Chapter 138 – 139

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Chapter 138 – Information Gathering


The day after the successful conclusion of my first 《Reign》.

I gather pieces of information from various sources, and analyze them.
I look over a map of Ishikawa prefecture, filled out with all kinds of information. According to that map, which was drawn up based on the information gathered online, and the intelligence obtained by Kaede, there’s no Demon King that poses a threat to me north of my Domain. Even the strongest Northern Demon King only rules over 13 sectors, centered on Nanao.
I won’t go as far as calling it an easy victory, but that Demon King isn’t even strong enough to be worth evaluating as a threat.
Even if he has individual strength, and numerical strength on top of that…I don’t see any way I could lose.
I think it will be simple to overrun the Demon Kings ruling over the Domains spread out across the prefecture’s north. Ideally I’ll be able to welcome some excellent Demon Kings as subordinates while I’m at it. That’s my current diagnosis.
What could turn into a threat instead ― are the humans.
The Hakui District, which is currently in the process of being invaded, is no problem. The Kashima District, Nanao, the Hosu District, and Wajima won’t pose a problem either.
The issue will be Suzu.
According to the information I researched online, the number of Domains existing in Suzu is exactly ― zero.
There were no humans with the aptitude for 【Chaos】 in Suzu ― impossible. All the domains have been liberated by human hands.
On that day, when all humans across the world received a single email, Demon Kings, who had an aptitude for 【Chaos】, appeared all over the world. A part of the land owned by humanity was transformed into an inviolable area ― Domains. Based on the specification of the 『World Salvation Project』, Domains appeared in larger numbers in areas with high population density.
As a result of that, many humans evacuated to areas with low populations.
If you were to name such a spot in the Ishikawa prefecture, it’d be the city of Suzu.
Many humans being there means ― that it’s highly possible for humans possessing talent to be there as well. Suzu has grown into a central pillar for the humans of the Ishikawa prefecture.
How troublesome…
The lack of Domains makes 《Reign》 the only feasible method to put the area under my control.
Many inns and pensions exist in Suzu, and right now those are serving as temporary dwellings for the humans. As far as I can tell from the information on the net, more than a hundred thousand people live in Suzu.
Consigning more than a hundred thousand people to oblivion or forcing them to submit…the unification of the prefecture’s north has a thorny path ahead.

“What problem has you pulling such a grim expression?” (Kanon)

Kanon calls out to me, as I go over my own thoughts while looking at the map.

“I was just thinking that we’re in for a big fight when using 《Reign》 in Suzu.”

“Wha-!? You’ve already set your sights on Suzu inside your head, Shion-san?”

“Well, taking Nanao and Wajima under my rule won’t be easy either, but…the one that will become a threat is Suzu.”

I let Kanon hear what I have considered just now.

“I see… Making a hundred thousand people submit will be really tough. Would it be bad to postpone Suzu, and invade Nomi?”

“In that case, it’d become necessary to assign combat forces to defend against Suzu in the north, and the Toyama prefecture in the east, all while invading Nomi in the south. I think the unification of the prefecture’s north takes highest priority, since the north would then turn into an area of safe sectors.”

“Then…it turns the increase of bloodkin into an urgent endeavor, since sending out combat forces elsewhere in the current situation would be a risky move.”

“That’s how it is. However, the increase of bloodkin is limited to two per day. Since there’s no way for me to use all my CP on bloodkin either…”

“It’s appropriate to go with one bloodkin per day, right?”

Kanon, who has grown accustomed to talking with me, answers while foreseeing my thoughts.

“That means…it might be a good idea to drop the invasion speed and get the infrastructure ready first, no?”

Kanon tells me her own idea while tilting her head to the side in doubt.

“Your idea isn’t bad…is what I want to say, but it’s rejected.”


Given that I obtained a means to secure devices of human civilization and 『Residents』 through 《Reign》, the idea of preparing the infrastructure isn’t bad, but――
I point at the southern side of the map spread out in front of me ― at Komatsu.
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“The Demon King of Komatsu is rapidly expanding his Domain.”

The Demon King of Komatsu rules over all of Komatsu and all of Kaga…at present he’s expanding his Domain in the direction of Hakusan.
Seemingly understanding my situation, the Demon King of Komatsu has been expanding his Domain in a way to not provoke me, who rules over more than half of Kanezawa ― the northern side. Having said that, it’s not like I have an alliance with that Demon King, and since it’s not like we’re on friendly terms either, the day when we face off against each other will definitely come, sooner or later.
I use my smartphone to display the map of all of Japan.
This map is being drawn and edited in real time by human volunteers. It records the distribution of all Domains in the country.

“Ooh…the Demon King of the Hyogo prefecture has expanded his domain even further, hasn’t he?”

“In addition, the Domains ruled by the Demon Kings of Hiroshima, Aichi, Niigata, Miyagi, Aomori, Hokkaido, and Fukuoka are definitely bigger in scale than mine.”

“Since the Demon Kings of Tokyo and Osaka are also involved in fierce battles, it appears that their levels are fairly high.”

“Yokohama, the place where the humans called braves and heroes gather, is quite scary, too.”

