Chapter 5 – It seems I got to know someone

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Renya again investigates the defeated men in the surroundings.

It would be troublesome if they were pretending to be dead and retaliated while he was distracted, but the fallen men had their consciousness completely stolen. As such, there was no indication that the men would be waking up any time soon.

The first and the middle two men, whose throats he had hit, had the bones in their neck broken and the necks cut, although Reyna did not feel guilty, because he was somewhat in a rush.

I wonder if there is a concept of something like a legitimate defense in this world?”


Upon hearing this voice, he turned around to see the priestess coming closer together with the armored woman.

Upon a closer look, it looked like the two people would be best described as beautiful girls rather than beautiful women, according to their ages.

In comparison to the girl wearing armor, who gave off an air* of outright caution, the girl wearing priest’s clothes showed her sincerity by bowing deeply to Renya.

Thank you for saving us.”

Well it might have been unnecessary,” says Renya, as he looked towards the girl wearing armor.

When I jumped in to help, from the fact that I was told to run away, it might have been possible that in that situation that girl alone might have been able to do something.

The unruly words said by these guys had been missing the subject, that ‘mine’ and ‘yours ‘will greatly vary the story.  [こいつらは手に負えないという言葉には主語が抜けていたが、「私の」と「お前の」とでは大分話が変わってくる] (E: Neither of us really know what to do with this sentence.)

Did she guess Renya’s thoughts? Nevertheless, remaining cautious, the girl wearing armor did so only lightly, but still bowed her head.

I am thankful for your help, I am afraid that I alone would not have been able to do anything.”

Even if there were 6 guys, these guys were barehanded, you know.”

All of the enemies had been defeated in a completely one-sided battle, hence Renya posed such a question. The girl wearing armor looked slightly surprised and answered with a smile.

Do you not know about the soldiers of the Mercenary Kingdom? These guys are experts in fighting with bare hands. They can defeat armed soldiers and experts in grappling.”

It does not seem like it. While thinking this, Renya drops his gaze towards the fallen men.

Certainly, the body had been fairly disciplined, but you would not think that they would have been able to fight equally with properly trained and armed soldiers. But, if the residents of this world think so, perhaps they have some means to fight. I wonder.

A challenging expert barehanded solider. Thinking this, Renya was amazed, and to a degree, the air of caution faded from the girl wearing armor.

You are a somewhat strange person.”

It can be helped if you are cautious; I am… Oh, yes, someone who you might call a wanderer.”

If identified as such, somehow one might be able to understand his circumstances, thought Renya while remembering what the little girl had said. The expressions on the faces of the two changed from being surprised to interested.

So, a wanderer? I have heard of lost people, before but it’s my first time meeting one.”

If you are a wanderer, certainly it’s not unreasonable for you to not know about the mercenary kingdom.”

More importantly than convincing you, I am called Kunugi Renya.”

Relaxing his mind that the little girl did not lie, Renya gave his name to the two girls who were easily convinced with the situation. Panicking a little, the two girls lowered their heads.

Sorry for the delay, I am Monk apprentice Rona Chevalier.” [TN: Louis’s daughter??] (E: Must… make… ALCOHOL JOKE)

Swordsman apprentice, Zion Femme Fatale. (シオン・ファム・ファタールと言う) Is Kunugi-dono alright with you?”

Uh… my name is Renya, without the -dono, Renya is fine. For the time being, shall we change the location? Because four of these guys are still alive, and I have no idea when they will wake up.”

With serious faces, the two girls in an undertone were mumbling, “Ren ‘Nya? Lenya? Re re…… nuya?” While saying these things repeatedly and attempting to pronounce his name, the two immediately nodded to Renya proposal.

That’s right, let’s head out towards the forest at once.”

What do we do with these guys.”

It’s alright with the two dead guys, but is it alright to leave the 4 who were unconscious?” Renya questioned, and Rona carelessly answered,

In this forest, even if they were left for just 10 minutes, they won’t have any life left.”

This place is the Eastern Continent’s Miasmatic Forest’s westernmost part. It is a treasure-trove of monsters, and this is still a shallow location. People do not know this, but plants that eat people also grow here.”

