Chapter 8 – Troublesome Matters Are Increasing in Various Ways even while I Work as Teacher

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“Milord, the future prospering of the Earl Baumeister House depends on how many children you make who will then form our household. Too many children becomes a source of strife in noble houses with long histories, but the Earl Baumeister House has been founded by you. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about those things.”

“Oh, really?”

“Milord, treating it as if it were someone else’s problem…as you’re still young, you must do your best as long as you can.”


It’s been three months since I have taken up my job as a temporary teacher with summer being at its early stage.
Given that the Baumeister Earldom has a climate close to the subtropics, the temperature here is high all year long, but we’re going to soon enter midsummer which is a lot hotter.
That’s why, or rather, it’s completely unrelated, but I have taken Roderich’s words, to whom I have outsourced all decisions in regards to governmental affairs as Household Manager, as something similar to encouragement, and not so much as sermon.
To be honest, it’s not like my motivation gets boosted when hearing all that, though.

“Elise and your other three wives are already in their fifth month of pregnancy, and the prospect of a long-awaited heir makes us retainers sigh in relief.”

Because Elise, Ina, Luise, and Katharina got pregnant at almost the same time, there’s almost no worry of the Baumeister House going extinct even if something should happen to me.
There are cases where the lack of an heir leads to unnecessary troubles over the inheritance of the peerage and territory.
In the eyes of the retainers who have been able to find work at long last, a lack of a legitimate heir could cause a downsizing of the territory, directly connecting to their dismissal as retainers. I suppose, it’s only natural for them to feel relieved.

“Following, Wilma-sama and Katia-sama have…”

As a matter of fact, those two have become pregnant as well.
Wilma has turned fifteen years old, and since Katia is going to soon be twenty years old with her mana having stopped rising, there have been pressing demands for her to bear a child by her family.
It’s not like that was the reason, but I did put in some effort.

“Wonderful. With this the Baumeister House will be saaa…fe…”

After having told me all this, Roderich started to cry, getting all emotional by himself.
At such times I’m perplexed how I should deal with the situation.
Well, it’s not like I need to treat a guy kindly just because he’s crying, right?

“Thanks to that, I’ve become unable to go hunting in monster domains, though.”

“Of course. After all, we can’t form a party that can guarantee your safety, milord.”




Under these circumstances, almost everyone in the Dragon Buster’s female camp has entered maternity leave.
Therefore, I’m stuck with occasionally hunting in the nearby forests with Erw.
In addition, Erw always brings several guards along.

“Guards and all that, this is way too formal, you know?”

“What are you saying!? Wouldn’t it turn into an irreversible situation if something happened to you, milord!?”

Becoming an important person has its downsides as well.
However, Roderich will only allow me to act freely if I take Elise and the others with me.
That means, it’s a necessary evil for the moment.

“Even Therese, eh…?”

In the end, after she had raised her mana capacity to a level ranging in the middle of the advanced level, she stopped using contraception on her own initiative, and got pregnant with my child.
According to herself, 『Even while pregnant, I can still practice magic, right? I’m already 21 years old, and I want to give birth to at least one child』.

“In regards to Therese-sama, there are no real problems. Given that she’s a person with a good discernment, she’s very easy to deal with.”

Her child won’t have any succession rights, but if it’s a man, we will make him the head of a new chief retainer house. Roderich says that he has come to such an agreement with Therese.
I wonder just when they talked it over, but for me it’s convenient as it has no troublesome aspects.

“And you finally made a move on Lisa-sama as well, didn’t you?”

“Hey, Roderich! You want to destroy everything I’ve built up so strenuously?”

She wouldn’t get accepted by anyone while wearing that flashy make-up and outfit. On the other hand, she can’t talk with any man besides me, if she doesn’t wear it.
Since she has reached a point where she can talk normally with the women in my house, it’s not like there was no effect from her training, but yeah…
She’s gallantly helping us out in the earldom’s development, and since she’s a person whom Amelie-san describes with 『Even though she’s older than me, I end up wanting to pamper her against my better judgment since she’s so cute』- an opinion I shared as well – I decided to accept her wish.
And then she became pregnant as well, although she raised her mana before that.
Her mana capacity has increased to a level of being almost equal with Katharina, but since she’s been a top-class magician to begin with, her room for growth seemed to be low.

“Isn’t Lisa-sama happy with it?”

Certainly, nowadays she’s spending her days sewing baby clothes together with Elise and the others.
For her, who’s soon going to be thirty years old, it must appear like a miracle took place.
In Japan it’s not overly strange to get pregnant at that age, but in this world it’s doubtlessly considered a childbirth at old age.

“Before that I went through quite the hassle, though…”

“Is it about the matter with Lisa-sama becoming a temporary teacher?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.”

I recall an incident that happened last month.




