Chapter 129 – 130 part

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Chapter 129 – vs. Demon King Akira ③


“Wha-!? Rina is――” (Shion)

“Pfft…brat. You must be truly blind… The most trusted subordinate of Shion-sama is――” (Chloe)

“”Me!”” (Chloe & Layla)

Chloe and Layla kick up a fuss, interrupting my words. They look at Sarah and Takaharu as if to provoke them.

“Hah? I don’ give a flyin’ fuck ’bout trust n’ shit, but…I’m the strongest subordinate here, ya know?” (Takaharu)

“Huuuh? I’m totally the subordinate Shion-chi trusts the most, though?” (Sarah)

Being triggered by Chloe and Layla, Takaharu and Sarah also start to raise havoc.

“Heh, all of you, calm down. The subordinate trusted the most by Shion-sama is ― me!”

Saburou adds even more chaos to the already chaotic situation. However, once Saburou makes his declaration with a triumphant look, my subordinates around him turn silent.

“Hmm…? Going by the flow here――”


I yell Saburou’s name while he’s confused by the silent atmosphere. I guess Saburou is the point of compromise here…


“This person is a vampire just like me, and a higher species, a 『Vampire Noble』! Moreover, he’s my most treasured aide among the former Demon Kings that serve me!”

“Hah! Shion-sama…in the end you nominated me, just as I had expected! Indeed! It is I who is the right hand man of Shion-sama! The abysmal darkness’――”

――Shut up!
If I allow him to run his mouth any further, he’s going to spill the beans.
It’s a fact that Saburou has a high rarity value, but…Demon King Akira targeted Rina as a sacrifice. She very likely won’t accept the created subordinates, Chloe and Layla. Having said that, Rina has an extremely high rarity value. Accordingly, I decide to offer Saburou as a sacrifice.
If the contents of the pledge were slightly harsher, I wouldn’t have any intention to offer anyone. However, with the pledge’s particulars being at this level…I think I can very likely keep the promise.

“Once it’s put on, it can’t be taken off, even if I wish for it. Is that okay with you?” (Akira)

“No problem.” (Shion)

“My will…” (Saburou)

Accordingly, I hold the 《Collar of Pledge》 I received from Akira against Saburou’s neck.

“Let me confirm one last time. According to the pledge, I promise to provide shelter and food to Demon King Akira and her subordinates. Also, I won’t use them as disposable pawns. As compensation, Demon King Akira will surrender to me. In case the pledge is broken, my trusted confidant ― Saburou will have his neck strangled by the 《Collar of Pledge》.” (Shion)

“Yep.” (Akira)

Akira nods her head slightly.

“Is Saburou going to die in case the pledge is broken…?”

“He won’t die right away.”

“What would happen if a subordinate dwarf, who was included as an invasion team member, were to skip a meal?”

“It’ll be fine as long as you don’t harbor the wish to oppress me and my subordinates.” (Akira)

“Even if I order them to serve as a tank, and make them take on the enemy’s attacks all alone, it won’t become a violation of the pledge?”

“That’s a necessary duty. It’ll be okay.”

I run through all kinds of hypothetical questions and scenarios.
At last, I arrive at a conclusion at the end of all the questions.
Well, even if my prediction is off…Akira and the many dwarves are necessary personnel for Alchemy. I don’t plan to expose them to danger. As long as they stay in the residential area of my Domain, I can get Yataro to prepare the necessary infrastructure. Even if I order them to serve as shields, it won’t be a problem as long as it’s a part of their duty.

“Roger.” (Shion)

I affix the 《Collar of Pledge》 I had already placed on Saburou’s neck.

“Thanks. Next is my turn…”

Once Akira casts a glance towards the dwarf behind her, one of the dwarves offers a silver-shining orb ― a 【True Core】 to Akira. Taking that 【True Core】, Akira holds it out to me.
I throw a question at Akira without accepting the 【True Core】.

“Demon King Akira…how much CP do you possess right now?”

“Hmm? …550.”

Akira answers after taking a smartphone out of her pocket, and checking it.
550? Aah…I suppose her CP has been reduced by half because she took the 【True Core】 out of its territory.

“If you return to the deepest part ― your room, your CP will go up to 1100, right?” (Shion)

“Yeah.” (Akira)

“Can we head over there for a moment then?” (Shion)

“――? Why?” (Akira)

“There’s something I’d like you to do before we execute the 《Surrender》.”

I reply to the puzzled Akira with a smile.



Afterwards, we move to the deepest room together with Akira, and wait for her CP to recover.

“Now then, before we go on with the 《Surrender》 ― I’d like you to use 《Subordinate Creation》.”

“《Subordinate Creation》?”

“Correct. Wasn’t there a subordinate you could create by decreasing your maximum CP when you reached level 10?”

“A master dwarf?”

“That’s the one. Seeing how you’re going to 《Surrender》 anyway, your CP will come to nothing. Hence, I want to put them to effective use.”

“Got it. I can pick from four specializations for 《Master Dwarf》. Which should I pick?”

“Please tell me all four.”

【Dwarf Lord】, 【Magic Dwarf】, 【Dark Dwarf】, 【Dwarf Builder】.”

“By the way, which evolution path did you choose?”

“Dwarf Smith.”

