Chapter 175 – 176

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Chapter 175 – ☆ Chronology ②


Year 20X1

※ () – Days since Shion became a Demon King

July 15th: All mankind receives an Email to take an aptitude test (Prologue 1 ~ 2)

July 16th: Mastermind gives a lecture about the World Salvation Project to Chaos (Prologue 3)

July 17th (First): The humans classified as 【Chaos】 become Demon Kings (Chapter 4++)

Domains (inviolable areas) appear all over the world. Commonly known as 『Cataclysm』.

August 16th (30th): Release of Pseudo-Peace Period in all Domains (Chapter 11)

『Goddess’ Revelation』 to all humans classified as 【Law】 (Interlude Sayama Rina 1)

August 19th (33rd): The university students led by Andou invade Shion’s Domain (Chapter 12)

August 23rd (37th): Shion’s Domain becomes a farm (Chapter 15)

September 6th (51st): Shion becomes level 2. A part of his subordinates evolves. Monsters appear outside their Domains (Chapter 16++)

September 17th (62nd): The selection members of Kanezawa liberate a Domain (Interlude Sayama Rina 5)

September 18th (63rd): Shion becomes level 3, and evolves to Demon King (Vampire) (Chapter 22). Birth of bloodkin Chloe (Chapter in the 20s)

October 3rd (78th): Kanon surrenders to Shion

October 25th (100th): Beginning of Chapter 36.

October 30th (105th): The selection members of Kanezawa liberate their fourth Domain (Interlude Sayama Rina 5)

October 31st (106th): The selection members of Kanezawa invade Shion’s Domain

November 9th (115th): Shion succeeds in conquering a Domain for the first time (Chapter 54)

Year 20X2

Middle of May:
– The number of Demon Kings left in Kanezawa has dwindled down to Shion, Kanta, and Alyssa (Chapter 55)
– Start of invasion into Kanta’s Domain (Chapter 56++)

End of May:
– Shion succeeds in conquering Kanta’s Domain (Chapter 62)
– Start of invasion into Alyssa’s Domain

Beginning of July:
– Victory in the war against Alyssa (Chapter 84)
– Shion evolves into Demon King (Vampire Lord)

End of July:
– Saburou becomes Shion’s subordinate (Chapter 93)

Beginning of August:
– Start of invasion into Yataro’s Domain (Chapter 96)

Middle of August:
– Yataro becomes Shion’s subordinate (Chapter 103)
– First login on Laplace (Chapter 107)

Beginning of September:
– Invasion by Sarah (Chapter 110)

Middle of September:
– Sarah is added as subordinate (Chapter 113)

End of September
– Takaharu is added as subordinate (Chapter 118)

Beginning of October:
– Rina reaches level 50 (Chapter 119)

Middle of October:
– Setanta is created through 《Random Creation》 (Chapter 122)
– Start of invasion into Akira’s Domain (Chapter 123)

End of October:
– Saburou evolves (Chapter 126)

Beginning of November
– Akira becomes Shion’s subordinate (Chapter 129)
– Shion enacts his first 《Reign》

Year 20X3

End of March:
– Hibiki becomes Shion’s subordinate (Chapter 140)

Beginning of May:
-Start of invasion into Suzu City (Chapter 141++)

End of May:
– Kotetsu becomes Shion’s subordinate (Chapter 150)

Middle of June:
– Shion succeeds in conquering Suzu’s City Hall (Chapter 164)

Beginning of July:
– Total conquest of the prefecture’s north (Chapter 167)


Chapter 176 – Interlude: Forum (13 Demon Kings Edition)


1 Nameless Adventurer ID:tfdykgr

The naming of the 13 S Rank Demon Kings hasn’t been decided yet, has it?

2 Nameless Adventurer ID:maskeri

You mean the Demon Kings whose Domains have been labeled with a Hazard Rank S?

3 Nameless Adventurer ID:serbdkw

Is this the correct thread to reveal my source of knowledgeArchive to the world?

4 Nameless Adventurer ID:ldkeifx

Okay then, I’ll start off ― The Demon King of Fukuoka City, my hometown, is the Evil Princess of Fierce Battle ― Mei

5 Nameless Adventurer ID:lodswak

I guess I’ll expose the darkness. Yokohama’s Demon King is Commander ― Yui.

6 Nameless Adventurer ID:tfdykgr


That’s not it. What I’m talking about is a general term for the 13 Demon Kings, something like The Top 13 Demon Kings.

7 Nameless Adventurer ID:cndjwie


Dude, say that first!

8  Nameless Adventurer ID:dleoask

It’s 13 of them, right? How about Zodiac then?

9 Nameless Adventurer ID:pdoelai

Zodiac, what’s that again?

