Chapter 4 – It seems that I Immediately got into Trouble

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Author Note: Although the setting of another world having two suns are used often…
Doesn’t the idea of two light sources seem dazzling?


Renya: 「Ah, this is one of those, isn’t it. Saying that ‘This is truly not your original world’, they provide me with a gimmick in order to make me understand it quickly and effectively. This might be one of those great things.」

After diving into the gate of light that appeared beside the little girl proclaiming herself as god, Renya, after practically no time lag, noticed himself standing somewhere in a forest, near a path that seemed to be well-tread on.

As the sides of the road became a deep forest, one could only see trees. However, above the road, the sky was clearly visible. Renya realized that where he was underneath that blue sky was a completely different place to the 94 years that he had spent his life in. This was instantly understood as two suns emitted a blinding light as they shone.

As the reality of there being two suns in the sky resulted in Renya receiving a large shock, as the color of the sky was the same blue color as the one from his memory, it simultaneously gave Renya a slight sense of relief.

As the color of the sky in a different world could equally have a chance of being, say, purple, either Renya would accept the reality before his eyes, or his spirit would become abnormal. Such an unwelcomed chicken race between which of the two would occur first may have been planted.

Thinking such thoughts, Renya began to survey his surroundings. Even though Renya was ignorant about tree species, he noticed that things such as the tree’s hue would not change so drastically with his original world.

It had been determined that to some extent, Renya’s common sense was still valid. Learning such was something significant for Renya.

Although his memory had been cleanly and refreshingly initialized, the experience ingrained into his body and his common sense was not so easily discarded.

On his body were short, clean white clothes and pants as well as modest shoes. He noticed that he was not wearing any kind of armaments.

Speaking of which, I didn’t check how dangerous the designated world was.
While he thought thus, Renya contemplated whether it was quite dangerous for him to remain in his current attire in the middle of the woods. As he wondered thus, the word <Inventory> appeared before him.

As his line of sight selected it, a semi-transparent window, similar to the one with the world map shown to him by the little girl, opened before Renya’s eyes.

The window was partitioned by 15 squares both horizontally and vertically. Within the mass, images that resembled small icons were being displayed.
Among them, Renya touched a money-like icon with his fingertip, causing information to flow into his head.

<Currency: 10 Gold Coins>

It appeared to be as it seemed. It was money.

He somehow understood that this was a parting gift from God. Wondering what the other icons contained, Renya continued to check through each of them one by one.

Cycling through his inventory window, Renya discovered that he had 10 gold coins, 12 packages of portable food, 6 Basic Wound Medication, 3 rolls of bandages, 1 Shinai(1), 1 set of leather armor, and 1 canteen which he could fill with water.

Although I can understand the leather armor, why a Shinai?
Wondering thus, Renya touched the icon, causing the description to flow into his head.

<Shinai: Grade 10 Artifact | Indestructible Attribute>

Wondering what in the world an artifact was, Renya tilted his neck.

An answer immediately came.

<INFO: Help Initiated. An Artifact is a lost handicraft. It refers to something whose quality cannot be intentionally created by the hand of man. All artifacts have their classification become Grade 10>

Renya admired his body as it had become so convenient.

Apparently, such a mere Shinai boasted performance that would make it seem as if belonged to the realm of the gods.

Wondering whether the leather armor was the same, he tried to touch it.

<Leather Armor: Grade 2 | Commercially Available>

As far as he could tell, this was a very ordinary item.

It would’ve been nice if it had the indestructible attribute. Then I’d be invincible.
As Renya thought thus disappointedly, he lightly double tapped the inventory icon. As the item retrieval dialogue box emerged, Renya unhesitatingly chose the two equipment items.

As the Leather Armor icon disappeared from the inventory, Renya’s body slightly began to glow.

When the light settled, armor that protected the body appeared above his clothes. In addition, gloves that covered his arm from his elbow to his wrists were equipped onto Renya’s body.

This seems to be a set.

Although Renya was dissatisfied due to his head and lower being unprotected, he convinced himself that, since it was something given to him, he could not expect too much as he began to equip the Shinai.

There was no spin on this one. This was without a doubt the Shinai that existed in Renya’s knowledge.

It was 3 foot 8 inches(2) long, this length being referred to as Sanpachi. Although it was a size that was usually used by large people, the Shinai was considerably longer than average. Even so, it was light and could be swung around easily enough. Renya thought that it would probably be more useful if it was longer.

