Chapter 241 – 242


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Chapter 241 – Invasion of Nonoichi City ⑥


“The effectiveness went well beyond imagination.” I mutter in surprise after hearing the number of surrenderers.

“It looks like Rina-san and Kotetsu-san’s presence played a big role in this.”

“I see. I suppose that’s the pull of the 『Hero of the Black Sword』 and 『Sword King』 for you.”

“Especially Rina-san, the 『Hero of the Black Sword』, is regarded as symbolic figure among the Kanezawa Liberation Army.”

Rina a symbolic figure, huh…? The sage and saintess have probably set her up as a symbol because they felt guilty for having discarded her in my Domain.

“This will allow us to drastically shorten the time needed for the invasion of Nonoichi City.”

“Most likely.”

“Kanon, let’s strike while the iron is still hot. We’ll give the surrenderers permission to use their smartphones.”

“Huh? Are you okay with that?”

“They’ve only seen the entrance area of the front line sector and the empty 10th sector. In other words, they possess no information that would put us on the spot if divulged.”

“Hmm, that makes sense… In short, you simply want the surrenderers to appeal to others to follow their example, right?”

I nod at Kanon’s question. Still, more than 70,000, eh…?

Although we’ve disarmed them, there might be people excelling in hand-to-hand combat among them, just like magic users. Should I split them up…as a countermeasure against any potential revolts? However, if I do that, it’ll make it necessary to assign even more personnel to the monitoring of the humans, and right now I don’t have such leeway.

――Yataro, I’ll transfer the control over the 10th sector to you. Set up traps around the area currently inhabited by the surrenderers, and give them a notice to that effect.

Even if they were to stage a rebellion, I’ll simply give them the 10th sector. However, they’ll later become experience points for the sacred treasures in exchange. If I said that we’re going to turn more than 70,000 unarmed humans into experience for the sacred treasures, Takaharu would likely jump in joy. If they stage a rebellion, my residents will also understand us putting them down.

After finishing to deal with the unexpectedly high number of surrenderers, I shift my thinking towards the upcoming battle. The number of surrenderers exceeds 70,000, and it’s possible that their numbers will grow even further if the surrenderers call out to others. Moreover, the existence of Rina as symbol might greatly affect the internal structures of the Kanezawa Liberation Army. Thus, the next battle will become a major turning point, I reckon.

We’ll beat them in one breath with their morale currently being on decline. The more enemies we kill…the more the humans’ morale is going to plummet.

In that case, we should confront the Kanezawa Liberation Army with absolute despair in the next battle. To achieve this, we’ll need to invest combat forces without holding back anything.

I operate my smartphone, checking the state of my Domain. Kaoru’s troops are still proceeding with their invasion at a high pace in the Hakusan sector. Two sectors of those facing the Toyama prefecture are under attack by the humans of Toyama.

We’ll leave Kaoru’s forces to their own devices and quickly get rid of the invaders from Toyama…it’s necessary to free Izayoi from his defense duty.

――To all leaders: We’re going to stage a defense in the sectors that are currently under attack by the humans from Toyama! Those of you who still got enough stamina left, gather at my place!

After waiting for around 10 minutes, all my leaders have assembled at my place.

“Bah…I limited it to those still having enough stamina, didn’t I!?” I smile bitterly while looking at a part of my leaders. “Well, whatever. I’ll choose the team members. Everyone who’s not chosen is to take a rest in preparation for tomorrow!”

My created subordinates are rather inflexible in such matters. Chloe and Layla are clearly exhausted, and many lacerations decorate the bodies of Red, Noire, and Rouge.

“Takaharu, Sarah, Saburou, Izayoi, Setanta, Blue, and――”

“Eh? Just a sec! Did I mishear a name not belonging there…~ssu!?”

Ignoring Blue who’s dumbstruck after hearing his own name mentioned, I shift my eyes to Rina and Kotetsu.

“――Rina as well as Kotetsu. The opponents are going to be humans. You okay with that?”

“What are you saying at this point!?”

“The enemies we’re going to fight tomorrow…and the enemies we’re going to fight in the future are going to include humans as well, right?”

