Prologue – It seems it’s not a Revolt

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“I’ll tell you a story…it was, yes, 36…”

Giliel gazed at the little girl, who was holding up an umbrella for some odd reason and had started to mumble about something in some kind of narrative tone with a distant look in her eyes, while repeatedly clenching and releasing her fists. The tekkou with their unrefined design, Giliel’s specialized weapons, were already covering both her hands. Each time she moved her fingers, a low squeaking sound could be heard, but the little girl showed no signs of noticing the sound, as if immersing herself in something else.

“No, ten thousand years ago…no wait, how much was it again? Well, whatever. For me it’s as if it happened yesterday, but for all of you it must be…”

“Okay, you can stop right there.” Giliel said as she swung her fist with full force, hitting the little girl’s head.

Without even leaving an impact sound behind – seemingly because of the difference in mass – the little girl’s figure vanished on the spot, without Giliel receiving any kind of feedback from her fist.



Difficult for a being with a predestined life time to even imagine, it was a blow that used almost 100% of the physical power Giliel had been given as an angel. And even throughout Giliel’s lifetime, it was a magnificent attack that could be called a critical hit. Giliel froze, remaining in the stance of having swung her first, for a moment, as if relishing in the lingering memory.

Before long, Giliel fixed her posture, and bumped her fists, causing the boorish tekkou to shine with countless tiny sparks of light which vanished, melting into the atmosphere.

Following the sparks with her eyes, Giliel looked up into the sky for a while, but once she lowered her gaze back down, she said with a flat voice that seemed emotionless, “Master, are you planning to pick a fight with someone?”

“…Gi-li-eeeeeeeeelll!!” The little girl unleashed a deep voice that one would hear at the very depths of hell without even twitching after having fallen down like a stick slightly far away from where Giliel stood.

Giliel’s face showed no reaction to the voice filled with so much wrath that the other angels might have turned pale in dread if they had heard it. Still, perceiving that the little girl hadn’t received a single scratch even though she normally should have died and turned into a little girl splatter with pink and red mucus scattered everywhere since Giliel had punched the little girl’s defenceless head with a surprise attack that had all her power and weight behind it, Giliel quietly – really quietly – clicked her tongue.




“Is this a revolt? Do you want to overthrow me!? If you want my position so much, just tell me and I will pass it over to you right away, Giliel!”

“It would be preposterous of me to tell you, master, to switch with me. This Giliel has never considered asking or doing such a thing even once in her whole life, nor does she hold even the tiniest shred of ambition for your position.” Giliel said with a voice and attitude that seemed to ooze with hypocritical courtesy.

Once Giliel bowed respectfully, even if it was completely superficial, the little girl goddess stood up with an annoyed expression, rubbing the back of her head, with tears at the corners of her eyes. Even though her face should have slid across the ground for quite a bit of distance after being punched, the little girl’s face was unscathed. Noticing that after the little girl looked up, Giliel clicked her tongue once more.

“It sure looks like you’ve grown conceited…just because you’ve gotten slightly stronger, Giliel.”

“That’s an absurd misunderstanding. This Giliel is convinced to only offer the greatest respect and honor she possesses to you, master.”

“Hee, the greatest you possess, you say…? Around how much is that?”

“Approximately the amount of a teaspoon?” Giliel answered calmly and without hesitation.

A blue vein appeared on the little goddess’ forehead due to Giliel’s attitude. Even though she was still smiling, her eyes were gleaming fierily, and flames so black and sinister that it was obvious from just looking at them that they would devour anything they touched were rising up from her arms, which were loosely hanging by her sides.

Seeing that, Giliel kept her arms close to her body while not wearing the tekkou on her fists this time, and once she drew the clenched fists towards her mouth, she started to slowly weave her body in and out while gradually raising the speed.

“Master, you don’t intend to reconsider? I’m pretty sure, only a sad conclusion will await you.”

“Don’t take me as being on the same level as the supervisors of that world. What, Giliel…you don’t need to worry. After pulverizing you down to your atoms, I will reconstruct you from scratch while properly carving respect towards me into your body.”

“Master…hatred doesn’t give birth to anything.”

