Chapter 100 – 101

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Chapter 100 – vs. Demon King Yataro ⑤


A/N: This chapter is from Yataro’s point of view.

Sunrise, 5:42 a.m. on a certain day.

“Good grief, what a troublesome opponent.” (Yataro)

I sigh, while observing the mighty invaders’ progress through my smartphone.
The forces of the atrocious Demon King who took control over Kanezawa ― Demon King Shion, have carried out a forced march throughout the night. They have easily seen through the fact that no traps have been planted in the sector I just recently transformed into a wasteland type, and have now taken up position in front of the stairs between the fourth and fifth floor, apparently having grasped my plan to launch a surprise attack as the sun rises.

“The opponent holds more than 40 sectors…he’s the supreme ruler of Kanezawa City, isn’t he? On the other hand, my side is a puny force possessing no more than a measly 7…no, 2 have been stolen…5 sectors. He could be a bit more negligent, or rather fight like a monarch, couldn’t he?” (Yataro)

According to 『Laplace』, a Demon King apparently needs to be level 10 to leave his Domain. In other words, Demon King Shion is beyond level 10. Furthermore, his subordinates are a match for a thousand. They kept defeating the rare subordinates, which I drew at great pains, completely. Even the items they are wearing are all things I have never seen before…very likely Demon King Shion’s Alchemy is at rank B. My advantages are ― limited to the SSR subordinate Kaede, I guess.

“Nn, boss, you okay?” (Kaede)

“Hmm~, this might be a lost cause.” (Yataro)

“That’s troublesome.” (Kaede)

“Troublesome, indeed.” (Yataro)

Kaede is concerned about me, her face taking on a mortified expression.

“Kill the enemy’s leader with a whoosh?” (Kaede)

“Is that possible?” (Yataro)

“Nn, I will succeed in 5 out of 100 attempts…I assess.” (Kaede)

A success rate of 5%, huh? You could call that high in terms of a gacha win rate, but…it’s a poor prospect with Kaede’s life, and my second life, on the line.

“I guess I will try looking at the situation for one day…if they appear to only move at night, we will challenge them to a fight tomorrow.” (Yataro)

“Nn, okay.” (Kaede)

Around 12 hours left until sunset. Are they going to stay in that place for half a day? If they do…we won’t have any other choice but to launch an attack tomorrow, despite it lowering our winning percentage.
As I gaze at the powerful invaders reflected on my smartphone, I feel like praying.



Next day, at sunrise.
They haven’t taken a single step outside their encampment during the day. Just as the sun went down, they resumed their advance, and right now they have taken up position in front of the stairway connecting the seventh and eighth floors.
I have two choices left.
First, an all-out war using all my forces. In contrast to their 24, I have close to one thousand subordinates. I wonder what kind of chances we would have…? If I take Kaede’s and my power into account as well, maybe 50-50? No, we can probably win this battle, but in the end we will lose. After all, they have the option of withdrawing. The position of their encampment suggests they are prepared to withdraw.
The worst outcome would be for me to lose a moderate amount of subordinates…and that guy’s main force withdrawing. And then coming to attack once more.
It would turn into a quagmire-like, protracted war, and I would very likely lose after becoming inferior in numbers and individual strength at the end.
Assuming there’s a chance to prevail, it would be Kaede killing their general ― Demon King Shion in the midst of the melee.
Second, I surrender. According to 『Laplace』, it’s apparently possible for me to fall under Demon King Shion’s rule together with my subordinates, if I present him my 【True Core】, and inform him of my will to submit to him. The problem is, will Demon King Shion accept my surrender? And, if I surrender, I will be deprived of my status as Demon King.
That means ― I will become unable to use 《Random Creation》.
Losing the ability to use 《Random Creation》, my purpose in life and my daily routine…would be a heavy blow.
I would be robbed of what I’m living for in my second life, after coming across it at long last, and I would lose my SSR subordinate Kaede, who I’ve come to love…like my own granddaughter.
Even just thinking about it is hell.
However, depending on how I look at it, Kaede’s life will be saved as well if I surrender, won’t it…?
Anyone would likely want a SSR subordinate like Kaede. That’s how important Kaede’s existence is…――!?
Then!? How are my chances with this plan…? I feel like they’re quite high.
Kaede has also played a big part in my survival up till now. In that case, it makes sense to rely on Kaede for this final attempt as well.
Having come up with a plan, I take my subordinates along and head out to the battlefield.



I have moved to the stairway connecting the seventh and eighth floor, along with my main force, through 《Transfer》. I have ordered the subordinates, who I couldn’t take with my 《Transfer》, to also move to the eighth floor.
It has taken three hours for the troops to assemble.
Taking my one thousand subordinates with me, I confront Demon King Shion.

“What an exaggerated welcome for merely 24 invaders.” (Shion)

It’s a countermeasure against the sunlight, isn’t it? Demon King Shion, who wears sunglasses, yells towards me with a tone that sort of sounds like he is reading a speech.

