Chapter 90 – 91

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Chapter 90 – Izayoi


48 hours after usurping Demon King Alyssa’s Domain.
Rina and Chloe, leading their bloodkin and subordinates, have begun invading the Domains on the way to Uchinada’s Domain. As far as we have investigated, there are no high level Demon Kings en route. We might be able to clear a path to Uchinada’s Domain in less than a month.
Having reached level 10, I wanted to join the invasion as well, but the Domains that we are targeting this time include outdoor type floors. Given that their compatibility with me is really bad, I’ll be focusing on my Domain’s defense instead.
At the moment, humans invading from south and north are being completely slaughtered. The sectors there have been set up in a manner befitting the Domain’s designation as Hazard rank S. 30% of the humans invading from the western side are killed. Those sectors are designed to be gentle towards beginners, and I have deployed subordinates who are likewise low level. The humans invading from the east are killed at a rate of 50%. Suitably high rank subordinates have been stationed in those sectors, as it’s geared towards aspiring intermediate level adventurers.
I will keep this setup for a while. I’m expecting that the invaders’ segregation will be finished through active information manipulation on news forums catered towards humans.
The deployment of subordinates, and the practical application of the configuration, only took 24 hours, but I could confirm that it works. It’s necessary to make minute adjustments to get closer to the targeted human annihilation rate, but I think it will be alright even if I leave it alone to some extent.
Pheew, that was tiring. Even though a Demon King doesn’t require sleep or food…there’s really too much work. Well, 【Separation】 probably exists in order to reduce that, but…I still don’t have any subordinate who I feel confident entrusting with that kind of responsibility.
Even a Demon King will someday collapse from overwork…wait, were the Demon Kings given the ability to work without sleep just so that they could handle the work of managing a Domain!? Mastermind is truly scary…
Let’s stop joking around this point.

“Izayoi, are you ready?” (Shion)

“I have waited for those words.” (Izayoi)

The moment I call out to him, Izayoi stands up next to me with his head bowed respectfully.

“It’s your debut battle, isn’t it? Don’t betray my expectations, okay?” (Shion)

“Yes, milord! I shall stake my life on it!” (Izayoi)

Izayoi replies to my joking encouragement with a serious tone.



The invaders this time are twelve humans, invading from the northern side. Their levels are around 20.
According to my net investigations, 20 is the average level of humans who are trying to make a living through invasions of Domains (dungeons). If you’re looking at global rankings, the highest, confirmed level of a human is 63. In this country, the highest confirmed level is 52. If you limit it to just this prefecture, the highest confirmed level is 39.
If you compare human levels with monster ranks, it’s said that rank E (rats and similar) is equal to level 1~2, rank D (goblins and similar) is equal to level 3~5, rank C (kobolds and similar) is equal to level 6~20, and rank B (dhampirs and similar) is equal to level 21~50. However, individual strength greatly fluctuates depending on the equipment. Given that monsters grow as well, it’s a rough estimation that only applies to newly created monsters.
Izayoi’s rank is B. Since he’s a newly created subordinate, he’s at level 21~50 if we apply the levels of humanity. If you take his equipment into consideration, he is unlikely to lose to an invader in one-on-one combat. I had planned to choose moderate opponents for his debut battle, but…

“You or Izayoi…who’s stronger?”

I call out to a rank B subordinate, a dhampir, whom I had accompany me.

“With all due respect, I think it’s Izayoi-sama.”

Thought so… If judged by his rank alone, he’s equal to a dhampir. However, when I look at the one-sided massacre unfolding in front of us, I can’t think of him as being equal to a dhampir at all.
I can’t see the bottom of Izayoi’s strength,

“Hi-…Hiii…w-why did the Demon King appear at such high floor…!?”

A human, who had lost four of his friends in no time, cramps up his face in fear.

“Me the Demon King…? Bastard! To mistake a weak being like me with Shion-sama…die and repent for thy sin!” (Izayoi)

The enraged Izayoi stabs his spear through the torso of the human who had backed away.
Who’s a weak being…? I unintentionally smile bitterly at Izayoi’s words.
Nightmare Vampire ― a dreadful vampire exhibiting its true value within darkness. The instant the battle started, he killed two humans with arrows of darkness that were filled with overwhelming killing intent, and then he consigned one human after the other to oblivion, with quick movements similar to a flowing river.
I had ten dhampirs and living mails ready on standby just in case, but that turned out to be an unnecessary precaution.
The invaders were completely overwhelmed by Izayoi’s strength. They fell into what you could call a state of panic. If they had capitalized on their numerical advantage while keeping their wits about them, they might have been able to put up a good fight…although even that wouldn’t have been enough for them to defeat Izayoi.
This battle was decided the moment they fell into panic after Izayoi’s first move ― the 《Dark Arrows》 he fired right at the start of combat.
Izayoi is really strong. The decrease to my maximum CP hurts, but I think I will create one more vampire baron…
I repeat various simulations in my mind while weighing the demerits of reducing my maximum CP versus merits of creating a vampire baron.
The problem with decreasing my maximum CP is that it also decreases how much CP I recover over time, right…? The disadvantage of lowering my hourly CP recovery by 100 is quite large, isn’t it…? After all, I’ve still got to recreate the items and subordinates that I lost in the battle against Alyssa…
As I was deeply in thought, the number of surviving humans had become one.
――Izayoi, stand down!

