Chapter 159.5 – It seems to be Interlude 14

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The night sky is illuminated by bright red, flashing lights.
The sound of several overlapping sirens spread at an annoying volume, originating from speakers installed on black and white toned cars. It indicated that some incident had taken place just now which ordinary people mustn’t approach.
Men and women wearing blue uniforms deploy behind those two-colored cars that had been stopped in disorder. In their hands they are grasping small handguns.
Among them a woman with her black hair styled into twin tails took out a megaphone connected to a cord coming from within a car, brought her mouth close to the megaphone, and opened her mouth after pressing the switch on it.
A grating, shrill sound suddenly reverberates into the vicinity at a volume that seems to overpower the sirens.
The twin-tailed woman, who reflexively dropped the megaphone as she plugged her ears due to the sound which made all those that heard it shudder, slapped the back of a nearby man’s head, who seemed to be her subordinate, with her palm.
She apparently hit him with quite a bit of power as the struck man’s face ends up slamming into the car’s side with considerably force.

“The setting is weird! It’s been howling, right!? Redo it!”

“Even though it would be fine if you did it yourself.”

Even while turning a reproachful gaze at the twin-tailed woman, the man begins to adjust the equipment inside the car as he was told.
As he works, the woman looks at the building which has been surrounded by the two-colored cars.
The building, which has 5 floors and a facade made out of bare concrete, has many searchlights pointed at it, obviously illuminating it in the dead of night.
Not only do the lights make the structure of the building known to the vicinity, but it’s also for the sake of preventing someone escaping from within by using the cover of the night.

“I adjusted it.”

Hearing the man’s voice that’s dripping with discontent, the woman once again grasps the megaphone and brings it to her mouth. After inhaling, she shouted at the building illuminated by searchlights,

“Criminal! Stop any pointless resistance and surrender yourself obediently!”

If we were to assume that this is a scene where criminals, who had committed some kind of crime, were demanded to surrender after being cornered, it wouldn’t be strange for more tension to cling to the air.
However, the current atmosphere is only one of weariness and shirking, not the slightest bit of tension can be felt.
What’s visible on the faces of the uniformed men and women participating in the encirclement are just feelings of “I wonder, can’t we get over with this anytime soon now?” or “I have been forced to participate against my will.” The only one being all gung-ho about this is the twin-tailed woman holding the megaphone.
Seemingly not noticing this, the woman speaks even louder into the megaphone.

“Surrender quietly before you increase your charges!”

There’s no response to her shouting.
The woman glared at the building for a while, but suddenly she thrusts her upper body into the car, starts to search for something, and at last retrieves a long and narrow metal pipe with a “Heave-ho.”
She lightly places the pipe, which had a diamond-shaped warhead attached to its end, on her shoulder, takes aim by closing one eye, and pulls the trigger alongside an encouraging yell which lacks any motivation.


A faint recoil afflicts the woman’s shoulder. The warhead, which flew while leaving a white smoke trail behind, pierces into a part halfway up the concrete building, causing an explosion and flames to rise. Concrete splinters are scattered around.
The uniformed men and women take cover from the fragments raining down from above by hiding in the shadows of their cars, but the twin-tailed woman remains standing with a daunting pose and throws the pipe away.

“Umm, once again, criminal! Give some response! Don’t make me look like some idiot here!?”

“It ain’t look like! You’re an idiot, right!?”

The response shouted towards the woman’s loud voice came from a man who showed up from the gaping-wide hole on the building’s third floor.
He’s a man with red, unkempt and ruffled hair, and wild looks, but for some reason his trained body is clad by a long-sleeved prison uniform with horizontal stripes as worn by prisoners in very old jailbreak skits.
Handcuffs have been thoroughly clamped around his wrists. Shackles and, as bonus, iron balls have been attached to his feet.

“What’s the idea!? Just what the hell’s going on with this setting!? This is my domain, right!? How did it come to this!?”

