Chapter 86 – 87

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Chapter 86 – Evolution ③


Which race should I evolve to? ― I can’t decide!
Impossible…absolutely impossible! Even when you’re choosing a university to go to, you get up to three years to decide. Or, even if you only start thinking about it after becoming a senior high school student, you would still have a year. Choosing a job is the same way, right? You would carefully consider your future career for more than a year, no? Isn’t deciding what race to evolve into a similarly important crossroad?
Therefore, telling me to decide on it right away… Isn’t that weird? No, it is weird!
Even if I spit out complaints towards the empty air, while at the end of my wits, the problem in front of me won’t get resolved.
Haah… Calm down, Shion. Time is limited. I don’t have the spare time to worry about this.
I guess I will first decrease the number of options. In other words, let’s use the elimination method.
There are five options ― the Body specialized 『Vampire Lord』, the superior species 『Vampire Noble』, the Mana specialized 『Vampire Elder』, 『Daylight Vampire』 who’s able to be active even under sunlight, and 『Nightmare Vampire』 who has his power boosted within darkness.
The option I should eliminate first is ― 『Vampire Elder』.
The reason is the BP which I ended up spending in preparation for Alyssa. I allotted a lot of BP into Body. Even if I were to go with a Mana specialization at this point in time, I could easily become something close to a Jack of all trades and master of none. Thus, rejected.
The option I should eliminate next is ― 『Daylight Vampire』.
The reason is that I can expect some kind of penalty, seeing as it will be possible to be active beneath sunlight, although that’s just a guess. If I’m unlucky, it might reduce me to the level of a human in the worst case. That guess might be off. But, I can’t take any risks with this choice, as it will very likely influence my whole life. Thus, rejected.
The remaining options are really difficult…
Finally, after more worrying, I choose 『Nightmare Vampire』 as one of the options to be eliminated.
If I increase my power within darkness…it could be called the strongest evolution, as it would provide boosts to all my stats, as long as I am in a cave domain. However…I don’t know how things will develop from now on. Having reached level 10, I should have become capable of leaving my Domain. And considering the power of Alyssa, whom I fought before… I need to consider the possibility that I will have to personally defeat opposing Demon Kings from now on. In the case of a non-aggressive defense, 『Nightmare Vampire』 would be one possible choice, but what if I go on the offensive?
For example, being exposed to sunlight would remain a big weakness. The benefit of 『Nightmare Vampire』 is a strengthening of my Special characteristic, although that’s just conjecture. In other words, it’s highly likely that I would become even weaker under sunlight than I am now. Wouldn’t it become impossible to normally leave the Domain in that case? Therefore, rejected.
There are two options left ― the Body specialized 『Vampire Lord』, and the superior species 『Vampire Noble』.
The superior species 『Vampire Noble』. In negative terms, it’s a Jack of all trades and master of none. However, in positive terms, it’s an all-rounder type. It’s very possible that an all-rounder can deal with various situations.
On the other hand, the Body specialized 『Vampire Lord』. That side would become an evolution path capitalizing on the BP I spent on Body earlier. If things go well, it’s also possible that Body will become A.
Which of the two should I choose? What would be the correct choice?
In a game, the specialized type would be the correct answer. In that case, 『Vampire Lord』.
How about the real world? For argument’s sake, let’s compare motor reflexes and intellect. Average in both, or excelling in one. Which is correct in life?
If you excel at motor reflexes, you might attain success as an athlete. If you excel at intellect, you might attain greatness as a scientist.
However, if you excel at motor reflexes, but have a low intellect, the path of scientist will be blocked for you. In short, a specialized type has the possibility of shutting down future alternatives, but…it also bears the possibility of attaining great success in one’s field of expertise.
Which of the two options has the brighter future? Isn’t it the specialized type? It’s not like you will work as a scientist on the side once you’re an athlete. In that case, wouldn’t life be more fun if you succeed in one field?
That means, even in the real world, it would be 『Vampire Lord』.
Huh? In summary, the correct choice is 『Vampire Lord』.
If I were to consider it even further, I might find a lot of blind spots in my current line of thinking. However, if I were to say something like that, I could consider all of the choices to include components for success and failure.
Hence, let’s go with the conclusion I reached just now. I will bear the responsibility for it myself anyway.
I prepare myself, and operate my smartphone, choosing 『Demon King (Vampire Lord)』 as my evolved race.
In response, a pentagram appears below my feet, wrapping me up in dazzling light.
It hurts after all…I’m hot all over my body…as if I’m being burned to death… Am I going to experience this pain each time I evolve…?
A pain as if every single one of my cells is burned to nothing, travels through my body.
…Looong. …Hurry…end.
A mere 60 seconds have passed. However, from the perspective of my subjective feelings, it was an eternity before the pain stopped.
Haa haa…
Once the pentagram below me vanishes, the pain disappears as if it never existed.
I lower my eyes on the smartphone’s display, while heaving my shoulders heavily as I gasp for air.
The usual, familiar entries are shown on the smartphone.
I tap the entry 【Status】 with my trembling hand.