“Fuofuofuo. The opponent is a fiendish Demon King who took control over Kanezawa. Even these numbers are still insufficient.” (Yataro)

The moment I let him break my resolve, I will lose any hope of winning. I answer while bluffing to the best of my ability.
Even as Demon King Shion’s forces are surrounded by a thousand monsters, they ready their weapons without any hesitation.

“Demon King Shion! I have one proposal!” (Yataro)

“…What is it?” Demon King Shion answers after a little pause.

“Do you know of what’s called 《Surrender》?” (Yataro)

“…I do, but what about it?” (Shion)

“Fuofuofuo, for you to have known about 《Surrender》 means you are also a member of 『Laplace』, I suppose.” (Yataro)

“…” (Shion)

“Hmm? What’s wrong? I’m also a member of 『Laplace』. Either way, you knowing about 《Surrender》 speeds up matters.” (Yataro)

“… You want to request a 《Surrender》?” Demon King Shion boldly asks in response.

I thought that this guy was quick-witted, but each of his replies has taken time. Does he carefully scrutinize everything first?

“Fuofuofuo, don’t be ridiculous. My suggestion is…that we each select one of our subordinates and have them carry out a duel. The losing side’s Demon King will 《Surrender》 to the winning side’s Demon King. The lives of the contesting subordinates will be important, too. Let’s have them admit their defeat even without going as far as them killing each other.” (Yataro)


Demon King Shion stays silent.

“How about it? This way the winner will be able to gain a bigger military force compared to us duking it out normally. Although it’s not my place to say so…all of my subordinates are rare draws, you know?” (Yataro)

This is my secret plan. With this, he has gained the chance to take possession of the SSR subordinate Kaede. He won’t be able to refuse. Someone who can resist the temptation of the SSR Kaede――

“I decline!” (Shion)


“I don’t think I have heard you properly, what did you say just n――” (Yataro)

“I decline!” (Shion)

“Why!? It should be a suggestion that would allow for everything to work out as you desire, too!” (Yataro)

“What? Do-not-me-ss-wi-th-me! Such a fucked up suggestion is something the strong offers to the weak.” (Shion)

Demon King Shion answers in an irritated tone that felt a bit like an act.

“――!? Can’t you see this army, you retard!?” (Yataro)

“It’s not like I have to annihilate all of them here and now. We will kill a suitable number, and then retreat. And after reorganizing ourselves…we will repeat that. If I do this, I will be able to definitely overthrow you… However, I’m no demon. I will save your life. I shall allow you to say 『Please make me your subordinate』 in a set with your prided shadow ogre over there.” (Shion)

“Gununu….If you want Kaede, you have got to accept my suggestion!” (Yataro)

“As-I-sa-id…there’s no need for me to accept that suggestion. If you offer your 《Surrender》 right away, I promise that I will treat you suitably, okay?” (Shion)

“Don’t screw with me! Like hell I’m going to 《Surrender》!” (Yataro)

“That means our negotiations have broken down.” (Shion)

“If I had to talk this slowly each and every single time…I’m better off being destroyed!” (Yataro)

That’s how my plan failed. As blood rushed into my head, I plunged into an all-out war.