Even so, as Renya held it, he felt unsatisfied with the explanation for some reason. Following this, another message flowed into his head.

<INFO: Help Initiated. Although I was supposed to give you a bladed weapon, as the weapons attributes were all Grade 10, the Angels rejected every single one. As you had experience with Kendo when you were alive, I thought you’d skilled at it, thus it was decided that the Shinai is something that would be passed to you. From God >

Rather than a Help function, isn’t this just a normal mail?(3)
Although Renya suspected thus, after reading it again, he somehow consented that it was a description due to the wording.

In the first place, the question of why there was a Shinai in the kingdom of God still remained.

As Renya knew he would not receive an answer right away, he pushed it out of his mind. In exchange, his mind plunged into the matter of what he should do from now.

The Little Girl, that is to say God, gave him a request, which he was supposed to fulfill as he was sent to this time in another world.

Although he wasn’t sure why, he was apparently granted a body in order to leisurely spend about a few decades wandering around, spreading things that would become resources in order to clear his mission.

As such, it was necessary for him to gather important items in order for him to live the next several decades as fun and as carefree as possible.

Renya: 「First things first, unless I find some human habitat, I won’t be able to get started.」

Although he was shown a map of the world before he was sent, Renya was forcibly sent to this location. The person in question had no idea where he was. For the time being, however, as there was a road, Renya determined that no matter which way he followed it, he would undoubtedly be lead to civilization if he single-mindedly advanced.

If there was a problem, it would be the point of which way should he advance in order to reach civilization sooner.

Looking at his inventory, even if Renya minimized his consumption, he believed that he would barely last a few days.

Above all, as his water supply was only one bottle, it was quite severe.

If he restricted this water for drinking only, then he would be unable to use the water for other purposes. For example, there would be no water for him to wash his hands and face or wipe his body.

For Renya who was inherently Japanese, this was an extremely dire predicament.

Renya: 「I guess there’s no choice but to put up with it. I kinda wanted to be dropped in a more convenient place. She’s completely thoughtless, the Loli bitch…」

It was probable that he was dropped down in a remote location due to concerns about witnesses. Although this was easily imaginable, Renya still couldn’t stop curses coming out of his mouth.

After cursing at the little girl for a while, Renya decided that it couldn’t be helped as he regained self control. Following this, he picked up an appropriate twig on the ground and stood it upright on the road.

Renya: 「I’ll entrust it Bootaoshi(4), although this is a pretty overused saying, huh.」

As he would be walking in the direction the stick fell in, his fate would be decided by the gods.

However, as Renya had just recently witnessed the little girl that claimed to be god, he suddenly became very reluctant to hand his fate over to said gods as he began to reconsider his actions.

Renya: 「Now then, I wonder which way it will fall.」

As Renya tried to remove his hand from the stick, it happened.

Within the silence of the surroundings, Renya’s ears captured the faint voices of people.

While he braced himself, he turned towards the sound. The stick that his hand released fell in the opposite direction that Renya was facing.

It was the road that Renya had chosen. Between the two, the result was that he was to go in the opposite direction of the voices.

Renya: 「What are the chances…(5)」

If he were to act upon his initial decision, he would begin to walk in the direction that the stick had fallen in.

Yet, the sound that Renya’s ears caught was almost undoubtedly the scream of people.

Although heading to see what had happened would not cause him to lose much time, Renya still hesitated.

The fact that he heard screams meant that there was trouble in that direction.

If he were to ignore this completely and walk off in the other direction, Renya thought that this would be synonymous with running away.

However, as Renya had just came to this world, he did not have any sort of relationships. He had no reason, nor duty to take action in response to such screams.

Even so, after a short while, Renya started to run towards the direction the scream was raised.

If asked why he took such action, even Renya himself had no answer. However, should he be forced to give an explanation, rather than it being a question of good and bad, it was because the scream was proof that someone was there

If there was someone there, he would be able to ask them for directions to the nearest city.

If worst comes to worst, he would just shut his eyes to what had occurred at that spot.

As he thought to this extent, Renya decided to head towards the direction of the voice.

Upon his decision, the time for him to transfer his intention into action was quite fast.

As he armed his Shinai in his left hand, Renya took off with light feet as he focused his eyes.