“Online I saw that a group of students from Kyoto is fairly strong as well.”

Once I speak while pointing at areas displayed on Japan’s map, Kanon also comments while pointing at places on the map.

“In other words, the forces that will become my enemies are growing in real time. It’s a common trope for those falling behind in their growth ― the weak, to be devoured by the strong.”

“So you don’t have any spare time to leisurely put the infrastructure in order.”

“I understand the importance of infrastructure. However, sorting out the infrastructure comes after unifying the north.”

I must not mistake my priorities.
What I should do before dealing with the infrastructure is to solidify my foundation.
The foundation in my mind is the securing of a huge safe zone.
If I unify the north, Suzu, Wajima, the Hakui District (Shika City), and the Hosu District will turn into a flawless safe zone, and in addition, a great number of other areas will also fall under that umbrella.
Taking care of the infrastructure follows after that.
Excellent subordinates, a huge safe area, and an enormous pool of CP. First I’ll secure all of those. Then I’ll tackle the infrastructure in order to maximize my secured resources.
While I continue my conversation with Kanon, I draw a future forecast.



150 days later. (One year and eight months since I became a Demon King)

The areas under my rule are: Kanezawa (partially), the Kahoku District, Kahoku City, the Hakui District, Hakui City, the Kashima District, and Wajima. The number of my sectors has grown to 184.
I have welcomed several former Demon Kings and former human liberators, who are capable of battle, and the number of my 『Residents』 has increased to 8,652 people.
My level has increased to 17. My maximum CP experienced a drastic increase to 20,100, but the daily operation costs have likewise grown drastically. Special abilities such as 《Reign》, Random Creation, and Contract, have been continuing every day, leading to me racking my brain about how to make proper use of my CP each day, as always.
Currently we’re in the process of invading ― Noto in the Hosu District.
The decisive battle against the humans awaiting us in Suzu – at the time when the unification of the prefecture’s north is drawing near, Kaede files a report to me.

“The Demon King of Koiji Beach…scary…”

Kaede, who came to report, has a pale face, and her entire body is trembling.


Chapter 139 – vs. Demon King of Koiji Beach ①


“…Scary? Is that Demon King such a formidable enemy?”

Kaede is a subordinate with a pretty narrow emotional range. To frighten her to such an extent…
Don’t tell me!? That Demon King has reached rank A in a particular stat?

“Strength…unknown. But, actions, words, appearance…all of it is scary.”


Kaede speaks in a whisper while trembling.
Strength unknown? Words, actions, and appearance are scary? I unintentionally tilt my head to the side in confusion.

“Leaving aside their appearance…what do you mean by their words and actions being scary?”

“Mmh…among Shion-sama’s subordinates, the one with scary words and actions would be Saburou, I think.” (Kaede)

“Huh? That’s the kind of scariness she means?”

“Or, Chloe-san, Layla-san, and Izayoi-san would use scary words and actions against anyone mocking you, Shion-san, as well, wouldn’t they…?” (Kanon)

Kanon, who had been floating next to me, replies to my muttering.

“If their appearance is scary…are they possibly of the dragon or fallen angel species?” (Shion)

“Oh…yeah, if a dragon appeared in front of me, I’d be scared for sure.” (Kanon)

Kanon and I pile up guesses based on Kaede’s words.

“…Wrong. They’re a beast species…I think at least.” (Kaede)

Kaede denies my and Kanon’s guesses with a trembling voice.

“Beast species? You mean kind of like Takaharu?” (Shion)

“Wrong…a being completely different from Takaharu…” (Kaede)

A being different from the beast species Takaharu, albeit being a Beast Demon King…?

“I suppose it’s pointless to make one guess after the other here. I think I will reorganize Rina’s and Chloe’s teams and have them make absolutely sure.”

The teams currently out on invasions are the former Demon King unit, with Takaharu and Sarah as leaders, Chloe’s team, which is the oldest and prides itself with excellent teamwork, and the balanced team of Rina.
The strongest team is that of the former Demon Kings, but…that team has a bad affinity with Chloe and Layla, making it dangerous to have them act together. Hence, the best option would be a blend of Rina’s and Chloe’s teams.

“I’m against it, but…that thing…according to what I heard from Yata-jii…it might be a Demon King desired by you, milord…”

“A Demon King desired by me…?”

I take out my smartphone and call Yataro.

『What’s wrong?』

“I just heard it from Kaede, but you told her that there’s a Demon King I would desire? What kind of Demon King would that be?”

『Hmm? ――! Ah, yeah. Now I remember. It’s that, you know ― a Demon King suited for tanking.』

“A Demon King suited for tanking? I see.”

Yataro loves Kaede like his own granddaughter. He probably told her about the personnel I’m looking for during a light chitchat.
Yataro is a truly thoughtful subordinate. If not for that sickness of his (Gacha Addiction)…he’d be a perfect, outstanding talent…
In that case, I should move in the direction of turning that Demon King into my subordinate, huh?

“Kaede, how many sectors does the Demon King of Koiji Beach rule?”

“…9. But, if you go, milord, you can meet that person right away.”

“Huh? Kinda like with Takaharu?”