『Eh? Construction work? I have no time today.』

It was before Lisa’s pregnancy was detected. On that day I would have a lecture at the prep school, but Roderich begged me to urgently construct something with magic.
Since he said that it was dire, I was about to delay the lecture to the next day, but the one offering to help out was Lisa. Moreover, as a temporary teacher.
Because the construction work spanned over a large scale with only me having enough mana to take care of it, Roderich told Lisa that it would be impossible for her.

『It sounds like Lisa-sama is kind enough to take over the part of the temporary teaching.』

『If you say so, I guess it’ll be fine.』

Previously Katia told me that Lisa’s way of teaching was theoretical, and I believed that the students would benefit from widening their horizons by being taught by various kinds of teachers.
Even I learned magic from Master, Burkhart-san, and Doushi. It was very useful for me as a magician to have various approaches as reference.
For my students it should also be helpful to also experienced this early on.

『I guess I will leave it to her then.』 (Wendelin)

『Okay.』 (Roderich)

This was how it was decided for Lisa to act as temporary teacher on that day.

『Lisa? You’re that Lisa the Blizzard?』

In the morning of that day I escorted Lisa to the prep school and explained the situation to Headmaster Hendrick, but he stared at Lisa in amazement.
I could fully understand his feelings.
After all she had turned into a completely different person compared to before.

『Please take care of me.』 (Lisa)

『Earl Baumeister-dono, you have my deepest respect…』 (Hendrick)

Hendrick apparently believed that I had reformed Lisa.
Though I think it’d be more precise to say that I exposed or unmasked her true nature.

『If Earl Baumeister-dono has urgent business to attend to, I will gladly request your help.』 (Hendrick)

However, the current Lisa had a decisive flaw.
Until this very day, she couldn’t even hold a decent conversation with a man besides me.
Even if they might be minors, half of the class consists of male students…


『Sensei, we can’t really hear what you’re saying.』

Naturally she ended up cowering away, unable to even introduce herself properly.
The students also complained about a temporary teacher who couldn’t talk normally.
To be honest, I had wondered why Lisa accepted to take that job, but the reason became apparent right away.
But then again, it was a fact Hendrick had learned after visiting the class to check the situation, since I wasn’t present at that point anymore as I had headed over to the construction site.

『Excuse me for a moment…』 (Lisa)

While the students expressed their dissatisfaction about today’s temporary teacher, Lisa left the classroom after quietly excusing herself, and came back after around ten minutes.
She had put on her previous make-up and flashy outfit.

『I’m Lisa the Blizzard! You little shits! You should be grateful that I’m the one teaching you today!』

The classroom instantly transformed into a picture of Hell and Pandemonium.
Well, I suppose that made sense.
There was no one among the magicians aiming to become adventurers who didn’t know of Lisa’s name and her usual conduct.
The classroom plunged straight into a critical situation.

『Is that the same person as before? You’re a swindler!』

『Shut the fuck up! Want me to freeze you!?』

Lisa snapped due to the comment of a male student, and let cold air loose into the vicinity.
The vase filled with flowers, that had been placed on the teacher’s desk, froze into a sculpture, terrifying the students and resulting in them obediently listening to Lisa’s lecture.
The contents of her lesson seemed to be theoretical matters as could be predicted…

『How did it go with the previous temporary teacher? Sensei couldn’t attend because I had urgent business to take care of last time.』 (Wendelin)

『It was very useful as a reference…but also quite scary…』

『Since the flowers on sensei’s desk ascended to heaven, I brought new flowers. It was a useful lecture, but I was frightened.』

『The magic theory about the water and wind attributes was magnificent. However it was frightening…』

Agnes, Cindy, Betty, and the other students were apparently terrified after experiencing Lisa in that getup.
All things considered, I strangely ended up admiring Lisa for still having kept that attire around.

『Lisa, I’d really like to see you in that getup once more.』

『Sorry. I can’t show it to the person who’s my husband.』

Such events took place as well…I didn’t know the full story behind them, but I took Lisa as a wife.
Taking women as wives after defeating them in a duel; I somehow had the feeling that it’d result in me taking many women as wives until my death, if I were to continue doing something like this.

“Still, it’s a blessing that Amalie-sama is here.”

Certainly, it’s just as Roderich says.
The number of my wives has increased up to this point, and on top of that, all of them have become pregnant.
Thus I’m very grateful for Amelie-san taking care of Elise and the others as someone who has experienced childbirth before.
Officially Amelie-san is treated as Head Maid, but Roderich is treating her as my wife.
His words are: 『She has experience in giving birth, and she’s still young, so please do your best』.

“Still, can’t you somehow increase the number of wives…?” (Roderich)

“Hey…” (Wendelin)

That damn Roderich came up with the most outrageous stuff.
However, since I’ve also got to keep a good balance with Margrave Breithilde, my patron, any more wives will likely be impossible.
Margrave Breithilde has been keeping the number of wives in check with me, but the other day he contacted me through the MHCD, telling me to spare him from getting any more wives.
It’s not like he has an excess of stamina as a person belonging to the liberal arts category, and he also doesn’t possess an overflowing sex drive.
The number of my wives including Philine – albeit that has to wait after she becomes an adult – totals to eight women + two unofficial mistresses.
If you look at the plain numbers, it means nobles are obscene beings.
No, a group of lions?
At least there’s enough material for an erotic novel to be found here.
But then again, there are actually many troublesome aspects when having many wives.
Especially in my case as I lack the skill to handle women smoothly.

