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Chapter 93 – Dark-something ②


“Kuh…!? T-This pressure is…! You bastard, you’re no ordinary person, are you!?”

Dark-something mutters with a trembling voice while retreating slightly.

“Buuut! I’m not called emperor ruling over all darkness for sho――”

――《Fire Lance》!
I shoot a fire lance at Dark-something who is still kicking up a fuss. The lance grazes his shoulder.

“Guaa!? Asshole! It was my turn just now, right!? To you, pride――”

“Don’t need it.” (Shion)

――《Flash Thrust》!
I close the distance to Dark-something and unleash a swift thrust.
Pride? All I have is a selfish desire to survive, and a small desire to show my strength in front of my subordinates.

“Kuh!? …Fool who doesn’t know pride! Time for you to die! ――《Double Thrust》!”

Dark-something swiftly thrusts out his rapier twice. I dodge the first one by twisting my upper body, but the second one grazes my flank.
This fucker is accustomed to fighting with his quirks like a retard.
Chitchatting in the middle of a fight is foolish, but dark-something has mastered the agile movements of a strong fighter used to combat.
I attempt to widen the distance to Dark-something with a back step.

“Lance of chaos, born from darkness. Strike this fool that defies me…”

Dark-something begins to mutter something.

“…and grant death! ――《Dark Lance》!”

I knock down the dark lance flying at me with one hand.

“――Wh-!? M-Mine lance of the abyss…with one hand!?”

Lance of the abyss, you say…that just a darkness lance, no? Does he not know that Vampire Demon Kings have a strong resistance against the darkness attribute? …There’s no way he doesn’t, is there?
I’m flabbergasted by this idiot of my own species, who is looking startled in front of me.

“I guess magic doesn’t work…in that case, I will simply slay you with 『Thousand Needle』!”

“Dude! Don’t attach such an overly exaggerated name to a mere 『Rapier』!” (Shion)

I stab Gáebolg at Dark-something, who rushes at me after readying his rapier. Dark-something repels Gáebolg.
Tsk!? It looks like I can’t overwhelm him with strength… This guy is an idiot, but I guess his Body stat is B.

“Hah! I know the weak points of a spear user. All I have to do is stay close to you!”

Dark-something kicks the ground, trying to quickly close the distance, but I step sideways, preventing the combat distance from becoming short range.

“Dream on! Such a strategy only works against opponents with a Body stat inferior to your own!” (Shion)

While laughing scornfully at Dark-something’s action, I restrain his movement options by swinging my spear sideways.

“You think you can take such an attitude even when in front of mine exquisite skills? You won’t be able to resist mine gale! ――《Fast Thrust》!”

I wonder whether Dark-something has vanished while leaving an afterimage, when suddenly, he slips inside my guard instantaneously, and stabs my abdomen. Even while feeling faint pain at my abdomen, I mow Gáebolg sideways, driving Dark-something away.

“Mmh? How tough. What are…those clothes!? Once I kill you, I shall make them mine favorite clothes.”

“Once I kill you, I will burn that tuxedo of yours.” (Shion)

I reply while feeling irritated by Dark-something, who smiles stubbornly.

“Nonsense. You may prostrate in front of mine secret technique of extreme speed! Watch as I become a gale and destroy thee! ――《Fast Thrust》!”

Dark-something once again slips inside my guard instantaneously, and stabs at my abdomen.
The damage is low. It won’t turn into a fatal wound, but it’s still an annoying attack.
For that retard to always say such stupid stuff before attacking…
I make a back step, attempting to distance myself from Dark-something.

“Hah! What pointless struggling! Your destiny is to be eternally unable to escape mine secret technique of extreme speed, you bastard!”

Dark-something rushes up towards me.

“Tremble as I become a gale and destroy thee!”

He makes his usual, stupid declaration. Judging the right timing to use 《Mist Separation》 is very difficult.
However, if someone politely tells you their attack timing――

“――《Fast Thrust》!”

――《Mist Separation》!
My afterimage gets stabbed by Dark-something, then turns into mist and disperses.