“Ha ha ha. The authority over this domain is already mine~”

The red haired man, the supervisor of the beastmen, grinds his teeth out of vexation due to Giliel’s, the twin-tailed woman’s, loud laughter.
Rewinding the time a bit, Giliel, who stole the dragon supervisor’s authority after doing the same to the human supervisor, invaded the beastmen supervisor’s domain next, who is somewhat easy-going with the management of his domain compared to the other supervisors.
Giliel, who had already invaded two domains, currently had an easy time surrounding and then invading the beastmen supervisor’s domain, who is someone rough and irresponsible in the way of using his powers, due to the little girl goddesses’ support.
Once she had secured an invasion path, stealing the management authority for the domain became even simpler. Giliel, who usurped it completely, waited until the time was ripe and then moved on to the next stage of capturing the beastmen supervisor himself.

“Even so, what’s with all this!?”

“Occasionally one has to have some fun. You have been completely surrounded! Come out obediently.” (Giliel)

“Who’s going to come out obediently after being told so!?”

The beastmen supervisor is yelling, but the relaxed smile never leaves Giliel’s face as she knows she has the upper hand with there being almost no chance of him overturning the situation.

“Even you aren’t such an atrocious fellow in reality, right? You should have been a lot more decent in the past.” (Giliel)

“I don’t wanna be told that by you!”

“Your mother back home is crying, too!” (Giliel)

“Back home? Mother…?”

The beastmen supervisor asked back quizzically.
After broadly grinning Giliel looks back and confirms once, she then again shouts into the megaphone once again.

“For the sake of persuading you, I have called your mother here!” (Giliel)

“Hey, you lass, who did you call? Who!?”

As far as the beastmen supervisor is aware, something like a home doesn’t exist for him. It’s only natural, but a being corresponding to a mother doesn’t exist either.
Ahead of the beastmen supervisor’s gaze, who peeks outside through the hole wondering just what Giliel was talking about, the person summoned by Giliel shows up.
It’s a very small person who appears to very likely be a woman.
Her hair is streaked with gray shades, and deep wrinkles cover her face.
Her back is bent and she’s wearing a matching combination of coat and work pants, but the beastmen supervisor’s eyes immediately perceive that she’s a person he has never seen before.
Once he looks properly, he can see that her hair is a wig, no matter how you look at it. Even her wrinkles are fake, obviously having been put on with cosmetics or something else.
In the first place, given that her nape and hands have glossy skin, it’s quite apparent that her bent back was deliberately done, too.
Once that small person steps up next to the car while being so unsteady on her feet that she had to be supported by Giliel, she embraces the megaphone, which was handed to her by Giliel, with both hands, and breathes in once.


Already unrelated to any encirclement or similar, everyone present, who was swallowed up in this situation including Giliel, toppled over due to her screaming voice.
Even the beastmen supervisor, who would usually use such an opportunity to run away, collapsed on the spot, as if buckling from his knees, and was dangerously close to falling out of the building through the hole, but then managed to cling to the wall in a fit of panic.
Without any energy to stand up, almost everyone thought simultaneously,
Yoshio, who’s that?
Without realizing that question, the small person grasping the megaphone continues screaming even further.

“It’s meeeeee! It’s muuuuuuum! Yoshiooooooo! Stop doing such terrible things. Won’t you please make up for your criiiiiiiiimes!?”

“T-This destructive power is a bit unexpected. Certainly I didn’t dream that all of our allies would be falling over as well…” (Giliel)

Giliel, who escaped the same fate as the others by only falling onto her knees as she somehow managed to cling to the door of the car, mutters with cold sweat running down her face, but the small person’s screaming doesn’t stop.

“Mum doesn’t recall having raised you into such a chiiiiiiiiiiiild!”

“I don’t even remember having been raised by ya at all…”

The beastmen supervisor mutters feebly while sitting, but his voice doesn’t reach her.
The uniformed members, which joined the encirclement, drop their handguns, and frantically hold back in their laughter but their shoulders were still trembling and their faces were turned to the ground.

“Please come oooooooooout! Yoshioooooooooo!”