“Yes, milord!” (Izayoi)

I hurriedly give Izayoi an order, and he immediately moves to my side and bows reverently.

“I will get rid of the last one by myself.” (Shion)

“As thou wishes, milord.” (Izayoi)

The objective of this battle was to confirm Izayoi’s strength, and to try out my newly acquired special ability, 《Crescent Moon Slash》.
With one left, it’s safe to experiment, so I will also check out 《Coercion》.

I stab the handle of Gáebolg into the ground, and speak loudly, “Mine name is Shion! Disrespectful low-life violating mine domain, you may depart to the realm of the dead with mine name as a souvenir!”

A speech is mandatory to invoke 《Coercion》. I modified the wording a bit, but…since announcing myself is part of the requirements, it can’t be helped.
The invader, who was hit by my 《Coercion》, trembles violently, immediately falling on his backside.

“Mmh? What’s wrong? You’re not going to come? Then…” (Shion)


With tears streaming down his face, the invader charges at me at full speed, brandishing his sword.
I guess he has become unable to recognize any being besides me…
I tightly grasp Gáebolg’s handle with both hands, and swing it down while putting my strength into it.
――《Crescent Moon Slash》!
Swinging down with a terrifying force, Gáebolg bisects the charging invader…clad in a shock wave at the edge of its blade.
Hmm. The swing is pretty big, but its power is quite high.
I smile, satisfied with the power of my new special ability ― 《Crescent Moon Slash》.

“Now then, you guys strip all the belongings of the invaders.” (Shion)

I give orders to my waiting subordinates, and return to my dwelling early.


Chapter 91 – Towards the Outside


Ten days after I defeated Demon King Alyssa.
Chloe and Rina have been invading Domains at a good pace.

“We just have to usurp five more Domains to reach the Domain with the two Demon Kings?” (Shion)

“Well, there haven’t been any particularly strong Demon Kings since Alyssa.” (Kanon)

I have a casual chat with Kanon while checking Rina’s and Chloe’s progress on my smartphone.

“The Domain that will be invaded next by Rina’s unit is…a forest type Domain ruled by an Elf Demon King, and the Domain that will be invaded next by Chloe’s unit is…a cave type Domain ruled by a Vampire Demon King, huh? …That fits perfectly.” (Shion)

I chuckle while looking at Chloe’s next, scheduled target.

“Oh!? That means…f-finally!? Shion-san you’re going to grow out of being a hikikomori1?” (Kanon)

“Who’s a hikikomori!? Or rather, all Demon Kings are compulsory hikikomori, aren’t they!?” (Shion)

“Ihii!?” (Kanon)

Kanon, who made a rude remark, screams as if laughing dryly.

“I’m going out, but…Kanon, the Domain’s defenses will be fine, right?” (Shion)

“Making me a domain master by using《Separation》 would work, no?” (Kanon)

“Don’t go on a rampage, okay?” (Shion)

“Don’t worry!” (Kanon)

Once you transfer authority to a domain master by separating a Domain, it looks like the temporary domain master becomes able to mentally access all the information related to their assigned Domain. Even though the true domain master, the Demon King, needs to manually check it through the smartphone…I think that discrimination is cruel.

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped, since it would likely be difficult for you to effectively manage the defenses if I don’t grant you domain master authority.” (Shion)

“Fu fu fu…you can leave it to me, I’ll keep the ship on course.” (Kanon)

“That ship…isn’t made out of mud, right?” (Shion)

“――Wha-!?” (Kanon)

As saddening it is, Kanon is the only one I can entrust with defending my domain at present. Since Kanon has been right by my side the whole time, she understands my way of thinking. I have power over her life and death, so I don’t think there’s any worry of her betraying me.

“Once I activate 《Separation》, my CP will temporarily run dry. There are enough subordinates, right?” (Shion)

“Yes! It will be alright since Izayoi-san will be with me as well.” (Kanon)

“There’s enough food for all the subordinates, right?” (Shion)

“Yes! It’s pointless to worry about it, since we put a food production system in place recently.” (Kanon)

“There are enough stored items, right?” (Shion)

“Yes! There’s also the items we stole from the invaders, so there’s no problem.” (Kanon)

“Contact me right away if something happens, okay?” (Shion)

“Yes! Please leave it to me!” (Kanon)

“My telephone number is――” (Shion)

“I told you, it’s fine! Shion-san. Are you my father!?” (Kanon)

Kanon throws a tantrum because of my nitpicking.