――Crescent Moon Slash!
And then, I powerfully swing down Gáebolg after materializing behind him.


Dark-something is blown towards the marble wall, alongside the shockwave generated by Gáebolg’s blade.

“Y-You bastard…why…that hidden technique――”

――《Fire Lance》!
I unleash a follow-up fire lance against the groaning Dark-something, and quickly run up to him, as he has collapsed to the ground.


――《Early-Summer Rain Thrust》!
I quickly unleash a series of thrusts at Dark-something, who’s suffering from the heat.


Hooh, as one might expect from Body B. He’s still alive, eh? I admire Dark-something, who has started to breath faintly.
It’s simple to finish him off, but…I guess I will confirm just in case.

“It’s your last chance. Death or surrender. Answer within three seconds.” (Shion)

“Uuh…I-…I w-…w-will s-…su-…su-surrender…”

“Then show your intent to surrender.” (Shion)

“W-…W-What d-…d-do I h-…h-have to do…?”

Dark-something mutters with a hoarse voice.
Or rather, it’s kind of difficult to understand him. I guess I will allow him to recover his stamina just a bit.

“Everyone, gather!” (Shion)

I call Chloe’s group, and pick up the fallen rapier, just for caution’s sake.

“If this idiot moves the slightest bit, kill him.” (Shion)


Dark-something is surrounded from all sides by my armed subordinates. I splash a weak restorative potion on his head.

“Order your subordinates to bring the 【True Core】.” (Shion)

“To this place?”

I nod and answer the question of Dark-something, whose voice was trembling as he had weapons thrust at him from all sides.

“Hurry up. For each ten minutes I have to wait, you will be attacked to whittle down your recovered stamina, got it?” (Shion)


The wait took one hour.
By the time when Dark-something had been roasted six times as I had declared, a giant bat appeared while carrying the 【True Core】. I receive it from the giant bat, and explain the details of a surrender to Dark-something.

“Speak the words I’m going to say from now on while holding a strong wish of wanting to surrender to me.” (Shion)


“I ―― Demon King Dark…D, Dr…hey! What’s your name?” (Shion)

“It’s Darkness Dracul the Third…”

“I ― Demon King Darkness Dracul the Third abandon my life as Demon King, and offer 『Surrender』 to thee ― Demon King Shion. Did you remember that?” (Shion)


“Then speak!” (Shion)

Shit! Even though it’s for the sake of explaining, what an embarrassing name. I order Dark-something, who stammers a reply, while feeling irritated.

“I ― Demon King Darkness Dracul the Third abandon my life as Demon King, and offer 『Surrender』 to thee ― Demon King Shion.”

“――I accept.” (Shion)

No matter how long I wait, nothing happens. Did I make a mistake with the line? Since I had noted it down while listening to Kanon, I open up my smartphone’s memo app, and check it.
It was correct, wasn’t it?
That means…

“I see. You don’t feel like submitting to me. In other words, you’re saying that you want to die?” (Shion)

I tightly grasp Gáebolg with killing intent.

“P-P-Please wait! T-T-That’s not it!? Please, one more…just one more…chance…”

Seeing Dark-something’s panicked begging, I nod silently. If he fails this time, I will kill him.

“I-I ― Demon King S-Saburou abandon my life as Demon King, and offer 『Surrender』 to thee ― Demon King Shion.”

I unintentionally burst into laughter due to Dark-something’s ― err, Saburou’s declaration, erasing my killing intent.

“――I-I…a-accept.” (Shion)

As I hold back my laughter, I declare the words accepting Demon King Saburou.
In response, the 【True Core】, which hadn’t reacted in any way before, shines and vanishes from my hands. At the same time, the ground beneath my feet, the air around me, the entire Domain trembles intensely.

>> You obtained Demon King Saburou’s Domain.
>> Unification of Domains succeeded. From now on you are granted a 24-hour 【Pseudo-Peace】.

I confirm the success of Saburou’s surrender on my smartphone.
With this I have welcomed my second former Demon King subordinate.