“So there’s a reason for me to hate you!?” The little girl goddess retorted to Giliel who didn’t stop weaving despite casting her eyes downwards in sadness.

Once the little girl clenched her fists tightly, the intensity of the black flames rising from her arms increased significantly. Noticing that, Giliel fiercely kicked off the ground, shortening the distance with a dash.

“How foolish, Giliel! I will thoroughly prove to you that it’s easy for an opponent to grasp the timing of your technique because of its straightforward, systematic pendulum-like movements!”

The little goddess bluntly declared, but Giliel didn’t stop moving, taking her on from the front. The little goddess sneered at the fierce punch unleashed by Giliel, whose face remained expressionless. The instant the little goddess launched a counter attack with a timing and trajectory of unmatched accuracy, she was certain of her victory precisely because she was a goddess.

And then, after being one-sidedly hit by Giliel’s fist and sent flying even further than the first time, she ended up revealing a sight unbecoming of a goddess, namely, sliding across the ground with her face even further than before.

“What is the meaning of this!?”

Giliel answered the little goddess, who got back up faster than before, with a fed-up tone, “Master, no matter how perfect your counter might be, the difference in reach between your current form and myself is far too big to begin with.”


Being told so, the little goddess looked at her own arms, then she looked at Giliel, and finally looked down at herself again. After nodding once as she had apparently realized the circumstances at long last, she suddenly collapsed then and there, stopping her movements completely.

“So, Master, what is it that you wanted to do?” Guessing that things wouldn’t go anywhere at this rate, Giliel asked the little goddess from where she was standing, not getting any closer to her.

Giliel not approaching the little goddess was of course due to her fear of suffering her retribution, and Giliel didn’t forget to get everything ready in advance so that she could escape to the world she was managing at a moment’s notice.

“That is, I wondered whether I should settle…the situation for the moment.”

“That’s what you were acting out at the beginning…?”

Giliel believed that there should have been a plethora of other, better choices for that sake, but she somehow understood that the little goddess was a disappointing little girl, and that she had a tendency to make jokes that reflected this.

“Even if you talk about settling the situation; since the resources of that world keep decreasing, I asked you to tie resources to the souls of people, and send these souls to the world in order to scatter said resources. Doing this bought us enough time to arrest the current human and beastman supervisors by taking advantage of their blunders and mistakes. Meanwhile, the dragonoid and elf supervisors have been killed by the demon supervisor, who’s currently missing.”

“So the usurpation of all supervisor domains is already taken care of, and yet you can’t find the demon supervisor.”

While standing up with a heave-ho that had a tinge of an encouraging yell used by elderly people, the little girl pondered, In reality, if I only consider the issue of spreading resources, it’d be fine to say that Renya’s task has finished for the most part at this point.

Since they have gotten a hold of all the management domains by now, the problem should have been resolved by providing enough resources to the world. This could be done relatively easily as long as Giliel, who was currently acting as the world’s manager, accepted the little goddess’ assistance. However, if one were to ask them why they hadn’t solved the problem yet if there was such an easy solution available, it would be largely owed to the missing demon supervisor.

Pouring resources in a quality and quantity that could maintain the world in any situation, while it was unclear where the demon supervisor was and what kind of trap he was setting up, was something the little goddess considered dangerous.

The effects of the blessings given to all kinds of beings by the resources were apparent if you looked at those around Renya. However, the resources had the same impact on the angels and supervisors of a world. Moreover, even the amount of resources Renya carried with him as a stop-gap measure, which was like a drop in the ocean considering the actual amount necessary, continued to cause various phenomenons.

When it comes to an amount of resources that allows for the revival and maintenance of a world, which is on the path to destruction, and assuming those resources were to be used for an unintended objective for some kind of reason, the one receiving the blessings would undoubtedly become untouchable for angels. If I were then to use my power to somehow deal with such a being, the world would probably get destroyed pretty quickly, assessed the little goddess. That’s why I must consider things very carefully.

“I will be putting all my energy into the search of the demon supervisor now, but…since I’m forced to manage all the domains, which were originally run by five supervisors, with only two of them, it’s quite an unreasonable and difficult endeavor.”