I guess I have no choice but to pick by the name, as usual…
The 【Smith】 chosen by Akira is a craftsman. Very likely, an Alchemy-specialization. I think there’s no doubt about Lord being a Body-specialization. Magic is likely Mana-specialization. Builder is an architect? Architecture-specialization? Dark is darkness? A dwarf of darkness, what’s that supposed to be?
I’m curious about all of them, but…this time the objective is clear.
It lacks a bit in appeal, but――

“Please choose a 【Dwarf Lord】.”

“Sure…what about its name?”

“I’ll let you decide.”

After waiting a short moment, a hexagram appears in front of us. A brawny dwarf shows up from within.

“My name is Abel Akira. I pledge my lifelong fealty to mila――”

“Pledge it to Shion, not me.”

“Hmm? B-But――”

“Order. Pledge it to Shion.” (Akira)

“Very well… My name is Abel Akira. I-I pledge my lifelong fealty to m-…S-Shion-sama.”

I have witnessed a very strange kin creation there.

“We done now?”

“Yeah, sorry for being somewhat unreasonable.” (Shion)

Akira confirms with her expression remaining unmoved. Once I consent, she silently holds out the 【True Core】 to me, and goes down on one knee.

“I ― Demon King Akira abandon my life as Demon King, and offer 『Surrender』 to thee ― Demon King Shion.”

“――I accept.” (Shion)

The 【True Core】 in my hands shines brightly, and then vanishes. At the same time, the space, the Domain, beneath my feet begins to tremble violently.

>> You obtained Demon King Akira’s Domain.
>> Unification of Domains succeeded. From now on you are granted a 24-hour Pseudo-Peace.

I check that Akira’s surrender has succeeded on my smartphone.
And thus, I have fulfilled my dearest wish of welcoming a Dwarf Demon King as my subordinate

“Akira, can I ask you one thing?” (Shion)

“What is it?” (Akira)

“Is it fine for me to also ask you to alchemize a 《Collar of Pledge》?”

“――!? T-That is…impossible, that’s something I could only make as a Demon King.” (Akira)

“I see.”

It’s impossible unless she’s a Demon King, eh…? Let’s leave it at that.
I look at the panicked Akira while smiling.


Chapter 130 – vs. Demon King Akira Conclusion


Having added Akira as subordinate, I return to my first sector.

“Welcome baaack.” (Kanon)

“Welcome back.” (Yataro)

Kanon and Yataro, who I had informed of my arrival in advance, welcome Akira and me.

“I’m back. This girl is Akira.” (Shion)

“Ohh, rather than a dwarf…” (Kanon)

“…she’s a child, isn’t she?” (Yataro)

“I’m no child…I’m an adult.” (Akira)

Kanon and Yataro state their frank impressions of Akira after her introduction, but Akira denies their claims with a sour look.

“Ahaha…. Sorry. I’m Kanon. Nice to meet youuu.”

“I’m Yataro. Best regards.”

Kanon introduces herself to Akira with a wry smile, while Yataro displays the composure of an old man.

“…Akira. Nice to meet you.”

Akira gives them her name, while remaining expressionless.

“Leave the deepening of friendships for later. We’re going to get down to business now.” (Shion)

Hearing my words, the three of them look at me.

“Akira, let me check, you can use 《Item Creation》?” (Shion)

“《Item Creation》 is impossible. 《Smithing》 works.” (Akira)

“《Smithing》? How is that different from 《Item Creation》?” (Shion)

“《Item Creation》 is simple, and uses a smartphone. 《Smithing》 is difficult, and uses a smithy.”

Akira’s explanation is too concise. I somehow get it, but the particulars are unclear.

“I don’t really understand… Can I have you show me an example of 《Smithing》 now?”

Seeing is believing. I decide to ask her for a practical demonstration.

“Where’s the 【Smithy】? Also, raw materials are necessary as well.” (Akira)

【Smithy】? Raw materials…?” (Shion)

“A 【Smithy】 can be created with 《Domain Creation》. The raw materials can be created with 《Item Creation》.” (Kanon)

Kanon supplements Akira’s words after seeing me tilt my head in confusion.

“Umm, create a 【Smithy】…alchemize raw materials…did I get it correctly?”

“I also want some tools.” (Akira)

“What about the tools you have been using?” (Shion)

“They all disappeared previously except for this one.” (Akira)

Akira mutters while holding up the hammer in her hand.
I guess it would have been smart to collect all the tools before going ahead with 《Surrender》.

“For starters, tell me about all the tools and facilities you need for 《Smithing》.” (Shion)

【Smithy】, 【Water Wheel】, 【Pincers】, 【Chisel】, 【Fire Hook】, 【Grinder】…also, if you create a 【Mine】 for us, the dwarves will be able to gather raw materials.”

The uncommunicative Akira starts to babble like a brook.

“Yataro, do we still have space in the residential area?” (Shion)

“Let’s see… You did just add a lot of dwarves as subordinates. How about creating a specialized smithing quarter on another floor?” (Yataro)

“Seeing how you need a mine anyway, you might as well turn the entire second sector into one.” (Kanon)

Kanon states her opinion right after Yataro.

“Since I have promised Akira and her subordinates a place to live, that would be a possibility as well, I suppose.” (Shion)

“…Promised? That’s unusual, isn’t it?” (Kanon)

“If I don’t keep my promise, my important, trusted confidant…Saburuo, is going to die, it seems.” (Shion)

“Eh? What’s the deal with that!? Give me details!”

“…No clue.”

Once I turn my eyes in Akira’s direction while smiling impishly, Kanon latches onto what I’ve said, and Akira turns away while still expressionless.




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