Name: Shion
Aptitude: Chaos
Race: Demon King (Vampire Lord)
Lv.: 10
CP: 4700
Body: B (B)
Mana: B (C)
Knowledge: E
Creation: B
Alchemy: B
BP: 7

Special Abilities:
– Demon King
– Vampire Lord (NEW)
– Spearmanship (B)
→ Flash Thrust
→ Early-Summer Rain Thrust
→ Crescent Moon Slash (NEW)
– Swordsmanship (E)
– Shield Techniques (E)
– Domain Creation
– Reign (NEW)
– Separation
– Transfer (B)
– Subordinate Creation
– Random Creation
– Item Creation
– Darkness Veil
– Dark Arrow
– Dark Induction
– Mist Dispersion
– Dark Storm
– Dark Night Tempest
– Absorb
– Coercion (NEW)
– Drain (Layla)
→ Language (Human)
→ Whip Technique (C)
→ Snake Bind
→ Ice Magic (Intermediary)
→ Darkness Magic (Intermediary)
– Blood Chalice
– Contract

What? My status still hasn’t changed?
Going by my bodily sensation, I’m overflowing with vitality. I feel like my body has been strengthened compared to before the evolution. However, the observable data on my status screen hasn’t changed at all.
Was my guess that it’s a Body specialization off by some chance? However, my body feels enhanced…
Well, whatever. I can’t get an answer even if I worry about it anyway.
I decided to check all the entries in my status.

『Demon King (Vampire Lord): A Demon King filled with majesty, and endowed with the aptitude to live in darkness. They possess a sturdy body, outclassing others. They exhibit their true value within the darkness. They can bind blood family as bloodkin. It becomes possible to step outside their Domain, even while being its Demon King.』

Hmm. It looks like I was right about 『Demon King (Vampire Lord)』 being a Body specialization.
Next I check the newly acquired special abilities.

『Vampire Lord: Large strengthening to Body and small strengthening to Mana within a space of darkness. Body and Mana will be weakened in any other space. Grants a strong resistance against physical attacks and the darkness attribute. Greatly lowers resistance towards the light, fire, and water attributes. Weakness to silver decreases slightly. Raises the skill levels of swordsmanship, spearmanship, and shield techniques.』

Oh!? The resistance against silver items has improved a bit, hasn’t it? Even so, as usual there are many weak points… The cause of the rank up for spearmanship was the special ability of 『Vampire Lord』, huh? Or rather, vampire lord…in short, vampire lord, right? Couldn’t they have used Demon King (Vampire Lord) from the very start? 1 Blah, the thoughts of Mastermind have nothing to do with me. I guess I will check the next entries.

『Crescent Moon Slash: The spear is swung down at full power. A shock wave will be created from the edge of the spear’s blade.』

『Coercion: Overpower the target by introducing yourself. The coerced target won’t see anyone but the person who coerced them. In the case of a large difference in power with the coerced target, the target will occasionally wither away.』

Crescent Moon Slash seems to be a powerful special ability. I think I will try it out later.
Coercion…I understand how to use it by instinct. I can also grasp its effect… In short, it’s a special ability with an effect similar to the 《Curse Hatred》 used by living mails. As it will be the end for a Demon King if they die, it’s impossible for me to fight as a tank. I wonder whether it’s a characteristic special ability that can be learned by vampire lords. Did I make a mistake with my choice…?
And, the one I check last is ― 《Reign》.

『Reign: Rule a territory with a radius of 1500 meters as your own domain by creating and installing a true core. If there exist people submitting to you in the range of its effect, it becomes possible to welcome them as new subordinates. However, if there are hostile entities within the range of its effect, the reign will fail.』

Is this a special ability to turn human land into a domain?
A radius of 1500 meters means a sphere with a radius of 1500 meters with me as the center, right? In that case, 1.5 km x 1.5 km x 3,14 = approximately 7 km². It becomes slightly larger than the usual domains?
I feel like testing it out, but…the conditions are harsh. I suppose I will postpone investigating this skill.


Chapter 87 – Evolution ④


I check the situation after the level up. The final check is ― 【Subordinate Creation】.
The last time, when I evolved into Demon King (Vampire), the three races of giant bat, ghoul, and lycanthrope were added. Now then, what will it be this time…?
I’m startled after checking my new subordinate options.
The new subordinates amount to only one ― vampire baron. What surprises me isn’t the existence of a race called vampire baron, but…the race’s explanation.