“Umm…I feel like the acting has gone a bit too far. Even I, who knew about this in advance, can barely stand.” (Giliel)

“If you don’t do things like this with spirit, won’t you become unable to do this out of shame after you begin wondering just what it is you’re doing…? Bah, now that I’m conscious of it, any further is no good…”

The little lady drops the megaphone, and once she flings off the wig, freely flowing blonde hair spills out from below.
When she removes the make-up by carelessly rubbing her face with a towel quietly handed to her by Giliel, the face of a little girl, which was so good-looking that one could only consider it a joke, became visible.
With such a face being bright red due to shame, the little girl, who stood there wearing only her underwear after having recklessly taken off the coat and working pants, swings her hand, causing her attire to instantly change into a pure white, gothic dress.
She quickly straightens her back using her arm, which was covered by a snow white glove. While her face was still blushing, she pointed at the beastmen supervisor, who dumbfoundedly looks in her direction, and shouted,

“Mum is crying shameful tears!”

“You’re still going with that!?”

The beastmen supervisor retorted energetically.
While the uniformed personnel that were about to stand up somehow noisily collapse again as if having suffered the final blow, the beastmen supervisor mutters in a daze as he knelt on the concrete floor,


That little girl, who threw out her chest, possessing a dignity unbefitting of her childish appearance, was the very same chibi goddess to whom they ought to bow their heads towards as their lord.
Right then and there the beastmen supervisor placed both hands on the ground in a crestfallen manner, seemingly unable to believe that she was present.

“Master…why act like this…?”

“H-Huh? That’s what you retort at?”

“Are you an idiot…? Even if you try wearing a dress and showing a sense of majesty at this point in time, it’s completely for naught, right?”

The uniformed personnel nod at the beastmen supervisor’s words, who tries to reason with a trembling voice.
Due to the unpredicted reaction by her surroundings, the little girl fidgeted around with her fingers while replying with what seems to be an excuse.

“No, I mean, Giliel told me that she definitely wanted to play out this setting. I just felt like there occasionally might be a need to have fun like this, too.”

“I tried suggesting it since I thought that it would be fun, but I guess I’ll limit it to only this time. It caused emotional damage that went far beyond my expectations. If things hadn’t turned out well, it’s very likely that the lower-ranked angels would have perished due to our exchange just now.” (Giliel)

The little girl glares at Giliel, who scratches her head with a feeling of “It might have been a blunder~,” with a look as if she’s blaming her.

“Did it already reach the point where you can intervene, Master?”

The beastmen supervisor seems to have regained his composure, at least enough to finally be surprised about his master being present, but the little girl denies that by waving a finger left and right.

“The main body is a no go. This is a clone that feels as if it’s only a one hundred millionth part of my main body.”

“Even so…”

“Yes, even so.”

The little girl nods while revealing a faintly sharp smile on her lips.

“I still possess enough power to destroy you guys.”

The bloodthirst that she seeped into her voice was definitely not something one could have predicted from her appearance.


“But, if I try to exert that power, it’ll be easily repelled by the world.”

“With only two domains released, it’s still impossible, as expected.” (Giliel)

Giliel responds with a sigh and the words, “How regretful,” to the little girl, who simply shrugs her shoulders in reply.
Watching those two, the beastmen supervisor jumps down from the place where he was hiding. Once he lands on the ground he goes down on his knees in front of the little girl and bows his head.

“I shall surrender, Master…judge me however you see fit.”

Looking down on the beastmen supervisor who’s tone had become humble, the little girl laughs scornfully.

“You’re a simpleton, but I guess that’s also the reason why you know when to quit. Well, whatever. I will come up with a punishment later on.”

“The criminal’s name is Yoshio. The time is 23:45. Restrain him and take him away.” (Giliel)

“Eh? You still continuing with that setting…?”

Without minding the little girl and her reflexive question, Giliel retrieves a transceiver from within the car and contacts some place.
While the uniformed personnel in the vicinity that had toppled over take out pairs of handcuffs or bring over towels in order to hide their previous state, the still kneeling beastmen supervisor raises a voice that sounds somewhat pathetic.

“Say, Yoshio is….”

“Yeah, give it up. That’s also something linked to your punishment.”

While thinking, Even if I correct it myself, I’m sure that this supervisor will be called Yoshio by Giliel and the others from now on and forever, the little girl watched as handcuffs were placed around the wrists of the dumbfounded beastmen supervisor and secured with a hard, cold click.



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