Chapter 101 – vs. Demon King Yataro ⑥


――Concentrate your fire!
I command all my ranged subordinates.
With the lesser demons in the lead, countless violent energy attacks ― offensive spells rain down on the invaders.
Explosions that seem to burst my ears reverberate around me. The outlook ahead is blocked by clouds of dust that were kicked up by the shock waves.
It will be most satisfactory if only one of them gets injured, but…
Like return gifts, ice bullets and a rain of arrows come flying from within the cloud of dust.
The attack’s scale doesn’t reach even a tenth of the spells fired by my subordinates just now, but the ice bullets, each of them charged with murderous intent, pierce my subordinates, and the falling rain of arrows lacerates them.
And, once the cloud of dust clears away…
A group of full plate armors with life dwelling within ― living mails, have lifted their shields in order to protect their comrades behind them, showing slightly revolting expressions with not a single one of them being damaged.
I possess only one living mail among my subordinates. If I’m not mistaken, they are peculiar monsters whose ability is greatly influenced by the armor they are given, with endurance being their key point. How highly ranked is the armor which Demon King Shion has given to his living mails…? No doubt, his ability, which allowed him to take control of Kanezawa City, is the real deal.
It’s fine to continue concentrating our fire like this, but…it’s also possible that we will just waste time pointlessly. Once the sun sets, his combat prowess will grow. It might be a better plan to engage them fully here. Once it develops into a melee…there will be a chance for us to win.
――All hands, charge!
I make my treasured ogres, tigremen, and hound dogs, charge towards the front line, with demon generals and greater generals in the lead.
Compared to the tower defense games I know of, the biggest point of difference with battles in reality, is friendly fire. The front row goes into close combat while the back rows launch ranged attacks. But that’s easier said than done. The subordinates, which are specialized in ranged attacks, spread out to the left and right with me, and join the attack while paying attention to their positioning, so as not to hit their allies with their attacks.
1000 vs. 24.
Considering it normally, it’s a battle that can’t be lost.
However, individual differences are extreme in this completely changed world. It’s a broken world where peerless warriors exist which would have originally been impossible. Still, if it’s one enemy, and if we surround them from all sides, we can overcome their resistance with numbers, but…those guys have impudently cut off the risk of being attacked in the rear, as the stairway leading to the seventh floor is situated at their back. Even though they have inferior numbers, they oppose our numerical advantage by joining into a tight formation.
At most 50 of my subordinates can attack at the same time, I think. In such a situation, it will be difficult to throw the invaders, who excel in individual strength, into disorder.
How annoying… It’s a truly annoying situation.
A living mail stops the ax swung downwards by a greater demon with its shield, and a masked girl, who slips in from the side, cuts the greater demon with her black sword. A red ogre with a big frame brandishes his blunt weapon, blowing away my subordinates. A black ogre and a red ogre crush my subordinates in succession with well-coordinated attacks.
Once my subordinates try to attack the red ogre, who went a bit too far forward, a goblin, who rushed out from who knows where, covers the red ogre by swinging his ax. Once they try to attack with arrows and spells, arrows with a frighteningly high accuracy shoot down those spells. Even when we succeed in injuring one of them a bit, the enemy immediately falls back, and the dhampirs and living mails, who were on standby in the back, use restorative medicines without any frugality, healing their wounds at once.
If they run out of healing agents…the enemy’s front line will collapse. However, the opponent is a Demon King ruling over 47 sectors. He likely has an inexhaustible supply of CP. It’s unclear how many restorative medicines he prepared, but it looks like I will run out of subordinates before they run out of medicine.
Who’s that masked girl? D-Don’t tell me…she’s a SSR subordinate like Kaede!?
She looks like a human, but…do humans, who are this strong, actually exist? I also know about the method to turn humans into subordinates. You just have to turn them into kin, but…that’s quite a hassle. Moreover, even after going through the pain of turning them into kin, there are many cases where they are unusable.
Considering it like that…that must be a SSR subordinate after all.
I want her… I want to have a masked girl as well.
For that to happen, I have to break through this situation first, I guess.
Let’s start with just one. I settle on a specific living mail as a target, and continue unleashing offensive spells at it.

Three hours later.
Finally I have succeeded in crushing a living mail, making it the first kill.

Five hours later.
I have succeeded in defeating one more, making it the second kill. With this, there’s only six living mails left. Incidentally, a dhampir, who jumped out to cover for the red ogre, was brought down as well. There are 21 enemies remaining. Four hours are left until sunset. Contrary to the enemy’s losses of 10%, our side’s losses amount to 25%.
At this rate it’s very likely that we will lose, but…if I can defeat two more living mails before sunset, the enemy’s front line will fall apart.
If that happens ― Kaede’s blade will reach that guy!
Even if they are mighty invaders, they have been accumulating fatigue and damage, too.
I have plenty of means of survival.
――All hands, don’t relax on the attacks! Our victory is close at hand!
I appeal to all my subordinates.



Eleven hours since the start of the all-out war against Demon King Shion.
At last I have succeeded in killing the fourth living mail. Since two dhampirs have died as well, the number of remaining invaders has fallen to 18.
On the other hand, the loss rate of my subordinates has grown to 40%.
The invaders have taken up a defensive position, with a living mail clad in jet black armor, who boasts a power on a whole other level, in the center.
The jet-black living mail holds the front with two other living mails protecting the flanks. The remaining living mail keeps prioritizing attacking with a spear for some reason.
I have deployed many subordinates in front of the enemy, and following that, many subordinates on the left side. I deliberately decreased the number of subordinates on the right side. The invaders have been concentrating their combat forces at front, in order to deal with my battle formation. And they also assigned some of their forces to the left side.
I will throw the strongest combat asset, which I have reserved so far, towards the right side, where the combat forces of both sides are thin.
――Kaede, I leave it to you.
Making sure to hide behind a greater demon, who is approaching the living mail protecting the right wing while brandishing its ax, Kaede erases her presence, and approaches the enemy.
I order the subordinates attacking the left side, and launch a magic attack at the living mail I can see in a straight line.
――《Fire Burst》!
Once my spell clashes against the living mail’s shield, it explodes, causing a cloud of dust to rise.
The enemy’s attention is drawn in the direction where the blast occurred.
Kaede, who had sunken into the shadows using that opening, jumps out of the shadow of the man wearing sunglasses in the center of the enemy ― out of Demon King Shion’s shadow, and stabs her deadly blade at his neck.
Demon King Shion turns around as if seeing something unbelievable, and crumbles to his knees on the spot, while miserably flapping his mouth open and closed.
The time of great joy has come!
At the moment when I believe that we have won, having taken down Demon King Shion…
――My sight is covered by a white light.



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