Chapter 153 – 154 part

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Chapter 153 – Invasion of Suzu’s City Hall ⑩


The establishment of the base is finished. As I’m taking a break in my room, after ordering Izayoi’s team to defend, my smartphone rings, informing me of an incoming call.
The caller displayed on the phone’s screen is ―― Rina.

“Good work. What’s up?”

『Shion. There’s something I want to tell you in person. Is it alright if I come over now?』

“No problem, should I just wait for you in my room?”

『That’d be a great. See you in five minutes then.』

I end the call with just that terse exchange.
Something she wants to tell me in person…? What could it be…?

“Who was it?” (Kanon)

Kanon, who has been staying in my room as if it’s normal, asks me.


“Rina? How unusual.”


“Did something happen?”

“I wonder… It looks like she has something she wants to tell me in person.”

“――!? If she has feelings she wants to tell you personally…!?”

“Not feelings, talk.”

“A fierce battle set to unfold the next day..! A man and woman…heading into a very dangerous situation…!”


“Suddenly she realizes! The feelings towards him she had hidden deep in her chest…!”

The pesky 100% bug ― Kanon, who suddenly starts to go haywire, flies about in an exaggerated manner, as if performing a drama, and gets delusional, while placing a hand on her chest and looking up to the sky.

Sure, Rina doesn’t look bad. Her character is gentle and she is conscious of her comrades. Her sword skills are extraordinary as well…
I see. That’s how it is…! After 20 years of struggling, I, whose time without a girlfriend equals my age, for the first time…! Hmm? Wait? I had all my memories of other people when I was a human stolen. Maybe I actually had a girlfriend! In that case I ought to reject the idea of my girlfriend-less time equaling my age――
Being infected by Kanon’s wild delusions, I also make a trip to the sea of delusions…

“…Shion? You okay?”

At the room’s entrance stands my girlfriend…err, my subordinate, Rina, unable to move.

“I-I-I’m alright. Y-You were quick…”

“If you’ve got something to do, this talk can wait――”

“No, no, not at all! Shion-san is totally free right now! Fu fu fu…even though I look like this, I’m a fairy capable of reading the mood! I leave the rest to you two young ones…excuse me!”

Kanon rattles off a flood of cryptic words with a vulgar smile on her lips, and makes to leave the room.

“No, wait…please wait! I’d like you to hear this as well, Kanon.”

“Fah!? M-Me too?”

“Please. As a comrade…as a friend…I want you here too.”

“Muh? Understood! This incompetent Kanon shall stand witness, as a strategist supporting Shion, and as your friend, Rina-san!”


Kanon was trying to leave, but when Rina asks her to stay, she readily agrees to remain, while smiling in a way that suggests she’s not all that dissatisfied with this turn of events either.

“S-So…you said you want to talk. W-What is it?”

I swallow down my spit, and face this unfamiliar situation.

“Before speaking of the issue at hand…I’d like to convey my feelings to you. I’m your subordinate, Shion.”


A forbidden love with her boss, huh…? I wonder, will I be able to properly keep public and private matters separate?

“Kanon, you’re my precious friend. Layla, Flora, Guy, Blue, Iron, Dakel, and Red are my cherished comrades. I can assertively declare that I see the other bloodkin and subordinates…as comrades as well!”

“Thank you very much. For me, you’re a precious friend as well, Rina-san.”

Kanon smiles in a slovenly way after hearing Rina’s feelings.

“These are my true feelings! Given that, I want to tell you, Shion――”

Rina takes a short pause. I…and for some reason Kanon as well, gulp down our saliva. We’re waiting with tense expressions for Rina’s next words.

“The 『Sword King』…Sayama Kotetsu is ― my grandfather.”



Rina’s remark is completely outside the range of my expectations.
I freeze, unable to quite process Rina’s words ― her confession.

“U-Umm…in other words, you’re saying you want to introduce me to your grandfather, Rina!?”

“S-Shion-san! Please calm down! The other party is at an advanced age! Let’s first look for decent clothes on the Internet so that you won’t come across as rude! W-What about a gift…maybe it should be Japanese confectionery, to be on the safe side!?”

“C-Clothes, you say…!? Would a suit be correct here?”

“P-Please wait! I will look it up as your strategist right away…!”

Kanon and I fall into a state of panic.

“Shion…? Calm down.”

“R-Rina! What’s your grandfather’s favorite food?”

“That would be ohagi 1, but…”

“Kanon! Do we have ohagi!?”

“I will find out whether any of the residents is capable of making it at once!”

“Shion! Kanon! Get a grip!”

Rina yells loudly at Kanon and I as we panic.

“Shion, calm down and listen to me. Won’t you give me…a chance to persuade my grandfather?”

“Persuade…? By yourself? Will he allow it?”

“Allow…? What are you going on about, Shion?”

“Hmm? Rina, can you explain what you wanted to tell me from the beginning again?”

Having regained my composure after talking with Rina, I begin to sort out the situation.

“『Sword King』…the one who leads the humans of Suzu’s City Hall ― Sayama Kotetsu, is my grandfather. Can you give me a chance to persuade him before the battle begins?”

I repeat Rina’s words several times in my mind.

“Huh? Wait a moment! What does that mean!?”

I yell out loudly, after having finally comprehended Rina’s words.



Afterwards, I listen to Rina explain about the finer details.

“I see… In short, 『Sword King』 is your grandfather, and the group wearing battle surcoats consists of the disciples of 『Sword King』’s dojo?”