It was actually a situation where calling it a difficult endeavor was too much of an understatement. The human and beastmen supervisors, who were in the process of turning into undead work slaves, were handling 2.5 times the workload they had before this chain of events in order to maintain the world. Additionally, they were simultaneously trying to track the demon supervisor, who had most likely escaped to the lower world, without knowing when all this work would come to an end.

Both supervisors shared the opinion that it would have been better for them to resist till the bitter end and ultimately get destroyed, if things were going to turn out like this, but they were now in a situation where they didn’t even have that option anymore.

“It’s because you switched to direct support, isn’t it? How’s the issue going on that side?”

“Well, I feel like that side will work out one way or another, although… the sensation of being overlooked is almost flawless, it still looks like he’s pretending to not know anything even after I mentioned it.”

While looking at Giliel, who donned a wry smile and scratched her cheek, the little goddess casually decided that it must be something considered as insignificant by that human.

To put it extremely, he will treat most matters as insignificant and won’t care about them as long as they don’t cause him and those around him any real harm. Up until now, he has fought demons, rescued the elves, killed the human hero, ended the war, and gathered all the heroes of the four races. If someone unrelated were to hear of his actions, they might end up believing that he’s the type of hero that only appears in legends. However, in reality his actions are motivated by three major guidelines: he hates any harm befalling those close to him, he has no choice but to remove elements that obstruct him from doing what he wants to do, or he merely falls into a situation where he can’t pretend he’s not involved. None of his actions follow some greater goal.

“In other words…he’s very hard to read.”

It was very difficult to understand what would trigger him and what kind of action he would have, and that fact also confused the little goddess.

If he were a human of that world, there would still be some cards left to play, but he isn’t. In short, he isn’t part of that world’s flow. He has already passed away in his former world, in other words, you could say that he doesn’t have any ties with that world any more, meaning that he’s also disconnected from that world’s flow. Because of this, I can’t make any predictions about his behavior, regardless of which world’s logic I use. It makes me realize that I’m not all-knowing either, but it’s not like I can spend all my time making such complaints.

The little goddess ponders in silence, about whether she should let things take their own course or make some kind move.

“It would still be better if poking the thicket made a snake come out. However, what would we do if some indefinable being popped out after poking the thicket?” Giliel quietly said something like a warning after seeing the little goddess’ pensive look.

That was a point of view the little goddess could definitely agree on. There was no doubt that the risk would be high while the return would be unclear. If this was a bet, it would be way too disadvantageous.

It’s not that the little goddess didn’t understand that, but if she determined that it was necessary despite the bad odds, she would still take the bet while fully aware of the risks.

“It’s something to consider, isn’t it?”

“Though I think things would be resolved in one stroke if we manage to locate the demon supervisor.”

Outwardly, Giliel pushed the two former supervisors around without mercy, but even she was fully aware that she was being unreasonable. For that reason alone, Giliel understood that she couldn’t force any more work onto them.




“Speaking of the demon supervisor, there’s something I’d like to ask, if you don’t mind.”

“What might that be, master?”

“Tell me, in the end…” The little goddess paused briefly after saying this, and then continued with an expression that made it clear that she considered something as really odd, “…what kind of game…were they playing in that world?”


Giliel wondered why she asked that question after all this time, but immediately perceived the meaning behind the question, she tilted her head to the side, puzzled. Now that she tried thinking about it, she had received reports that they apparently played a base-stealing game, but she had no information about how they actually decided on the winner and losers, or what rules they set.

“I’m sorry to ask this of you while you’re busy, but can I have you check with those two? Even though they should have played that game until now, how come all five of them kept the setting of one power per continent? Normally, one side should be somewhat stronger, or a fraction of the powers should have perished, no?”

“Now that you mention it…”

Giliel, who muttered this as if saying that the idea hadn’t occurred to her, bowed to the little goddess once, got permission to leave, and immediately departed in order to confirm the game conditions and rules with the two former supervisors who were currently running around, managing the territories of the world, with such hecticness that it would immediately make one’s eyes spin.

The little goddess, who had been left alone, muttered, “I wonder…just what were those children trying to accomplish?”

Of course, since no one was there to answer her question, it simply vanished after being released into the empty space.



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