Regardless of him having no memory, and regardless of his body being rejuvenated thanks to the little girl, Renya was a soul that was largely content with his death at the age of 94.

From the remaining information implanted somewhere in his memory, Renya was told that he has never run so lightly and quickly in his lifetime.

Even being able to experience this, Renya contemplated whether or not there was some meaning in answering God’s request.

As he was thankful towards his body that did not run out of breath, Renya ran as he was able to immediately discern the current situation that caused the scream he had heard.

Upon viewing the scene from a long distance, he saw several men with dark skin in leather armor. He saw a woman with blonde hair wearing a priest’s(6) outfit. Behind said woman was a female protecting her back while brandishing a long sword. The female had long black hair, done up in a ponytail. She also had metal plates covering key body parts. The female was dressed in an attire referred to as partial armor(7).

Upon seeing the situation, Renya revised his thoughts immediately.

This is not a scene where I can just avert my eyes.

If he were to truthfully state it, he could not remain on the sidelines when faced with such a situation. Of course, Renya didn’t voice this.

Who cares about them?
Such thoughts crossed Renya’s mind. At such a rarely seen situation, no one would be in a position to blame him if he were to carefully observe. Such thoughts naturally came to him.

As Renya himself had died at age 94, he thought that it would be alright to just walk between life and death just a little longer.

The figure of Renya approaching at a considerable velocity seemed to be immediately noticed by the people on the site.

Although the surrounding men grew slightly wary, their expressions immediately became slack as they scoffed.

The surrounded women had slightly smiled, yet, their expressions immediately turned to those of disappointment.

Although Renya headed towards the site, it suddenly turned into a pity-fest for Renya. However, as it was too late to change direction, Renya continued running.

Renya could understand their expressions to some extent.

Concerning the men, they were vigilant for a moment as they thought their enemies may have increased. Yet, upon seeing Renya, they soon determined that he was not enough of a threat.

On the other hand, the women saw a sign of help. However, upon seeing Renya, they presumed that the chance of them being saved was low.

As he was in poor leather armor and held a sword made of bamboo, Renya comforted himself by saying that such thoughts were unavoidable.

Renya noticed that there were more pressing issues than such a thing. He came to a halt a short distance from the men and women, lightly clearing his throat as he raised his voice.

Renya: 「E-e~to(8). Can this be resolved by discussion, huh?」

Man in Black (Armor): 「What d’ya want? Dressed like that, are ya a fugitive soldier that fled from the battlefield?」

To Renya, who had spoken in a nervous voice, one of the men answered.

What Renya had been worried about, was whether or not conversation in another world could be established.

Among the various skills that Renya obtained from the little girl, he remembered that Another World’s Language was one of them. Even so, he was still anxious as the fact that he had yet to actually use it remained.

In the event that he couldn’t use another world’s language, as Renya did not know a single otherworldly word, it would look like he would be unable to establish conversations in this world. Thus, he spoke quite nervously. However, to his surprise, the meaning of Renya’s words seemed to have reached them.

This was because the words that came out of his mouth, were words that Renya had never heard before.

Even so, as he was able to learn and use the language, he was able to discern and understand what the other person was saying.

In contrast, as Renya attempted to pronounce words from his previous world, he was surprised as he realized they wouldn’t come out of his mouth.

It seems that this effect was most likely caused by the skill Another World’s Language.

Whether this was convenient or not, Renya could not properly judge at this time. Yet, for the time being, as he did not have to concern himself with his word use, he felt that this was a good result.

Man: 「Oi(9), the hell? Shutting up like that, did ya wet your pants?」

Renya had silently sank into deep thought after he had burst in with tremendous momentum. The men, determining that Renya had become intimidated by the surrounding situation, all raised rowdy laughter.

Renya: 「Ah~, well~, about that. Wait a bit.」

Not giving a damn about such laughter, Renya began to observe the women who were surrounded.

Both were women of peerless beauty that would never be seen in his original world.

The woman in the priest outfit had gently wavy hair with large, green eyes that emitted a slightly droopy feeling.

What covered her whole body was an outfit based on black, very similar to the clothing worn by those with the occupation of Sisters in Renya’s original world. However, as the clothes had no adornments, it felt like gentlemen’s desires were stuffed into it. The expression of ‘hour-glass body’(10) came straight to mind when looking at her body, and the interior of the clothes seemed to strain the body as it was quite tight.