“I’m not your father…I’m your ruler.” (Shion)

I answer while laughing.

“Lastly…don’t die.” (Shion)

“…Yes!” (Kanon)

I give her a final order, and activate 《Separation》 in my Domain.



Once the Domain’s 《Separation》 has finished safely, I check the usability of the domain master authority with Kanon.
I have transferred authority over all sectors that are adjoining hostile powers.
There aren’t any strong Demon Kings in the vicinity. As long as the humans don’t start a large-scaled mop-up operation, with my Domain as target, there probably won’t be any problems.

“Well then, I’m off.” (Shion)

“Have a safe trip~” (Kanon)

“Shion-sama…good luck!” (Izayoi)

Being seen off by Kanon and Izayoi, I transfer to the exit of my Domain closest to Chloe’s current location.
Having finished the transfer, I shudder in front of the exit leading outside.
Haha! …When was the last time I went outside?
The residential area of my Domain has a lot of outdoor type floors called Production Districts.
I’m not scared of going out under the sunlight… Or rather, it’s night right now. Even if I go outside, I don’t have to worry about getting weakened.
And yet…what’s this trembling traveling across my whole body? Am I scared of the outside world? Me? The famous, strongest Demon King of Kanezawa is…scared of the outside world?
It was truly correct to not have my subordinates come to see me off at the exit. I definitely can’t show…such a state to them.
With trembling legs, I walk across the ground, leading to the outside world.
Come on…I’m not afraid.
I take one step and then another, into the outside world.
A gentle night wind brushes my cheeks, and the somehow nostalgic, outside air stimulates my nose.
Before I realized it, my legs had stopped shaking.
I widely lift up both hands towards the sky, deeply inhaling the fresh air.
The invisible fear has vanished.
Pheew…I fell slightly behind schedule, didn’t I? I guess I will bring some gifts.
While thinking of the glutton Blue, I try to alchemize fine-quality meat, but…
I operate my smartphone, carrying out item creation with practiced hand moves, but the creation fails completely.
――Don’t tell me!?
Realizing a possibility, I try to alchemize various items, to create subordinates, and in the end ― to summon a 《Blood Chalice》, but all of it fails.
I can’t create and alchemize once I leave my Domain…?
If my subordinates die, I will replenish them with new subordinates. If I’m afflicted by poison, I will alchemize an antidote…and I will create a 《Blood Chalice》 in order to turn a Demon King into a bloodkin. All the strategies I had thought of go up in smoke.
As I’m realizing that now, instead of during a real crisis…I guess I can call this good luck.
Oops, I’m really making those guys wait too long.
Okay, off I go!
I run through the outside world towards the place where Chloe’s unit is waiting for me.



“Sorry for keeping you waiting.” (Shion)

I join up with Chloe’s unit, who have been waiting in a ruined park, right next to the Domain we’re planning to invade.

“There’s no need for you to apologize to us, master.” (Chloe)

“As long as the meat you brought us is― gyaaah!?” (Blue)

Chloe bows deeply while genuflecting, and Blue writhes in agony after receiving a backhand blow from Chloe. A dark high elf bows in the same manner as Chloe, my new bloodkin ― Kureha. Next to them, Noire and Rouge, two ogres with huge frames, bow lightly. Rounding out our party are the subordinates of my bloodkin, three living mails, two dark elves, and two dhampirs.
These are the subordinates composing Chloe’s unit, which has been active as an invasion team.

“It’s sudden, but I suppose we’re going to start the invasion of the Domain now.” (Shion)

“Yes! What’s the policy on this occasion?” Chloe asks keenly.

I briefed Chloe and Rina on possible invasion policies before sending them to usurp Domains.
There are two main policies.
First, annihilation.
Second, minimizing damage to enemy troops. The purpose of this policy is to welcome the enemies’ monsters, which I can’t create, as subordinates.
Hence, the policy I should tell her to follow here is――

“Annihilation.” (Shion)

The Demon King of the Domain we’re going to invade next is a vampire. The monsters that have been confirmed are mostly ghouls. In short, the rank of Creation is C. There are no subordinates I would want to go out of my way to obtain. In that case, the best plan is to use them as nourishment for a level up.

“””As you command!”””

I set out for my very first Domain invasion, alongside my subordinates whose morale is at its peak.



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Translation Notes:

  1. I think it’s a known Japanese term by now, but basically it describes recluses staying at home all the time, often as result of social withdrawal

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