Contrary to my worries, the two confidently step forward.

“A-Also…while we’re at it, Kanon.”

“Eh? That wording, which makes me look like some extra burden, was uncalled for!!”

The priority of Kanon earning experience is quite high.

“M-Master…what about me!?”

“Hibiki…you heal your wounds in preparation for tomorrow.”

“――M-Master, f-for me…such kind words for trash that is inferior to a lowly pig…!? No! Master! I shall accompany you!”

“Hibiki…don’t be unreasonable.”

“I am not unreasonable…! Master, just you saying…『You filthy pig, become my meat shield while squealing filthily――”

――Hibiki, shut up! …And, rest up.

I stop the pervert from running his mouth, and survey the chosen bloodkin.

“As said, the 9 people named by me will get rid of the Toyama humans together with me! We’ll show them the overwhelming disparity in power!”


Together with my highly motivated leaders, I began to move in order to clean up the aggressors from Toyama.



After having moved to a point ahead of the invaders by freely making use of 【Transfer Arrays】, we waited for their arrival.

“Hmm…just as Andou-san of the Liberation Army said, they’re short of hands.”

“Let’s liberate this place in one swoop then!”

“Hehe, aren’t they handin’ out some honorary rewards for liberatin’ domains of the Thirteen Evil Stars or somethin’?”

“Don’t drop your guard! The folks of Black Rally, who went ahead, still haven’t come back!”

“Ain’t they simply wastin’ time by loitering around somewhere after gettin’ transferred someplace?”

The voices of men and women reverberate through the silent sector.

“That was a good guess! Your friends are loitering around…just not in this world anymore.”


“W-Who’s there…”?

In response to my words, the invaders put themselves on guard.

“Isn’t it rather rude to ask about the identity of the owner after willfully trespassing into another person’s home?”

“Shion-cchi was a person?”

“Who knows… He’s a Demon King n’ a vampire, right?”

“But, wouldn’t it sound bad to phrase it as willfully trespassing the home of a great Demon King like me?”

“If he had asked me, I’d have told him the perfect line for this situation…”

Four idiots make fun of my words.

――Takaharu, consider your bike confiscated. You’ll only be allowed to ride Saburou’s special scooters.

――Saburou, you have my permission to drain Sarah and Kanon. But afterwards, you’ll tag along with me to have a nice, special training session.


“…Wh-!? Shion-cchi…Shion-sama…I was wrong…please…forgive me…”

“Shion-san…how can I get you to forgive me..?

“Shion-sama…I don’t quite understand the latter part of your order…”

Noticing the gravity of their own situation…the four idiots tremble like newly born fawns.

“There won’t be a second time.”

Hearing my remark, the four violently nod their heads over and over again.

“Hey! Don’t fuck with us!”

A human gets pissed off, swinging his word, after watching our behavior.


Despite having failed to pull off an entrance befitting a Demon King, we began mopping up the invaders.


Chapter 242 – Invasion of Nonoichi City ⑦


The invaders in front of us can be classified into eight vanguards and four rear guards. Judging by their equipment and bearing…the leader-like guy, who’s wearing Mithril armor and carries a unique shield, and a rear guard woman who holds a unique wand could spell trouble.

“Takaharu, I leave that guy to you.” I point at the leader guy.

“Oh, ya givin’ me that one? Nice!” Takaharu happily cracks his knuckles.

“Eh? What about me? Who do I get?” Setanta hops up and down like a spoiled child.

“Setanta…you’re going to target that one upon my signal.” I answer, pointing at one of the rear guards.

――Saburou, you’ll join in on my signal as well.

“Rina, Kotetsu, Blue, you guys will take care of the vanguards with the assistance of Sarah and Kanon.”

――Let’s go! Takaharu, give us a howl!


As soon as Takaharu’s howl thunders across the vicinity…he transforms himself into a Beast King.

――Setanta, Saburou, now!

Using the opportunity of the invaders having their bodies paralyzed by Takaharu’s howl, Setanta, Saburou and I start dashing for the humans in the rear.

――《Crescent Moon Slash》!