10 Nameless Adventurer ID:lskeifc


The 13 star signs in the zodiac star constellation, got it? j/k

11 Nameless Adventurer ID:pdoelai


Hah? Man, that thing has 12 star signs, just so you know.

12 Nameless Adventurer ID:lskeifc


There ain’t no serpent bearer, or shit like that. Just start over, k?

13 Nameless Adventurer ID:mnskwid

Chill out, guys.

The Demon Kings are fighting amongst each other, so how about “The 13 KingsTousouou.” Isn’t it great? It covers 13 and conflict. 1

14 Nameless Adventurer ID:wdfgsqz

13 Demon Kings, in other words: 13 devil lords, right? Then, how about Devil Dozen?

15 Nameless Adventurer ID:mskeidjrf


Hello? Dozen equals 12, you know?

16 Nameless Adventurer ID:nfeszay


It’s a dozen devils, so there’s 13 of them! ggrks 2

17 Nameless Adventurer ID:opwkcsa

13 is a taboo number, so what about Taboo Kings? Demon Kings are calamities anyway.

18 Nameless Adventurer ID:yuikmnh

We’re Law, and they’re Chaos, right? How about Chaos Numbers? Sounds neat, no?

19 Nameless Adventurer ID:eokmsed

Having stayed in bed on the day before the Cataclysm, I’m a Neutral.

20 Nameless Adventurer ID:yuikmnh


Stay strong, man.

21 Nameless Adventurer ID:xdfredf

The Thirteen Calamities災殃? 3

22 Nameless Adventurer ID:dakiocl


Thirteen Calamities…no?

23 Nameless Adventurer ID:xdfredf



It means calamity.

24 Nameless Adventurer ID:loekcjd

Unwanted 13 EvilsLoki

25 Nameless Adventurer ID:skdiejc

The Loki ratio among chuunibyou patients is abnormally high.

26 Nameless Adventurer ID:lkjseud

Rather, isn’t it fine to just go with Zodiac now?

27 Nameless Adventurer ID:mkowias


In short, Zodiac, correct?

28 Nameless Adventurer ID:dkcjdeis


What does that even mean?

29 Nameless Adventurer ID:mkowias

Devilish, smart people running Domains, and the land ruled by them.

30 Nameless Adventurer ID:lowkcjd


How marvelously on point rofl.

31  Nameless Adventurer ID:deoaksw

13 Demon Kings ruling over the lands ― XIII Rulers

32 Nameless Adventurer ID:bkawdds

How about the 13 Pillars at the Dawn of a New Age

33 Nameless Adventurer ID:lowaisd

Isn’t 13 Apostles…Death Bringers, or something like that good?

34 Nameless Adventurer ID:qolskxd

My right eye throbs…

The Thirteen Evil Stars, relics that I sealed away in the past

35 Nameless Adventurer ID:uiksedc

At this point, we might as well go with 『Heart-throbbing☆Chaos☆Demon Kings』?

36 Nameless Adventurer ID:eruidks



Afterwards, many more suggestions followed.


923 Nameless Adventurer ID:liedcaw

If you tally the numbers, Zodiac has the most supporters. The runner-up is 『Heart-throbbing☆Chaos☆Demon Kings』.

924 Nameless Adventurer ID:xcdwsdf

Wouldn’t it kinda suck if Japan was ruled by the 『Heart-throbbing☆Chaos☆Demon Kings』?

992 Nameless Adventurer ID:xsedifr

Looking at the other opinions, doesn’t Zodiac lack a bit of an impact?

993 Nameless Adventurer ID:xlaowsd

The Zodiac are star signs, right? What if we go with “Thirteen Evil StarsZodiac“?

994 Nameless Adventurer ID:ckwidoc

We’re soon going to hit 1000. Isn’t it fine like that, seeing how we won’t get anywhere even if we continue this thread indefinitely.

995 Nameless Adventurer ID:ckeisdj


996 Nameless Adventurer ID:ckeisdj


997 Nameless Adventurer ID:ckeisdj


998 Nameless Adventurer ID:ckeisdj


999 Nameless Adventurer ID:ckeisdj


1000 Nameless Adventurer ID:olsekdic

This settles “Thirteen Evil StarsZodiac.” However, Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, is Nagano’s Demon King, Nanashi. That’s the only thing I won’t compromise on!


The name of the 13 Hazard Rank S Demon Kings, which has been decided in such a way, spread across forums, blogs, and SNS. At the point when the mass-media started to use it as well, it had become widely known in society.



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Translation Notes:

  1. Tousouou = conflict (tousou – 闘争) + kings (ou – 王)
  2. Japanese net slang for “Google it you fucking idiot.” See urbandictionary
  3. Written as 13 災殃 (災 (wazawai) – calamity – 殃 (wazawai)). Matters below.

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