Chapter 276


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Chapter 276 – Expansion into the Toyama Prefecture


I lower my eyes on the map spread out in front of me.

The invasions from the south ― the Fukui Prefecture ― are going to be blocked by Kaoru. The north and west face the sea, making them safe for us.

Under these circumstances, our next objective lies in the east ― the Toyama Prefecture.

Only one Demon King still persists over there. He’s ruling over Asahi Town and Kurobe in the prefecture’s east. The remaining land has been fully liberated by the humans. In an effort to liberate all of Toyama, the humans over there launch invasions into the last Demon King’s Domain on a daily basis.

How are things going to pan out if we begin an invasion from our side? The humans will strive to defend, won’t they?

…Then again, it’s meaningless to think about this. Our only two options are invasion of Toyama or hiding out in Ishikawa.

I decided to call my leaders and announced the upcoming invasion of Toyama.

“――For these reasons, we’re going to start our invasion into Toyama tomorrow! The initial target is a usurpation of the prefecture’s west ― the Takaoka and Tonami districts!”

“Oh, niceee!”

“My triumphal return! Kinda?”

“Depending on the enemy movements, we’ll expand our sphere of influence in one breath! All of you, get ready with that in mind!”


I began my invasion of Toyama together with my belligerent subordinates whose moral had reached its peak.



One month later.

We took Himi, Takaoka, Oyabe, and Tonami. Although there were some smaller skirmishes with the humans, we succeeded in smoothly expanding our territory. The reason why it was possible for things to proceed so favorably…mainly stemmed from a difference in strength…and even more so, because of the actions of Demon King Motoki ― the last Demon King in Toyama.

As soon as the humans sent their forces to defend against our invasion, Motoki immediately went on the offense. Being stuck in a pincer attack, the humans couldn’t defend properly on either front.

In the end, Motoki succeeded in stealing Uozu from the humans despite his inferior position, giving him some new room to breathe.

“Once we’ve usurped Nanto, the prefecture’s west will have completely fallen into our hands, huh?”

“The humans of Toyama are in a mess because they can’t make up their mind where to defend. If they focused on one side, they’d have been able to avoid falling into such a wretched state.”

“Now, now, don’t be so hard on them. Democratic organizations have it tough in such a situation, unlike us, right?”

The ones bringing the humans of Toyama together isn’t the local government, but a group of local corporations. Despite having a representative, all their decisions have to be discussed. Meaning, there will be arguments among those wanting to protect their own home towns, those wanting to protect themselves and their families, or those wanting to protect their own interests.

As a result of that, all their actions end up being late.

“True, the Aster Empire does have an absolute ruler with you, Shion-san.”

“It’s because I’m a Demon King.” I answer Kanon with a smile. “Having said that, I suspect that things won’t proceed as smoothly as before from now on.”

According to the reports of Kaede who was out in the field to gather intelligence, very skilled humans have assembled in Nanto. They’ve apparently built a building intended to serve as a frontier fortress.

“So they finally reached a consensus after a month of discussions?”

“Who knows. Either way, it changes nothing for us.”

“Yep, we’ll make them surrender with wit and force! Right?”

“You got it.”

I scan the investigative report I’ve received from Kaede.

“Hmm…I’d really love a bit more detail here.”

“When it comes to even more detailed information…”

“I guess I’ve got no choice but to head out myself.”

The fastest method to obtain information on enemy numbers, the crux of any intelligence, is 《Reign》. I decide to select the subordinates who’re going to accompany me on my probing 《Reign》. We’d only stand out if we went with a big number of folks, and it’d make a retreat difficult.

In the end, I’ve chosen Takaharu, Sarah, Hibiki, Kotetsu, and Rina to come with me. We’ll move in a SV car driven by Hibiki and Takaharu’s big bike. Hibiki, Kotetsu, Rina and I’ll take the car while Takaharu will drive his bike with Sarah on the back seat.

Even if we run into the enemy in the worst case, we’re going to be okay with this lineup, I think.

I called the five people over, and we headed out to probe the enemy movements.



We travel with the radio playing inside the car. It’s extremely calming and chilled. Outsourcing Sarah, who was liable to suddenly start karaoke tournaments, was the correct choice.

I guide Hibiki while checking the geolocational information on my smartphone.

“I think this will be a good spot to cover a wide range.”

We stopped the car and got out at a spot that would allow me to cover an area of 2 km around the Nanto fortress.

“I’ll start the Reign now. You guys, make sure to closely guard the vicinity!” I remind my subordinates, and begin the preparations for Reign.


I close my eyes and chant in my mind while holding out my right hand. The ground trembles and a black vortex with a diameter of around 30 cm materializes in front of my right hand’s palm, looking like it’s swallowing all space around it. The usual text streams down on my smartphone’s display.

『You have started 《Reign》』

『《Reign》 has been announced to the hostile entities within its effective range』

『Please remove all hostile entities in range within 180 minutes』

『Alert! Hostile forces confirmed within the effective range. Please eliminate them at once.』

『Display map of effective range? 【YES】 【NO】

I tap 【YES】 and check out the number of humans displayed on the map.

That’s a lot…

At a glance, I’d estimate the number of red dots at roughly 100,000. If you just go by numbers, the Kanezawa Liberation Army used to have more in the city hall, but…the humans holed up in the Nanto fortress consist of 90% combatants. According to Kaede’s information, all civilians have been evacuated to Toyama City.

Except for this place, Toyama City, the humans’ headquarters, also houses a huge number of people. Moreover, I’ve heard that the humans also built a similar fort in Namerikawa as a bulwark against Motoki.

I guess that’s the difference between Ishikawa which has been dominated by the Demon Kings, and Toyama which has been dominated by humans since the beginning. This looks like a hard nut to crack.

“We’re retreating.”

Having obtained the information I required, I swiftly withdrew with my subordinates.



Twelve hours after our return.


It was the sound alerting me of invaders after a long time. And at the same time, it was the sound informing me of unexpected visitors.



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