“At the very least, I’d like you to have thirty.”

However, according to Roderich, that limitation is set too low.
I wonder, just where my future is headed.

“Thirty what, Roderich?”

“Of course children.”

“Give it a rest…let me deliberately say it once more, give it a damn rest…”

That big number makes me wonder whether I’m supposed to be a warring states commander or a shogun of the Edo shogunate.

“There’re many inquiries for marriages, while considering that half of them will be girls, for the establishments of branch families. And there’s also houses desiring boys to adopt them into their families as son-in-laws.”

Houses with only daughters seem to believe that they can get a benefit out of tying a relationship with our house by accepting a son-in-law.
Normal noble houses have to wrack their brains as to where they can send their children, but since the Baumeister House has been just founded in my generation, there’s absolutely no problems either way.

“What a corrupt talk.” (Wendelin)

“That’s nobles for you.” (Roderich)

“I know, I know.” (Wendelin)

“Hence, please do your best.”

I have both my shoulders tightly grasped by Roderich.
He’s telling me to do my best. But at what and how far?

“I know, I know!”

I break off the talk at this point, and quickly jump to the capital with 『Teleport』.
All in order to quickly forget the depraved noble society by getting in touch with my pure students.


*   *   *


“That’s it for today’s lesson. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime.”

Today’s lesson has ended safely.
The 61 students in the classroom are still continuing to enthusiastically take notes.
Even the students, who didn’t attend at first as they had no issues with keeping their attendance to a minimum thanks to the old teacher with his advanced senility, are now almost completely present after hearing about me being the new teacher.
Occasionally one or two miss a lesson due to health reasons or similar.
It’s probably also owed to my established reputation, but seeing the students hanging on my lips is something that calms my mind.
I have started to believe that it might not be bad to continue being a teacher.
Seriously, noble obligations and such can go eat shit.


“Any questions, Agnes?”


Most recently I have managed to memorize the names and faces of all my students.
Learning the faces and names of my pure students, who diligently listen to my lessons, is much easier than doing the same for all those corrupt nobles who only think how to get into my pocket. Isn’t that a very human reaction?
The one asking me the most questions among all my cute students is the class president character, Agnes.
Her family runs an optician store, and since she has a bad eyesight, she possesses several expensive, custom-made glasses.
At times she changes the glasses she’s wearing, but when I asked her about the reason for doing so, she answered that it was an advertisement for her family.
As serious as she is, she’s apparently doing it after being told so by her father.
According to her, the shady realtor Mr. Rinnenheim seems to also be a regular client of her family’s store.
I can’t help saying that deliberately having his shady glasses made as custom order is just what I’d expect from him.
Mr. Rinnenheim apparently ordered the sunglasses invented by me for his private time, too.
It’s great that he didn’t do so for his job.
After all sunglasses would totally make him look like a fishy land shark.

“There’s something I’d like to ask about the angle of 『Magic Barrier』…”

“Ah, about that…”

『Magic Barrier』 is a difficult spell for those with little amounts of mana.
If you engulf your whole body, the mana consumption increases accordingly. Maintaining the barrier continues sapping your mana as well.
If you make the 『Magic Barrier』 too thin to save on mana, it will be penetrated by an enemy attack in no time which will in lieu defeat the meaning of having cast it in the first place.
Accordingly I have hit upon a certain method.
Just like adding an angle to a tank’s armor plating, you just have to make sure to add an inclination to the 『Magic Barrier』 as well.
This will allow the barrier to block a certain level of impact even while making it a bit thinner than usual.
For the magicians with low mana capacity, that’s a big help, I think.
However, there are individual differences in the barrier’s defensive power even when using the same angle and thickness.
During the lesson I explained to only use this technique in actual combat after testing it thoroughly.
Agnes probably wants to improve the 『Magic Barrier』 in her own way right away.

“Add me as well, please.”

The second one is Cindy, the daughter of a flower arrangement store.
While being the youngest, she possesses abilities that are at the same level as those of Agnes.
Occasionally I’m buying flowers for my wives at her family’s store.

“Sensei, I’d like to learn it as well.”

The third one is Betty whose family runs a restaurant.
She also rivals Agnes in ability. And those three are the top students of my class.
At times I go to the restaurant of her older brother, but…well, I guess this is unrelated to anything.

“Sensei, please teach me as well!”

“I’d like you to teach me, too.”

“Me too.”

Since many other students have started to raise their hands as well, I decided to hold an extracurricular lesson outside, starting now.


————– End of Part 1 ————–



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