reports of them appearing in big numbers in the area of the second floor.
Note: Several types have been confirmed among the bat ants.

Five wooden tags of this request.

Client: Gotez & Roze Armor Shop
Request Content: All raw materials of the B Rank Quick Demon (Hobgoblin)
Subjugation Target: “Quick Demon”
Application Period: Indefinite
Search Area: The labyrinth’s second floor
Reward: 15 Gold Coin per body
Subjugation Proof: Whole body, magic stone excluded. Negative assessment for many wounds
Hints: There are reports of them appearing in the mine area of the second floor. Be aware of their swift attacks using arms.
Note: Their strength is the highest class among the monsters of the second floor.

One wooden tag of this request.
In total I have six wooden request tags.
The quick demon has a high value with its 15 gold coins.
Since I can’t accept more than one magic stone request, let’s do a medium magic stone request that has a bigger reward than a small magic stone request.

Client: Major Premiere Company
Request Content: B Rank medium magic stones. “Ten stones” regardless of quality.
Subjugation Target: none
Application Period: Indefinite
Search Area: The labyrinth’s first floor ~
Reward: 50 Silver Coins
Subjugation Proof: Magic Stones
Hints: All kinds of monsters
Note: Mainly possessed by monsters appearing from the second floor and below.

I decide to accept this magic stone request.
Holding the six subjugation and the magic stone requests, I return to the receptionist.
Since it’s slightly packed, I line up in the queue and wait a bit.
Finally it’s my turn.

“I’d like to take these requests.” (Shuuya)

I submit the wooden tags and my adventurer card.

“Okay. Umm, what about your company?”

“I’d like to take them as an individual, but is that not allowed?” (Shuuya)

“… It might be possible if it’s the great plain, but the second floor of the labyrinth as solo, and moreover, to finish this amount of requests? You will die, you know?”

“Nn, nyao, nyaon nya.”

The human receptionist warns me like that with a serious face.
Rollo, who is on my shoulder, launches cat punches into the air as if complaining to the receptionist.

“… It’s alright. I’m confident.” (Shuuya)

“Fufu, what a cute neko-chan. I can see your paws~.”

“Ahem.” (Shuuya)

I deliberately cough as if my throat’s clogged up.

“… Ah, yes, since you are a person holding a title, you might have confidence, but…”

The receptionist returns to her job, looks at my adventurer card and looks at me in worry.
I’m happy about her worrying about me, but I wonder whether she can give me the approval already.

“How much longer?” (Shuuya)

Squinting a bit, I make a smile in the shape of an arc.

“Ugh, g-got it.”

Oh, I can almost hear the sound effect of my smile succeeding on the persuasion.
Did my cold smile turn into a weapon?
I place my hand on the crystal and the requests are accepted.
I have her return my adventurer card.
I check through the card with a glance.

Title: Dragon Slayer
Race: Human
Occupation: C Rank Adventurer
Affiliation: None
Combat Occupation: Spear Warrior – Chain User
Completed Requests: 19

I turn on my heels while putting away the card, which I check with a casual sidelong glance, in my chest strap, and left the guild just like that.
I advance along the First Ring Road which is the central area of the city.


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