I swing Brionac down to the limit of my power at the woman in front of me.


Receiving the blow, the woman is blown away alongside the shock wave.

Tsk…I didn’t manage to kill her.

“You bastard!”

One of the invaders, who’s unexpectedly circled into my back, brandishes his weapon.

――《Giant Swing》!

Spinning on the spot, I blow all the humans around me away.

“S-Shion-sama…that’s dangerous!”

Having been barely outside the range of my attack, Saburou protests after being hit by the wind pressure from my full swing.

“Saburou, finish that one!”

I ignore Saburou’s whining, and look at the rear guard woman whom I failed to kill earlier.

“At your command! I shall become a gust that pierces through everything! ――《Fast Thrust》!” Saburou closes the distance to the woman with an instantaneous speed leaving afterimages behind, and stabs his rapier into her left chest.

――《Flash Thrust》!

At the same time, I swiftly thrust out Brionac against an archer who’s been attacking Saburou. This decreases the number of rear guards to two.

“W-W-What’s going on…!? W-Why are such monsters here…!?”

One of the remaining rear guards goes mad, unable to come to terms with the sudden death of his comrades. The other rear guard――

“Aww…I was last, wasn’t I?”

Seemingly vexed over having been beaten to the punch by Saburou and me, Setanta finishes off the healer woman in front of him while pouting.

“Okay, the next one is…” Setanta directs an innocent smile at the last rear guard.

“Wait, Setanta.”


I restrained Setanta who was about to jump at the enemy.

――《Dark Induction》!

The black mist released from my hand drives the man, who was on the verge of insanity, further down the path of madness.

“Setanta, Saburou, the next targets are those guys.” I shift my eyes to the vanguards who are in battle with Rina, Kotetsu, and Blue.

Ten minutes later.

“…The hell…the power of these guys…is cheating…”

“Uwwaaaaahhh!? Dead…everyone’s dead…all of them…dead, dead, dead….hahahaha!”

The leader guy bites the dust at the end of his battle against Takaharu, leaving only the nutcase behind.


“Ahahaha…dead…everyone’s deader than dead…”

I’ve got some task left for this guy to accomplish, but is he possibly too broken already? As I’m wondering what I should do about him…


“Did you calm down?”

A cluster of water fired by Kanon at low power drenches the mad guy.



Probably because of Kanon’s water spell, the man has recovered some of his sanity.

“Do you want to live?” I ask the frightened guy.


However, he only backs off in response.

“Shion-sama, I feel like it would be better to ask him 『Dead or Alive』 with a low voice here――”

――《Fire Lance》!

“――! W-Why…!?”

I shoot a fire lance at Saburou who blabs some nonsense at my side.

“Do you want to end up like that?” I ask the guy once more while pointing at the well-done Saburou.

The man furiously shakes his head at that.

“Rejoice. I’ll allow you to go back alive. However, you must pass on a message from me to your friends in Toyama.”


“I always welcome invaders for some quick and easy experience points! Feel free to come at us anytime! You can come here as often as you want! Each time you guys will become our experience.”


“Got it? If you can promise me to pass this message on, I’ll promise you that I’ll let you get away safely. But, you have to make sure that you repeat what I’ve told you just now word by word to your friends.”


“Great…then get lost.”

“At ooooonce!” The man runs away as fast as he can after I expose my bloodthirst at the end.

It should be fine with this. If I ask them to stay aways or some feeble pleading like that, the enemy will likely take the chance to invade full of joy. But, if we show them overwhelming might, on top of telling them to come at us whenever they want…the enemy will probably hesitate to jump in just like that.

In the first place, my Domain shouldn’t scale that highly in the priority listing of the Toyama humans.

“Now then, let’s go greet the other party of invaders.”

When I’ve become unable to see the figure of the man, who ran away, any longer, I head to the other party of invaders together with my subordinates.

Three hours later.

We annihilated the other party, sparing just one person. Just like the previous survivor, I tasked this guy with the delivery of my message as well.

This should stop the humans of Toyama from invading for a while. I went back to my room and started to prepare for tomorrow.




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