Chapter 257 – 258


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Chapter 257 – Invasion of Nonoichi City Conclusion


The 《Reign》 of the sole remaining human land in Ishikawa prefecture has finished. After reassigning troops to Akira and ordering her to loot all the notable goods, as well as leaving the management of the surrenderers in Mrs. Tamura’s capable hands, I quickly returned to my room in my Domain.

The battle against the Kanezawa Liberation Army lasted for a long time. We required more than half a month to take Nonoichi’s city hall, which was the final bastion for the Kanezawa Liberation Army. In the meantime Kaoru stole four sectors from me.

I guess complicating the inner structure of the sectors and connecting several sectors through 【Transfer Arrays】 was a failure… This method succeeded in slowing down the invaders for the first sector, but the connection through 【Transfer Arrays】 then backfired with the second and following sectors.

And when I launched my 《Reign》 on Nonoichi’s city hall, Kaoru’s troops swiftly pulled out. Even though I’d have been able to crush them with my main force…if only they had been nice enough to stay…

Things never go completely as planned, I guess. Staring at the map spread out in front of me, I decide to sort the current situation in my mind.

The hostile forces adjacent to the Aster Empire are the humans of the Toyama prefecture in the eastern direction, and Kaoru in the southern direction. The west and north are enclosed by the sea, making them safe for the time being.

Next, in contrast to Kaoru’s 71 sectors, the Aster Empire consists of 232 sectors. The difference in the number of sectors directly correlates to a difference in national power through total CP.

If we challenge each other in a round robin event, our Aster Empire will obviously win, but victory and defeat between Demon Kings aren’t decided so easily.

Even in the worst case, I don’t think that we’d lose, but winning won’t be easy either. Hmm, how should I proceed here…?

Kaoru’s current level is 18. His race is devil. His estimated stats are: 【Body】 C, 【Mana】 B, 【Knowledge】 ?, 【Creation】 B, and 【Alchemy】 B.

Assuming that his Body and Knowledge are at the initial rank of E, he’d have 37 BP stowed away. Or 47 BP if he obtained the 『Special Service☆』 like Kanon and I did, but I don’t know of any other Demon King who got that bonus. If I follow the worst-case-scenario, Kaoru will be able to raise 【Mana】, 【Creation】, or 【Alchemy】 to rank A after one more level-up. The probability is rather low for that to be the case, but…never say never.

If one more level would allow him to raise 【Creation】 or 【Alchemy】 to A…I want to give him as little opportunity to gather experience as possible. Or in short…it becomes necessary to take down Kaoru…without letting him defeat any of my subordinates.

No, no, that’s impossible, isn’t it…? If Kaoru could anticipate a huge boost in combat power through his next level-up, he’d likely ignore me and go gathering experience points.

I think I should reassess my strategy to adhere to a slightly more realistic approach.

Kaoru’s level is 18 and he possesses 71 sectors. In other words, Kaoru’s maximum CP is 8900 without deducting the number of baron-class subordinates x 1000 CP. When he invaded my sectors, his troops included four baron-class subordinates. Of course it’s possible that he’s got more of them, but let’s assume that he’s got a maximum CP of 4900 for now.

In that case, his CP recovers at a rate of 490 CP/h. Arch demons are the main monster type of a Devil Demon King. According to Kanon, they cost 150 CP to be created. The very generic demons cost 50 CP. Meaning, killing more than four arch demons or ten demons per hour will effectively reduce Kaoru’s forces.

It’s easy to kill such numbers within an hour, but it becomes tough once you’ve got to keep it up for 24 hours.

Having said that, if I push my subordinates too much, it’ll only raise the risk of them getting killed after having accumulated too much exhaustion.

Hmm…what should I do? I guess I’ll try to ask my self-alleged strategist for a change of pace.

“――So, now that you’ve heard the situation, do you have some kind of ingenious plan, self-alleged strategist?”

“Let’s see… As an accredited strategist of the Aster Empire, I propose to invade several sectors simultaneously, thus whittling down the enemy forces, and to shave off the enemy’s total CP by usurping weakly defended sectors.”

“I have no clue who has accredited you, but it’s not bad as a plan, I’d say.”

“Hehe…my experience as a strategist is growing by the day.” Kanon throws out her chest while pointing her nose upwards.