What! That’s scary, Renya thought. Was it really okay, even if hearing this from the two people who, without even glancing at the fallen men, started walking? Somehow, Renya felt intimidated knowing that they were going to die, and that one wrong move and he would be the one laying there. He pressed his hands together to pray for their souls.

Wanderer Renya-san, how long has it been since you came here?”

While walking, I replied promptly to Rona.

Only just now.”

So you just came here? That’s amazing, you know.”

Even when showered with words of admiration, Renya had no idea what was so amazing. While he thought this, he watched the backs of the people in front of him and hurried to catch up.

Zion turned her head around and gave a compliment.

“’Normally when lost people come here, it’s mostly out of confusion. But to defeat to defeat soldiers who had been trained in movements and such, that point is what’s amazing,’ is what ‘Ro’ is saying.”


People who are close to me call me as such.”

Rona told me while smiling..

I see; so Rona-san and Zion-san, why are you in such a place?”

Predictably not using the nickname, Renya inquired of Rona who had a surprised look.

Ara, after listening that much, you still call me by that name.”

I am not so arrogant that I would call a woman I just met by her nickname or without any honorifics.”

Well, showing courtesy is an obvious thing to do. “

In contrast to Zion, who said this while nodding, Rona was somewhat disappointed.

Their state is far too defenseless. Is it really alright for these girls to be so fluttery (furafura) in a place like this? worried Renya.

I have never quite been called by a guy in such a manner.”

I do not want to die yet.”

Rona did not understand Renya’s answer. While Rona was tilting her head Zion who was besides her was impressed, and answered.

A good guess.”

From what Renya saw, these two people had a pretty good relationship, which could be immediately seen from the fact that Zion called Rona by her nickname. Renya went further, and deduced that Zion had a specific standing of being Rona’s guardian.

For a while now, the one who has done most of the talking is Rona, while Zion only sometimes pipes up. Rona tries to roughly keep the conversion onto herself.

This is because Rona is less cautious, and would easily trust Renya on the basis that he had helped them, and as such didn’t have a dangerous personality. Zion, on the other hand, had a strong sense of caution and was still thinking of Renya as a suspicious person, or so he thought.

When thinking this way, the answer to who was the guardian and who was being protected will come naturally.

If he went on with a horribly saucy attitude, most likely what would await him would be a tough blow from Zion, was what Renya thought, hence the exchange earlier happened.

Both of us belong to the Adventurer’s Guild of the Trident Principality. We came here at the request of the guild for the investigation and suppression of the goblin settlements.”

Perhaps knowing that Renya was a human who understood his own standing, Zion spoke on her own.

We received a report that in a village of settlers just outside the forest, the damage caused by goblins had increased.”

Since he was catching words he had never heard before, Renya tried to organize things in his head.

It seems that Trident Principality is the name of a country somewhere, and also the place where these two people live.

Renya was not quite able to imagine the said words, “Adventurer’s Guild.” According to his knowledge, a guild was where people with similar profession gathered to form a mutual aid organization.

If this knowledge was applied, the organization has asked these two to work in the form of a request.

He had no idea what the word goblin referred to, but he had the help function he had gotten from God, which worked very conveniently to give him the information.

The Goblin is a humanoid monster standing tall at 1m, the color of its skin is a variable shade of green.

Has a very ugly appearance. Almost no hair. Although they live in groups of 20, they have no such thing as culture. Almost no females, usually breed by mating with females of other species with high fertility rate. Can mate with all humanoid species other than Elves. Are omnivores. Sometimes an individual with high Intelligence is born and may lead a population of up to 100. That said, it’s common knowledge for those who play games, yo.


That last line was unnecessary. The number of times I am going to hit you when we meet again has increased by 1, Renya vowed in his heart.

I hope I am wrong, but a goblin is a monster that creates groups, right?”

That is so, their individual combat is very low, but they become troublesome when they group together.”

This investigation with only two people?”

That would be reckless, Renya thought.