“So your father and big brother have died…” (Kanon)

Kanon and I quietly nod after hearing about the circumstances from Rina.

“Anyway…can you give me a chance to persuade him?”

“Let’s see… What’s the possibility of him responding to your persuasion?”

“I don’t know… My Grandfather harbors a deep hatred towards Demon Kings…【Chaos】.”

“Oh! I also read that article. Having his beloved family stolen…something along those lines was mentioned in the article.” (Kanon)

Hearing my question, Rina and Kanon make gloomy expressions.

“Assuming the persuasion were to fail… Rina, would you be able to fight afterwards?”

“Yes. I said so before, but right now, I’m your subordinate Shion.”

Rina emphatically answers my question.

“Persuasion, eh…? Man, I would have liked to know about this from the beginning.”

I sigh after listening to Rina.
I have prepared enough combat forces to call it a war, all in preparation for a large-scale battle, but…if there’s a possibility of persuading 『Sword King』…the plans I have prepared up until now will come to nothing.

“As long as there’s even just a tiny chance…I guess persuasion could work as well.”


Rina’s eyes sparkle upon hearing my words.

“However, if the persuasion fails, pull back right away, okay?”

“…Got it.”

“And, afterwards…it will result in a fight with your family, but that’s fine, right?”

“No problem…! I’ve made up my mind ever since the day I became your subordinate, Shion!”

“Understood. I suppose I will adjust the schedule then…”

I accept Rina’s suggestion, and rework my strategy once more.


Chapter 154 – Invasion of Suzu’s City Hall ⑪


After accepting Rina’s proposal, I decide to thoroughly gather information on 『Sword King』 ― Sayama Kotetsu.
I know his name and background, and as long as the other party is a celebrity…it’s rather easy to gather information on them. Especially now, during what could be called a time of war, information about humans referred to as heroes is exposed more than necessary in this broken world.
I see…
Once I collect information on Sayama Kotetsu, I become able to understand various things about him.
For example ―― Suzu’s first 『heroes』 weren’t Sayama Kotetsu, but his son and grandson. And his son and grandson lost their lives during the invasion of a Domain. Afterwards, Sayama Kotetsu transformed into an incarnation of revenge, and splendidly killed the Ogre Demon King who had turned the tables on his son and grandson.
If things had ended at this point, Sayama Kotetsu would have become a hero after magnificently achieving his revenge. He could have brought things to an end with this, but…unfortunately, one more target of revenge remains alive.
That target is the foe of his granddaughter ― Demon King Shion.
In other words, me.

“Isn’t that a false charge…?”

His granddaughter ― Sayama Rina, is Rina Shion, and hasn’t died. She has survived as my subordinate.
There’s plenty of merit in trying to go with Rina’s proposal.
It’ll be fine if we can clear up the misunderstanding. It’ll be good if Rina can convey that she is living happily, and that they will be able to live happily as former humans if they decide to become my residents.
As long as we can win over Sayama Kotetsu, it’ll probably be possible to persuade the belligerent disciples as well. In such a case, it’s very likely that all the humans living in Suzu City will gradually become receptive to a recommendation to submit.
He’s a man who’s become an incarnation of revenge to such an extent that he’s hailed as 『Sword King』 despite being more than 80 years old. His love towards his family is that strong, I guess.
That’s why the persuasion of his sole surviving blood relative ― Rina, should very likely succeed.
The main obstacle is preparing a location for them to talk.
If we try to use some trick and fail…a persuasion that ought to have succeeded will end in failure instead.
In that case it might be a good idea to face him in an honest manner while believing in Sayama Kotetsu’s love towards his family…
Family, huh…? I can’t remember my own family. What kind of feelings did I harbor towards my own family? Since I have a character that caused me to be selected as 【Chaos】, I may not have harbored such strong strong affections like 『Sword King』?
If I try to recall anything, I’m assailed by an intense headache.
I’m not even allowed to ask myself, huh…?
I entrust the capture of Suzu to 『love towards one’s family』 which I can’t even verify within myself.



Sunset of the third day after creating my base.

The exhaustion of my bloodkin, who will become the main force, has completely faded away.
If Rina’s persuasion succeeds…waiting for the recovery of the main force, and preparing so many items and subordinates, will become a waste of time and effort.
Just this once, I’d like to hope that all my preparations end up being in vain.
If this comes true…I’ll tell Rina, “If you had told me from the start, all the hardship up to this point wouldn’t have been necessary, you know?” I think Kanon would retort something along the lines of, “Shion-san, you overthink things,” and I’d give Kanon her usual punishment.
I chuckle as I imagine that dream-like, bright conclusion.

“S-Shion-san, what’s wrong, why have you suddenly broken into a smile?” (Kanon)

“Hmm? It’s nothing.”

I wave my hand at Kanon, who calls out to me looking worried.

“To all subordinates! We’re going to start our invasion into Suzu’s City Hall!”

I order my subordinates, who are lined up on the first floor of the sector that we are using as a base for the invasion of Suzu’s City Hall.

“The strategy we will carry out first during the invasion is ―― persuasion by Rina!”

A commotion occurs among my subordinates after they hear my words.
――Be silent!
I forcibly make them close their mouths, and continue to speak.

“If Rina’s persuasion ends in failure ― we will launch a general offensive! All hands, don’t be negligent with your preparations!”

All my subordinates tightly grasp their respective weapons with serious looks.

“We’re going to invade Suzu’s City Hall! All hands, follow me!”


I depart from the base with 2000 subordinates who roar out their battle cries.




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