“Let me give you advice, self-alleged strategist. The most important point when forming a strategy is to predict the opponent’s movements.”

When playing a strategy game, reading the enemy movements decides over victory or defeat. If you misread what the enemy is going to do, it’ll lead to a tragic end.

“Hmm, I see, I see…so you’re basically telling me to estimate Kaoru’s movements?”

“No, predict how Kaoru is going to move in response to our movements.”

“Eh? S-Shion-san…are you seriously trying to nurture me as a strategist?”

“If you don’t take it serious, I can always treat you as Google-chan――”

“Whaaa!! N-N-No, that wasn’t my intention!”

In response to my reproachful glare, Kanon waves her hands in panic, correcting herself.

“There won’t be a second time, got it?

Back to the earlier conversation. Assuming Kaoru would launch the strategy you mentioned against us, how would you deal with it?”

“Umm, you mean what I’d do if Kaoru had his troops invade several sectors at once, is that correct…?”


“Hmm…first I’d confirm the military strength of all units attacking us. If I found a weak unit, I’d deploy living mails as defense against it. As for strong enemy units, I’d go counter them with suitably military forces from our side. Something like that?”

“What if all enemy units had the same power level? For example, what if five equally-powerful units were to attack all at once?”

“I assume you mean strength that can’t be stopped by living mails, right?”


“Hmm…if it’s five enemy units, I’d assign Takaharu-san, Kotetsu-san, Rina-san, Hibiki-san, and…Saburou as defense leaders, and split up everyone else from our leaders among those teams.”

“Would that really be all?”

I look Kanon directly into the eyes as I make sure.

“Eh…? P-Please give me a moment…”

With my eyes resting on her, Kanon reconsiders in a fluster.

“――! I have to revise that! What I said moments ago was just a test for a plan invented by a mediocre strategist!”

“You mean you were testing me?”

“Wh-!? I-It’s just a figure of speech!”

As usual, Kanon can’t restrain herself from saying too much.

“So, what is it that you’re going to revise?”

I refined my plans against Kaoru while enjoying my conversation with Kanon.


Chapter 258 – Side Story: 26th Calamity


A/N: A side story connected to the main story!

On the next day, after all human land had disappeared in the Ishikawa prefecture, Shion-sama’s journey to supremacy is proceeding steadily.

As the commander-in-chief of Team J ― Aster Empire’s strongest trump card ― I must devote all my efforts into serving the empire every day.

More than a year has passed since I’ve become Shion-sama’s trusted retainer. At first I thought that he’s a super sadistic Demon King who’s faithful to violence who’s forcing Kanon-chan to wait upon him, but…as I served him, I learned to appreciate Shion-sama’s greatness from various points of view.

In my opinion, Shion-sama’s greatness is founded on an excellent intellect and his analytic powers. Kanon-chan also plays a big role as a strategist who emanates comfort to her surroundings while possessing a lot of knowledge, but I think the plans drawn up by Shion-sama allowed the Aster Empire to become as big as it is today.

In that case, I shall also analyze the recent battles retainer whom Shion-sama trusts the most.

Previously Shion-sama had taught Kanon-chan about the cycle necessary for an analysis… If I remember correctly, it was a cycle called 『PDCA』. Hmm, what was this 『PDCA』 again?

Just like Shion-sama has Kanon-chan with him, I have the First Calamity with me.

“First Calamity, do you know about the cycle called 『PDCA』?”

“Of course. As a strategist of Team J it’s only natural for me to know about it.” The First Calamity, a former Slime Demon King, answers.

“Ohh! Nothing less of my strategist! So, what is that 『PDCA』? Tell me!”

“As you wish. 『PDCA』 is originally PDCA. It’s an acronym of four words.”

“Hooh…PDCA, you say?”

“Yes, P stands for PASSION, or in other words, passion!”

“――! P-Passion!? Has Shion-sama, who always looks so calm, been hiding his passion!?”

“Next, D stands for DANGEROUS! Dangerous!”

“Dangerous, you say!? I see…knowing the dangers when analyzing is important.”

“Next, C stands for CHANCE! A good opportunity.”

“So it’s telling you to find opportunity within danger…!?”

“And lastly, A stands for ACTION! It’s action!”