Moreover, if you look at its description, one would know that this monster has a downright troublesome nature to abduct females of other species.

It was not a request that could be received by a party of only two females. That was what Renya thought. When he looked at them, their expressions were pale.

Originally it was a party of 8.”

On hearing Zion’s answer Renya performed simple calculation 8-2=6. In other words 6 people were somewhere else. Earlier the number of men he had crushed was 6 was it a coincidence.

As you might have guessed, those people earlier had received the same request.”

6 people, all of whom were soldiers from a country called the Mercenary Kingdom. Renya recalled what Zion had said.

In other words, from the start, the 6 people were comrades. This time, Zion’s group had joined them because of the request.

In a dim forest away from human eyes, the people who were comrades were the men, while the two beautiful girls were not.

The simple thought of doing something dirty to them was easily understood by Renya.

“…Such misfortune.”

I really, really think so.”

At Renya’s words of comfort the two nodded wholeheartedly, But looking from Renya’s point of view it was not impossible to understand the thoughts of those men.

If one looked closely one would find that two beautiful girls, one who was trained and had style while the other was [muchimuchi] and [purinpurin.]* (むっちむちのぷりんぷりんである){TL note: I have no idea what English words to use here} (E: They’re at the bottom of the doc now.)

It was precisely because I was walking behind that I knew. When looking from the back it seemed like something with tremendous sense of weight was shaking, up and down, left and right with a [boing boing] effect, and of course, as a man, several hundred evil thoughts were bound to appear.

But to act upon them was a different matter altogether.

So, where do you plan on going?”

Renya said this while being careful not to look at a key area.

We plan on returning to the village, which we were asked to use as our base.”

Actually, the place we need to return to is the Principality, but it takes two days on horse carriage to go there, and another two to return.”

As expected, it would be impossible for two people to subdue the goblin population. While thinking this, Renya was met with surprising words from Zion.

I ask that Renya stay at the village and wait for the next carriage.”

Although suppression is now impossible, we need to at least investigate. Otherwise, we would not be able to return, even if we wanted to.”

No! That’s too reckless.”

Rona was dressed in a priest’s grab which was not suited for quick movements.

Zion wore fighting equipment for the time being, but it did not seem suitable to Renya for a light investigation.

Although it is reckless, returning without producing results will hinder us in future.”

You are dead if you underestimate the adventurer profession.”

6 out of 8 people were strangers. To come up with such a setting, doesn’t the problem lie with the Guild?” Renya tried to say this by Zion shook her head from side to side.

Certainly, it was the Guild’s oversight to not do a prior investigation, but I will not wait two days just to report it. If in that time the damage caused by goblins increased, the people of the village will be injured.”

That is certainly so.”

Still, their own death was like putting the cart in front of the horse. Put dying aside, if they were captured by Goblins and used in helping to increase their numbers, it would not even be a funny story, Renya thought, but looking at their determination, Renya had no choice but to give up on changing their minds.

Okay then, can I help out?”

Renya called out, expecting that he was most likely going to be rejected, but it would leave a bad taste in his mouth if he were to abandon them, or pretend he didn’t know anything.

The two girls whispered to each other for a while, and then Zion asked Renya.

Is it alright? We will survive, but you do not belong to the Guild, so things like a reward will not be given.”

It’s alright. I really don’t care, but in exchange, if you could teach me various things about this world, it would be very helpful.”

As a reward for life threating work, doesn’t that sound cheap?”

Once again Zion had that aura of caution around her again. Just earlier, such a thing had happened. It is obvious that she would be alert with a man travelling with them. Renya sighed.

Well, it’s like that but…“

Information is what people who have find cheap and minor, while people who don’t have it find it to be valuable.”

Towards Renya, who had given such an unbelievable, reason Zion was still suspicious while Rona, laughing unceremoniously , said,

It’s alright, Renya-san is surely a good person.”

To the laughing Rona, the unsatisfied Zion said,

Really! I guess I have to accept to repay the favour.”

Even when he got his proposal accepted, Renya thought, wanting them to trust me might be impossible, and looked up at the sky.



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