Chapter 94 – Suspicious Information


“Welcome home. That was quite fast.” (Kanon)

Having added Saburou as subordinate, I created a 【Transfer Array】, and returned to Kanon’s location.

“Well, it’s because the Demon King made an appearance on the third floor.” (Shion)

“Oh my…eh? Who’s the person behind you?” (Kanon)

Kanon immediately spots Saburou behind me.

“The foolish Demon King who made that appearance.” (Shion)

“My!? You made him into a bloodkin?” (Kanon)

“No, I made him 【Surrender】.” (Shion)

“Hee~ After all, the recommendation is more likely to succeed if you go over there yourself, isn’t it Shion-san?” (Kanon)

“Indeed.” (Shion)

I ponder while having a silly conversation with Kanon. Depending on Saburou’s future efforts, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to obtain more Demon King subordinates. However, next time I’d really like to get a Demon King who feels a bit more intelligent.

“Judging from his appearance, he’s a vampire species just like you, Shion-san?” (Kanon)

“Yeah. Umm, his name is――” (Shion)

I’m about to answer Kanon’s question, as she continues the previous conversation, interrupting my thoughts, when…

“It’s an honor to meet thee, beautiful fairy princess… This noble lord is of the same species as Shion-sama, and the emperor ruling over all darkness, Dark――” (Saburou)

“It’s Saburou.” (Shion)

I interrupt Saburou’s speech as he attempts to introduce himself to Kanon, with a false name and sparkling eyes.

“U-U-Umm…Dark Saburou-san?” (Kanon)

“No! Mine name is Dark――” (Saburou)

“It’s just 『Saburou』.” (Shion)

I correct Saburou who still tries to use a false name.

“Shion-san…do you have a moment?” (Kanon)

――Saburou. Wait here!
Being called by Kanon, I move to a slightly separated location, and order Saburou to stay where he is.

“I-Is that person really alright?” (Kanon)

“His head? Unfortunately it was already too late when I met him.” (Shion)

“W-Why did you take such a Demon King in…?” (Kanon)

“Well, his brain is a lost case, but his 【Body】 and 【Mana】 were both B.” (Shion)

“If you limit it to indoors, right?” (Kanon)

“The base stat of 【Body】 was B. 【Mana】 is C, I guess.” (Shion)

“Uuh…he sounds like a useful subordinate. I’m slightly scared of how he looks at me, though.” (Kanon)

“Have peace of mind. There won’t be any harm to me.” (Shion)

“――Wh-!?” (Kanon)

I finish up the whispered conversation with Kanon quickly.

“Shion-sama…do you have a little moment for me?” (Saburou)

As I wrap up the conversation with Kanon, I’m next called by Saburou.

“What is it?” (Shion)

“Can a being like me create a beautiful fairy princess like that one― my destiny, which descended into the real world, if I raise my Creation rank?” (Saburou)

Eh? What’s with this guy…he truly gives off a bad vibe.

“Impossible. Kanon is a former Demon King just like you.” (Shion)

“――!? T-To be in the same position as one such as me… As I thought, mine and Kanon-tan’s destinies are linked tog――” (Saburou)

――Shut up!
Since it looked like he’d break through the level of my sanity value, I shut up Saburou’s mouth forcibly.

“If you make a move on Kanon, I will kill you, got it?” (Shion)

“――!? E-Excuse me! I didn’t realize that Kanon-tan already belongs to you, Shio――” (Saburou)

――Shut up!

“Kanon! Can I get experience points by killing this guy right here and now?” (Shion)

“――!?” (Saburou)

“U-Umm…it’s impossible since you can’t get any experience points by killing your own subordinates.” (Kanon)

Saburou reveals a frightened expression, due to my serious statement, while Kanon answers with a bitter smile. I loudly click my tongue after hearing Kanon’s words.
After that, I assigned Saburou to a shack that I created on a different floor from the residential area, where the bloodkin, including Kanon and me, live, and broke up the meeting then and there.




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