Chapter 179 – 180

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Chapter 179 – Preparations for the Foundation of a Nation ①


Now that my course of action in regards to invasions is decided, the domestic affairs are up next, at long last. A nation, huh..? I’ve finished forming a rough image of it in my mind. However, I’ve got a mountain of things to do in order to make it come true.

Although I hold the authority of absolute orders over my residents and subordinates, it’s impossible to handle all of it myself. I’ll need help. Usually I’d ask my conversation partner, Kanon aka Google-chan, but…Kanon’s priority is to make her Knowledge reach A. The one I’d rely on next would be Yataro, but…currently the number of sectors potentially under attack by enemies amounts to 34. Given that I’ve entrusted him with managing all of them, I can’t add any more burdens.

In that case…I’ll need to find new personnel, huh?

Having said that, I’ve often watched my subordinates do battle, but I don’t know much about my residents and subordinates’ lives besides that. That’s because I rely on my own resourcefulness to reach answers to resolve problems.

Time is money. While I’m worrying here, my CP keeps recovering, and my enemies continue to grow by struggling through life and death situations.

The solution is simple. If you don’t know an answer to something, you’ve just got to ask someone else. Operating my smartphone, I begin interviewing my bloodkin, starting with Kanon and Yataro.

The results of all my interviews ―― have narrowed the alternatives down to two potential candidates. Wait, narrowed down? Who’s decided that it has to be only one person? Wouldn’t it be fine to have both of them help me out?

With that decided, I call two humans to my room.

“E-Excuse me…”

“Tamura Masako here. Sorry for intruding.”

The ones who have shown up in my room are a man in his thirties, who acts suspiciously coweringly, and a 60 years old woman with an elegant aura about her.

The man’s name is Sousuke. He’s become my second human bloodkin after Rina. Nowadays he’s spending all his time on farming. It was Kanon who recommended this man to me. Her reasoning was that he obtained the role of mediator between humans and monsters.

Tamura Masako has become my resident during a 《Reign》 in Noto. She was recommended by Kotetsu. Mrs. Tamura originally was the headmistress of an elementary school, and very popular among the locals. Before becoming my resident, she was known for belonging to the faction of moderates.

I offer both of them the chairs I’ve had prepared in advance, and immediately get down to business.

“There’s only one reason why I have called you two. Please lend me your help in the upcoming development of my Domain – the domestic affairs.”


“Oh my? I wonder, is an old granny like me going to be of any use to Demon King-sama?”

Sousuke feels shaken by my words, whereas Mrs. Tamura smiles gently.

“First I’ll tell you about my plans. I’ll have the residents – the humans, who have become my subordinates, work. To be precise, they’ll be assigned to farming, industrial work, construction, and battle.”

“So you’re saying, those who don’t work don’t get to eat, right?”

“I-I’m volunteering for farming!”

Mrs. Tamura smoothly replies to me while Sousuke expresses his own wish in panic.

“To be honest here, farming, industrial manufacturing, and construction isn’t for my sake, but your own. Ultimately, the goal is to set up a system capable of supporting those defending the Domain, and those sallying out on invasions.”

Both carefully listen to my explanation.

“For the sake of realizing this, it’s essential for the residents to do the jobs they’re suited for. Accordingly, I’d like to ask you two to ask all residents about their wishes in regards to their future work field.”

“Complying with the individual wishes instead of ordering them forcibly…certainly, it’s just as Yataro-sama has said, Shion-sama, you seem to be a Demon King capable of taking others’ needs in consideration.”

“Please also explain to the residents that it’s going to be work for the sake of securing their own food, housing, and other things needed to make their lives comfortable.”


“Roger ~ssu.”

Both obediently confirm my request.

“If it looks like you lack personnel…I’ll dispatch my subordinates – monsters. If it’s work requiring dexterity, it’ll be goblins, and if it’s work needing strength, I’ll send over ogres or orcs. Sousuke, I’m looking forward to you doing your best as a bridge between humans and monsters.”

“Eehh? Really ~ssu?”

“Am I asking too much of you…? I’ll order the monsters to not cause any harm, you know?”

“N-No worries…the goblins are good-natured folk if ye get used to them ~ssu. The problem’s goin’ to be…” Sousuke sends an awkward look in Mrs. Tamura’s direction.