『Vampire Baron ― Rank B. A vampire that will be created as bloodkin. Harbors an absolute loyalty towards its creator, its ancestor. The intention of the creator will be reflected during the creation. Creation cost: 1000 CP (will be deducted from the maximum CP as it’s consumed for the creation).』

…Whoa! Wait a minute! There’s too many problems to even address!
Problem no. 1: Creation cost: 1000 CP. Isn’t the consumed CP way too high? Currently, even the strongest subordinate, dhampir, costs 120 CP, you know?
Problem no. 2: Even though it consumes 1000 CP, it’s rank B? The same rank as a dhampir…isn’t that unreasonable?
And, the biggest problem: 『will be deducted from the maximum CP as it’s consumed for the creation』. What does this mean…? Currently my maximum CP is 4700 CP. My maximum CP goes up by 100 CP if I level up once, and it goes up by 100 CP if I increase my domains by one.
In other words, is the system telling me to sacrifice as much maximum CP as I would get for obtaining ten domains or leveling up ten times…to create this guy? And it’s only rank B after sacrificing all that?
With my current maximum CP, I can create four vampire barons. It would be the entrance of the Four Heavenly Vampire Kings of Demon King Shion. And then my maximum CP would be 700 CP. I would become unable to alchemize various items. …Yeah, no go.
A maximum CP of 1000 amounts to 100 CP per hour. How many pieces of Blue’s beloved high-quality meat can I alchemize if I have 100 CP…? Well, I won’t waste any CP on something so useless, though…
Now then, what should I do? If I consider it pragmatically, creating two vampire barons would be the limit. According to my empiric knowledge based on games, incorporating such elements ahead of time often brings about an advantageous position later on. Having said that…isn’t the risk way too high to suddenly create two vampire barons?
Isn’t it valid to consider that I should first create one…and then add another one after looking at the situation?
So far I haven’t made any big mistakes by following my empiric knowledge that’s based on games…in that case, I think I should follow that guideline this time as well.
I use my smartphone to create a vampire baron.

Please select the special trait of the vampire baron you’re going to create from the following:

・ Vampire Noble
・ Vampire Elder
・ Daylight Vampire
・ Nightmare Vampire

Hmm? So that’s the meaning behind 『The intention of the creator will be reflected』, huh? And I can’t select my choice, vampire lord… Mastermind sure comes up with quite clever and fun plans for variety’s sake.
If I’m going to accept one as a subordinate…there are two choices: Vampire Elder who might compensate for my insufficient abilities, or Nightmare Vampire who might be specialized in non-aggressive defense.
I’d rather create two vampire barons…ugh, that’s no good. That would be hasty, after all.
If I consider my future actions…a Nightmare Vampire specialized in defense would be best, I think?
I select Nightmare Vampire as a special trait of the vampire baron.

『Please specify a name for the vampire baron you’re going to welcome as bloodkin.』

Mmh? A name is necessary because it’s a bloodkin from the start?
Nightmare…as an image, darkness? If I use English, dark? Isn’t it fine to go with Dark? “Dark, fire a 《Dark Arrow》!”…imagining giving such an order, it’s somewhat silly, isn’t it?
Darkness…night…waning crescent moon…izayoi2! Izayoi! Isn’t that a superb name, considering it comes from me? I would be ridiculed by Kanon if I used a color scheme, and I would be ridiculed by Rina if I used an abbreviated name like vambaro. Izayoi…if it’s this name, even the origin of the name is perfect!
Izayoi…I use my smartphone to enter the name of the vampire baron that will be created. And at the end, I choose the 【Create】 command.
Wh-!? …T-This is…
I’m assailed by a sensation of my vitality being drained out of me, and at the same time a bloody red, shining pentagram appears in front of me. Alongside a focusing of the light, the figure of a person shows up.
The figure is that of a tall man with an abnormally light complexion. He has a well-shaped figure like that of a model, and a star-shaped mark beneath his left eye.

“My ancestor and supreme creator…Shion-sama. Mine name is Izayoi Shion. I swear to offer all of me to thee, Shion-sama.” (Izayoi)

Izayoi genuflects in front of me, pledging his allegiance.

“Izayoi, lift thy face. I’m looking forward to thy work.” (Shion)



I exhibit my dignity as his lord, by answering in the same tone as Izayoi.
Well, saying I’m looking forward to his work are my true feelings, though. If he were to be incompetent after I sacrificed 1000 CP of my maximum CP, it would be too horrible.

“Yes, milord! I’m grateful for thy gracious words!” (Izayoi)

Izayoi answers powerfully without lifting his face.

“By the way, Izayoi.” (Shion)

“Yes! What might it be, Shion-sama?” (Izayoi)

“Do you have a weapon you’re good at?” (Shion)

“Let me humbly say, it’s the spear.” (Izayoi)

Spear, huh…? I’m already using its unique item.
I use my smartphone to choose a high-ranking spear.
Cursed Spear3. Rank B, requiring 800 CP to be alchemized. Isn’t that just right as it strengthens the darkness attribute?
I alchemize a Cursed Spear, and hand it over to Izayoi alongside a suitable armor I chose at my own discretion.

“Make an effort with these items.” (Shion)

“Yes! I shall gratefully accept thy bestowal, Shion-sama.” (Izayoi)

With this I have been freed from the worry that my CP will overflow for a while. Having finished checking everything I need to after evolving into a vampire lord, I proceed to the next step.



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Translation Notes:

  1. This is yet another case of Shion having problems with the katakana English titles. 吸血鬼公主 (Vampire Lord) and ヴァンパイア・ロード (Vampire Lord) differ in one being kanji and the other katakana.
  2. Same as waning crescent moon, just written in katakana
  3. Grand Blue Fantasy reference

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