No matter how you look at that, isn’t it about one or two sizes off?
Renya couldn’t help but think as such.

The woman who protected the ‘sister’ from behind was also a beauty.

Her sharp eyes were slightly angled with black pupils. She wore her jet black, long hair on a high position atop of her head.

Compared to the figure of the beauty behind her, she was inferior in terms of volume. Yet, she possessed features that richly stood out, even if a bit rough. She wore a something similar to a red hakama(11) with a black shirt. She was also dressed in iron-like shoulder pads and chest armor, along with her gloves.

His line of sight shifted towards the men.

However, Renya immediately stopped observing.

Looking at these men is boring.
Renya muttered thus under his breath. Either way, the men uniformly had dark skin and, although they had a better build compared to Renya, he confirmed that they only equipped leather armor similar to his own.

Yet, oddly enough, Renya did not feel that they were armed.

All of them were barehanded.

Although they’re six of them, wouldn’t the armed, black-haired woman be able to do something about this?
Although Renya had thought thus, the following words from the woman served to deepen Renya’s concerns.

Hakama Woman: 「I don’t know who you are, but run away! These guys are uncontrollable!」

Renya: 「Eh, is that so?」

Hakama Woman: 「These guys are soldiers of the Mercenary Kingdom! Don’t worry about us! Run away!」

Although such an explanation obviously made sense to the woman, as Renya had no grasp on this world’s common sense, he could not follow such reasoning at all.

Man: 「Oi, you. We’re busy. As there’d be no meaning in taking those pitiful clothes off your back, if you just turn around now, I’ll pretend you were never here.」

Renya: 「Nn~(12), although that’d be fine, do you really think that I’d be such a person who’d just turn away from here right now?」

To help complete strangers without understanding their circumstances. Although it seemed that he resembled a protagonist from a story, Renya thought that this conduct was more synonymous with a dim-witted Hero.

Renya: 「Ah~, right. I guess you guys’d be fools with lewd minds.」

Man: 「The hell’s this guy saying? You’re jealous so you’re trying to mingle? If you want, I’ll give you a shot?」

As the men frivolously laughed, the women averted their gaze.

It’d be a pain if they looked over this way.
As Renya thought such, he spoke the fatal words towards the men.

Renya: 「What do you think you can do with such broken rods? Won’t they break the moment you touch them?(13)」

Man: 「Ah!?」

Oh dear, what should I do?
Renya’s previous expression that seemed to express thus, completely changed as it was replaced with a shade of murderous intent.

Although Renya would claim that he spoke such words on impulse, in actuality, he emitted those words as they had uttered something that he could not forgive.

Man: 「I dare you to say that again!」

Renya: 「What’s your problem…? Wouldn’t such pitiful rods break after a single touch?」

Suddenly, Renya’s voice had chilled. Although the men dominated him in numbers, Renya simply repeated the words he had previously spoken.

Renya gripped his Shinai in silence as he pointed it towards the man.

Man: 「The hell’s this, you bastard!?」

Renya: 「I’ll let grab it. I’ll thoroughly beat you to a pulp afterwards so prepare yourself.」

As Renya fired of those words coldly, the men answered in laughter.

Man: 「Are you a fucking idiot!? As if that stick would be a match for us!? And you said that you’ll let us grab it? Do you really think you can beat us up after we’re done with you?」

(Another) Man: 「Has this guy lost it?」

Man: 「Being stupid is amusing! Alright, I’ll grab it so start regretting your stupidity.」

The man the tip of the Shinai was pointing to clasped it casually with his right hand.

Man: 「There you go, I grabbed it!」

Perhaps the man was going to forcefully pull the Shinai he was holding in order to launch an attack on Renya.

However, Renya’s actions exceeded the man’s expectations.

The moment the Shinai was grasped, Renya quickly twisted the handle with both hands.

In the first place, the handle of the Shinai is thicker than its tip.

Renya and the man were holding the thick and thin side of the Shinai respectively. Even if both sides exerted force strongly onto the Shinai, it was natural that the advantage would belong to the one of the thicker side.

As long as there was no compelling difference in force, the Shinai would continue to rotate.

As the Shinai began to rotate within the man’s hand, Renya immediately pulled it backwards.