“You’re right. There will be some reluctance…”

“Have the humans get used to it…is the only thing I can actually tell you. And, Sousuke, support the whole process as much as you can.”


“R-Roger ~ssu.”

Both give me affirmative replies while looking uneasy.

“Do you have any questions or opinions at this point?”

“Shion-sama, it might sound impertinent, but…would it be okay for me to bring up two points?”

“What’s up?”

Mrs. Tamura looks at me, and says with an apologetic….but firm tone, “First, will it be all residents under your rule that will be given work?”

“That’s the idea. We don’t have the leeway to support those not working, nor do we have any obligation to do so.”

“That’s…does this also include children?”

“How do you define children?”

I was 18 when I became a Demon King. Comparing it with my perception during my time as a human…I was still underage. In other words, a child.

“The children below the age of 15.”

“If we’re talking about an age of 15, it’d be junior high school students, right?”


“At that age they should be capable of helping with work, I think.”

“They can, but…they’re children!” Mrs. Tamura retorts with power in her voice.

Come to think of it, she was formerly the headmistress of an elementary school, wasn’t she?

“What do you want from me then? Are you telling me to even build schools for them?”

“Yes! Fortunately there are several former teachers among those who’ve become your residents.”

“Assuming I’d go along with your request ―― what’s my merit in this?”

“Children who have received education will be useful to you in the future, Shion-sama! Also, children are treasures. If you cherish them, their parents will likely follow you loyally.”

“The way you’re saying this sounds…as if they’re aren’t loyal to me right now, you know?” I flash an evil smile at Mrs. Tamura.

“――!? T-That’s not what I meant! The residents, who have entered under your protection, are grateful for their current lives! However, if they learn that their ruler is a Demon King who cherishes children…it will make the residents become even more loyal to you! This Domain will become our home in the truest meaning! It will boost the wish to defend it, and people will voluntarily try to improve their environment――”

“Enough of this. I got it. I’ll go along with your proposal. However, I’ll have you change a part of the things taught during lessons. You will adopt training in farming, industrial manufacturing, and construction, as well as perform combat training. That’s my condition.”

I’ve decided to found a nation. The residents will sooner or later become personnel to stabilize and secure the nation. I also like the part about an increased loyalty by the children’s parents. I’m well aware that a child’s productivity has its limits. Therefore I’ll adopt Mrs. Tamura’s request, approving the establishment of educational facilities.


Chapter 180 – Preparations for the Foundation of a Nation ②


“The second point is…for example…it’s just an example, but…if the result of our interviewing were to yield some people denying any kind of work, how should we proceed with them?” While carefully choosing her words, Mrs. Tamura asks me with a strained tone, completely different from the one energetic one she used moments ago.

“Putting it in simpler words, you’re asking about a good method to handle people unwilling to work, right?”


Even if I can order residents as a whole, I can’t give orders to individuals. Right now I’ve given my residents three orders:

1.) They’re forbidden to attack me.
2.) They’re forbidden to fight with those under my rule like they are.
3.) They’re forbidden to contact the outside without my explicit permission.

I can also order them to comply with my orders, but if I do that, all residents will turn into yes-sayers like my created subordinates, losing the ability to act on their own volition. In short, it’s impossible for me to forcibly order those unwilling to work. In that case, what would be the best way of action to deal with residents not complying with my intent?

“I have two choices on how to deal with them. First ― disposing of them.”

Disposal is different from 《Creation》 or 《Alchemy》 which I can use through my smartphone. It’s about killing them personally or having my subordinates do it. Since they might revise their thinking, let’s build a prison! …is an inadequate idea.

“D-Disposal, you say…?”

“It’s simple. They’ll be killed by me. That’s all there is to it.”

“…Could I hear the other choice as well?”

“――It’s 《Exile》.”

Unlike disposal, 《Exile》 is something I can carry out through my smartphone. Its effect is――

“《Exile》 means…?”

“They’ll be deprived of their position as my residents, and exiled outside my Domain.”

“I see… Shion-sama, which of the two methods do you actually plan to use?” Mrs. Tamura asks me timidly.

Even if I kill a resident ― someone under my rule, I won’t get any experience points for them. In that case, the answer is――

“《Exile》, I’d say.”

“Hoh… Allow me to thank you for your kind consideration.” Mrs. Tamura feels relieved after hearing my reply.