“Slightly wrong…that person’s way of thinking is unknown.”

Whenever Kaede makes a report like this, it points to the Demon King actively taking part in the defense. It might be unbelievable, but there are many cases where a Demon King personally defends the entrance area of the first floor.

“In that case, it’d be best to go with the former Demon King unit led by me, eh?”

“Hmm…Shion-san, don’t you join the team of Takaharu-san way often? Chloe-san and Layla-san have been jealous about that.” (Kanon)

“Haah? I often join Chloe’s and Rina’s teams as well, don’t I?”

“However, in important situations like now, you always go with Takaharu-san and the others, don’t you?”

“If it comes to urging a Demon King to submit, the presence of former Demon Kings bears persuasiveness, right?”

“Still, persuasion with Takaharu-san and Sarah-san around is…”

“…unsuitable, you mean?”

“Wouldn’t it be fine to go with Chloe-san and Layla-san every once in a while?”

After hearing Kanon’s suggestion, I brood over it. In the end, I decide to invade the Domain at Koiji Beach with Chloe, Blue, Noire, Rouge, Kureha, Rina, Layla, Iron, Flora, Red, Guy, and Dakel.



“Shion-sama! Thank you very much…for selecting us on this occasion!”

“Shion-sama! This unworthy me swears on her name as Layla Shion, I shall show you how I accomplish this great task!”

The tension of Chloe and Layla has peaked out.

“Compelling a Demon King to surrender…isn’t that the job of the other team ~ssu…?”

In contrast, Blue’s tension has hit rock bottom.

“Boss! In short, we just gotta show ’em our power by beatin’ ’em black n’ blue?”

“Kakakaka! Noire, Rouge, let’s use this chance to finally determine the strongest ogre!”

“Hah! You gotta be jokin’!”

The three ogre expose their competitive nature.

“Chloe, Layla, don’t get too worked up.” (Shion)

“”Yes, master!!””

“Blue, if you show good results…I will give you a laptop.” (Shion)

“You serioussu!? That small PC, right ~ssu? It’s going to be for my personal use ssu~!?”

“Noire, Rouge, Red, don’t go on a rampage until I give you permission, okay?” (Shion)

“O-Of course.”

“Boss…ain’t that obvious…?”

“Sure thing!”

I walk onward while talking with my subordinates on the way.

“Rina, the primary persuader in this team is you, got it?” (Shion)


At the end I call out to Rina, who could also be called the only one with a conscience.



8:00 p.m. With about ten hours leeway until sunrise, we arrive at the Domain of Koiji Beach.
The Koiji Beach Domain consists of forest floors. We proceeded deeper into it, taking one step at a time in the pleasant forest illuminated by moonlight.

Ten minutes after invading the Domain.



The howling of beasts reverberates through the quiet night forest.
――Iron! Living mails! Get ready!


Iron and his subordinates ready their shields, and step in front. I also prepare Gáelbolg, which has been strengthened by Akira, and Rina and the others also prepare their respective weapons, getting ready for battle.


A pack of wolves, with large frames exceeding two meters ― direwolves, and a group of fiendish beasts with sharp fangs ― killer panthers, charge at us from within the darkness.
Once Iron confirms the enemies, he hits his shield, drawing the enemies’ hate towards himself. Iron’s subordinates, the living mails, also hit their shields as if to imitate Iron. Chloe swiftly shoots an arrow at the lead direwolf, and Kureha and Dakel also shoot their arrows, following Chloe’s lead.
I take up position diagonally behind Iron, and closely watch the movements of the approaching direwolves.
――《Flash Thrust》!
Gáelbolg is shoved into the muzzle of a direwolf, which jumped at Iron with its big muzzle open.


Having received Gáelbolg’s quick thrust, the direwolf whines shrilly and tries to retreat, but…
――《Dark Lance》!
Pierced by the spear of darkness I shoot from my hand, the direwolf falls to the ground.
As I look around me, I watch Rina sending the head of a killer panther flying with refined movements, Layla attacking a direwolf with skillful movements of her jet-black whip, Red, Noire, and Rouge powerfully pulverizing killer panthers and direwolves by swinging their blunt weapons, Blue finishing off a weakened enemy with his ax in the center, Guy restraining enemies trying to break past the living mails with swift movements, and Flora engulfing the jumping beasts in flames.
The direwolves and killer panthers are nimble, and naturally know how to work in groups. They put in great efforts to get their revenge by killing at least one of us, but…they aren’t strong enough to overcome our individual strength, and thus their numbers keep dwindling steadily.
Eventually only three killer panthers remain, and all the direwolves have been annihilated――

“Vampires, ogres, and a variety of other monsters…and a human, huh? What unusual guests.”

A single man appears from deep within the forest. The man has a scary face, with a bald head and sunglasses. His height is close to 190 cm. He wears a charcoal gray suit, and his body is obviously firm, even from a distance.
What’s worthy of special mention are…the pieces of iron armor on his arms, clearly mismatching with his suit, and the large sword on his back.

“Can I have you refrain from tormenting my subordinates any further?”

The hard-faced man addresses us with a gentle tone, conflicting with his appearance.


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