What Renya had performed was simply twisting and pulling the Shinai at the same time. However, that was enough to be able to rip the Shinai from the man’s grasp.

Man: 「Eh?」

It was likely that the man had considerable confidence in his strength.

Yet, as he had the Shinai easily taken away from him, he could not comprehend the spectacle that had occurred before his eyes.

Renya was not such a kind person as to wait for the man’s understanding to catch up with reality.

As he withdrew the Shinai, Renya sharply and thoroughly thrust the Shinai towards the man’s throat.

The tip of the Shinai rushed forward as it possessed the weight force of one person. As the man stood stunned, the Shinai pierced the man’s throat, sending him flying backwards.

As the surrounding onlookers could only stare without comprehending what had just occurred, Renya remained wary as he poised his stance. His low voice resonated.

Renya: 「This is a sword, not a stick. It doesn’t matter what it’s made out of.」

Man: 「Bastard, this…」

The man who kept calling Renya bastard was clutching his stomach and choking on his drool while rolling on the ground.

They had not understood at all.

The fact was, they were within Renya’s killing range.

Renya rushed towards the remaining, immobile men that were taken aback.

As he counterattacked, Renya’s Shinai tore through space at a speed that did not even give them a chance to defend. Between the eyebrows, the throat, the solar plexus, the bottom of the nose. As he pierced these vital points cleanly and quickly, it did not take much time for all of the men’s eyes to be covered in white.

Renya: 「I’m not sure if you can even hear me now.」

As he maintained unrelaxed alertness, Renya spoke as he placed the Shinai neatly on his left hip.

Renya: 「Even though it looks like this, it is a weapon. This has the proper capabilities to kill. The reason the thrust techniques is prohibited up until a certain age is not just for show.」

Whether it was in fencing or Kendo, the move possessing the most killing power is the thrust technique.

Even though Japanese swords would have their sharpness grow dull after slicing several people, the thrust was so powerful that it could kill dozens of people without its power falling.

Even if such power was translated to a Shinai, it still had the hidden potential to kill a man during a match.

Renya: 「For the most part, I was wondering how you guys were gonna try and hit me but, to think there were actually idiots who would fight barehanded against someone with a light, non-bladed weapon. Before belittling people, you guys would be better off if you just thought a little.」

As Renya thought they would not hear him, he spat out these words.

Renya’s thrusts were not of the average technique. As he thrust, he slightly twisted the Shinai, increasing the feeling of penetration force.

In addition, although Renya was unaware, he was targeting vital points of the opponent that were capable of being destroyed. When hit with the Shinai, which possessed the indestructible attribute, no matter how much the opponent trained, it would be worthless as the Shinai possessed the power to unilaterally destroy anything that was breakable.

I wonder how many died?
As Renya noticed he might have committed the act of murder, he noticed that his feelings were completely undisturbed.

Renya: 「…I might just wither up in a place like this.」

Without even batting an eye, Renya overlooked the six men. Renya simply shrugged his shoulders as he thought his way of thinking was amusing.


Author Note:
The paragraph about the Shinai was knowledge learnt a long time ago when I learned Kendo.
If the tip of the Shinai had a splinter when doing this, the palm would be covered in blood…

The Thrust Technique is really dangerous.
It’s so dangerous that one is prohibited to use it until high school.

Although there are brutes that gleefully pick up the technique as soon as they become a high school student…the reality is, they use it in places without armor, though…

(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

^ Shinai:
^ TL Note: Why? I use the metric system so why are you doing this to me? Doesn’t Japan use the metric system?
^ TL Note: Mail here is in katakana. This use of mail in Japanese often denotes an email or text message. I left it as is because the others don’t really fit the context well (not that mail does either).
^ Baotaoshi: Literally means Pole Collapse.
^ TL Note: The phrase used here is Yori ni mo yotte | よりにもよって.
^ TL Note: This is misleading. The Japanese used for Priest Clothes is Sofuku | 僧服.
^ TL Note: Literally Partitioned Armor | 部分鎧. Any better translations are welcome.
^ Eto: ‘Um’
^ Oi: ‘Hey’
^ TL Note: The Phrase used here is bonkyubon | ぼんきゅぼん.
^ Hakama:
^ Nn: ‘Hmm’
^ TL Note: No. You are not misreading it. He is actually talking about the subject of their ‘performance’.


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