I haven’t told Mrs. Tamura, but the continuation after “《Exile》, I’d say” is “and then kill them outside my Domain.” If I 《Exile》 someone once, they’re clearly my enemy. Above all, it’s very unlikely that my enemies would ever ignore the exiled people as they’ll know information about my Domain.

My reply has been no lie…it just doesn’t contain the full truth.

After this, I have the two head out to interview the residents about their desired work.



Getting the information from roughly 110,000 residents, eh? I also have the humans, who have been working on the fields with Sousuke, help with the interviewing as well, but…it looks like it’ll take some time.

I decide to use my free time to gather information about the outside world.

Hah? What the fuck…?

【Special Report】 Governmental Appointment! The Thirteen Evil Stars who’re knocking Japan down into the abyss of dread』

Thirteen Evil Stars ― 13 Demon Kings who’ve been assigned as Hazard Rank S by the government. Japan’s Calamities ― ruling over huge territories and still continuing to expand their realms at present. Any of the sectors ruled by the Thirteen Evil Stars has many floors, and the monsters appearing in there are a menace with their high numbers and quality.

Afterwards, one special feature article about the Thirteen Evil Stars has been published after the other. I’m also part of those Thirteen Evil Stars.

The troublesome issue is the overflowing information about the Demon Kings of the Thirteen Evil Stars on the Internet. Many threads, posts, and articles mention that I’m a vampire, and they’re also exposing the configuration of my subordinates.

Moreover, you’d expect that people wouldn’t approach the Thirteen Evil Stars out of fear, but…in reality there’s a drive towards increasing the invasions into their Domains, for the sake of inhibiting the Thirteen Evil Stars from expanding their territories any further.

So that’s the reason why many of the recent human invaders are equipped with silver items, huh…?

There’s also several other news articles bothering me. First off, the specification for 《Reign》 to succeed has been leaked to the humans.

『Endure for three hours without yielding your heart to the Demon King within the Alert range』


『A Demon King can pinpoint the location of humans once the Alert rings』

…and other precise information is mentioned.

Moreover, lies hidden within the truths ― propaganda by humans, have been inserted as well.

『The future of those submitting to a Demon King is ―― a life as slave!?』

The humans submitting to a Demon King through 《Reign》 become slaves. They’ll be forced to swear absolute obedience towards the Demon King. Some will be used as meat shields, others will become fodder for monsters, and yet others will be forced to toll away for eternity. That’s what was written in those articles while accompanied by what’s probably photos of humans who went invading as torn rags are draped over their bodies, and even the photo of a human who’s crying while being used as a shield for monsters has been added.

And the finishing line of the article states: You mustn’t give in, no matter what!

This is the worst…rock bottom. It will make 《Reign》, which is already difficult under normal circumstances, even more of a chore. Just by looking at the article, I’m at the end of my wits, so I guess you can call the propaganda a huge success.

I guess it’s essential to work out some countermeasures against this…

In addition, an article states many different rewards sent to those who liberated Domains. It seems you’ll be awarded 300 million Yen if you liberate a sector ruled by one of the Thirteen Evil Stars. Since the reward for liberating a normal domain amounts to 30 million Yen, it’s ten times that.

Won’t they run out of funds if all my sectors are liberated? I end up wondering imprudently.

Lastly, I decide to gather some information about what’s going on inside Ishikawa Prefecture.

The 『Kanezawa Liberation Army』 represented by 『Kanezawa’s Saint』 and 『Kanezawa’s Sage』 is – contrary to its name – targeting the sectors in Hakusan City ruled by Demon King Kaoru. There are three reasons why they’re going for Kaoru’s sectors instead of mine:

1.) Kaoru has enacted 《Reign》 in Hakusan City. Looking at it from the defenders’ standpoint, Kaoru’s threat level for the surviving humans within Ishikawa might be higher than mine.
2.) Invading Kaoru’s sectors has a higher survival rate. A simple reason.
3.) The two representatives of the 『Kanezawa Liberation Army』 are very traumatized about me ― the Demon King ruling over a part of Kanezawa.

For me it’d be a blessing if both sides could fight each other until I organize the infrastructure of my Domain, but there exist plenty of humans trying to make a quick buck by invading my sectors, or trying to regain Kanezawa City.

While attentively watching the various trends, I guess I’ll enact a 《Reign》 in Kanezawa City when I see a good opportunity for it. As I scroll through online news articles, I continue gathering information.



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