“Action…!? The last one sounds kind of ordinary, doesn’t it?”

“In no way! In short, take action because chance awaits you if you leap into danger with passion! That is the underlying meaning!”

“PDCA…is really deep.”

I feel like I’ve managed to catch a glimpse of the secret behind Shion-sama’s strength.

“Then we should inherit the Shionism. If we drive passion into the members of Team J――”

“Commander-in-chief…excuse my impertinence, but it’s completely wrong.”


The Tenth Calamity pours cold water on my spirit that’s burning with PASSION.

“Completely wrong as in how?”

“PDCA is an English acronym for the four words Plan-Do-Check-Action.”

“Wha-!? Doesn’t that mean only First Calamity’s A for Action was correct!?”

“Moreover, its meaning is different since the Action meant here is improvement.”

“First Calamity, you deceived me!” I thunder in rage at First Calamity who’s lied to me.

(I aM No bAd sLimE)

Thereupon, First Calamity telepathically speaks to me with broken words while wobbling his body across the ground.

Shit…even though he’s just a pool of water at first glance…why must he look so adorable…?

I end up forgetting my anger because of First Calamity’s favorite trick ― acting cute by playing innocent and helpless.

Following Shion-sama’s example, I had assigned First Calamity as my strategist because of his level of portability, but…I might have made a mistake in my selection of personnel… Although he has a healing effect on his surroundings scatters that’s completely different from Kanon’s, but…basically he’s a dumb slime.

“If you allow me, Commander-in-chief, shall I explain to you what PDCA means?”

“Gnnhh…let’s postpone PDCA for later. I’ll go to that guy now!”

With my interest dampened, I left the base of Team J.



My destination is the 44th sector. It contains a prison personally built by Akira-chan.

“Hero Ichiju, how do you feel?”

I’m visiting Ichiju, the sole prisoner in the prison.

“Like shit…hurry up and kill me…”

Ichiju has been sulking within his cell.

“So how about it? Have you given the matter I mentioned a while ago a thought?”

“Don’t fuck with me! I’m a hero…! The hope of humanity!”

Hmm, looks like his heart still hasn’t broken, huh?

“I see…mankind’s hope, eh? Did you know that Nonoichi’s city hall, the last human land in Ishikawa prefecture, has fallen to the Aster Empire just the other day?”

“――!? T-That can’t be true!!”

“But it is.”

“N-No way…”

All hope died in the eyes of Ichiju.

“Many humans, who had remained in the city hall, surrendered to the Aster Empire, you know? All of them are happy with their new life that’s different from what they’ve imagined…if I told you that, would you believe me?”

“…I won’t let you deceive me.”

“Even with this?”

I show the screen of my smartphone with the live video of our residents to Ichiju.


“This is not a recording, but a live video.”


“How about it, Hero Ichiju? Won’t you lend us your strength to protect the humans…the humans who have become residents of the Aster Empire?”


Ichiju keeps absentmindedly staring at the residents shown on my smartphone without answering any of my questions.

“If it’s now, I shall grant you the title of Zero.” 1


Oh? He revealed a faint reaction towards that title? It seems this man fully understands the value of things.

“Won’t you become a member of Team J ― Aster Empire’s strongest trump card ― which secretly maneuvers in the shadows to protect the empire, no, the safety of its residents, and fight for justice on our side?”


“Fighting evil with evil ― is righteous! That’s the very definition of justice!”


“Hero Ichiju! How long are you going to rot in there!? What is your justice!? Is it your own pride that you ought to protect!? Or is it the people that desire your protection!? ―Answer!”

My persuasion has reached its climax.


“Ask yourself! What is your justice!?”

“Justice…my justice is…the protection of people!”

“I see. Then you should know what you must do next…”

Ichiju deeply nods at my words.

“My sword exists for the sake of the people! I shall devote my sword to you in order to protect the people ― to protect the smile of the Aster Empire’s people!”

“Well said! That’s what I’ve expected from you, Hero Ichiju…no, hero who has fallen into darkness for the sake of those he ought to protect ― Zero!”

I’ve succeeded in persuading Ichiju. To strike the iron while it’s still hot,I immediately headed over to Shion-sama.

Afterwards, Ichiju was safely turned into a bloodkin, turning him into the 26th Calamity.



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